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Maui-ed 3

Hindsight is 20/20 and looking back I can now say with certainty, this was the day when we should have realized something was wrong with my baby girl.  The poor thing was up way early and then after I nursed her she snuggled back in bed with Kyle and I and slept for another few hours (!!!!).  This is inanely unlike her.  She doesn’t snuggle at all.  Like, at. all.  She won’t curl into bed with us, she won’t be rocked, she won’t tolerate anything that seems like a hug.  None of it.  So her falling back asleep between us?  Foreign child.

The rest of the day was pretty smooth though.

Kyle went golfing with the dudes, while my mom and sisters went and got mani/pedis with the girls, so I was left to play with the babes.  I was nervous about the logistics of carrying all the pool crap from the parking garage of the Marriott to the pool along with my children, but I have to say…I basically nailed it as a mom.  We had SO much fun.  It wasn’t stressful at all, and we just had a blast together, no agenda, no schedule, nada.


After V’s morning nap I got us all packed up and we hit up the Marriott.  First we watched the koi swim around for a while.  Then they came to feed them so P got in on the action.

Then we went to play in the kid’s pool.  Hours later we were all tired and ready to bounce.  I got a starbucks on the way home which made mama happyyyyyyyyy.


These little cuties.


After lunches all around I put them down and laid out our clothes and took in the view.


V napped for an all time epic THREE HOURS.  Holy #&*% it was a record breaker.  At the time I was stoked.  I read so much!  But now I know she was sleeping so much because she was sick.  Poor baby.


Snack a thon.


Nursing with her hand and my leg.  So happy.

Kyle and my dad got home from golf and I immediately changed into a dress so I could join the wedding party for a sunset catamaran ride.  Kyle stayed behind and did the dinner / bedtime routine so I could enjoy some drinks and adult conversation.

My phone was in my sister’s purse the whole time so I don’t have pics but it was fun meeting some of the Aussie crew and chatting it up with family who traveled all the way to Hawaii as well.  Also, sailing is really fun.  And so are Molokini Mules.

Maui-ed 2

The next morning we were up early (except P) because V hadn’t yet adjusted to the time change.  She was up at 4 something though so I guess it could have been worse.

After making peeps a light (HA!) breakfast of eggs, waffles, and bacon we headed to the Wailea Marriott Resort’s kid pool.  I had yogurt and granola because I’m still into sweet breakfasts.  They had Kite Hill’s almond yogurt at the Maui Whole Foods so I obviously went for it.  Nothing like paying 200% the price of something that’s already $$$ on mainland…  But it’s really good so it was worth the vacation splurge.  I got the strawberry and blueberry flavors and liked both enough to buy them again here in CA.  I also got bulk bins granola which turns out to be decent, but I added raw almonds and salted macadamia nuts to it to give my (still nursing and therefore often ravenous upon waking) self a caloric boost.


Too cool for the pool.  Just kidding!  He was so into it.  The first day he was still testing the waters (literally) but we went back several times (my sisters and most of the wedding guests were staying at the Marriott) so by the second day he was a little fish.  Because he’s been taking swimming lessons forever, I felt comfortable letting him do his thing.  Once the kids were exhausted, we ordered poolside take out to-go and packed up in the car to drive the measly one mile South to our place in Makena.


I got a kale salad with blackened fish (I don’t remember what the daily catch was) and a side of fries.  FRIESSSSS.  I order fries as much as I can on vacation.  The fish was super spicy by the way, but I’m glad I got it because the kale salad on it’s own would not have put a dent in my appetite.


Local ‘buch in the afternoon while starting a book.  Yup, I had the balls to bring my kindle on vacation.  And guess what!?  I actually read an entire book!  For the record, The Martian is a super quick read and now I can’t wait to watch the movie.  Also, this green flavor was the best I sampled of the Valley Isle brand.  I also tried raspberry (not my thing), lilikoi (?) and pomegranate.

We had to wake P up early from his nap so we wouldn’t be late to the Te Au Moana luau (which was back at the Marriott Resort).  Our group had a few tables and I was super excited for P to take in the scene.  He’s a musical kid and appreciates dancing, instruments, and rhythm like nobody else I know (and Kyle and I are both pretty musical so that is saying a lot).


I know you don’t go to places like this for the food, but it was actually pretty good.  They did the whole kalua pig procession and I even tasted poi (not so great).  There was a lot of sesame so I was cautious about people and things touching P (I brought food for him planning to not feed him anything from the buffet whatsoever).  But then I saw the opportunity to speak with the staff and they were super knowledgeable, got my a hand out that listed every dish and all the allergens in it, and they let me serve myself first so I could make sure the serving utensils and whatnot weren’t contaminated.  SUPER awesome.  Well done Marriott.

The pork was a big hit with both kids, but once the hula dancing started….oh buddy…he was captivated.


He even got on stage at one point which made my mama heart burst with pride.  The entire drive home he was talking about it and how brave he was and how he did something not even adults do (his exact words, not even at our suggestion!).


We stayed as long as we could until V was truly beyond, which was actually later than I thought we’d make it so I’d say it was a success.

And after the kids were down we snuggled up to some tv on the iPad and more chocolate covered nuts.


BTW I scanned in the sheet I got with the luau food for others to know.  I tried to google the luau menu beforehand and got nothing back so maybe people who do the same will get to this page and find it helpful.


As you can see sesame isn’t alllll over everything but there was one dish to avoid.  And peanuts were nowhere to be found.  Plenty of gluten and dairy though.


Cheesy title aside, we have been living the sweet life in Hawaii for the past two weeks.  My sister got married on 4/8/16 and we sandwiched that major event with a week of family time on either side.  We got back last night and I just uploaded 700+ photos on to my comp that date back to weeks before we even headed to the island.  That said, I fear if I go all the way back to the beginning of March I may never catch up to date.

So how about I just start off where I feel inspired.


Pre-wedding hair cut (with a selfie – insert eye roll).  Ignore the bags under my eyes, but I definitely needed a professionally done hair cut.  It’s been over two years people.  I took my matron of honor duties very seriously.  🙂

The plane snacks were meant to be just that – snacks.  But then our flight randomly got pushed early (like what?? that happens??) so I got zero seconds in the airport to buy breakfast.  It.  Was.  Terrible.  I barely got a coffee in my hand and then we were boarding.  It was no bueno.


And after this schlepp I needed much more than a poorly made cafe au lait to get me through a six hour flight.  Travel with kids is….interesting. Really though, our kids did about as good as they could.

Then we waited a month to get our friggin’ Budget rental car.  Dude.  Budget fail.  I won’t go into the deets but it was hideous and I would strongly encourage everyone to pick a different company when considering future reservations.


But we eventually got the car and loaded up and got REAL food (everyone was starvvvvvving by this point).  Whole Foods is right next to the airport and we needed groceries anyway so obviously lunch was happening there first.


Once we got some kcals in our bellies we went back in for a grocery run.  I already had a list so it was pretty quick (quick is a relative term for a family with two toddlers).


And then we were off!  No naps McGee passed out within seconds.


And slept allllll the way til we got to the rental house.


Rental house (!!!!!).


Pacific Ocean awe.


Once the kids were down Kyle and I got take out to eat while waiting for the stars to come out.


This was the daily fish special from Ko.


Not the best pic but YUM.

Then we hit up the dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts that I hoarded from the WF bulk bins.  Vacation off to a wonderful start!  More to come.

My first trip away

I went out of town Friday through Sunday and left both kiddos behind with Kyle.  I have never left V for longer than a few hours – definitely not overnight.  To say I had anxiety…would be a ridiculously tame way of putting it.

Guess how it went?  Swimmingly!  I won’t dismiss Kyle’s fantastic parenting with qualifiers, but I did prep every single little thing to make his life run as smoothly as possible.  All my fears (that she wouldn’t take a bottle and I’d come home to a weaned baby who didn’t want anymore milk for instance) were for naught.  Figures.  Classic catastrophizing move on my part.

Here are some pics of my time with the women in my life.


Road trip!!!!!!


I got WF hot bar to go for lunch on the road.  I got sesame EVERYTHING to put on top of my greens, carrots, beets, and tofu. Plus sunflower seeds, smoked almonds, and miso thai dressing galore since the allergic one wasn’t present.


We stopped for dinner somewhere along the way.


This beast of a kale salad was quite nice, but the real star were the fries.


This was an order for just me.  Ha!  The spicy mayo dip was where my face planted most of the meal.


The next day was the bridal shower for my middle sissie.  She is part of the photo bombing couple in the back.  There were better photos taken by my mom, obvs, but I’m too lazy to track them down.


Hawaiian themed because it’s only one week until we are off to watch her hula down the aisle.  This was the main reason I wanted to clear macadamia nuts with P, FYI.  WHICH WE DID.  HEYOOOOO.  We also got new bloodwork done for a Stanford study (which he didn’t get into) but it was good info to have nonethless, since he hasn’t been retested for IgE responses since he was 9 months old.  Lots of downward trending, which is thrilling (!!!) but peanuts and sesame are still rock solid in the Class III and dairy actually jumped up to join them too.  Womp womp.


The shower was perfect and I had a blast conversing with people in full – no children to distract me whatsoever.


Kyle texted me this photo on Saturday.  I baked (and hid) a double decker chocolate cake with home-made buttercream frosting for him to enjoy while I was away.  It was his birthday, so P and I set up a surprise scavenger hunt for his presents, too.  The map was drawn by P but I facetimed in to help decode it.  😉


Here are the sneaky photos I took while baking it.  I hid it in the fridge in the garage covered in foil and he had no idea.  He is terrible about looking in the fridge – even for things I’m telling him to get for me – so I wasn’t really worried that he’d stumble across it before I told him it was there.

Back to my Saturday night out of town…


Chipotle for all.


What sweetness I have in my family.


Since I’m the dessert-aholic of the group (and not on a pre-wedding diet whatsoever) I took home ALL THE CANDY and seven layer bars.  Winner winner mother freakin’ winner.


Kyle finished his cake in 5 nights (all by himself) and I took down the nuts and chocolate and bars in about an equal time frame.  We are a perfect match!  Also, I’m obsessed with macadamia nuts in my kale salads.  I keep waiting to OD but I haven’t tired of them in over two weeks.










Avocado, macadamia, repeat.  Avocado, macadamia, repeat.


Not very glam pics, but I don’t have bowls big enough to hold my portion sizes so the multi gallon tupperware is the default container.


Gonna try to get the weekly menus up soon so stay tuned.


I have so many excuses to explain my absence.  Wedding showers, bachelorette parties, and travel are all at play but the most important thing of all is…


My nina is ONE!

My fam came to hang in Davis since I didn’t get my act together for a real party of any kind.  It was gorgeous weather so we grilled and ate outside.  Spring is here and summer is around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited.


Kyle got home early enough to man the BBQ.  I had salmon and organic chicken thighs all prepped to go.  We played in the yard until V was ready to get her birthday “cupcake” on.  It was really an almond & coconut flour flax applesauce muffin.


I made a batch of two and wasn’t expecting anything remarkable but in the end both kiddos loved them and now I’m kicking myself for not writing the recipe down as I made it.  I can try to replicate with a normal batch later.


Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.


After she went to zzzz we all ate dinner outside.  There was brown rice too, which apparently got cut from the photo shoot.


P loooooves him some kale salad.  He also ate more protein than I (both chicken and fish) and then requested extra slivered almonds once his salad was donezo.

Now lemme tell you about this kale salad. The dressing is the highlight, which is why it’s so simple.  A good dressing is all you need for making greens amazing winners in my opinion.  Ok, they are pretty legit on their own too.  But not everyone agrees with me on that, I am sure.

Shaved Kale and Brussels Lemon Salad [vegan, gluten free, soy free, dairy free]

Lemon Vinaigrette ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons garlic or shallot infused olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons whole grain dijon mustard
  • 2 tablespoons champagne vinegar
  • juice and zest of one large lemon (we used a Meyer from the backyard)
  • 1/8 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/2-1 tablespoon maple syrup (honey is great too, but will no longer be vegan)

Salad ingredients:

  • 2-3 large bunches of kale stemmed and chopped (~2 pounds)
  • 2 pounds shaved brussels sprouts (don’t remove your finger with the mandolin like I almost did)
  • 1/2 cup slivered almonds (or pepitas to make nut free)


Whisk dressing together until emulsified.

Add greens in large handfuls at a time and massage to break down the fibers so they wilt and soften a bit.

Add almonds and serve.


To make in advance, massage 90% of the greens with the dressing and refrigerate until serving time and then add the final 10% (so there’s still a bit of crunch).