One handed Top Chef challenge

It’s hard to write about food…all I want to do is chat brag about my baby boy.

He’s perfect. 

So don’t be surprised if this blog veers a little in the family/baby direction. 

But for now, I’m here with food stuff.  Even more than before, I need super fast meals.  Preferably healthy ones that can be made one handed. 


I’ve basically been relying on the rice cooker and crock pot, per usual.  [You can see this post for my go-to quick & easy week night meals

Love me a brown rice stir fry.

IMG_7762 IMG_7766 

Add in frozen veggies, tofurky sausage, and a few glugs of oil and you’ve got dinner.


Next trick I’ve been using is salad dressing as a marinade.

IMG_7703 IMG_7704 

It’s idiot proof.  Tempeh and tamari miso dressing and the oven.  That’s all you need.


I baked it for 30 minutes on 350 degrees.  Then I combined it with quinoa and corn.

IMG_7706 IMG_7708 

Quinoa quiche but bigger.  Turns out Kyle and I are total pigs…and even though I made this in a big a$$ casserole dish it still didn’t last longer than a day.

IMG_7774 IMG_7776

And, of course, the always popular hippie bowl (quinoa, seitan, spinach, coconut aminos).  <— first time buying coconut aminos instead of Bragg’s aminos and I’m not sure how I feel yet.


So those are some dinners. 

Pretty soon I’m going to step it up a notch in the meal department, so there will (hopefully!?) be actual recipes coming your way.  My kitchen is calling to me in a major way so as soon as I figure out how to dice veggies with one hand use the moby wrap, it’s game on. 

You know what?  That would be an awesome Top Chef challenge!  Have the chefs try to play single/stay at home mom for a quick fire and cook with a baby.  Suddenly stir fry doesn’t sound so bad, huh?

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Comments (26)

  1. Jessica

    They all look delicious, thanks for the dinner idea tonight 🙂 I am sure I am not only speaking for myself, but we love to hear about all things Elise and co. – not just food! Hope you’re all doing well and feeling great.

  2. Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries

    I’m all about the food, but I wouldn’t mind more baby posts one bit. 😉

  3. sarah w

    Don’t mind seeing baby/family posts at all! Speaking of challenges, have you seen this video of two guys seeing what labour contractions feel like?

    It’s hilarious!

  4. Dana @ Vanishing Veggie

    Don’t worry about your recipes, it has been really great to see what a typical day of eating looks like! Most of us (even without kiddos) don’t have a lot of time, so seeing that someone else eats quinoa and tempeh A LOT is great.

  5. Wendy

    Can’t tell you how many meals I’ve cooked while wearing a baby! You can do it! Good organic frozen veggies are key. I’ve even been buying frozen brown rice and quinoa from WF’s. Whatever works when you have a baby and still want to eat well!

  6. noelle

    Congrats your baby is beautiful! I for one like coconut aminos, especially as a soy free tamari substitute. I do find something about them to be a bit sweeter than braggs. Anyway, can’t wait to hear more about adventures in parenting!

  7. Katie @ Peace Love & Oats

    Hahaha I love that Top Chef idea! Although I think it would be a serious liability issue to require them to cook with an actual baby around.

  8. carol

    Food is good .. but .. gorgeous, handsome P is so much better. Can you see my pouty lip.

  9. Lisa

    I would love to see a mix of baby and food posts:) Love ’em all. Especially since he’s such a big part of your life now! And don’t worry about those recipe posts too much, I’m sure you’re crazy busy right now!

  10. moira

    I’m so impressed that you are cooking with a newborn! keep up all the good work! and btw-congrats!

  11. Nicole @ Fruit 'N' Fitness

    I always love how healthy your meals are, I get so much inspiration from you! And I don’t have kids, will not have them for a long time but would love to hear more about baby P 🙂

  12. Courtney

    Did you know they have Field Roast sausages at Costco now??? I totally took a pic and texted my friends and sister, lol. It has 12 or 14 sausages in the massive pack, and it is a steal! I totally thought of you 🙂 Have you seen it in your Costco there?

    Anyway, I think you are doing an amazing job with cooking with a new baby! The moby wrap is awesome, by the way…


  13. Babs

    Great job with the healthy meals – not too many newbie moms manage such a feat!

  14. cheap glasses uk online

    I am so impressed with the recipe. Great work!

  15. Lou

    How’s the breast feeding appetite!?! Out of control? I was!

  16. Carolyn

    Oh I remeber the times I cooked on handed. I also used a baby carrier in the house a lot. Many of the hispanics & african in Cincy use sheets, or fabrice to tie the baby to thier backs. It takes a little practice, but if you get 3 yards of fabric, cut it long ways on the fold, sew the ends together you have 6 ft of fabric that will go around the baby your waist, and over your shoulders, w enough to tie onto the side. Easy way to carry your baby in comfort and it won’t be hot if oyu don’t buy heavy fabric.

  17. Crystal

    So good to have you back!!! Love the quick meal ideas…we can always use more of them! ….and like others…totally wouldn’t mind seeing more pics of P!!!

  18. Elise (Post author)

    what!?!? you are so lucky! ours doesnt have field roast but maybe ill write them to ask. i thought we were lucky w gardein but thats awesome.

  19. Courtney

    Well, we don’t have Gardein, so we are even 🙂 My sister (in Boston) doesn’t have the Field Roast at hers either. But you guys both have lots of other stuff I wish we had! Anyway, totally request the Field Roast! If they can have it where I am they obviously have a relationship with them and can hopefully get it at yours! Even though they have it, I have yet to try it. I almost just want to buy it in support of them stocking it, but I don’t know if I will like it, and I am nervous to buy a Costco sized amount of it, just in case, lol. Is it really that good???


  20. Brigid

    Haha, I the idea of that challenge. I imagine my one-handed meals would look very similar. Probably a lot of soup.

  21. Brigid

    Oops, *love* the idea of that challenge. Verbs are important.

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  23. Jen @ Existential Evolution

    Hi! Love your blog! Found you thru HEAB. I love coconut aminos ~ never really cared for Braggs. I like to order the coconut aminos in bulk at Raw Food World when they have their at-cost specials because I go thru it so quickly!

    I really love your food philosophy and those rice bowls look amazing. Can’t wait to try the tempeh!

  24. Alyssa

    There is a cookbook for moms called “The One-Armed Cook.” (Sadly, not vegan.) But I would LOVE to see a Food Network challenge like that! I’m sure the chefs would find it very humbling, lol!

  25. Elise (Post author)

    what a cute book idea. too bad its not veg 🙁

  26. Elise (Post author)

    hope you like it!

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