Wow…you guys sure like the EasyLunchBoxes!  Honestly, I wish I could give them to all of you…your comments were SO amazing.  I love that there are so many of us out there who pack lunches to tote to work/school/wherever every day!  We are a special breed.  And it makes me super happy to know that I’m not alone in my food packing addiction.  :)


Here are my compartments full of yummies for work.  This salad was no ordinary salad…

  • spinach
  • corn
  • edamame
  • carrots
  • pepitas
  • dried cranz
  • raw crackers (Livin’ Spoonful coconut curry flavor)

On the side, United Colors of Benetton bell peppers and more raw crackers.  I may as well get this out in the open now…I’m OBSESSED with these raw crackers.  They are just sooo dang good.  Everyone must try them asap. 


And in the same vein as the salad, this soup was no ordinary soup…


First I steamed a couple branches of kale and a handful of carrots in veg broth.  Then, I added half a can of Amy’s Spanish Rice & Red Bean soup

Holy hearty heaven.


I probably say this about every Amy’s soup, but this is my new favorite.  It was extremely tasty.  The ratio of rice to veggies to red beans (which I don’t think I had ever tried before) was perfect.  Red beans are legit, yo!


Now that’s what I call lunch gorgeousness.

Work was smooth(ish) sailing.  The day wasn’t ideal, but I worked with one of my fave coworkers, and even the crappy days are tolerable when you have a good companion through it all.  True?  True.


I bought a whole wheat roll on my way home from work to round out my dinnah.  Pronounced like Kailey’s theatahhh class.


I opened that hummus and polished it off in one fell swoop.  SHUT. It. DOWN. 


I also had the second half of the Amy’s Spanish Rice & Red Bean soup over steamed kale and carrots.



For dessert I had a HUGE green monster with vanilla silk soymilk, kale, spinach, froxen bananas, and frozen strawberries.  While blending this baby, the unthinkable happened…


My magic bullet broke!!!!  The frequency of my kale/frozen fruit combo must have finally just did the poor baby blender in all-together.  I lifted it up and it wouldn’t stop spinning!  :(  It was really scary.  There I was, holding my bullet in one hand while the base was buzzzzzzzing and whirling away in place.  Eeek.


No bueno.  Should I email the Magic Bullet people?  I have a warranty that I’m pretty sure is still current. 


I also had an apple.  And teaShock.

And now, for the randomly chosen winner of the EasyLunchBoxes


Congrats Samantha!  I’m so happy for you!  Your comment was amazing, too.  :)  Nothing like the threat of heart palpitations to hit a nerve with a cardiac nurse…well played, my friend, well played…

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19 thoughts on “Kale-face

  1. samantha

    thanks girl! i was actually thinking about these lunchboxes this morning as i was leaving the gym and my bag wouldn’t close because of all. the. tupperware.

    RIP magic bullet. you lived a long, strong life and were loved by many.

  2. Courtney

    If you have a warranty, TOTALLY call/e-mail/contact Magic Bullet! They will have to fix it or get you a new one or something…that is what the warranty means, right?! Right. You can’t be without a blender til your wedding, especially throughout the warm summer months! You are gonna need smoothies and sorbet and ice cream once you get to smokin hot Cali :-)

    I couldn’t agree more–co-workers that you like are what make the job tolerable, lol. My friend/co-worker at work was out one day last week and I nearly broke down in tears…the day was awful and dragged on forrrrrrreeeeeeeevvvvvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

    I am on my 4th apple of the day now, and it is only 2:15… :-)


  3. hibou52

    i’m back :)

    your green monster looks SO delish. You should totally email magic bullet, those things seem to be the best for green monster creations!

  4. julie

    magic bullets suck man! mine broke like 5 days after i got it. emailed the company and they never emailed me back! what’s up with that shit! def give it a shot but in my opinion their company sucksss

    i pray to the good lord you’re outside enjoying this gloriousness right now girlfran.

  5. Jenny

    ugh, bummer extreme about le bulloooot. I’d definitely contact the company – how the heck is a girl supposed to get along without her smoothies and homemade hummus?

  6. Angharad

    Call em . For sure. The same thing happened to me with our blender mid-chocolate milkshake making. Can you imagine the distress when I lifted the thing up and the bottom fell out onto the kitchen floor along with the milkshake?! I don’t know which loss I was more sad about…

  7. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    congrats to samantha and yes email the bullet people! girl, start thinking frugally…anything that you can possibly get replaced for free, try!
    love the kale in soup action and the compartmentalized food…yum!!!!!

  8. snackface

    Hahahaha dinnahhhh!!!! Love that. I also love that Kale-face is close to Kail-face, aka, SnackFace. OK, TOO MUCH ABOUT ME.

    I’m really digging yo eats. You were my inspiration last week with my mayj bread+hummus loving. Could not even stop.

    You need to forget this bullet thang. You need a Vitamix! OK, those things are so expensive, but still. If it’s possible, I’d totally register for one as a wedding gift. And if I could afford one, I’d definitely buy one for you!! xoxoxxo

  9. Tracie @hollafoodzone

    Your lunches look great! I am a “brown bagger” of many years (although there’s no way my lunches would ever fit in one anymore – unless it was a shopping bag!). Sad but funny about your Bullet – but I am VERY familiar with the culprit – it’s the KALE! It did the same thing to my blender last summer – started smoking! I know people who have VitaMixes swear by them, but I don’t have one. So for kale smoothies, the only thing tough enough is a food processor.

  10. Megan @ The Oatmeal Diaries

    Your lunch looks so amazing! I’m definitely going to invest in a lunch box like that for my internship this summer where I’ll be bringing my own food. Also, I would definitely email the Magic Bullet people if I were you :)

  11. Heidi

    I love Amy’s soups. I once thought I could recreate some of the varieties with no such luck. I make good soup, but nothing compared to Amy’s!

  12. holly (the healthy everythingtarian)

    damn it! i did not make it in time for that giveaway. regardless, samantha’s comment WAS awesome, so she clearly deserves it.

    i have some reviewing to do, so here i go…

    LOVED the NYC scavenger hunt! one of my only requirements when I went to NYC was to play on the piano a la tom hanks in big. fo real.

    and i love that you polished off a carton of hummus. dat my girl.

    and i feel you on good co-workers. i ALWAYS tell people – you can love your job and hate the people you work with, then it doesn’t even matter if you like your job because it is miserable anyways. however, if you can work with good people – somehow even crappy jobs are just fine.

    love ya lady – happy monday :)

    p.s. LOVE that amy’s soup. dee-lish.

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