Mr. Mrsa

Love my contact precaution patients.  Having a patient with a MRSA infection is a blessing in disguiseWhy you ask?  Because most of the other patients on the unit are high risk for infection in their fragile post-op state, so I can’t get a patient assignment with a fresh heart while I have my infected patient on contact isolation…score! I only had one patient today!  Granted he has a PEG with continuous tube feeds, tracheostomy requiring frequent suctioning, and IVs going around the clock…but still.  One parient = smooth sailing.

I started work with a soy latte from the ‘bucks. Duh.

The rest of the days eats were packed up the night before.  See?


This was my first time trying the apricot Clif Bar and it was just as YUM as I suspected it would be…why, oh why, are the best flavors the hardest to find??  Every since my Blueberry Crunch experience, I’ve been on the look-out to NO avail.  If you’re out there Mr. Clif, I’m desperate…can you hear me?!?  As with the blueberry, the apricot had a healthy crunch, with subtle nutty flavors, but no overwhelming in-your-face chunks.  Perfect :)  Like a cobbler for all seasons. 

The odwalla bar is a no-brainer for me at this point.  I’ve been a fan for ages, and I’m glad the rest of the blogging community is finally jumping on the band-wagon (clearly when I toot my own horn, I’m not subtle).

As for the rest of my lunch, I made a sammie on an Arnold’s thin with my home-made hummus and baked tofu (with some Country Bob’s sauce).  This sandwich was surprisingly excellent.  I was kinda just throwing together the random odds and ends in my fridge, so I wasn’t really expecting such a fantastic flavor.  But I totally caught myself off guard with this one.  Apparently home-made hummus really does go with everything! (I seriously shouldn’t be shocked by this).


And wait! There’s more!!


I made an effort to pack an extra large lunch today because I wanted to hit up the gym after work (I’ve been slacking as of late and I have a less-than-forgiving dress to wear next week)…by keeping my tummy satisfied, I figured I’d have less of an excuse to skip the gym after work.  I’m usually too starving to focus on anything but breaking the Olympic record for speed cooking once I leave work.  So today I made a salad with fancy lettuce, brocc, cauli, thai seitan and Tribe red pepper hummus.


It was delish!  I ate it around 6, an hour before I got off work, and it hit the spot (giving me the oomph I needed while not filling me too much).  Basically, mission accomplished.

I went to the gym for a 30 minute mega sweat sesh.  Whenever I’m doing quick workouts, I pump up the intensity, so I was on the elliptical at level 15 resistance for a solid half hour and it felt great.  It’s so rare for me to work out on days I work, so this felt extra special.  Hopefully I won’t be regretting it tomorrow.

IMG_1651 IMG_1652

For dinner I had an Arnold’s thin toasted with my old lover, my true blue, Sabra and a Boca vegan burger.


It’s amore.


And since that bit of hummus only piqued my interest, I had a little bit more…


…on some ‘fu (again baked with Country Bob’s all purpose sauce).

I switched it up for dessert (gasp) and tried something I bought last week.  Since my home-girl Erin has never led me astray, I figured I should try out some wasabi peas…




Add in some raisins or dried cranz, and BAM…(sorry about channeling the obnoxious NeNe, but if the shoe fits…)

Ok, time for bed.  Or maybe I’ll stay up and catch up on blogs…

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Comments (13)

  1. VeggieGirl

    Mmm, hummus.

  2. Julie

    mmm the blueberry clif bar is the best!!

  3. Sharon

    Love love love love the hummus!

  4. erinbee

    i have looked for that apricot clif bar EVERYWHERE. no luck thus far. :/

    p.s. your last post.. W O W.

  5. HangryPants

    I don’t actively look for Clif bars for myself, but I will do so for you. 😀

    Also, the PB, tofu and country bob’s creation is really interesting!

  6. jessy

    i love your blog, and read it constantly but i’ve never commented, so hello!
    i love the blueberry clif bars and buy them all the time. maybe we could do a trade sometime?
    i noticed you eat fish occasionally and was curious as to whether or not it upsets your tummy when you do? i’m considering eating fish again (i’ve been veg a long time) and worry it will make me sick.

  7. lesley

    Sometimes throwing together odds and ends is when you discover the most tasty things!! At least that’s what I find happens to me! : )

  8. Sarah W.

    love me some sabra hummus!!

  9. ksgoodeats

    I shuddered as soon as I saw your title – MRSA 🙁

    I NEED to try hummus + bbq tofu – I imagine it as a party in the mouth! Also wasabi peas?! I’m down!

    NENE!! Hahaha oh my gosh how redic is Kim?! Girl’s cuh-raze!

  10. ellie

    pretty sure Fairway have a good selection of Clif bars upstairs!

  11. Erin of Care to Eat

    What? I love NeNe!

  12. Courtney

    Yum–I put hummus on my salads too…so so good!

    I can find blueberry and apricot Cliff Bars here…I would be happy to send you some if you want!


  13. carolinebee

    WOO methillin resistant staph aureus!! HAHA hellz ya microbio..yay nursing. That’s actually pretty gnarly though! Mad props for your level 15- i keep it at a solid 8 man..have a great night girlie!

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