Oh, it hit the fan alright!

I apologize for being away (I missed you all, even if you didn’t notice I was gone, haha).  These past few days have been insane

I can’t even begin to try to condense it into a blog-worthy Cliff’s notes version.  So…

(a) I was working a LOT – gotta get the cash flow to pay those billz, yo!

(b) A patient stroked out RIGHT before I was supposed to head out on my lunch break (the blogger meet up, no less) – ahhhhhh!  I hate to say which part of that last sentence disappointed me more.  SHOOT!  I’m a good nurse, so even though it wasn’t my patient, I obviously had to take over that nurse’s other patients while they called a code and went through all the shenanigans that go down when a patient has a stroke.  Not. Fun. Period. 

(c) We are moving!!!  After a loooooong time discussing all the pros/cons of this decision, Kyle and I are SO thrilled to make this upgrade.  We are still staying in NYC, and we are still staying in our same Upper West Side neighborhood, but we are going to be upping the square footage BIG time.  EXCITING!  The closet space alone, y’all…

(d) We had our friends from CA staying with us.  Party time?

(e) Kyle’s birthday.  A lot of chocolate.  Not a lot of exercise.

(f) My computer and the Geek Squad were having a sleep over (for a week), and I just got it back today.

Since I was pre-occupied with the above, the food stuff came to play second fiddle this past week. Here’s a few highlights.

IMG_0928 IMG_1247










IMG_0860 IMG_1495

Picture 018




IMG_1551 IMG_0654



IMG_1553 IMG_1594



Hope that holds you over for a bit.  I’ve got a google reader with hundreds of posts to catch up on…alas, I head back to CA for my cousin’s wedding in a few days. 

When the hell am I gonna have the time to MOVE by April 1st?

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Comments (10)

  1. lesley

    Yay for being back!!!

    Sounds like you have been really busy!! I think you did a good cliff notes verison, btw ; )

    Congrats on your move!!! woo hoo!!! : ) I hope moving isn’t TOO hectic, it’ll all be worth it, though!!! : )

  2. VeggieGirl


    Hang in there with everything, girl!!

  3. ksgoodeats

    Ah you have been BUSY!! I was wondering where my hummus twin was! Glad to hear you were saving lives and partying 😉


  4. vegannurse

    Glad to have you back Elise!!

    Yikes, a patient stroked out.. not fun at all. But at least it’s over with.

    Love all your eats.. especially vegan cake and the delicious dried fruits (date coconut roll!)

    Have a GREAT time in CA … good luck with the move, how exciting!

  5. itsawrapteacher

    Don’t you love it when life gets crazy busy like that? What’s that saying “when it rains, it pours?”

  6. carolinebee

    dude craaziness! That is SO exciting about the move! Good luck…that sounds like a crazy schedge but all fun! Well not patients freakin stroking out but you are super nurse! I’m glad u get to come to CA again 😀 Where is the wedding?? Get some rest woman!

  7. Julie

    AH! Good luck with the move!! That sounds so awesome 🙂 Have fun at the weddinggg

  8. Missy

    Congrats on the move! You should have a house warming blogger party so I can come see!!

  9. Courtney

    I have been reading your blog for a while now, but have never commented before…I love your blog! Thank you so much for all of your posts and photos–I am sure it takes SO much time to do, but it is appreciated!

    I am glad you are back (and yes, I did notice you were gone :o) )! Moving is super stressful, but try to concentrate on how wonderful it will be to have more space and how awesome your new place will be! Good luck!


  10. erinbee

    you got some jazzy lookin eats going on here. ill be over shortly for some snackage.

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