On my laurels

This weekend I relaxed more than I have in a loooooong time.  I didn’t exercise.  I hardly cooked.  To be honest, I pretty much spent the weekend watching the Australian Open, football, and hanging out with Kyle (I did a fair amount of eating as well).  If that’s not the picturesque weekend, well, shoot me. 

I have a TON of photos, but they aren’t very glamorous and don’t require much in the way of explanations…so…without further ado…


JAVA the hut


Bluffin’ with my muffin


How to make quinoa ghetto


Afternoon delight(s)


YouShake customized “Blended Bliss” flavored protein shake


:( Needed more cowbell strawberry (sorry, but not worth the $$)

Finally, a little taste of domesticity!


Mushrooms, broccoli, and zucchini sautéed in Bragg’s liquid aminos…with seitan tossed in after the veggies got their sizzle on.


Mountains out of molehills


Love me some sloppy seconds


Truth in Yogi tea bags


Kashi GoLean Chocolate Almond Toffee chewy bar – because sometimes 31 g of sugar before you go to bed seems like a good call

(Let the record show I had a very interrupted night’s sleep, which I’m blaming on my monthly lady situation the crap filled bar I had just before zzzzzz…)


Hormones can’t be ignored


Notice a chocolate trend? 

The new chocolate flavored Oikos greek yogurt by Stonyfield gets a thumbs up from me…the chocolate part is in the bottom and after you stir it in, it’s a nice sweet contrast to the tangy greek yogurt. 


Peebers & jazz


Lemony Snicket zevia


Hummus + Salsa + Avocado = guac-hum-mole


Rick Bayless is a Mexican genius…his chips make me feel like I should have a margarita in my hand


Asking me to choose between two kinds of hummus is like asking Heidi to pick one plastic surgeon…crazy talk.


Lasagna and Caesar salad (vegan versions of both).


Atop the romaine I sprinkled a blend of lemon juice and balsamic vinegar with vegan parmesan.  The lasagna was perfection if I do say so myself.

Dessert was a rather decadent open faced banana split…


1) Split the nanner

2) Apply nutbutter of your choosing (Justin’s Maple Almond Butter)


3) Add toppings (I went halfsies with raisins and vegan chocolate chips)


4) Devour


Could you die?


Yogi Stomach Ease tea is my ever-faithful sidekick




Overnight oats made with PB + 1/2 banana + cinn + agave syrup + coconut milk


Simple is as simple does eats


Tree of Life popcorn?  Well, I’ve never heard of this brand, but there are only four ingredients and they are all organic. 


Salted and nooch-i-fied to my liking


Apple-aholics rejoice


Four little sweet potatoes sitting in a tree…k-i-s-s-i-n-g…

There is a direct correlation between the shelf life of BBQ sauce and the number of sweet potatoes in the apartment…I’d say anything over a week is being generous.


Xanthan Gum is great in smoothies, but a disaster if you spill it…seriously, the table is still a slippery mess after 4 mega wipe downs

This smoothie contained:

  • 3/4 bag of frozen cherries (approx 1 1/2 cups)
  • 2 tbsp Xagave nectar
  • 1/3 cup Lactaid
  • 2 tsp (plus unmeasured spilled amount) Xanthan gum


So creamy smooth!  The xanthan gum makes it so fluffy!!

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51 thoughts on “On my laurels

  1. Jenna

    I just tried justins nut butter today for the first time and I loved it!
    Great idea of hummus, salsa, and avocado!!
    And the overnight oats in the sandwich container=genious!
    Banana dessert looks yummy!!

  2. daintyvegan

    Why can I not find many Kashi items!! I’m pretty sure it’s not due to being in Canada.. but I can’t seem to find anything except a couple non-vegan granola bars. Not even super appealing granola bars, just boring ones. Poo.

  3. kbwood

    hahah i totally caught your “I NEED MORE COWBELL” comment there! hilarious episode.
    chocolate oikos? i just reviewed the caramel on my blog and it was HEAVENLY..now i gota try chocolate!

  4. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    “Kashi GoLean Chocolate Almond Toffee chewy bar – because sometimes 31 g of sugar before you go to bed seems like a good call”–
    Sounds perfect to me!!!!!!!!
    Toffee and chewy. you have me right there.

    The nana w/ AB, dates, and choc chips. Perfection also!


  5. snackface

    How to make quinoa ghetto absolutely killed me!

    Oh! And bluffin with my muffin– I always make Muffin listen to the whole song just to hear that line ;) Because we’re freaks.

    I’m really shocked we didn’t see more pretzel+hummus action, but it’s OK. I’d eat URRTHANG on here! Espesh that incredible lasagna! AMAZE.

    Have a fab week, my friend!! xoxo

  6. julie

    i want dessert right now in the form of copious amounts of open banana splits.

    i really hope you ate that whole bag of popcorn. i will be pretty upset with you if you didn’t.

    i’m about to buy xantham gum like 4 seconds ago.

    i just ate breakfast and now i’m hungry again.

  7. Lizzy

    What a great weekend!! your eats look exactly like options I go for on the weekends too…simple but delicious!! I like the raisin on sweet potato combo…yum! I hope you’re having a great week! xoxo!

  8. Holly

    love, love, love it all.

    i want a smoothie, that banana split (which i coincidentally have ALL the ingredients too) and the noochified popcorn – because i bought nooch for the FIRST time. its sitting on my shelf as we speak.

    yay for relaxing weekends. those are suriously the best. i need a weekend where i literally have nothing to do. no pressure to workout, accomplish anything or be anywhere. glorious.

    have a fab week dear elise :)

  9. leangreendeane

    Where to begin…
    -From now on, i intend on making all of my quinoa ghetto.
    -Funny story: I have actually met Justin and he was nothing what i thought he would be like in real life, they are out of Boulder, and it’s pretty awkward when you lead off with: Your Justin? i love your nut butters!
    -I have made calls like that right before bed, it IS necessary sometimes and i don’t think it’s my hormones, haha.
    -Where do you find the carob chips!? Michigan Whole Foods blow compared to the rest of the states’.

  10. Lara (Thinspired)

    Lady, with as hard as you work, you deserve a weekend to just chill and not be all domestic!
    That aside, you still managed to eat some delicious stuff! I LOVE that Justin’s maple. Favorite ever!
    And I felt the same way about the chocolate Oikos. Perfectly sweet/tangy. You should try the caramel–not as tangy…really sweet :)

  11. ethel

    Good GAWD woman!!! That is a large amount of comida! I am very impressed and again, inspired…haha…My fave is your ghetto quinoa. Oh, I found some that’s tri-colored…I have yet to make it. Also, another question, which I think I may know the answer to, where do you get your vegan parm? All look deelish!

    p.s. LOL’d really loudly at work re: Heidi Montag comment.

  12. janetha

    ahhh so many good things in this post! you have been eating some delish stuff. and some creamy smoothies! i think you should send me a smoothie stache photo ;) xoxo

  13. cmb0096

    I am going to refrain from commenting about what the almond butter squeezed out of the pack looks like on your banana before you add the chocolate chips…I have a dirty mind, apparently :-)

    YUM! Can I come to your apt and eat with you next weekend?!?!


  14. elise

    ill get a ‘stach pic next time fa-sho…i usually use a straw though – i guess i can make an exception for you ;)

  15. elise

    whole foods! sorry yours is weak sauce…i saw a pic of justin from a foodie fair in SF a few weeks ago…hes not at ALL like i would have expected. still love his nuts though ;)

  16. elise

    gah. my phoneis sketch balls, i did NOT get your bbm. i went to verizon last night and they said i had to update my software and then gave me a website…sweet.

  17. elise

    agreed. now dont you think thats the BEST CCK/CCV recipe anyone has ever made??? yes, i think it deserves a blentec in fact!!!

  18. elise

    im all about justin’s nuts ;) seriously, why arent there big boys of his goods? then again, bulk nut butters are dangerous in my possession – economically speaking that is

  19. elise

    boo…sorry about that. i guess thats one perk about whole foods…they really do hook a (vegan) sistah up!

  20. Katie

    That Justin’s maple flavor is killlller. By far my favorite of the almond butters – plus the banana, carob mix…heck yeah.

  21. jenngirl

    Glad you spent a weekend relaxing–and eating amazingly delicious, yet easy foods!

    haha I like your overnight oats in that sandwich container…good thinking!

  22. elise

    its the perfect container for so much random stuff…it looks a bit odd, but hey, im all about functionality :)

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