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Gobble meal kits

I realize there are a million home delivery cooking businesses right now, but one of my friends told me about this one and I figured I could give it a shot. It’s different than some others I’ve heard of because it boasts only 10 minutes of prep (which is the reason I was interested in trying it).

For the record, this post isn’t sponsored by gobble.  They don’t even know I exist.

I ordered while we were in LA for delivery that week we got home. I chose the three meals that I thought looked the best (I think there were 6-7 options?).  But I also chose meals that I’d be less likely to make on my own, or had intimidating ingredients or ways of cooking.  Even though this may take away from some of the speed in it’s preparation, I wanted to use the service to expand my cooking repertoire.  [ie flat iron steak]

Delivery day!

I happened to be pulling in the garage when the delivery person was dropping it off so I got to it right away.  It was all well chilled and the proteins especially were quite cold.

I put it all in the fridge to sort out later, but I noticed it was very obviously labeled and organized already.  Three bags for three meals with all the non-protein ingredients.  The meat was separate but obviously I know which goes with each meal.  They have cooking cards for each too…

See how the allergen is labeled on the green goddess dressing?  So I knew to dress the salad after serving P a portion.

They have veg meals, too, FYI, but I chose meat because (a) I wanted to get the most bang for my buck and (b) their sourcing seems pretty trustworthy and they are very transparent about their ingredients.  They email when they get their produce each week and create meal ideas.

It’s a flat rate for each meal and is pretty reasonable at $11.95 per meal (if you order 6+) meals and $13.95 per meal (if you only order 4 meals).  One dinner kit is either 2 or 4 meals depending on if you’re choosing an option to feed a family or a couple.  So by ordering 3 dinner kits for 2 people I got the $11.95 rate.  Not bad considering how much of the work is done for you.

Now that I know how the service works and how the food arrives, I feel comfortable ordering the four person option and feeding it to the kids (I didn’t know how it was going to work with allergens and how safe it would be for P but everything is very well labeled and the sauces/dressings are separate so you can control what goes in what.

First up, flat iron steak with green goddess salad and potatoes.

Kyle was out of town this weekend so I figured I may as well make both portions and the kids could split one.  Like I said, I wasn’t really sure how the labeling would be, but it’s definitely easy enough to deduce how to make it safe for P.

Included: two cuts of skirt steak, ~5 purple potatoes, 2 spring onions, asparagus, 2 radishes, arugula and frisee lettuce, green goddess dressing [contains dairy*]

Labeled as : gluten free, nut free, egg free

*Not using the dressing makes it dairy free

See?  Obvious labeling. In truth, it didn’t take 10 minutes to make (as advertised) but that’s more to do with the constant interruptions from my kids than the meal.  I was also double and triple checking the directions because I’d never grilled steak before.  Next time I make this (and I would definitely make it again) it will easily take under 10 minutes.

Looks pretty good if I do say so myself!

Above it is fresh off the grill (minus one of the filets that I chopped up for the kids). And below is the kids version of the dish.

I supplemented theirs with sweet potatoes I already had on hand.  P LOVED the meat!  He wanted way more than his half of the filet.  Sorry dude.

Here’s my plate.  Not too shabby for a dinner while Kyle’s out of town!!!


Gobble actually included two chocolate chip cookie dough balls in my order just for the heck of it! How sweet is that! You can order desserts, sides, and soups when you order your meals too.  I haven’t tried any of those yet, but some of the soups looked really good…although I’m pretty ready to move on to non-soup meals.  If only the weather was on board.  Most of this weekend was a total downpour and got down to 40 degrees over night.  What the what!?!?  Can we just get to spring and summer already!?!?

Now that I’ve tried gobble, maybe I should consider some of the other services?  I feel like I get Blue Apron emails all the time, despite never trying it.

The weekly menu

After getting home from LA it took a bit of time to get organized.  A week to be exact.  I’ve been feeling like I’m playing catch up without ever making any progress every day…the problem with these weekly Fremont trips is that I feel discombobulated after every weekend rather than restored.  Also, Kyle’s gone for the weekend so I’m definitely doing the one woman hustle.  But anyway!  Food!

We were desperate for less meat this week and lots more plants.  I was contemplating doing 7 days of no chocolate but nixed it.  I’m not saying it won’t happen in the future, but for now, I’m not in the mood.  At the end of these looooong days (P is in a tough phase right now and UGH is it draining for me to stay patient and understanding and emotionally supportive) I just feel like a little TV with something sweet is an okay way to treat myself.

After we got home on Friday Kyle grilled hot dogs and corn for a super simple dinner.  We had been eating carbs (bars, dried fruit, repeat) all day on the road so I just wanted something small and different from pantry fare.  The kids were hardly hungry too because I’d been using food as entertainment for much of the 7 hour drive…

OOooOOwwEEE…about this chocolate smores thing!?  Amazing.  And the dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds was equally good, but I already knew that because it’s a staple.

Pancakes to get us back in the groove.  It was like a normal morning in Davis with this meal. Minus the laundry, house and yard work, and 500 other things I’d been neglecting until after this trip.

And more fancy nut mylk for me because I just can’t let go of the LA vibezz.

Guys, this is good stuff.  It’s $$$ so that’s annoying.  But the clusters are big and munchable and the flavor is very almond extract heavy, but in an overbearing way.

Tee ball practice with my dude.

Followed by java numero dos and a walk to play at the park.

We were busy all Saturday that I didn’t have time to go grocery shopping so we stopped in for sushi take out on the way home from a birthday party.

Huku rocked it again.  We had extra for Kyle to eat the next day for lunch.

All the fish, thanks.

I fed the kids first and we ate our sushi while the kids played in the toy room…or not.

She was clothed when I left her, but this is what she came out in!

No chocolate?!  What was I thinking?

Fudge in my face.

On Sunday, I finally got my act together and had lists and meal plans ready to go.  We hit up Costco in the am and TJs in the pm.  It wasn’t the most fun of days but you gotta do what you gotta do.  I made them donuts because P had asked for them after we went to breakfast at Sidecar in LA and I was sad that he felt left out.  So I made some asap once we were home.

V found them too difficult to eat, so P got the leftovers the next couple of mornings.

Another mylk to start the day 🙂

This one (Date Shake) wasn’t as good as the other, so I had half and then filled the meal out with some granola (see above).  I still found myself sipping it over the course of the day though.  The cardamom flavor was very pronounced.

More leftovers for lunch.  I ate this outside because it was sunny and gorgeous.

I also tackled SO MUCH yard work.  My dad is building another raised bed for me, so I’m clearing out the space for it (which used to have plants that I hated and potted veggies).  The best part is that the drip is already installed, so as soon as it’s ready, we can plant!

Star of dinner!

I made a version of this salad only I doubled the dressing and used quinoa instead of coconut rice.

I almost forgot the cashews…

Finally a home cooked meal! Fresh and healthy.

And then a bunch of chocolate for dessert while I tried to get a bunch done before the work week started…

ROCKY ROAD is stealing my heart!!

On Monday, we went to the zoo.   Check out the panera order on line option!  I got a month of free bagels (totally randomly – not blog related at all) and this was my first time ever setting foot in the cafe.  It was so easy!  I literally ordered on my phone in under a minute, chose when to pick it up (now or a specific time) and then popped in and it was waiting for me on a shelf!  Normally the whole shlep of getting the kids in and out of the car wouldn’t be worth it, but the curb has been open every time I’ve gone and I’ve taken the kids in and it’s still been a sub 5 minute process. Yes please!

Raise your hand if you’re too close to a lion!?

The animals were really active and the lion’s roaring was making my chest vibrate.  it was creepy and amazing.

Open sesame 🙂

Lunch.  The youjjjj.

LOTS of sleep drama that afternoon.  Both kids.  What a week it has been…I’d say it’s adjusting to post-vacay life, but who knows.  He’s in a serious developmental phase right now that is kicking my butt.

I massaged this for a minute between tending to my chillin. P helped add the pinenuts.

Eventually, I gave up on his nap, but miraculously got her down after a lot of snuggles, so I had some solo time with my gardening buddy.

We ate the last tangerine from our tree, weeded, and played until his swimming.

Because she went down so late I had to wake her up to make it to swimming in time.  She didn’t love that, but was okay once we got to the fish bowl toy room.

Kid version below…includes a little bit of kale salad with a big bowl of wild rice and tofu.

I was saving this fancy (read expensive) almond cheese by Kite Hill for myself, but of course the kids saw it and immediately knew it was something $$$$ that they should want in on.  I gave them bites (big mistake) and they loved it, so then I had to share.

Kyle got real feta. As in from a sheep, not an almond.

This was super simple and very different from how I typically prepare kale btw.  It was inspired by this recipe. I massaged it with sun dried tomato oil (from the jar) and then added chopped up sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts, and wild rice.  And feta or almond cheese.

Dessert, yes please.

I got Elana’s almond flour cookbook from the library last week and haven’t had a chance to make anything from it, but have been eyeing the zucchini bread for a while.  Finally got some zucchini and made this.

Which I had some issues getting out of the pan, but throwing some nut butter on the problem is a quick (and delicious) fix.

This is cashew butter.

Pre-library park fun with my gal pal.  She’s a daredveil.  On the second level from a ladder all by herself. You go girl.

My little fairies playing in the yard.

1 2 3 jump!

Ant trail investigation.

Fairies need popcorn breaks too.

In the pm we had a park date with some friends…the walk in took a while because they decided using the bike racks to support them as they fly was more fun than playground equipment.

P and I made this chicken chop with a mango dressing while V was napping.  He had a little bit of quiet time but is intermittently dropping naps these days.  It’s nice to get some quality one on one time with him and he loves helping me in the kitchen, so win win. YAY.

He took all the leaves off the cilantro for me and added a bunch of other stuff to the bowl…and ate half the mango before it got to the dressing.  A true helper.  😉


I added the dressing and jalapeno separately so theirs didn’t have it.  I even coughed a few times when I caught a big bite of it!  It was really good though.

You know the drill by now…c h o c o l a t e.

Without a WF to buy Earth Balance’s vegan mac n cheese, I was forced to see what Nugget had.

This kind was made with

sweet potatoes and pumpkin!

I made the box while the kids ate breakfast, so it was all ready for lunch later that day.

After dropping P off at school we rode back home and had a park date with friends.

The kids loved this kind!

We went to farmer’s market for dinner!!!  And that’s all I’ve got for now.  See you on the flip side of this weekend when Kyle’s back in town 🙂

LA LA land, day 8

Last day of fun in the LA sun…started with a run on the beach.

Followed by a cold shower (again!! gah!!) and a trip to Gjusta.

The hype is for a reason.  The place is drool inducing and the people are all super friendly and nice and even though you feel pretentious for being there, there’s somehow the most laid back feel at the same time.  Everyone seemed to know everyone’s names and regulars were talking to the baristas, and they were super helpful EVEN THOUGH THEY DON’T SERVE DECAF.

They also had an oven that was broken so they were limited in the bread options.  Lucky for me they had the one I wanted.

I spied this rye seed thing in the case and immediately asked what it was and if I could have it on my lox breakfast plate. He said sure! It also comes with labneh, lox (I let him pick which he wanted to give me) and all those yummy capers and pickled things.  I put it in the back of the car for safe keeping since it was my lunch on the road. Kyle got a hummus and turkey sando for his lunch.

We ordered breakfast too naturally.

I got a biscuit with jam and asked for a fried egg too, so they just threw it on the side for me.

Exactly what I wanted.

Kyle got a bagel egg and bacon sammie thing.

We took it to a park in Westwood so the kids could play while we ate…we were hoping to get them a little exercise before trapping them in the car for hours and hours.  They had already eaten at the rental house before we left so they were perfectly content to collect sticks and climb while we noshed.

My biscuit was so good.  I don’t know what made it unique, but it wasn’t like any other biscuit I’ve had.  It was more whole grain like or something?  But not “healthy” tasting.  But not buttery tasting either.  And the jam had a zing to it – maybe cranberries?  Sadlt the egg was cold, but that wasn’t the fault of Gjusta.  That would be due to the heinous staff at Starbucks who lost my order.  And after waiting 20 minutes I finally was like hellooooooo??? And they were like, hmmmmm.  And the kids in the car were like LK^(%$JDBFO*S&^)*$Y%RLFHI. So that was a real lose lose.  Starbucks can’t figure out a decaf order for the life of them.  What is so complicated!?!?

Finally we hit the i-5.

Lunch break!  Kyle took over driving so then it was my turn to dig in.


Miracle of miracles we only stopped ONCE on the whole drive home!?  Crazy right?  It was long, but V slept for 2 hours so that was awesome.  P only slept for 45 minutes, but he can listen to the same 7 books on cd on repeat and still think it’s a treat, so he’s easy to keep entertained.

And now we are home sweet home.

LA LA land, day 7

Spring breakin’ like no other.

I started the day in the most LA way I could.  With a spin class and then moon juice.  I couldn’t help but sip the kool aid.  It tastes like bee pollen and silver and alkaline water.  He he.  Kidding.

I mostly took the spin class because our rental house’s hot water was out and I was really wanting a decent shower.  YAS was around the corner and I had such a good class earlier in the week so I went on their site and discovered a service called zenrez.  It’s like class pass but for yoga type classes.  They had a deal for $20 for the class so I went for it.  Normally you have to buy a membership or a bunch of classes at YAS, but not with zenrez.  The class was good, but I liked my Saturday one more.  Still, it was a nice sweat, followed by an even nicer (warm!) shower.

I walked to get moon juice after (and bought a bunch to take back to Davis with me because I couldn’t pick just one!) and then walked back to meet up with Kyle and the kids.  We drove to Santa Monica for a donut breakfast at Sidecar.  Errrr doughnuts…I guess they use the proper spelling because they so fancy.

We got an apple fritter and a maple bacon glazed doughnut to share. They had a GF one, but it didn’t sound very good.  It was blackberry or something like that.

I only wanted a few bites, because I went next door to Juice Served Here.  I tried a few and they were all so good, but I eventually chose the S (Brotein shake).

It had macadamia nut mylk, which is what totally sold me.  As well as bananas, dates, vegan protein powder, almond butter, and cacao.  I mean how amazing does that sound!?!?!

Yes, LA has one thing down and that is food that makes you feel virtuous.

We spent the morning at the park and Kyle and I just hung out while they played.  It felt super relaxed.  We needed a few things from the store (diapers and wipes stat!), so we swung into WF on the way home.  We ended up getting lunch there too because they had a kale Caesar that was calling to us both.

I jazzed mine up with extra dressing (Follow Your Heart’s vegan dressings are all open at the WF hot bar which makes me SO JEALOUS because I can’t even find them in any local stores anymore).

Added salt and pepper chips to make my salty cravings happy.


Another afternoon, another park.

Vacations are different with kids, but if the point is taking it easy, we were so winning.

As you can see, we had no real plates to speak of…which is why I got a little klepto at the WF salad bar.

The above is a sausage, broccoli, potato hash for the kids’ dinners and oatmeal prepped for them the next morning (last one in LA).  I had been bringing their food to the restaurants with us for breakfasts during the trip, but I wanted to feed them earlier on our last day so they could have some AM park time before the long drive.  Anyway, we grabbed burgers for our last night in town.

I’d read a few great reviews for Pono Burger (the mission and the food), and their Venice location was right near all the other places we’d been frequenting in our rental neighb, so it was easy peasy to swing in and get our food to go.

Kyle hemmed and hawed over a couple of different items on the menu, but ultimately chose the burger with fig jam and brie.  Crazy good reviews from him.

With a side of fries and some seasoned mayo that I used for my burger.

I got the Asian themed one with slaw and avo and a sesame sauce that sounded amazing.  It was good, but a little dry.  I think they may have left off one of the sauces?  it was still good, because I used a bunch of Kyle’s mayo.

Honorable mention goes to the farmer’s market salad that took the runner up spot and I’d probably order it next time.  They also have a quinoa burger that was calling my name and an Asian salad that I almost ordered.  Such a great menu…next time!?

Local beer from the brewery across the street. Not bad, but no Saint Archer.

And THAT’S how you end a trip in LA LA Land.

LA LA land, day 6

Flashback to the day before driving as distracted as ever on Autopia.  V was super into, can’t you tell?!?!  HA.  We thought the kids would sleep in since they were up so much longer and later the day before soaking in all the Disney mania, but no.  Up and at em before the sun.  Eesh.

I went on a run and showered, while Kyle went on a run with V.  We timed everything out so that they met us at breakfast on the way back from their run.

I’m already missing this place.  The Hive is quintessentially LA, but not pretentious about it.  They have soooo many delicious vegan, gluten free, paleo, whatever treats.

I ordered a chai tea (they don’t have decaf coffee – boo) with soy milk while waiting for Kyle to arrive.

It was hard to pick, but I did the “build your own” bowl thing with chia pudding, almond butter, cacao, maca, blueberries, strawberries, pecans and GF granola.  I KNOW RIGHT!?!?!

Kyle got the Bee’s Knees smoothie with added hemp protein, which he was nice enough to share with little miss thang.

I gave her some of my blueberries.  😀

Mr. P had pancakes, and I offered him some of my maple syrup on the side, which delighted him.

I felt full when we left, but in a healthy way.  Kyle and I had fish and chips for dinner at Disneyland, so we were desperate for something wholesome. Off to the park!  Kyle and I wanted to sip on the rest of our drinks and be lazy.

The laws of gravity defy this one.

Eventually we made it home to change into bathing suits.  It was so warm out! The plan for the day was beach.  Valley girl’s plan for the day was popcorn. P was too busy building sand castles, but V made sure to take care of him and deliver bites right into his mouth every once in a while.

The sun felt so so good.

Before naps, we drive to Santa Monica for lunch at one of our old favorites, Huckleberry.

We got a few things to-go that we intended to share.

But Kyle ended up eating the quiche and meatballs and I ended up eating the salad and carrots.

And then we shared the bread and white bean puree.  The white bean dip used to be my idea of heaven on Earth, but sadly, it was a little different this time.  Still good, but not to die for good.

The carrots were the star of the order.  They were SO good!

The kids ended up napping for-eh-VERRRRR (and then woke up super grumpy – the nerve!!) so we didn’t have time to head back to the beach that evening.  Instead we drove to the Promenade for some shopping.  Davis is pretty limited in terms of clothing stores, so we decided to take advantage of being in a mega fashion area.

I bribed them with Jamba Juice.  It’s SUCH a treat to them and is nice for me because it’s a trustworthy place to prepare them something packed with real whole foods.

They split a smoothie I created – almond milk, bananas, strawberries, no ice (it’s too cold for them).  And they both finished their own!!

We didn’t have much luck shopping, but it was nice to be out and about anyway.  I did get a nice bathing suit, so that was good.  This will be my first summer in SO LONG that I’m not nursing or pregnant!!  You can probs read between the lines on why I needed the new suit…  😉

Back home we fed the littles before getting our own dinner scene going.

Kyle and I wanted very different things so we just figured we should go to get take out from two different places and appease both our palates.  The beauty in Venice (and Abbot Kinney) is that it’s quite easy to do that.  I got raw vegan fare from Cafe Gratitude (again) and he got pizza from GTA (again).

His pizza smelled like the best thing ever.  It had bacon and cheese though, so duh.  I was regretting my order the whole ride home, until I opened the bag and saw my beautiful pile of kelp noodles with nut pesto and the extra dressing that Kyle knew to ask for.  I re-doused my already drenched meal in the extra sauce and had a feast.

Cafe Gratitude has had bad press in Nor Cal (and has since shuttered) but I have nothing but stellar things to saw about their food.  Glad I got to try both the things I had been wanting on the menu.

I had a field day with my bag of treats from Disneyland after the kids were in bed.

Like, I legit couldn’t decide where to start so I just nibbled bits and pieces of everything.

The winner of everything was the almond covered toffee below.  HOLY MICKEY!

So glad Kyle spent the $$$$ when I was hemming and hawing about it in the store.  He’s always right.  Don’t tell him I said that.