Nuts without cross contamination

I am in an OIT for food allergy group on facebook and it’s a really awesome helpful community.  I never would have thought to join it until another mom (doing OIT at our same clinic) added me as a member.  It has been so amazing to read everyone’s stories and hear the answers and anecdotes and advice that others have.  Plus all kinds of support!

So here’s a link someone recently posted that I wish I’d known about LONG ago: of a list of companies that sell nuts that aren;r cross contaminated with other nuts or peanuts (the article is from 2014, so as always double check for yourself because things change!)  I’m a big fan of Barney Butter, but it isn’t cheap and it’s sweetened with sugar, so that’s a shame.  Unless they have an unsweetened one that I don’t know about…

Here’s a good OIT website for anyone reading my posts wanting more info…there’s a search for MDs in your area who treat it.

I’d also recommend searching facebook groups if you’re interested because there’s a whole network out there of parents who have been where you are going…and eventually maybe you can pay it forward and be the parent who has some answers and wisdom to share.

Sorry for the foodless post…how about a cute pic of my kids??

P skipped his nap today and I decided to go out for a Jamba Juice treat before tee ball. Because you guys know how I feel about Jamba Juice.  It’s the only place I trust to serve P.  He asks for “a blender with NOOOOOO peanuts” (said in such a hilarious way) because they have special blenders for customers with peanut allergies.  I always give the staff major love and appreciation and positive reinforcement for how serious they take it.  They are so great.  They gave the kids stickers too, so yeah.  Love it.

I got a berry beet up for the kids to split and carrot orange something or other for me.  I love carrot flavor 🙂 I didn’t finish it, so I may have some for breakfast tomorrow too – add some banana and it’s a whole new smoothie!

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  1. Lydia

    Totally agree about utilizing Facebook groups for support! I’m not dealing with food allergies, but I am currently pregnant and our baby has a very rare benign chest mass (called a CPAM) AND bilateral clubbed feet. It has been a lot to deal with and once I found the different Facebook groups for parents of babies with these conditions, it seriously helped so much. Lots of good information on there, plus it just helps to know you’re not alone!

  2. sassygirl

    check out the barney almond butter…
    bare and smooth. i think there is no
    cane sugar added to this one.
    and it tastes yum! as you said, not
    cheap, but i think you can find it on
    thrive or some internet companies.

  3. Elise (Post author)

    woot woot!

  4. Elise (Post author)

    Totally! I’m so sorry for the stress of knowing your baby has a rare condition. The anticipation and anxiety while you’re helpless must be very hard to process, so it’s awesome that you found a group of others to share your feelings and get feedback and support…I never thought fb could have such value!

  5. Lela Patatishvili

    Never had jamba juice. Way back when I had a functioning gut, used to get double strawberry smoothie from booster juice.

    And never had carrot juice either. In fact, only vegetable I evet hated was carrot. Not savoury enough to fall into veg category, not sweet enough for … anyways. Have been enjoying them lately though.

  6. Lindsey

    This list is everything! Mason just passed his almond challenge (TODAY!!) but his other tree nuts are still fairly high. I just put him in bed and googled your blog for this list! I belong to a bunch of the OIT groups on FB too, I just hadn’t seen this list posted.

    We used Barney Butter for the challenge and have to feed 2 tbsp a day for two weeks to ensure no reactions. Hoping to switch to almond milk or something less…sticky. Thank YOU for this!

    Ps. Please never stop posting all these helpful lists and hints Ana stories. 🙂

  7. Elise (Post author)

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing!! So excited for you guys!

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