Kyle made my Sunday awesome

We were both SO exhausted when we woke up on Sunday, but I powered through a bike ride and then made pancakes for the babes.  I had pulled a banana bread from the freezer the night before for Kyle, so all I needed was food for moi. Luckily I had one last muffin.

With sunbutter because I wanted to add something sweet.

P and I went to church after breakfast (he had no issues with his am dose, hooray!) but he was kinda weird at Sunday school drop off, so he stayed in church with me for half the service before I took him back to try again.  This time he went without any separation anxiety, so who knows what the problem was initially.  He was probably still out of whack from the day before.  I know I was!

When I got home, Kyle had surprised me by vacuuming!  BEST TREAT EVER!  Seriously, that alone made my mother’s day.

We played in the yard until lunch time.  Kyle’s parents sent us 1500 ladybugs (not a # typo) so we released those on the roses and vegetable garden…hopefully that’ll keep the aphids in check this summer?!?!

The roses are in full bloom right now, and the bees are going crazy in the yard.


Unlike last year, the kids seem unaffected by them, and they are happily walking back and forth on the ledge, passing the buzzing sounds without any concern.

Lunch time rolled around and I fed the kids odds and ends, since I still hadn’t made it to the grocery store since returning from my parents’ place.

My mom gifted me the best thing ever – her salad dressing from her TJs salad that she didn’t use. It’s my faaaavorite one, the spicy one from the kale, sunflower seed, chicken salad that I used to buy a lot a year or so ago.  I wish TJs would sell it in a bottle, it’s so good.  Anyway, I really wanted a kale salad, so I added that dressing, avo, sunflower seeds, and salted almonds. And tons of baby carrots (way more than shown).  Then I had a few more handfuls of almonds after.  Handfuls?  That doesn’t sound right?  Handsful? Hmmm…a few more scoops into my hand!

And then Kyle and I lounged outside.

Kyle wanted to go shopping at the outlets because neither of us have any clothing that’s not from 2000. <–not entirely true, but my summer wardrobe is non-existent and I really need to get on it asap because the weather is getting H-O-T.  Guys!  This is my first summer of not being preggo or nursing in 5 years!  I need new stuff!  I don’t have to wear loose clothes for easy boob access or belly room!!  This is huge!  Anyway, there was too much traffic so we nixed the shopping plan and instead chose to play tennis.

The kids weren’t as big on this plan, but tough cookies.  We brought the double stroller, strapped them in, and played until our arms were too tired to serve anymore.  Then we let them play at the park until heading downtown.  I picked up my (altered) bridesmaid dress and then ran to the co-op for sushi.  I haven’t been to the co-op in forever and I was beyond IMPRESSED. How did I forget about this place!!  I now have my WF replacement!  I’m definitely renewing our membership and getting that back in the grocery rotation.

Mermaid roll + tuna roll = happy mama.

P was acting heinous (GAH*!//&^^<%) all through dinner and I wanted to pull all my hair out. Thank goodness for Kyle because my day was awesome because of him. My kids on the other hand…well…I know they love me, but they’ve been awfully moody and whiney.

Hard to decide on dessert because I had made cookies and then I got a bunch of See’s yummies. But I chose neither because I was up way too late dealing with the longest dinner ever.  We had to bathe V separately because P took 1.5 hours to eat 6 bites of noodles.  WTF MAN.  Eat yo meal.

And it’s not like I can say “fine, you’re done, kitchen is closed!” because he has to take a dose and that requires him to have at least a decent amount of food in his belly.  Blah.  Puts me in a crappy position.  Ok, prob too much whining for mother’s day.  Kyle’s stellar though, so we still got to hot tub and chocolate at night anyway.

Hope everyone else had a nice day too – whether you’re a mom or not.

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