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Opening my Thrive box


It’s been a week since I declared my love for this service and that’s maybe a record.  I spend hours a day on their site which is maybe a little sad, but a reality nonetheless.  In my defense, when you’re nursing all the live long day and you have a mobile device that let’s you virtually walk the aisles of your favorite health foods store (all in the luxury environment of your [child free!!] rocking chair) then I’m not sure there’s a better use for the iPhone.  Mic drop.


So yeah, if you haven’t joined by now I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.


Like Christmas morning!!!!


Thrive Market is officially my go-to for all pantry everything.  I literally go shopping (physically, in person) exclusively for produce now.  If Thrive started selling kale I may never have to enter a grocery store again!!  Have you joined yet?  You get 25% off your order with this link.  And then you never have to pay full prices again.  Or sigh the longest sigh when the coconut milk shelf is empty yet AGAINNNN.  Trader Joe’s is now carrying the Native Forest brand after a really long time of having nothing.  Apparently there was a labeling issue? I don’t know, but it’s the same kind they sell on Thrive so why would I bother lugging it home when I can just as easily have it shipped to my doorstep instead?  No brainer.  They also carry the Thai Kitchen brand.  Both contain guar gum, but I haven’t been able to find a non gum canned coconut milk anywhere anymore.  Neither the WF brand nor the random brands from the tiny Asian markets in town carry a gum free option.  One checker at TJs suggested I make my own using fresh coconut meat.  A great idea…if I had the time.  Am I crazy for considering it after I just waxed poetic about the time saving perks of Thrive??  [Yes]


Here are a few items from my shopping cart that I’ve been using (plus recipes).


I used this nutiva shortening (which is so yummy I may like it as much as coconut oil??) in this banana bread recipe by Elana.


I made muffins instead of a loaf, so I reduced the baking time, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly.  So rare for me!


I also used quinoa flakes in a granola recipe by Gwyneth.  I made her granola as part of my Paltrow Project and it turned out quite nicely.  I would have never thought to sub quinoa flakes for oats in a granola recipe but I liked it very much.

I also bookmarked Caitlin’s tea infused granola recipe for later.  I don’t like peppermint (unless it’s paired with chocolate) so I want to do a chai twist on it.  I think it would be delicious with coconut and nuts, but maybe I’ll attempt an allergen free version (sans nuts) so I can share with P.  Both the chai tea (decaf by Tazo) and coconut oil from that recipe are things I order from Thrive Market so that’s easy.


I used the recipe for Gwyneth’s buckwheat banana pancakes but made waffles instead.  They are so so good.  I used a combo of Bob’s Red Mill gluten free all purpose flour blend and Arrowhead Mills buckwheat flour (both ordered from Thrive) in the recipe.  It was my first time using Bob’s GF AP flour after being low fodmaps because I generally avoid garbanzo/fava flours in my baking and I am pretty sure every single one of Bob’s GF baking blends uses a bean flour of some kind.  I typically buy TJs GF flour which has no bean flours, but the ease of ordering online trumped the ranking of flour types in this case.  I will admit, from a nutrient standpoint, a blend with bean flours is far more appealing than rice ones, which is fabulous for my kiddo, but not as awesome for myself.  I held my breath while enjoying each (CRAZY DELISH) bite and I have to say, this didn’t upset my gut!  I didn’t even notice any blip from my baseline.


P paired his with blueberries. #ninernation


Kyle’s (left) got syrup and a side of strawberries and mine (right) got Earth Balance mountains.


These were so soft and fluffy!  Nothing like the gluten free waffles I’m used to making (which kinda get a little toasty and stiff on the outside).  As I was taking them off the waffle iron I was so confused by the floppiness.  They were so gooooood.  I’m not sure if it was because of the different kinds of flour I used or if Gwyneth’s recipe is just bomb, but I will absolutely make these again.  Loving this Paltrow Project :)


Leftovers on Monday morning with thinned out sun butter sauce.  Mmmmm.  I love having a fancy breakfast on a week day – it feels so indulgent.


So about this rubber lid paw thing.  I know it might seem weird that I ordered something from the pet section, but it’s a can cover and it covers three different sizes and I am AAAAALWAYS trying to figure out ways to cover yogurt lids (because I only let P have like 1/3 of the container at once).  This is perfect!

A new bubbly beverage

Aside from kombucha, the only real beverage I drink is water.  I occasionally buy Zevia, but consider it a treat because I have a history of diet soda abuse and it’s a slippery slope.


Recently I was sent obi – a probiotic drink that’s made from organic juices and a proprietary non-bitter stevia.  But beyond tasting great, it’s actually beneficial to your gut because it undergoes a water kefir ferment (which results in probiotic strain called BC30).  Per the company “Water kefir is one of the best probiotics available but no one has been able to make it commercially available until now. BC30 has been studied and proven to have digestive and immune benefits and was added to Obi to ensure the upmost probiotic results.”  Sweet!


And like I said before, obi is stevia sweetened so each bottle of obi contains no more than 2-5 grams of sugar (which are from organic fruit or agave anyway).

For the fermentation newbies, here’s more info from the site:

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that are naturally occurring in the body and are as critical to human wellness as vitamins and minerals. Probiotics have been clinically studied for their capacity to aid digestion, overall digestive tract health, all aspects of the immune system, mood/mental clarity, healthy metabolic processes, skin health, allergy response, and more.

What is water kefir?

Water kefir is a synergistic group of cultures that has been consumed by humans for thousands of years for its health benefits. Our water kefir consists of over 20 different types of probiotic strains that work well as a team. This diversity and hardiness is what makes it an ideal probiotic and the reason we chose it for Obi. When fermented, water kefir not only delivers a potent probiotic benefit, but also generates vitamins and a variety of beneficial compounds.

What is a probiotic ferment?

Ferments are a naturally occurring form of probiotics that have been cultivated for thousands of years by humans. They are complex combinations of probiotic strains that have developed into a distinct and beneficial symbiotic culture. They are renowned for their efficacy and hardiness. Ferments not only deliver a potent probiotic benefit, but also generate vitamins and a variety of beneficial compounds.


The best part is, unlike the dairy kefir you typically find in the grocery store, these are water based and therefore tolerated by those who have lactose intolerance.  Happy dance!


OK.  Important part.  Flavors!


Valencia orange & grapefruit was my very very favorite.  It was so refreshing.  Like a mimosa but healthy.  Yum.


There was a tie for second place between Meyer lemon & lime and Tart cherry vanilla bean.  I actually didn’t think I’d like the cherry vanilla one because it sounds too soda fountain-y for me, but it was so perfectly balanced.  The cherry wasn’t too tart and the vanilla wasn’t too overpowering.  Not a flavor I’d drink on the reg, but good when you’re craving something in the afternoon slump.  Lemon lime, however, I could easily drink every day of summer.  Neither sweet nor sour, just slow sipping perfection.

I’m not a big root beer fan, and yet I drank the entire bottle (apparently without taking a picture), so that must say something, right?  I bet it would make a mean float with some home-made coconut ice cream.


In the end, I would definitely buy these again and again and I highly recommend you seek them out.  Here’s where you can currently buy them.


The weekly menu

Oy.  Where to start with this one.


I feel like I haven’t even been home so I hardly have an organized menu.  On top of that, Kyle’s been out of town for all but, like, two days these past two weeks (which were days we weren’t in Davis anyway…).  We all know I will happily eat the same thing 8000 days in a row (kale salads) if there’s nobody else to force me not to.  So picture the above times a million. Not joking.

The last post I wrote was from Idaho.  We were there visiting Kyle’s parents for a week.  It was completely relaxing (taking time off cooking, cleaning, and all that jazz does that).  Kyle and I even went on a morning run together!!!  Anyway, I didn’t take a single food photo aside from this one.


Does this give you an indication of how well they know me and prepared for our visit??  I thought so.  We also got MORE chocolate from the Chocolat bar in downtown Boise, where we went on the way home from the Saturday Farmer’s Market.  Dude, that place is FANTASTIC.  If you’re visiting Boise you have to go there.  We got a bunch of different kinds of bark and they didn’t last through the end of the day.

And in typical Beverly fashion, she attempted to feed us every second of the day and then send us home with as much food as possible.  Bear in mind we flew there, but we still came home with groceries in our suitcases!


Rather than go grocery shopping for the 3 days we were home, I just scraped random things together like the above salmon, wild rice, and broccoli bowl.  The salmon and broccoli were both from the freezer.  I sautéed them in tamari and coconut oil and P and I went to town.  This is basically Pattycakes’ favorite meal.  Ever.  He even said halfway through dinner “thank you mama for making this good meal”.  Kyle says it from time to time and yet hearing Mr. P say it spontaneously without Kyle even present made my heart skip a beat.


Another night, another burger.  The ground beef and peas were from the freezer.  The daiya and Udi’s GF bread were from Kyle’s parents.  See?  No need to hit up the store at all!


The final meal at home was tofu, kale and rice bowls with sunflower seeds.


Once again, my little helper was all up in this.


He participates every day in some way – even if it’s putting the lid on the pan – because it thrills him so much.  He’s utterly obsessed with cooking and adores helping me in any way, so of course I encourage and nurture the kitchen love.  It’s also awesome mama-son time.  Combining my very favorite things!!!


First, I pressed the extra firm tofu all day and then fried it in a lot of olive oil and tamari.  Then, I added kale until it wilted.


Kyle was home for this meal, which meant we were all fighting over the tofu.


One block of tofu is not enough for our family.  Lesson learned.

P wanted second, thirds, and fourths of the kale and tofu…which we ran out of (long before thirds).  Delicious meal though! We will repeat often.


Continuing the vegan theme…DATE NIGHT!!!!


We went to my parents’ house for the (long) weekend and my sister babysat the kiddos while Kyle and I went out to dinner (Veggie Grill) and a movie (Trainwreck).


It was a totally awesome night (aside from the text messages and calls around a little accidental exposure to something that resulted in hives on his face).  But it was all fine and I enjoyed the sweet potato fries and Bahn Mi salad (with added avocado!) pictured above, while Kyle got the Santa Fe crispy chickn sandwich shown below.


We are both big VG fans.  And Trainwreck was hilarious!  I heart Amy Schumer so so much.  Brought in our FIVE YEAR anniversary in style.

The next day my (other) sister arrived in town!!!!  She got to meet her niece for the first time and it was instant love.  P was equally obsessed and the novelty of her never wore off for all three days we were together.  He loves his Aunties SO SO MUCH it makes my heart overflow with feelings.


Once P went down for his nap the girls headed off to lunch leaving the dudes behind to watch P (aka watch football).  How ready is that girl for food!?!  All she wants to do is eat her fists and grab things to put in her mouth, but lately the way she eyes our food is different.  She wants in on the action.


I got a salmon Caesar for lunch at the Nordstrom Cafe.  Then it was time to shop.  My sister had American dollars burning a hole in her bank account…

Meanwhile, in a dressing room nearby…


Growth spurt for this little one.  :)


Happy girls.

After we were all shopped out we returned home to cozy up on the couch and look at wedding dresses.  [My sister is engaged btw]


P and I shared the same taste!


We also shared produce from the garden.  Well.  Mostly I shared and he just accepted with an open mouth.


With the UCLA game in the background we enjoyed a nice little family dinner (minus my parents who were in Vancouver the entire weekend).  Take out above is from Chow.

My parents probably had mega FOMO with us all hanging out and spending the night at their house without them even there, but man did we have fun.  We played scattergories and drank Roscato until bedtime.

But not without first setting the crockpot up.


Football done right means nachos for all.   Chips of multiple kinds + shredded chicken + black beans + goat cheddar (4 of the 5 of us are lactose intolerant) + corn + bell peppers + tomatoes + red and green onion + avocado + lime + salsa.


I added tomatoes after this photo.  They were from the garden (so were the bell peppers).

Baby girl tested out the world of solids too…


The photo is deceiving.  While she didn’t get it (at all) she didn’t hate it as much as the picture would lead you to believe.  Ha.  It’s a funny shot though.  I don’t think she actually successfully swallowed any sweet potato, but whatever.  She can play with it in the meantime.


Sunday night’s dinner was more take-out (this time from Roam).  I broke tradition and didn’t get a burger!  Instead I got the farmer’s market salad which was both enormous and delicious although they kinda skimped on some of the good stuff (pepitas).  I got a side of the seasonal veggies (roasted squash) but they came covered in parmesan cheese so that sucked.

The next day we hung out until the afternoon…then we had to part ways with my sister to go back to Davis.  She was in town for Dreamforce so she went to SF but it wasn’t as sad of a goodbye because she will be back in a month for my g-ma’s 90th birthday party.

Kyle left the day before for a work trip so it was just me and P for dinner.


I had a seriously substantial bowl of kale and gave P random leftovers (burger, etc.).

That night I attempted to get things semi-prepared for the week despite not having been to the grocery store.  I made a big batch of banola, and massaged kale and cabbage down with a bunch of Brianna’s poppyseed dressing.  And then made crackers.

Which set me up perfectly for breakfast (and lunch) the next day.  My big boy had his first day of school which had us all out the door by 8:45 am!  It’s not really school (it’s “creative playtime”) which is two hours with parents, inside and outside, separated by a snack.

I have lots of thoughts on the “snacks” thing which I’ll save for another post.  The teacher is very allergy conscious as well as health conscious so we will see how that works out with other parents rotating snack duty.  She gave a handout with loose guidelines, but I suspect I’ll be bringing something separate for P each time anyway.


Please note my hand for size reference.  And then I had 4 times the amount of crackers shown.  Because they are salty and fatty and perfectly addicting.


After naps, I went grocery shopping with the kiddos (to TJs and WF) and came home excited to actually make something.


I had a momentary freak out when I looked at the ingredients in the spring roll wrappers (since I planned on sharing the meal with P).  But then I looked online and found the company’s site with the actual ingredients.  They maintain they are gluten free and list the ingreds as tapioca starch, rice starch, salt, water.  So I guess just ignore the “flour” listed on the package?


Let’s get to work!  Sometimes helping isn’t actually helping at all.  😉 IMG_9345IMG_9347

And sometimes he eats everything as we go.


I love that little stinker face.


The inside of the spring rolls had sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, and cilantro, with tamari and rice vinegar.

The dipping sauce was sun butter, coconut milk, tamari, rice vinegar, fish sauce, sugar, dried ginger, and salt.




Thanks to the marinade, the veg portion reduced down and softened by the time the rolling hour arrived.


I got better as we went, but none of them were particularly great.


He didn’t seem to mind.


Kyle is still out of town through the end of the week so we will see if I get inspired again or stick to kale salads for the rest of the time he’s away.  HA.

The weekly menu (kinda)

Lots of weeks seem to have passed without me sharing food recipes or menu planning or anything.  I have been busy busy.  But isn’t it annoying when people say that?  Who ISN’T busy?  Kyle’s been gone…and then we ditched town for the weekend…and then we came back home…and ditched town again.  Home with only one adult for random days makes economical meal planning difficult, which is why most of my dinners look the exact same as my lunches.  Kale salads.


Copycat-ing the Costco bagged salad I heart so much!


Kale + cabbage + pumpkin seeds + dried cranberries + (Brianna’s) poppyseed dressing.

If I make it in a HUGE tupperware I can get 2-3 meals out of it without doing the prep work over and over again.  I add avocado and/or chicken from time to time and that’s because WF had a #onedaysale last Friday that led to this…


I shredded and froze two of them in half chicken portions.  The remaining chicken was used over the course of two weeks (in sandwiches and salads and such).


I’m pretty proud to have cobbled together meals from leftovers rather than re-stock at the grocery store and spend $$$$.  It’s like a food challenge.  I know we have enough food to NOT go to the store, so despite it being a little more difficult, it makes sense to be frugal and (a la Tim Gunn) “make it work.”


Kale salad on the left, Caesar with nooch on the right.


Leftovers from these meals.




This next meal was legit randomness.  Kyle was supposed to be away for dinner and then switched his schedule at the last minute so I had to make something big enough for two adults.


What to do with spinach and bacon?  Um, salad?


Add goat cheese, grapes, olive oil and balsamic glaze and call it a day.


Not bad if I do say so myself.


This was also random success.  Frozen shrimp + frozen scallops + (frozen from last season’s crop) eggplant + frozen veggie medley looks weird going in…


But if you add in eggs, freshly grated ginger, tamari, rice vinegar, fish sauce and rice…


It turns into a legit fried rice!


P ate this same exact dish too!  No tweaks whatsoever.


More kale.  Shocker.


It’s the winningest way to lunch.  One day I had the same thing for lunch and dinner back to back.


Which was basically this whole salad plus 1.5 avocado.  And more home-made crackers on the side.

Speaking of baking things in bulk…


I made Gwyneth’s buckwheat and banana pancakes (part of the Paltrow Project).


P and I had some for brekkie and then I packaged up the rest (froze on a baking sheet and then transferred into a freezer baggie).  That’s what you do when you have mega mega bananas browning.  Oh and you also make banana muffins.


No recipe to share because I just kept throwing things in a bowl until the texture was right.


They were gluten free because P reacted to wheat so we are still avoiding it.  :(   It’s not that big of a deal I suppose because I still don’t eat much wheat personally, but (of course) I was hoping he’d continue to outgrow things.


I used zero sweeteners in these because there were super sweet bananas, but then I tasted the batter and it wasn’t sweet at all so I added some brown sugar on top at the end.  Turned out perfect!


Kyle even took some in for work breakfasts which is saying a lot since he’s not a baked goods for breakfast person.


I’m still on team smoothie for breakfast but the weather is cooling so maybe warm (pumpkin?) things are in my future!?  Yogurt bowls are good too.


Oh! I made these chocolate zucchini thingies too!  Did I ever blog about them?  I don’t think I did…oops.


First time trying coconut manna.  I got it from Thrive (obviously) for cheap.  Beyond pleased with joining Thrive Market.  You should use my referral link and get 25% off!




My fantasy draft went well thanks to the chocolate that fueled me through it.


This is my nightly struggle…


What to have, what to have…


The struggle is real.

Ok well that will have to conclude the photo dump because Kyle and I are on vacation and the kids are asleep and there’s college football on.  ‘Nuff said.

Sunwarrior protein powder bark

I have a new favorite (easy) bark recipe…


It only has TWO ingredients!!!


Chocolate? Check!

Coconut?  Check?



Wait protein?  So maybe you’re thinking these two worlds shouldn’t mingle…like who wants dessert to try to be healthy??  I hear you.  Make no mistake, this is not something you’ll find on your family’s holiday spread.  But you don’t need butter and sugar to make a yummy after dinner treat.  Exhibit A…


I know I have been all up in the protein powder lately, but this one is THE BEST CHOCOLATE flavor.  I mean it.  It’s flavor is unparalleled.  I have tried a lot lot lot of them, and I thought I’d tried this one before, but apparently I hadn’t because I can assure you I would not have gone to another chocolate powder if I had.  If you like creamy rich chocolate that’s sweet but not fake tasting you have to try Sunwarrior’s Classic PLUS chocolate. 

Then you can make this and eat it for snacks and dessert and know exactly what I’m talking about.


Here’s the “recipe”:

  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • 3 scoops Sunwarrior chocolate protein powder

In a large serving ware mix until no more clumps remain, then place in the fridge.  I used a 3 cup glass pyrex, but any shape will do.  Larger will be flatter and more bark like, smaller will be thicker and more fudge like.


It has that chalky protein powder taste but the oil balances it out and makes it creamy like dessert.  I swear it’s the easiest, most yummy thing!


Stopping at one square is hard!