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What We Ate

Happy mid week pop in!  It feels like it should be way later in the week than it is…and yet here we are.

No greater love.

This batch of crock pot steel cut oats had hemp seeds, brown sugar, and frozen blackberries. P had two bowls, but V stuck to just one serving (followed by a couple of cutie oranges).

I had pulled this out of the freezer the night before, so it was ready for my face as soon as they were cleaned up and playing on their own.

P had an MD appt that am, but we were done by 10 so we met some friends at the park.

Her hair has no interest in what a comb has to offer.  Gravity what?!?

They were following a jackrabbit.

We left around noon to come home for lunch. Thanks to my weekend prep I had a huge pot of mac n cheese ready to go.

Earth Balance makes vegan ones that I save for special treats – I bought some from the Davis WF with the closing sale.

Silly me, I thought it would last them a few meals.  NOPE.  They split it for lunch and finished the whole thing off.  And this was after they each had a whole apple on the car ride home from the park!

My lunch was predictable. Also predictable, the fact that they wanted to play in the yard after they woke up from naps.  This weather has us all walking on air.  SUNSHINE is good for the soul.

I got the water table set up for them and then went inside to slice come melon.

Which they crawled up on the chair to share.

Such sweeties.

We played until it was time to go to swimming for pattycakes.

I made a Caesar with chicken (leftover from Kyle’s weekend grilling) and hard boiled eggs for dinner.

The kids loved the hard boiled eggs and wanted more and more after their first helping was done. I used to hard boil eggs in bulk, but that got to be so time consuming (peeling egg shalls – ugh) so I just started buying them from Costco.  The organic ones cost the exact same as raw organic ones, so it seems obvious to just save myself the time and energy.

I polished off the rest of the TJs mint chocolate with some other See’s candies and Righteously Raw lucuma chocolate bars. YUM.

Warm weekend!

Saturday morning was the opening day of little league.

There was a parade…with the UC Davis marching band…and all the older teams…

He was in awe.  And after some speeches and the opening pitch it was bounce house time!

I feel like almost every parent in Davis was there this weekend.

It was totally the most fun atmosphere.  And it was only heightened by the fact that it was SO SUNNY and warm out.

If nothing else, the loooong winter has made me appreciate this nice change of season (FINALLY!).  Silver lining yo.

For the first time in I don’t know how long, I didn’t have a kale salad for lunch. My taste buds were begging for smoked salmon and lactose free cream cheese and I knew nothing else would do. And I ate it outside!

Since V was napping, I took the opportunity to get some yard work done so the yard would be ready for Spring…and playing outside.

Snacked on this.

Big time pruning allowed for some balance beam work (with her bike helmet still on…haha).

They played in the yard for the afternoon while we just hung out…at one point I ran out to TJs for a semi grocery run (I really wasn’t in the mood at all, so I went with a partial grocery list and figured I’d finish it later in the week).  But at least I got the chicken for Kyle to grill that night.

It’s BBQ weather!

I made a salad to go with it – spring greens, avocado, balsamic vinaigrette, slivered almonds, and dried cranberries.

We changed things up and bathed them before dinner this night because they were super dirty after playing outside for hours.  That made the post-dinner routine super fast.  Rather than wait til their normal bedtime, we just put them down at 6:30 knowing that daylight savings time would do whatever to our schedule.

Kyle went out with some guys, so I snuggled in with dessert and caught up on a bunch of random stuff.

Like clockwork, they were up at their usual time (technically an hour later with the time change).

We had a leisurely am with pancakes.

And then set off for Guinda for a photo shoot in the almond orchards.  Our friends were getting their pics done too so we coordinated our times so we could hang together.  It’s a kinda long drive for a 15 minute photo shoot, but the price was right so I went with it.  They were done by the same photographer who did our session with P when he was ~7 months old but then we didn’t do another professional photo shoot until this past Fall.  Now looking back, I regret not doing more. It’s really pricey, which is obviously the reason we haven’t done it, but when I see the amazing pictures that come out of it, I realize how inadequate my iPhone photos are in comparison.  These moments are flying by, so I want to try to be better about doing more regular sessions.  Luckily, we live in a place where there are family photo options aplenty, and so when Jen has mini sessions ($45 for 15 minutes) I am jumping at the chance.

There were goats and sheep eager to befriend us while we waited.

For some reason they preferred the clovers from our hands, which was great once they worked up the nerve to feed them.

They ate their lunches that I packed while we drove (an hour) home.  And then it was off to naps.

I had a massive kale salad with an entire avocado (the kind that’s bigger than your fist) with miso dressing, carrots, and sweet & salty coconut flakes.  I was just really in the mood for a crap ton of avo.  Soooo mission accomplished.

I made pasta for K and then later once V woke up i made them both a smoothie.

She was ALL IN on this smoothie and Kyle said it was basically a 70/30 deal.  It had a whole orange, home-made nectarine chia jam, almond milk, Skoop greens powder, and a banana.

Once P woke up and joined the party we all went outside.

These are his new summer shoes and he was pretty thrilled to wear them inside (we are a no shoes house but since it was their first use I told him he could put them on upstairs in his room).

How does he suddenly look 10 here?!

I got the water table out but it was pretty nasty from a winter of no use.  They didn’t mind playing in it either way, but after they went to bed that night I dumped out all the sand (which I’m sure had mold in it) and scrubbed it from top to bottom.  Now it’s sparkling like new, and although it’s sand free, I’m sure they will still enjoy it.

We made pinecone bird feeders with palm oil and seeds.

And then Kyle started grilling.

I had marinated these ribs all day…

Using a dry rub from Kyle’s dad.  All I did was add olive oil.

He cooked them low and slow – at first in foil and then directly on the grill to get some char.

Served with roasted sweet potatoes and home-made pickled veggies (carrots and green beans).  Kyle didn’t have the pickled things, naturally.  😉

I have never seen anyone under the age of 2 devour ribs as fast as V did.  I cut it all off the bone for her, but still!  My goodness child!

YOU GUYS! I really don’t know why I bother spending money on fancy a$$ chocolate anywhere because TJs makes the. best. bars.  Seriously, I wanted to eat this whole thing and went back for another two squares and am looking forward to my next trip so I can buy 100 more asap.  UGH, their sweets are so gooooooood.

I had more of the sweet mixed nuts from the night before too, and one piece of See’s candy.

I’m having a hard time with that whole moderation thing again.  If anyone has any advice on reigning in my sweet tooth (that’s not a whole 30) please share. I am fine with a little post dinner treat, but when one plate isn’t enough…I worry…send help!?!

The start of OIT

Oats for the wee ones, but nada for me until after I took P to school.

It was sunny and warm (!!!!) so I biked there.  Usually I have school with V on Thursdays, but the teacher was sick so it was cancelled. To be honest, I was a little relieved because our day was so packed with activities. Having one fewer thing on the docket was helpful in this case.

I had to pull over once to break up some random argument about who knows what, but I made it in record time (same amount of time it takes to drive thanks to the greenbelt shortcuts).

Then V and I biked home together, stopping at a park on the way.  It was still wet though so I promised her we’d come back after I showered and ate breakfast.

I did both at the same time while she got into too much mischief upstairs.

And then we went to the park.

She is such a dare devil.  I’m not used to a kid throwing caution to the wind and leaping before looking.

For lunch I gave them all the leftovers in the fridge – odds and ends including pulled pork from my Guadalajara dinner the weekend before, as well as smoked salmon, sweet potato fries and the rest of the oranges from my parents’ house, and all the other tiny bites that wouldn’t make a whole meal unless combined with all the rest.  V had 4 oranges before noon.  She’s a fruitaholic.

After nap, things got crazy.

First, soccer.  Second, t-ball.

The first game of the season! How cute is his little uniform?!?  It says his name on the back too because I couldn’t help myself.

They only got through two innings in an hour, but oh my goodness was it hilarious.  The kids are still trying to figure out the game, and 80% of them aren’t paying any attention at all, which makes for one very funny evening.

After that, we hit the road to the East Bay to spend the night at my parents’ house.  They made us dinner!

It is finally BBQ weather!!!  Woo-hoo!

It was literally ready the second we walked in the door, which means my parents win the award for best parents ever because V was losing it.  She cried for basically the second half of the drive, which is not fun to listen to, but I knew it was because she was hungry and tired and we were really pushing our limit with all the post-nap activities.

In the end, she perked right up once she saw my parents and ate a good dinner (albeit sitting on my lap) and then they took baths and got to bed.

We hung out with my parents drinking wine until Kyle couldn’t hold his eyes open.  I had most everything packed for the next day, so there really wasn’t much to do in terms of prep that night. I was slightly nervous, but more excited than anything else.  The next morning, we got up before our alarm went off (thanks kids), said goodbye to V, and drove to Fremont with our brave little dude, ready to take on his allergies, one treatment at a time!

I joined an OIT facebook page which has been THE BEST thing ever because it’s given me insight into what to expect (both the good and the bad), and ways to cope, and so much more. Being the parent of a child with life threatening allergies is a stressful role that nobody could understand unless you are living it, so to have the supportive network of all those other moms who are in the same boat (and doing desensitization treatment) is everything I could want.

Per the advice of other OIT parents, I knew I had to keep his stomach full (of carbs mostly) to cushion the blow of the allergen.  I fed him a slice of bread with Earth Balance and blueberries before we left my parents’ house.  And then a muffin once we arrived at the clinic.  We were way too early (didn’t know how long the drive would take with am rush hour traffic) so he danced around outside while eating his pumpkin muffin.  Kyle and I watched him in awe, while sipping our coffees.

I’m happy to report the new location of his OIT clinic is within a stone’s throw of both a Starbucks and a Whole Foods.

In addition to snacks, I packed a ton of things to do…because the appointments are 4-5 hours long.  It starts at 9, and he gets updosed every 30 minutes, and after the last one they monitor him for an hour before we can go.  We were there until 1 pm, but thanks to the food and fun I packed, he really didn’t seem to mind.  Sure, he got a little stir crazy towards the end, but they have a toy section in the back that he was able to go to, and they let us take a walk outside for the last 30 minutes while they got his home doses ready.

I’m trying to make it as fun as possible since we will be doing it weekly, but within reason. I got him a new book (Where’s Waldo) and some Kumon tracing and letter books.  I also printed out worksheets from the measured mom, and had a Mickey Mouse matching game.  I also brought a hand-me-down “computer” which has letter and alphabet learning games on it.  Basically, it’s a day of home-schooling with his tiger mom, ha!  He will be reading and writing in no time 😉

He ended up using every single thing I brought.

Where’s Waldo was the biggest hit, of course.  And it occupied him for hours.

He didn’t eat everything I brought, but he did have a banana, applesauce, home-made trail mix (cheerios, raisins, almonds), a bar, and green bean “crunchy snacks”.  Enough to keep his little belly full.

He got through four (very diluted) doses, without a reaction, which means he goes home on the one he ended on.  And we continue to dose him twice daily at home at the amount we left off at, until we go back next Friday for another session of updosing. I have to carry meds (Zyrtec, Pepcid, Benadryl, Claritin) with me at all times, as well as two epi pens, just in case.

I’m so glad he didn’t need anything at the first appointment because I really wanted him to have a positive first association with it.  I know there will be ups and downs and we are sure to hit roadblocks, but for now, this seemingly small victory (his final dose was a dilution of 1 parts milk to 100 parts water) is actually a big victory.

Next week I am going without Kyle (he wanted to be there for the first one), so it will be just me and my little man.  Thanks fully, my parents are able to watch V for Friday mornings, because, while the room we are in is big for normal medical office standards, the idea of two toddlers trapped in there for 5 hours is not my idea of a fun Friday.

Other random notes: the clinic is new (they just moved offices) and you can tell they knew what they wanted in this upgraded version of their old place. The waiting room is huge.  There are a ton of patient rooms that are both private and yet don’t feel too isolated.  There is a communal area with kids’ toys.  The staff is so friendly and makes you feel safe and cared for and their number one priority.  They all treated P with such respect and warmth.  They made me feel very happy to be a part of their OIT family.  I am super optimistic about the future for my boy. Next door to the clinic is an bazaar full of specialty Indian grocery items, so I’m going to be trying and buying some new stuff.

We went to WF for lunch after.  P didn’t want anything (probably because he had been snacking all morning) but he was happy as could be hanging out with us while we ate.  I got a soft pretzel and stuff from the hot bar.  Happy mama!

After that we drove back to my parents’ house (car bingo and Fancy Nancy on cd! hooray!) and picked up baby girl.  Neither kids had napped, so we tried to hit the road asap in order to avoid weekend traffic and let the kids pass out.  Fortunately, they both fell asleep pretty quickly after we left.  Unfortunately, we hit some pretty gnarly traffic and our commute ended up being 1:40 to get home.  Blahhhh.  Gotta get used to it because it’s my new life!  I have a feeling it will be so worth it.


Kyle and I were both feeling a bit bananas after being in the car all day so as soon as we got home we immediately changed and rode our bikes down to the tennis courts to play.  It was just what we needed.  Fresh air, sunshine, and then some park time for the kids before riding back home and eating dinner.

I had leftovers ready to go.

Enchilada quinoa from a few days before for them, and leftover brussels slaw salad with the rest of my hot bar food for me. Fridge cleaned!!  Ready for the weekend!

And chocolate. 🙂


What I Ate



I tried to eat fewer macadamia nuts by putting fewer on my salad (knowing I’d go back for more after finishing the salad like I always do), but in the end I think I just ate the same because I then felt license to eat double the amount afterwards since I had “less” on my salad initially.  My mind tricks are clearly not working.   Anyway I don’t care because macadamias are delicious.


Slow cooker enchilada quinoa for the win!

This was the easiest recipe ever.  I omitted the cream cheese and used a vegan mozzarella but otherwise followed it exactly, and it came out great!

We served it with chips and in corn tortillas (taco style) and even after everyone had seconds there were still enough leftovers to have it another night.

The next day was only Thursday but I had a BUNCH of stuff to do that night because our Thursday was super packed, with stuff I’ll share later.

She was exhausted too.

Look at me with my moderate serving of dessert!!!  <–patting myself on the back  🙂

Laundry, packing, food prepping…anddddd…more to come!

Pinkish pancakes

Ever since last week when I juiced a bunch of beets, I’d been looking forward to dyeing their pancakes pink with some of the juice.

Looking good right?

Then I flipped them and…

What happened?!  Where’d the pink go??  It’s like the pink hue just vanished as they cooked…isn’t that weird? The inside was kinda pinkish but it was definitely a let down.  Like my sister said, I guess that’s why people use artificial coloring.

After they were fed my dad came over and hung with V while I dropped P off at school and went to do some errands.

I listened to this while riding my bike.  It’s a pretty random podcast, since I have no attachment to Richard Simmons, or any reason to learn more about him, but I heard about it on another podcast and thought I’d give it a shot.  It’s really interesting!  And now I’m mentioning it here because of this.  NPR’s politics podcast is one of my faves and is where I heard about how this month leading podcast publishers are joining forces to expand the podcast audience.  All March listeners are being asked to share stories of why they listen and their favorite podcasts using the hashtag #trypod. Per NPR, 50% of the population doesn’t even know what a podcast is.  So there you have it.  My #trypod suggestions for you all, include but are not limited to:

  • NPR politics – they have weekly roundups and at least one or two episodes mid week depending on what has happened in the news. It’s more in depth than theskimm (my other go to news resource) but still not too detailed that I can’t follow
  • Radiolab – some are good, some are GREAT, some are meh. Definitely get sucked into these and want to keep working out to find out what happens.  Kinda 20/20ish.
  • More Perfect – from the Radiolab people. It only had a few episodes in the first “season” and is now on a break (to make more??) but they were all cases dealing with the Supreme Court and for someone who knows nothing about the law or the legal system in general, I found it fascinating.
  • Jillian Michaels – used to listen to this religiously but haven’t in a very long time.  No real reason why, I just have been seeking different material
  • WTF with Marc Maron / The Nerdist / Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin – when I want to zone out to an interview these are my faves
  • Inquiring Minds – science stuff.  Super interesting, but I cherry pick topics that I want to hear.
  • Happier With Gretchen Rubin – I listened to this for about a year straight but haven’t in a long time.  I’m in a good place mentally and emotionally, but this was helpful when I was more stressed and exhausted with losing my identity as a mom a while back.
  • How I Built This – Kyle turned me onto this and it’s a podcast that will majorly inspire the entrepreneurial minded listener.  It’s stories of mega big deal companies and how they came from nothing to be the multi million dollar corporations they are today.  Clif bar, Spanx, etc.
  • Mystery Show – if you haven’t listened to these (there are only 6) then you must.  I wish Starlee (the host) would make more because they actually made me laugh out loud at times.  The 5th episode “Source Code” is in my all time favorite podcast episodes.  Ever.

There are more, but that’s probably enough to start.

After I worked out I made a black and white cookie smoothie.

Topped in granola.

It was Vega One chocolate protein powder with frozen banana and watermelon, and almond milk. I’m unsure if the combo was a winner, but I ate it nonetheless.  : /

Lunch.  Kale salad.

Dinner.  Kale salad.

I’m pretty sure I blogged about this the last time I made it, but here’s the link to the recipe in case I didn’t.  It’s great.  I made it with barley instead of farro this time, only because I had it on hand.

I almost set off the smoke detectors while sautéing those pepitas in the pan.  One second too long and it’s a code red situation.

All set for dinner time!

But first!  The kids woke from naps and snacked before tee ball practice.

Those bananas with dried blueberries are “alien eyes” and the pistachios are “space creatures”.  Per P.

Batter up!

And then we came home to this.

Despite the fact that I have a bunch of chocolate in my stash, I couldn’t help but get this on my TJs run earlier.

It was SO GOOD. I’m not sure it had the flavors listed (coconut?) but had a ginger turmeric or something or other going on that I liked in a big big way.  TJs is on the money with their chocolate.

Full disclosure: I’m trying to eat a litttttle less chocolate at night. Will you guys be my moral support?  I know myself and there’s no way I can give it up, but my sweet tooth is getting a touch out of hand, so I’d like to keep it in check by seeing how a reduction might feel.  If I don’t post about it, it will never happen.  So now it’s in writing.