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P is for pitaya

We’ve developed a little obsession over here in the hippie household.  At least, pacman and I have.


Pitaya is all the rage.  Just ask my taste buds.  And my son’s.


P’s pitaya smoothie [vegan, soy free, nut free, dairy free, seed free]


  • 3/4 cup coconut milk
  • 1 pitaya plus packet
  • 2-3 kale leaves
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 tsp agave / maple syrup / honey (optional)


Blend until smooth.  Slurp.

My guy loves smoothies, but this was devoured in seconds.  Like, instantly vanished.  Clearly he enjoyed the pitaya flavor because I’ve used similar combos with other fruits before and none were taken down at this rate.

I added agave to his but I’m not sure it’s necessary.  I originally wasn’t going to use banana (which is why I added a little extra sweetness via the agave), but the texture needed banana, so there you go.  I tasted it and it wasn’t overly sweet, but I do think you could omit it and still not notice much of a difference.


Perfect way to start off the day for my toddler – allergy free and packed with nutrients that keep him a growing healthy boy.

Gimbal’s candy is allergy free and delicious

Ok, this may seem odd given the way most of you know me (through the blog, not in real life) which means you only know what I’ve shared since 2007 or whenever I started this thing.  Buuuuuuut…I used to eat candy as a meal.  The bulk bin stuff, sweet and sour and sugar coated…the more neon the better and that’s the truth.  Sometimes I’d have candy for both lunch and dinner.  Of the same day.

I single handedly kept the Ackerman candy store in business…and Ralph’s candy aisle with the bulk bins?  That was my home.  For reals.  I wish I were exaggerating but I legitimately consumed hot tamales and sour apple O’s regularly for dinner throughout college.

The saddest part about what I just revealed is that I didn’t like chocolate back then.  Not even a little bit.  Man was I missing out.  But not really, because I still adore chewy sweet sugar candy.  I just don’t eat it because, well, I’m super healthy and sophisticated now.  😉  Oh, you didn’t know that italics are the new sarcasm text?  Ha.


My little dude thinks that every package that comes to the house is a present for him.

In most cases, he’s not wrong [amazon prime for the win].  But unlike the usual contents (diapers, wipes, etc.) this box was way more exciting.  Because it is CANDY that he can actually EAT!


So June is National Candy Month!  Were you in on this?  I like that we have embraced food holidays so much in this country that last week donuts had more hashtags than legitimate news stories.  Social media is fun though. Why not go with it.


Must.  Hold.  All.  The.  Candy.


Full disclosure: P doesn’t even know the word “candy”.  I think he knew it at one point, back during Halloween when you couldn’t avoid it, but he never tried any himself so who knows if he remembers.  [Who am I kidding, my kid remembers EVERYTHING]

When he first opened the package he thought the Gimbal’s bags were full of beans (the kind we planted in the garden) and he suggested we do gardening right then and there.  So sweet.


As it turns out, Gimbal’s contacted me to review their products for June’s theme and I said heck yeah because (a) aforementioned love affair and (b) their fine candies are totally allergen friendly.


The company prides itself on such:

Gimbal’s candies are peanut-free, tree nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and egg-free. These ingredients are responsible for countless allergic reactions across the nation. Many Gimbal’s consumers have personally thanked us for making our candies available to them. We are happy to create delicious treats that can be enjoyed by so many people, including those living with food allergies.

If you are a parent or caregiver of a child with allergies, you know how big of a deal this is.  It’s a scary scary world out there when your child could have a reaction due to cross contamination in food production.  I already have to go out of my way to make special foods for P – when he goes to birthday parties, when we eat at restaurants, etc. – and he’s only TWO!  What lies ahead terrifies me just a little bit.  So having a treat food that’s “normal” (by social standards) that he can both share with others and eat himself…well…like I said, it is a big freakin’ deal.

I’m going to be honest here and admit that I will probably eat most of these (I already tackled most of the sour jelly beans bag as a solo mission when Kyle was out of town), but P is just now beginning to learn about the concept of “sometimes foods” (aka treats) that we eat only so often.  I refuse to give morality to food so he will not hear foods being called “good” or “bad” from me, but he also doesn’t eat sweets.  The “cookies” that he eats are home-made by moi and are basically oatmeal baked into a puck.  I don’t mean for that to sound holier than thou (to any parents who’s kids have eaten ice cream, cake, and whatnot, you are lucky, trust me).  In essence, his palate is untainted due to my inability to buy processed foods for him with his numerous allergies.  It’s both a blessing and a curse I guess, so it will be interesting to see how he reacts to jelly beans.

In the meantime, I think I want to do something fun with the cherry lovers ones.  Cherry season has me all gaga over the flavor.


Father’s Day weekend

How precious are these moments.


We went to the Windsor hot air balloon festival this weekend and opted to stay at the vineyard on Saturday night so we’d be close for the 5 am start time.  Obviously we were nowhere near that early to arrive (thank goodness!!) but we definitely didn’t do proper research because by the time we got there, it was kinda done-zo.  Still we had a (chilly) breakfast picnic with our friends and that made it a special enough start to Father’s Day.


Let’s see, what we have here…banana bread, coconut flour pancakes, berries, grapes, yogurt, and bacon.

Ok, but let’s back up to Saturday because we basically celebrated Kyle all weekend (why not? he’s the best!).


I ran out of smoothie stuff so I was forced to branch out with this breakfast.  I bought this blueberry elli quark a long time ago out of curiosity and I’m not sure I would buy it again.  It’s not very sweet, which I guess it good, but it also didn’t have much flavor (to me?).  I had heard good things and was intrigued so that’s why I bought it, but I prefer 2% (or higher) plain Greek yogurt.  I added TJs GF granola on top (and then added extra walnuts after the granola was gone).  The good part of this breakfast was that it was fast, which was very necessary since we had gymnastics class at 9:30 am.

After watching P romp around at gym, we took a stroll through the farmer’s market – played at the park, watched musicians, scoped out the latest produce, and basically just tried to wear out Pattycakes since we were planning on having him nap in the car on the drive to Healdsburg.

But first, I planned a little father and son activity for my main squeeze.


The Davis ACE hardware had a father’s day event where kiddos (under 10) could come paint a pot and then plant a succulent for their pops.


Look how well it turned out!  Basically the cutest thing ever.  Not sure who was more in heaven, P or Kyle.

After that we swung into the ‘bux for some road fuel (venti iced decaf soy coffee).


After a little over an hour, P was awake and our stomachs were growling so we hit up the Petaluma Whole Foods for lunch.

IMG_6985 IMG_6987

I brought food for P, but treated myself to some salad bar yums.  Kale salad with PopCorners sea salt chips not he side.  And my new fave Kombucha.

Full and happy and off again!  To the vineyard we go…


I got a little sad at first because I have only been here once since my grandpa died but that was for the memorial so I was distracted by seeing so many family members.  This time I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic with all the memories flooding my head.  Anyway.  I have too many feelings to go into them here.


Our friends arrived shortly afterwards and we played around while unpacking and getting settled.


Group photo via the selfie stick…then they boys went for a drive through the vines on the club car.

Before dinner, we went to a park downtown (Giorgi park was really fun and mostly shaded for anyone interested in the Healdsburg area).


Next up, Bear Republic for beer (and food).  We all shared two tasting flights.  I really only liked one or two to be honest.  IPAs are so popular and they are really not my thing.  I am a pilsner girl.


Charcuterie for the table (I had some goat cheese and cranberry chutney but not much)…because…


OMG my dinner plate.  Holy moly.

ALL FOUR OF US GOT THIS!  Ha.  We were not messing around when we saw the special was ribs, we all just went for it.  I heart coleslaw and fries so hard.  I think I just like fat though because mayo is all I want these days.  Maybe it’s a nursing thing?

Btw I totally BF my valley girl at the table mid-meal.  I am so much more comfortable this time around and will basically nurse her anywhere and everywhere in public (provided my company is cool with it too – which is usually the case since I hang out with fellow mamas).  I’m a mix of modest but hippie, so it manifests in a desire to normalize nursing but still remain semi-private and not totally expose my body, ya know?


This is the least blurry of the pics we got.  Doh.

I brought food for P, naturally.  [Leftover hamburger, mixed frozen veggies, home-made bars, and fruit]  I always bring his food when we travel…it’s just easier that way.  No risk for reactions.


Back at the vineyard, we popped open some vino and let the the kiddos burn off a little more steam before putting them all down for bed.


Then it was time for games and drinking.  Not to be confused with drinking games.  We aren’t 20 anymore. :(

The girls dominated the boys in Taboo.  Twice.


We got to bed way too late and woke way too early, but man was it fun.  And the next morning we packed up the food and drove to Windsor for a crisp breakfast picnic with hot air balloons in the background.  Hilariously, we bought advance tickets that we didn’t even need.  Nor did we see any balloons take off or land.  But the sporadic fire blazing to lift the tethered balloons was a thrill enough for P.  And me, TBH.

For a bunch of reasons my girlfriend is the best.  She made coconut pancakes from the 21DSD (I lent her the book a while ago and she loved it so much she bought her own copy) PLUS mocha Califia (it’s her fault I got addicted to it in the first place).  I loooooove Califia.  More on that caffeine later though…


We played at a park afterwards (these two are such adorable buddies) and then finally we headed back to the vineyard to pack up and peace out.

On the way out of town we stopped at the adorable but insanely overpriced General Store (for some lunch to eat on the road while the babes napped) and then at a gas station where I made the completely ridiculous decision to grab a huge (caffeinated) coffee.  It was actually my second (through fifth) serving of java for the day because I was up pumping at 5 that morning and found Peet’s coffee in the freezer and decided to make some for our crew.  In the end, Kyle and I are the only coffee drinkers so I had a very very strong cup first thing in the morning.  And have I mentioned I haven’t really done caffeine since first pregnancy?  Yeah.  Beyond the occasional cup of chai tea, I am now a decaf girl through and through.  So what do you think happened to me after 5 servings of caffeine????  HELL.  ON.  EARTH.  So basically I now think I know what it feels like to be on drugs.  It was horrible.  The entire car ride home just kept getting more and more terrible.  I actually started out as the driver but had to pull over and swap places with Kyle because my head felt like it was gonna explode.  I was also nauseated and disconnected from my body and just completely miserable.  By 2 pm I was convinced I was never going to feel well again.  I tried eating but that didn’t help and in fact only made me feel more like I was going to throw up.  Once we got home I was able to buzz around the house like a true psycho, which was at least better than being trapped in the car with a caffeine high.  I cut P’s hair (risky move, but worked out fine) and then – for the FIRST TIME IN MY ENTIRE CAREER of nursing and pumping – I pumped and dumped.  :(  I just couldn’t give her that milk.  It was so so sad.  I am not short on supply so it’s not a big deal in that I can’t make enough to give her otherwise, but to me it feels sad to waste such a valuable commodity.  I tried to thaw some milk and give her a bottle (for the first time) after that, but she would have none of it.  She doesn’t take a pacifier either despite repeated attempts, so it’s no surprise she refused another artificial nipple.  Blerg.  I had Kyle try too but to no avail.  I ended up blending the thawed milk into a smoothie for P instead so it wouldn’t go to waste.  Two pumping sessions down the drain in a single day would be way more than I could handle.  Eventually I came down from my high and nursed her and she seemed completely unaffected.  You live and learn.  No more java for me!!!


Since P never really ate lunch he had his punch that I packed for dinner that night.

We went on a family walk to the grocery store for some dinner stuff and essentials.  Even though we needed to do a weekly grocery haul, we were on foot and kept it to a minimum (almond milk, bananas, avo).


After so much meat from the previous 24 hours I wanted zero animal products for dinner.  Big salad it is!  We had nectarines already so I whipped up a honey dijon dressing and tossed it with greens, avocado, and pistachios.


Exactly what I needed to end the weekend.


And what a weekend it was!



Flashback to Father’s Day two years ago with a baby P.

The weekly menu

Grill master here!  Woot woot!


Since Kyle was out of town last weekend I was left to my own devices for dinner, so when Pattycakes requested BBQ chicken I thought “sure! it’s high time I try to grill on my own!”


And so grill I did.  P kept me company in the baby pool while I did my thing.  I used this rub again because if it aint broke, right?


Chile lime chicken is where it’s at, yo!  I sent Kyle and my dad pics because I was so proud.  It was perfect!  The middle was m-word and the outside was crispy and lightly charred but not scorched.  For my first attempt I’d say I did a pretty awesome job!  [Full disclosure, Kyle gave me pointers and I consulted our Weber book so it’s not like I went in blind]


P liked it too even though I accidentally lost control of the cayenne pepper mid pour.  Whoops!  I tried to give him more inside pieces and reserved the outside with the rub more for myself (we split a breast).


On the side I had leftovers (this vegetable salad that I can’t get enough of).  Clearly I have found some favorite recipes since I keep linking to the same ones.  If you still haven’t tried these, you’re a fool.  That’s on you.


Kyle was home for Sunday’s dinner so he grilled burgers.  Ground beef was on sale at WF this week so I got a bunch.


What I’ve come to realize over this past week though, is that I keep grossly underestimating the amount of meat my boys eat.


That’s my plate.


And that’s Pacman’s (first) plate.  He had a whole other burger after this was gone!  I specifically made two bigger ones and two smaller ones thinking I’d get two dinners for him out of the smaller ones, but in the end he ate them both.  Growing boy.  I have a feeling I’m in for a rude awakening with regard to our future grocery budget ($$$$).


Kyle wanted “fancy” burgers so I sautéed onion and mushroom for him.  P had some too, but I opted out because I’m trying to be mindful of fodmaps in small ways.

P prefers raw mushrooms but he ate the sautéed ones with some coaxing (read burger bribery).  He definitely likes sautéed onions.  I gave him a few more servings after he polished off what was on his plate above.

Monday was meatless again (in fact I had an entirely veg day – smoothie for breakfast and tofu and kale salad for lunch).


I was feeling a bit exhausted after the not so restorative weekend (the kids are sick on top of the fact that I got zero food prep or housework done), but I still kinda pulled it together for dinner.


Inspired by @rapo4 recent take on the Cobb salad (see this month’s BA) I did a similar thing for dinner.  Roasted a green onion and tomatoes, which I added to our bowls of spring greens, basil, tri-color quinoa, cheese (goat feta for me, parmesan for him), and avocado.  Drizzled with a touch of olive oil – but it didn’t need much since I was heavy handed with the oil and salt on the tomatoes.


After P was in bed I sucked it up and got some food prep done so I wouldn’t be so SOL for the rest of the week (I didn’t leave the house at all on Monday and was feeling like a prison mate eating ill planned snacks – chocolate and plantain chips and more chocolate – out of frustration and boredom).  So did some cooking.  And baking.  Shredded chicken.  Health(ier) chocolate bark.  Crackers.  Bars.  Granola.  Plantain “bread”.  And I can’t recall what else.


This bark ended up being a mere three servings.  Not much healthier in the end…

So back to the week’s dinners.


Tuesday isn’t even worth discussing.  Caesar salads.  It was a last minute change up from the planned cauliflower biryani I had slated because the day was a dooooozy (no naps and a late soccer practice do not mix).   Kyle and I both decided Caesar salads are kinda the best things while we were eating this meal.  And then we went on to discuss which meals we’d eaten the most in our entire lives (Caesar salads were really really high for both of us).  Another on his list: rice with butter. Not that that’s a “dish” per se, but it’s something he’s eaten a million times in his life.


Wednesday we skipped market because we were all sickies.  Kyle BBQ-ed burgers instead (I had meat already so it seemed easy enough).  I made the patties early in the day so by the time Kyle got home everything was ready to go.  The chips were an impulse buy while I was at WF getting stuff for the next day.  They are a perfect burger accompaniment though.  Why not?

IMG_6859 IMG_6860

Kyle went the normal bun route, but I went bun less in the name of chips.  Chips > buns.


P had chips too (these ones) although I’m pretty sure the Kettle ones would be safe for him too.  The main reasons I didn’t give them to him were (a) they are salty as all get out, (b) Kyle and I are obsessed with them and fight over them already so I may as well save them for our own corrupted taste buds than his virgin ones (which don’t think salt is the best thing on the planet…yet); and (c) he doesn’t care, he’s just happy to be getting chips for dinner!


I stayed up wayyyy too late that night cooking and baking stuff for the next day.  On Thursday we were having my parents over to celebrate father’s day with my dad since he will be on call (and we will be away) for the actual day.


For dessert, he requested nectarine pie, so that’s what I made.

I know it looks “rustic” (to put it nicely) but it tasted delicious so don’t judge a pie by it’s crust.


I used the crust recipe from this month’s Bon Appetit but subbed coconut oil for the butter and despite textural issues when rolling it out, it worked fine!  The main problem with swapping cocoon oil for butter is that once you chill the dough, you have to let it thaw for an eternity before it gets malleable enough to work with…and then you have a very short amount of time until it gets too soft and melts.  Tricky business.


While the pie was in the oven I made a quinoa and black bean salad from The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook.


Can you tell I’m into this cookbook?  I had the quinoa already done (started it in the rice cooker earlier in the day), so I whipped up the dressing (jalapeño, cilantro, lime, etc) and tossed it in with everything but the avocado, which I figured I’d add right before serving.  I also omitted the bell peppers because my mom doesn’t like them.


The dressing is really that shade of green.  So intense.


I don’t really have pics of food from the next day because we were just hanging out relaxing.  Here are some from Kyle’s phone.


Happy Father’s Day indeed!  Such love.


Oh and this girl!  Heart bursting cuteness.


I made chili lime chicken rub AGAIN (so goooood) and bought house made pork sausage from WF.  My plate looks a mess because I’d already started eating and I was sharing chicken from my plate with Mr. P.  Dranks all around!


This pie!!  So good.  Nectarines for the win.


Probably could have doubled the amount of fruit, but it seemed to get great reviews so oh well.  P had a few bites too (I made sure it was allergy free just in case he was up while we were eating it and wanted to partake).

Which brings us to Fridayyyyy…


We went to a friend’s for a BBQ pool party.  I brought a quinoa broccoli salad with sunflower seeds, raisins, and a dijon/mayo dressing.




We also had grilled corn, burgers on GF bread, and fruit (plus chicken for P).


What a fantastic Friday.

Kicked off a totally amazing Father’s Day weekend which I will attempt to recap soon-ish (housework > blogging during nap time so we will see when that actually happens).

Ten Reviews

Here are some products I’ve tried lately. Some were bad, some were okay, some were good, and some were awesome. So I figured I’d share. I have no affiliation with any of these companies. These are simply my honest opinions.

1. I’d heard great things about this sauce (from what I understand, it’s fame grew from a farmer’s market in SD) so when I saw it in Whole Foods I thought, how cool, now it’s sold in stores!?  I should try it!  So I did.


Um, holy spicy hot hot heat!  This is just way too intense.  I like spice well enough (I don’t seek it out, but I’m not averse to it either).


Way way too hot.  Like, inedible in a moderate serving.

I was really bummed but then I was browsing Whole Foods again a few weeks later and saw there’s actually more than one version of bitchin’ sauce and not just the one flavor I bought (I guess they were out of stock in the rest when I first shopped and bought it).  So now I’m kinda interested in buying the OG flavor, but I dunno, is it really THAT good?  I could probably just make it myself…looking at the ingredients it seems pretty easy to replicate.


2. A new kind of kombucha!


This Health-Ade brand was on sale and we all know I’m a sucker for sales…AND kombucha…AND cute bottles, so DUH I bought it. And yes it was a as good as the flavor combo sounds.  Super ginger-y, which I rarely find is the case because my taste buds have a strong ginger love that most products can’t quite meet.


3.  Still can’t get enough of this Pitaya business.  I think they are the “it” item of my summer.  Smoothies are what I crave first thing every morning so it’s no surprise these are what my taste buds gravitate towards.


4. Finding quality sunscreen with safe ingredients isn’t too hard these days but finding the right kind PLUS a decent texture (as in spread-in-ability with a good sticky/greasy balance).  So far we’ve tried Honest, Babyganics, Badger, and Goddess Garden Organic Sunny Baby.  I’ve heard good things about Alba and Neutrogena, too, but Block Island will probably remain our go-to.


Like other natural sunscreens, zinc oxide is the main ingredient for UVA protection.  And yet, unlike Badger or Goddess Garden it doesn’t take an hour to rub in and leave your face white.  It actually spreads (so a dollop can be used for a larger portion of skin) and doesn’t leave your skin tacky or oily at all.  It’s perfect.  At first I thought it had a weird smell – similar to a bug repellant – but it goes away once rubbed it and smells neutral and pleasant when on.  Definitely like it the most of all the natural ones we have tried.  Now if only we could find a spray one that boasts similar specs (without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, artificial dyes or fragrances, etc.).  It’s also vegan FYI.  To learn more about what non-nano means in terms of zinc/titanium oxide in sunscreen read here.


5. These Sanuk yoga sling sandals are my faaaaaavorite.  I want them in every print and every color.  So cute and comfy. I’ve had Sanuk flip flops since my Santa Monica days and don’t think I’ll deviate from the brand ever.  They are awesome.

I am usually an 8.5 in shoes and I got an 8 (they only have full sizes) and it fits great. I think the strap would be too loose if I got a 9.


6.  Ever since I decided to let pacman DIY in the utensil department, I figured I better get some kid friendly plates/bowls/etc. [Way back when P was a newborn (and not eating solids) we got gifted a cute children’s serving set – and I only recently rediscovered it.  But it wasn’t enough and I kept finding myself putting our (nice) plates on P’s tray and that kinda seemed risky.]

So I went with two solid brands that have proven successful with toddler stuff thus far – munchkin and oxo.  So far, both are hits.


Both are dishwasher safe and made from non-toxic ingredients (no BPA).

The oxo plates have a “training ring” which is like a lip around the edge that helps food go onto the utensil when using the side of the plate and is removable (for once they graduate from needing it).  I got two plates – one with dividers and one without – and a fork and spoon.  The fork is good but the spoon may hold a bit too much food.  He still uses these munckin spoons for most things.


The plates are nice because they have a bit of grip on the bottom so they don’t slide, but as far as being “weighted”, that’s not really noticeable or helpful in keeping it on the tray.  By contrast, the (above) munchkin plates are way more lightweight and slide all over the place.  However, they are microwaves safe, which the oxo are not (or at least not advertised as).

The munchkin bowls have a suction on the bottom but it’s not very strong and after a while it seems to come off regardless of P’s activity.  I haven’t tried sealing it with moisture, but perhaps that would help it stay in place.  They are a good size though, and he loves eating rice and quinoa and other grains out of them.

Moms – feel free to offer other recs if you have various utensils/plates/etc that you love.


7. I’m the worst when it comes to buying new running shoes.  With the mileage I do I should replace them four times more frequently than I do.  I think my last pair of shoes are almost two years old.  Not good for my knees!  Anyway, these are fine.  Nothing really exciting to differentiate them from other running shoes.  I generally stick to asics but beyond that my choice is entirely dependent on what colors and styles look cutest to me.  And what’s cheapest.  I’m not a professional runner and I’m not training for anything so I don’t really care about fancy footwear.  As long as I don’t feel it while I’m pounding the pavement, I think that’s a good enough marker.


8.  This Simply Lite chocolate bar was an impulse buy at the TJs checkout (shopping solo with two kids and feeling like I deserved a treat).  I ate the entire bar in one serving and my gut nearly exploded on me.  What the what!?!  I don’t know how I managed to miss the label that says sugar free!  Sugar free???  No.  Just no.  Xylitol disaster.  Never again.

Life it too short to eat sh!tty chocolate.


9.  By contrast, Trader Joe’s dark chocolate honey mints are divine.  They remind me of peppermint patties but with a more caramel texture inside (but don’t confuse that for meaning they have caramel – they don’t).  They are pretty sweet so you can’t OD on them by eating the whole bag at once.  I like them paired with super dark chocolate and candied ginger.  Excellent way to end the day – a nice refreshing minty sweet treat.  FYI, I don’t even really like mint, so take my recommendation as even more noteworthy (I know you’re balking at this mom).


10.  I’d never heard of the Amylu brand before, but I saw their breakfast sausages at Costco a while back and decided to do some research.  I originally wanted it for P (because he LOVES the Applegate breakfast sausages).  So after contacting the company and finding it’s facilities were allergy friendly I decided to give them a shot.  Of course the next time I went back to Costco they didn’t have the same kind.  :(

I bought the andouille chicken sausage instead.

IMG_6488Ingredients: chicken raised without antibiotics, water, spices, parsley, crushed red pepper, paprika, extract of rosemary, onions, garlic, salt, sugar, vinegar, lamb casing.

Unfortunately P was not a fan.  I’m not sure what the issue is (too spicy?) but he had no interest.  Kyle, on the other hand, is very excited to have his son’s rejections.  He loves them.  And the good news is they are just as clean ingredient wise as Applegate with a better price tag.  Yay.  Because the package comes with a ton, I froze them individually (2-3 per bag) so we can grab them out whenever the mood strikes.