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Open Sesame


I have so much to fill you guys in on.  Like, SO MUCH.  I’m sorry I can’t seem to find the time to blog but P starts school tomorrow and the summer has been all about getting everything squared away for that.

For the purposes of this blog, that means…allergy trials!  And guess what!?!


Sesame is ALL CLEAR!

As you can imagine this is a total game changer. [See above: kiddo’s first sushi]

Hummus is back to it’s former role at the base of my dietary food pyramid.  Can I get an amen?!?!  And we are transitioning to a more plant based diet.  Can I get an amen?!  Weeeee.


I made potato salad last week with Sabra’s new sea salt & black pepper spread.  It’s perfect as a swap for mayo in nearly every use I can think of AND they have a few different flavors!!  So brilliant, right?  Sandwich making just got fancy!

To make it the most hands-off dish ever, I skinned three huuuuuge russet potatoes and cooked them (cubed) in the slow cooker over night.  The next morning I added diced celery and the Sabra spread.  Easy as that!


But with every up, there’s a down…and that happened a few days after P passed his sesame challenge when we were at an end of summer pool party pot luck.  I still don’t know the source of his reaction, but he had one (I brought food for him but he did have figs and chips from the table that may have brushed against dairy???).  In any event, he was fine thanks to Benadryl (we didn’t have to use an epi pen), but still.  It was a good reality check that we can’t be too lax despite the fact that he has outgrown so many allergens recently.  Can you believe all that remains are dairy and peanuts?!  Two very common food groups that are familiar to others.  [Sesame was the hardest because it is small, poorly understood/recognized, and hidden in everything – hamburger buns, crackers, Asian food, hummus – basically 80% of the food at the aforementioned pot luck had sesame in it, so thank goodness we’d already tested it!]


Because a few people have asked, this is the probiotic I (still) give P.  I blogged about it a long time ago and linked to the studies that led me to start giving it to him, and while I’m not sure there’s any correlation, it obviously hasn’t hurt.  It’s been over a year of it, and now I’m giving it to V too.  Obviously I’m not an allergist so please consult an MD before going rouge (like I did, ha).

So P is off to preschool tomorrow and I can breathe just a little easier.


He has this adorable lunch box that he picked out for himself.  Snacks on the top (apple slices and roasted chickpeas per his request), and epi-pen on the bottom.  His first day outfit is all picked out, complete with his snazzy allerbling bracelet.  And I am making pancakes because “it’s a pancake day”.  Wish me luck tomorrow!  I’ll need it (he won’t).

Gnocchi and table tennis

I always thought gnocchi had dairy in it…turns out I was wrong.  Who knew!?

IMG_9295Chef P sautéing spinach like a pro.


Gnocchi and beans for the whole family.


Excuse my ridiculous face below.  Last week we let P watch some TV because hello, it was the Olympics, which prompted some very serious table tennis matches between the two of us.


Yes, we are using coasters and there is no ball.  Pretend play at it’s finest.  I won’t lie to you…this is a completely standard portrayal of our antics.  Imagination > everything.  He even let me win a few 😉

You Suck At cooking

Have you guys seen these on youtube?

I saw a clip on Jimmy Fallon and was instantly in love.  Watch them, they are hilarious.


I haven’t been good about uploading pics but I just wanted to share that link.  But I’ve been cooking up a storm, obvs.  I don’t think I suck at it  😉


Tempeh for all.  Kimchi for my portion only…


V sprained her ankle and it’s been terrible to try to keep her off it.  Puzzles in her high chair are my biggest stall tactic right now (while I try to feed my own face).



P is starting school in a few weeks (!!!!) and while he is a fantastic self advocate for his allergies, this is the first time I will be away from him and trusting someone else to feed him.  It’s only a snack (and truth be told, I’m still planning to pack his food every day) BUT he will be around others who are eating (potential allergens) which gives me anxiety just writing it out here now.

Thanks to a LOT of teaching, I know he’s ready because…

-He asks if foods have peanuts, sesame or cow milk in them ALL THE TIME.  Like, even foods I feed him.  He knows those are his allergens and that he can’t eat them or he will be sick and/or have to go to the hospital.  He knows to ask an adult because kids don’t always know.  He has asked my parents a few times (even when my dad fed him a plum!) and he isn’t remotely shy about it.  Any opportunity I see for practice, I take, and he is very proactive…just last week he was eyeing the cakes and pastries in the Whole Foods case and wanted to ask the employee if any had peanuts, sesame or cow milk, so I encouraged him to go for it.  And he did.  And he wasn’t terribly sad about the fact that he couldn’t have any, but later told me I “could make him some for his next birthday just like the ones at Whole Foods”.  Yikes.  I have my work cut out for me!!

-He can tell the difference between all the nuts and can pick out which breads and crackers have sesame on them.  We practice this every time we go to a store with bulk bins or a nuts aisle.  He enjoys the practice and it makes him more confident.

-He knows what his epi-pen is and why he needs to have it with him.

-He has a super cool bracelet with buttons for each allergy that he shows off to everyone he can.  We got it a week ago so he could have it before school started and it’s been a focal point of conversation between him and family/friends/strangers ever since.  I’m pretty proud by how empowered he is by something that may otherwise be seen as a misfortune.


This bracelet is made by allerbling and I bought it on amazon.  It comes with 8 allergy charms including peanut, shellfish, wheat, dairy, fish, soy, tree nut, and egg (aka “the big 8”) plus 1 medic charm.  We had to purchase the sesame charm separately.  And there are other charms available too (like ones that say “I carry an epi pen” or latex, etc.).


It comes with two sized bracelets (toddler and child) and P fits in the smaller one easily…which means we have an extra (larger) one and lots of extra charms.  I feel very fortunate that he has outgrown so many allergens (he started with wheat, soy, and tree nut too).

I know I have a bunch of allergy mamas who read this blog so I’d like to give it to someone who needs it.  I feel very strongly that products like this exist because of the active nature of this community and I want to contribute so if you think your child would fit in a larger bracelet and would wear it, leave me a comment….I will choose someone to mail it to by the end of the month.

[You will have to purchase peanut and dairy for yourself because his is using those]


Recent Dinner Winners

Just popping in because I wanted to share some recipes that I think others would like.


First off, this Thai Kale Salad with Cashews from Minimalist Baker was awesome.


Who doesn’t love salty cashews in their face?  Mmmmm.  I subbed sesame oil for olive and nixed the sesame seeds and it was still awesome.


We all licked our plates.

I would never have thought to add green beans to a salad like this, but it was fantastic.

And the dressing!  YUM.  All cashew, all the time.


Definitely worth adding to the regular rotation.  Make this, you guys!


Next was a basil recipe, because the garden overfloweth.


I went to Ikea last month for no purpose other than getting out of the house and came home with two bags of meatballs – one veggie and one turkey.  I’d heard such good things about their meatballs, so I decided to give them a shot.


Full disclosure, I wasn’t thrilled that the meat wasn’t organic and wouldn’t buy it under normal circumstances, but I’m banking on the fact that the Swedes aren’t as shady with their meat as Americans are.  Is that the dumbest thing ever?  Probably.  Just being truthful.  I’m very all or none and it’s something I need to actively work on.  Organic is important to me, but at what point does the search for perfection become detrimental to your health instead?  I can get really worked up when a lettuce blend I want to buy isn’t organic and so then I don’t buy it, which results in me eating something worse that I didn’t even want and being unhappy about it.  So what should I do?  Buy the damn lettuce I want, right?  I think that’s the answer.  I don’t know.  So off track.


Meatballs!  The chicken ones are gluten free (the beef ones are not).  I haven’t tried the veggie ones yet, so stay tuned, but the hype over Ikea’s meatballs is with reason.


They were good – salty and savory little bites that are neutral enough to go with almost anything, whatever flavor direction you go with sauce and accompaniments.  P and V both devoured them.  I prepared them in the oven per the instructions.


Then served them with pasta, home-made pesto, and broiled tomatoes from the garden.


More love for my Brianna’s poppyseed dressing!  It’s not summer without a few of these in the pantry.  I have it on kale salads for lunch on a daily basis (still rocking the massive kale monsters for lunch with all the nuts and avocado possible).

So about the above salad creation….WHAT a beauty.

It had:
butter lettuce (2 packs of organic are now sold at our Costco for the price of one at WF – hooray!)
roasted pepitas (broil/550 degrees F for a minute or so until they start popping)
raw white corn
and poppyseed dressing

No leftovers of that one AT ALL.  Not to be outdone, there was this dinner featuring nectarine as well…


This is from Kitchen Confidante (a new to me site).  I found it while searching for (duh) more ways to use up our nectarines.


Based on what we had in the pantry/fridge I made a couple of tweaks – I subbed farro for wheatberries and strawberries for cherries.

I added the goat cheese to our bowls afterwards so P would have a dairy free version.


Super good and very filling.  Definitely a favorite vegetarian dinner that we will be remaking often thanks to the abundance of nectarines in our backyard.  I shared the recipe with my family, and they all made it and liked it so MAKE THIS ONE FOR SURE.


This meal was cobbled together because I had planned on us going to market (and not cooking) that night but it was too hot…sooooooo I grabbed salmon from the freezer and quinoa from the pantry and then emptied every vegetable left in the fridge onto the cutting board to meet it’s fate in this side dish.

The sauce was a tamari ginger miso concoction that I wish I’d written down but that’s life.  Just a reminder that unplanned and seemingly thrown together dinners are often just as stellar as the thought-out planned meals.  Not sure if that’s depressing or impressive.


The above bowls were created from similar circumstances.  I don’t remember what happened, but whatever I’d been planning on making didn’t happen.  I think I hadn’t yet made it to the grocery store for the weekly haul.

So the tomatoes and green beans were from the garden, and then I just bulked them up with wild rice and “cheese” (leftover Kite Hill’s almond ricotta for me and P, parm for Kyle).  He also had shrimp on his (standard freezer item).

All you need for bowl magic is a grain, a green, and a protein.  🙂

IMG_8911Another thing I have in the freezer…home-made croutons!

Back in May (?) I brought challah baked French toast to a friend’s house for a baby shower.  But I was left with way too much challah to eat as is, so I cubed it, tossed it in olive oil and salt, and baked it in the oven.  Boom!  Croutons for days!  I separated them into a few different bags and froze them.  So on nights when I want to take a simple salad to the next level?  The answer: brioche croutons!!


This was a Caesar-esque salad, but to keep it veg but still hearty, I added roasted pecans.


It was so good.  A unique and filling way to enjoy Caesar salad.

That’s all I got.  Hope you make some of those!