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Snack smoothie

As much prep as I did prior to the arrival of V – there’s just no way to prepare for everything.  Obvious statement much?

When you are nursing, you need extra calories.  For me though, I am ravenous.  I need LOTS of calories.  I think this is common, but I’ll avoid generalizing because BFing is different for every mom.

More than calories, what I crave is carbs.  Sweet stuff specifically.  And for the most part, I have been indulging, but I’m starting to feel not so great about it.  (1) My gut doesn’t love crappy Easter candy and (2) I want to feed my body with nourishing quality stuff for the sake of V’s development and my own post-partum recovery.

I googled and brainstormed and pinterest-ed the crap out of snack ideas and really came up with very few things that sounded appealing.  Let’s be honest, celery sticks are not fun, chocolate is.  And while I think there’s a time and place for balance (meaning both of those foods), I want to focus more on real foods (with protein and fat) and less on sugar.


Guess what I forgot about!?!  SMOOTHIES!  They are the perfect solution!  First off, they are hands free and portable (key for me since P has allergies and I can’t eat several food groups in his presence).  Secondly, they can be the same or different each day without doing much additional shopping/ingredient stocking.


I am a BIG FAN of Sunwarrior’s chocolate warrior blend protein powder.  It’s GF, DF, SF, vegan, non GMO, and delicious.


I especially love that it’s sweetened with stevia so I can add fruit and other carbs without overdoing it in the sugar department.

My current go-to smoothie:

  • 4 coconut milk cubes (I freeze canned coconut milk in ice trays)
  • 1 cup non dairy milk (I use coconut or almond)
  • 1 large handful fresh spinach
  • 1 serving chocolate Sunwarrior warrior blend powder
  • 1 frozen banana
  • [optional toppings/add-ins] 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1/4 cup whole rolled oats, 1/4 cup granola


If it’s not in your pantry right now, go add canned coconut milk to your next grocery list right now so you can freeze some into cubes for this blissfully creamy drink.


Blend away and pour into a bowl (or massive mug).


Slurp up with a straw or scoop with a spoon.  For a snack I leave it as is, but I’ve been drinking them for breakfast too so to make it a meal I either add oats prior to blending or granola on top after.


I received these samples of Sunwarrior from the company but fell so hard for them that I bought more on my own.


I like the chocolate and vanilla flavor equally.  For my taste buds, the chocolate combines best with banana and vanilla with strawberry.  I’m sure they would be good flip flopped too though.  In reality, any fruit would work.  I have mango vanilla on the brain so as soon as we hit up the grocery store for next week’s haul that’s going in the cart for sure.  I’m partial to dates in my smoothies too.  Super decadent but oh so tasty.

Hit me up with other ideas for smoothie combos if you have a favorite you want to share!

Actually, hit me up with any other quick snack ideas that are healthy and not all sugar if you have some.  I miss you hummus.  :(  Might have to make my own (tahini/sesame free) hummus soon…

Strawberry fields forever


Last week we went strawberry picking and came home with 5 POUNDS of strawberries.  Fresh berries are incredible, let me tell you.  P would agree – he ate a lot before they made their way to the bucket.


So what do you do with five pounds of berries?  Well, eat them raw mostly.  They are just so freakin’ good we have been having them with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  But besides that, I decided this chia jam was next on the list.  I don’t have the My New Roots cookbook, but I want it now!


I wish the photos properly showed off the brilliant color of this jam!


I tested out a sling while washing and de-stemming.  She was into it.


Do you see this luscious red?  BEYOND.


Obviously I made a few jars – some for the freezer so in a few months I don’t have withdrawal issues.

Side note: I may have added an extra scoop or two of chia seeds because I like a thick spreadable jam.


The next morning P and I sampled some.


On GF bread.




I bet it would be really good stirred into oats or yogurt, or spread atop waffles.  Which is great since all of those have been on breakfast rotation this past week…and now will be even more exciting to eat!


Here’s to steel cut oats in the crock pot!  I had two really rough mornings last week (see below) and the root of the problem was I couldn’t get breakfast into my face at a reasonable time.  So I turned to my fabulous slow cooker recipe for steel cut oats.


It doesn’t look like much when photographed in the dim light the night before, but the next morning it is sooooo money to have a hot warm breakfast ready to go.


Kyle had some too (above), but I saved the edge pieces – the ones that get all hard and crispy from the crock pot – for myself.  Is that weird?


See those brown toasted chunks?  So good.  I drowned the whole thing in sun butter that I thinned a bit with coconut milk so it was like a saucy mess of heaven with each bite.

Can you imagine what it would be like with strawberry chia jam too!?  Kinda like a sun butter and jelly sandwich in oatmeal form, that’s what.  Coming soon.


As for the waffles.  Well, they were P’s request and I’m so glad I made a ton to freeze because waffles on demand are a hard thing to do with a newborn’s routine that you are just learning to balance with everyone else’s.  We are down to just a few more waffles because P and I have been splitting them on a regular basis.  I may have to do a bulk batch some weekend soon.


He’s a fan, that’s for sure.


This was the rather miserable scene from our Thursday morning, as I attempted to eat my own breakfast while swinging a crying V.  It was way past when I should have been eating breakfast because I’m nursing and need food at insanely frequent intervals but was focused on feeding the kiddos.  As you can see P is happily done with his meal and watching Sesame Street in the above photo.  I don’t even care if others judge me for putting on an episode while I eat, it is what it is.  He doesn’t watch any other TV so I am fine it.  Plus it affords me a very very valuable 40 minutes.


But as crappy as Thursday was it had nothing on Wednesday.  I ate the above yogurt (greek coconut with all the seeds and nuts and toppings I could find in the pantry) for breakfast at 11:30 with V in the ergo.  I was alternating bites with swaying while standing at the kitchen counter and dashing to the toy room to play with P.  Ridiculous.

I say this not to beg for sympathy, but just to present to you the unfiltered reality of my life.  I do NOT have it all together.  Like everyone else, I like showing happy pictures of my family doing cute stuff on social media because it’s fun to share those good moments, but make no mistake it’s not all rainbows and butterflies all the live long day.  However, I’m getting better and better every day and have shining moments of mothering awesomeness in between.  It’s hard, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My kids are my everything and on average we are rocking it as a threesome while Kyle’s at work.


And then on the weekends I get to take the time to fry eggs for myself because Kyle’s around with two extra hands.

I had the above both Saturday and Sunday (two fried eggs with lactose free sour cream quinoa and sweet potatoes).  The only way to improve upon it would have been to add avocado (but we didn’t have any ripe ones).  I think sour cream and mayo are such underrated and underutilized condiments.  I’m a big advocate of adding them atop and in more dishes.

The weekly menu

Day by day we are getting into our rhythm and it makes me so pumped (we still have plenty of disaster moments too).  I love my little ones something fierce and they are already all about each other too.  I mean, P wants to be around V all day long, touching her, petting her, helping me soothe her, all of it.  He gets really sad when she cries and wants me to console her immediately regardless of what I’m doing (including feeding or playing with him).  I have a feeling they are going to be great buddies.

Here’s the run down of the week’s dinners.  And other random notes that creep in.


Enchilada nachos inspired by Gimme Some Oven.

I actually had planned these for the week that I went into labor so we had everything on hand already, which made it simlpe enough.  I cheated and used a store bought enchilada sauce because hi I’m not insane.  So I baked the chicken in it and then shredded it and topped chips with the works.  Kyle’s had cheese, mine did not.


In truth, mine was more of a salad with mega chips on the side because I did have a base layer of lettuce underneath there.  Then I added black beans, corn, bell peppers, avo, lactose free sour cream and salsa.  Oh and chips chips chips because salt is fantastic.


The next night we decided to experiment with bed time and dine together as a family.  It’s a trial week for this, but P seems to be able to stay up later and if we wait until after his whole PM routine to eat ourselves then we end up eating way too late.  Plus, we have Valley girl’s nursing sessions to factor in.  It’s an ongoing adventure in timing to make everyone happy…

There are a few major things this is going to change…

(1) We will all eat the EXACT same thing.  Before we could kinda get away with making Pacman’s meals similar enough to ours that it meant no extra groceries or cooking but occasionally I’d add stuff he might not tolerate to our version of the meal after setting ingredients of his aside.  But he notices EVERYTHING and so we can’t eat something in front of him that he can’t have because that feels mean.  He’s so perceptive it’s impossible to hide anything from him.  This might make my life harder because I haven’t found any spices that are produced in allergen free facilities.  That’s why his food is often plain.  It’s also why I grow so many herbs in our garden.  I trust it if I’ve grown it.  Yay for Nor Cal weather that allows even my chives to survive through winter (!!).

(2) He will get to try assembled meals.  I’ve mentioned this before but P really only likes things mis en place style.  So I usually put all the components of the meal on his tray prior to assembling them.  It’s weird but if I make something like a soup or whatever, even if he likes all the ingredients that go into it, he won’t eat it as a soup.  But because he’s so perceptive (as noted above), I know that if he sees mom and dad eating something, he will at least try it.  And if there are enough things in it that he realllllllly likes (i.e. meat) then he can likely be persuaded to eat the assembled dish.  So far it’s been mostly successful, but only time will tell.  He does like eating the same things as we do so in this case it will work in our favor.

(3) I will be challenged to make every single meal allergy free.  Like I said, this is something I have mostly done, but in the weekly meal posts I have shared in the past, I’ve always noted the tweaks I’ve made to his meal or ours because there usually are a few.  I mean, I like spices, so yeah.  This could be a fun or frustrating challenge.  TBD.

(4) He will have to be more independent.  I feed him for a lot of his meals.  He uses a fork fine, but spoons not so much.  I don’t know if he would get any quinoa or rice into his mouth if he tried it solo, but I suppose he has to learn eventually!  I also don’t really use plates or bowls – I just put everything right on his tray.  He uses a fork for all meats and some fruits, but his hands for most everything else (veggies, noodles, baked goods, etc.).  And then I spoon feed him oatmeal and yogurt and whatever else is liquid-y or too small to eat with his hands.  But I can’t baby him forever and if I’m eating at the same time I can’t feed us both.  Right?  Right.  If I’m being perfectly honest, it’s the mess that is inevitably going to occur that I have been trying to avoid.  What can I say, I’m a neat freak I like things clean…but eventually I want to eat family dinners all together, so we have to start some time!

I digress.

The above photos are the makings of the first assembled meal eaten as a family.  Quinoa, canned tomatoes, TJs sweet Italian sausage, and chard (from our garden).  The quinoa, sausage, and chard are all things he loves so adding the tomatoes (which he doesn’t really like) was the sneaky move.


I sautéed it all in shallot infused olive oil.  Speaking of!


Infused olive oils!!!!!!!

These are by the same company, BE NICE, I talked about here.  Remember the kickstarter for their bars??  So happy they are diversifying their product line because YAYYYYY for FODMAPs friendly products!!!  Flavor without the bloating.  Win.  I can’t wait to try all the others.  Basil!  Lemon!  Garlic!  So fun.  The shallot in this dish was deeeeelish.


And look who ate his too!


Bribed by the idea of seeing elmo at the bottom of the bowl, he ate this serving and seconds (mostly sausage)!  I let him use the spoon for some of it, but fed him a little bit myself as well.  Ok, it was like 80% me.  He wouldn’t have eaten the tomatoes at all if I didn’t strategically design some bites (with the sausage prominently placed on top/in front).


And the meal was good for us too.


From our neighbor!  Mega cheese so it has been Kyle’s lunch for a few days.  Saves me energy in prepping his food at night.


From a girlfriend!!

The salad was so bomb and lucky for me it had cucumbers so I claimed the entire thing.  Don’t mind if I dooooo.


The soup was probably P safe, but I didn’t know for sure so I just fed him some random leftovers and stuff I had stockpiled in the freezer.


I went BONKERS at Target earlier that day which was 100% due to my hormones being out of control and my hunger dominating my shopping.  I got SO MUCH Easter candy for half off and can pretty much promise it will be gone by next weekend.  I mean, look at that stash…how could I not go crazy and face plant in it all?  COOKIE DOUGH stuffed in dark chocolate!?!  WTF.  Where have these been all my life.


The next night was another dinner from a girlfriend.  Aren’t my friends amazing!?  And OMG this chicken!!!!!!


She brought us two massive breasts, brown rice, and a cucumber/avo/chickpea salad.  Once again I got to claim the entire salad for moi because cucumbers are Kyle’s enemy number one.


I want the recipe because the rub was amaaaazing.  And yes, it looks like a ton of food, but Kyle and I have appetites like whoa.

P ate with us and had the same cucumber, chickpea, avocado salad (gonna keep this one for repeat – so simple but so good).  She made a separate portion for him that was plain since she didn’t know if he’d like the dressing/herbs in ours (which was mostly red onion and mint from what I could tell).  He ate the whole thing and plenty of brown rice too.  Plus leftover chicken that I’d already had from the night Kyle BBQed last week.


I had mine with a white (!!!) Roscato.  I actually didn’t know they made a white, but it was a gift from a friend who knows me well and I was really excited to try it.  I like the red better, but this one is super yummy that I’ll probably continue to buy both depending on my mood.  Mmmmm.


The next night was ANOTHER dinner by a girlfriend.  Seriously my friends are the best.


She made us half a roasted chicken and sweet potatoes and quinoa, and then a cobbler and coconut chocolate almond butter treats for dessert.


HOLY [expletive].  These chocolate coconut bombs of beautiful yummmm!


I had more dessert than just that in case anyone was wondering.  I would venture to guess my desserts usually match my dinner in calorie counts, and occasionally surpass them.  Being honest.


Saturday was a busy day thanks to swimming in the am and a toddler birthday party in the pm.  We haven’t had a weekend off of two year old birthday parties in WEEKS!  And we have another one next weekend too.  All the kids are growing up.  Anyway, all that is to say, dinner was an easy peasy Caesar salad.


They made that cake!  Impressive no?


So back to dinner.  Nooch on mine, obvs.


With chocolate for dessert, duh.


Easter weekend and then some

I owe kiddo pics I think.  They’re more fun to show off than food anyway.  :)  Plus I have more photos than just our weekly dinners to share so just indulge me okay?


My baby girl is so alert these days with her big gorgeous eyes staring at me (and the world).  I love it.  And P is getting used to the change too so our family dynamic is solid.  He asks to pet her all day long and I love it.


In order to keep my little dude entertained on our morning walks I made a bunch of “treasure hunts” for him – which was basically just me spending nap time collecting clip art off the internet and copying and pasting it on a blank document.  It has been fun for him, even if it doesn’t keep him occupied the entire walk, it’s fun for a while.  I go on long walks.  :)


P and I shared waffles for breakfast several times last week.  He wants what I eat so I haven’t been eating my almond flour based breads lately because it’s too complicated to say no.  He knows that nuts make him sick, but I still feel bad eating things that he can’t have so I try to do it only when he’s sleeping now.  So yeah, these waffles were from the freezer stash that’s still saving my life.  Earth Balance on top, naturally.


Sometimes I pair mine with an egg.


Aaaaand guess what is back?  My favorite wine ever ever ever.  :)  Happy hour(s) are as soon as I start nursing V (provided I’m home for the rest of the evening).  I’m not talking about day drinking here people!


This is the aforementioned chocolate almond flour quick bread I busted out of the freezer.  I had been nibbling it for breakfasts until P wanted in on the action, so now it’s more of a snack bread that I sneak in when he’s not around (meaning sleeping).

The other breakfast is Kyle’s.  I cooked a bunch of potatoes in the crock pot one day and he pairs them with hard boiled eggs and fruit each morning.  So easy and makes packing his work meals super fast for me. (Yes, I still pack all his work eats)

Got off track!  Back to the weekend…


My aunt and g-ma came to visit us in Davis on the way to my parents’ house.  They are in town for the weekend because of my grandpa’s memorial (even though they are on my mom’s side of the fam and it was my dad’s dad who we were honoring).  Aren’t they awesome to come for that?  Family rocks.  So they got to meet valley girl and pacman and see our house for a hot second before they hit the road to the East Bay.  It was a short visit but I knew we’d see them the next day.

Saturday was SO BUSY.  We managed to switch swim classes to get P in an earlier session so we could get in and out before we had to road trip to the vineyard, but we still were super late to get on our way.  He is doing soooo well in swimming that I didn’t want to skip a class though.  Plus, it wears him out and therefore sets us up for an ideal car ride nap.


Well, we tried.  We ended up hitting lots of traffic and P didn’t nap longer than 45 minutes and I lost feeling in my arm trying to reach back and shove a pacifier in V’s mouth but in the end we arrived all in one piece.  :)


We are a cheesy bunch but I know how blessed we are so I don’t even care.  I love our little family.


But seriously – who is having a better time here?  My dad or Mr. P??  [He’d been promised a tractor ride all day, so after all the guests left, he cashed in on his treat.  Little boy heaven.]


And look at this little outfit?!!  Dying of girl clothes cuteness.


The catering was pretty awesome.  Not only was the food good, but the servers were way nice and present but not in your face.  I was a ravenous beast by the time I arrived but then I had to nurse V and get P settled with his food (that I brought) before I could eat myself….which made me a haaaangry monster.  So I swooped on the remainder of the tray that a server was bringing back to the kitchen and basically went to town.  I don’t think he judged me too much though, because he had a new 2 month old niece, so maybe he sympathized with my new mom hunger.  Oh and I made a dessert plate for myself as soon as I got there too because I didn’t want them to run out while I was busy with the savory stuff.  Foodie right here.

The ride home was looooong but we made it back just after 6 pm.  Thank goodness I had a freezer meal already thawed and ready to consume.


Kyle had his ragu with leftover wild rice and I had mine with an Udi’s GF baguette.

Dessert was large and in charge…lots of early Easter chocolate.

By the way I’m pretty much the worst since I realized neither Kyle nor I did anything at all for Easter for our children.  Parent fail.  No baskets.  Nada.  I totally meant to but…life…I haven’t even been grocery shopping yet since having V!  That’s over two weeks now.  Ugh.  That’s a whole other issue.

In an effort to compensate, I found a dozen plastic eggs in storage in the garage and filled them with stickers we already had while P napped in the afternoon and made an indoor (it was raining) egg hunt for him.  He LOOOOVED it.  So so cute. Baskets can happen next year.  This was perfect.

In typical E&K fashion, we went for a walk (still can’t really run, not that Kyle will let me) on Sunday morning to the Safeway Starbucks.  It was cold but my cozy little girl on my chest in the ergo kept me warm.  I got my usual Oprah chai with soy milk.  Perfection on a chilly morning.  We took forever to get home and by the time I was showered it was almost 10 pm.  Yikes.  Slow morning.  Good thing P ate an entire apple on the walk.  I nursed V again before feeding P and then Kyle and then finally myself.  At 11:30!!!  Sheesh.


IMG_4186That’s way too long to go for this BFing mama!!  There’s quinoa under those eggs and mega nooch on top.  Mmmm.


Been drinking one cup a day since week 39 of pregnancy.  Not sure if it’s doing anything but I feel like my body is basically almost back to normal.  Another week and I’ll be golden.


My mom and sis came over around noon and I made salmon and this winter salad (again).  I marinaded the salmon with a simple combo of lemon juice, dijon mustard, olive oil, thyme, salt, and pepper.  The foiled piece was plain for P.


We ate as soon as he was done with his egg hunt.  :)


The rest of the afternoon was mellow.  My fam hung out with P and V and we played around outside once the sun came out.  Kyle and I had a simple dinner of leftovers and more chocolate.  That Lily’s egg on a stick on the right was SO GOOD.  I’ve never had Lily’s before, but it’s stevia sweetened and my mom (errr the Easter bunny) brought it over for me and I’m definitely a fan.  I’ve seen it at WF before so I may be buying it again really soon.  :)

Love the weekends.  I miss them all week long :)

The weekly menu

Yikes I’m behind!  Catching up…

Once again I find myself FLOORED with the kindness and generosity of our family/friends/neighbors.  I just can’t get over it.  The transition to being home with two kids has definitely been difficult but the fact that we have something as important as delicious home-cooked food taken care of means SO MUCH LESS stress for me.  Obviously we all know eating good food is high on my list of priorities (I have this blog for a reason!) so for such a massive thing to be essentially taken care of for me in these early days/weeks…it’s just…I don’t think I have the words.  I am beyond grateful.  Kyle is going back to work slowly, and this Monday was the first time he left the three of us to our own devices (encouraged by me).  It was tearful and hard for me and P as is expected, but I see progress every day and am just trying to stay positive.  If I think too much about it, it will break my heart, but deep down I know (and I know he knows) that there is so much love here for everyone.  Anyway, I don’t really want to discuss that further right now because my hormones will probably start raging.  Back to food.


Saturday we had a birthday party and it was. THE. cutest.


Priorities people.  These cupcakes were fudgy chocolaty heaven.  Oh and they were allergen free (for P) because my friend is amazing.


The whole spread was adorable.


I would have dominated all the yummies but my hands were definitely full.

That night our neighbor brought us the chicken, couscous, and asparagus meal I showed previously.

On Sunday we hit up the park in the am for a play date and then my parents came to visit in the pm.


How do you like my pancakes?  Ha!  P requested Mickey pancakes…and then goofy and donald and every other character…so I just splattered batter in the pan and called them each a different character.  He seemed pleased enough and didn’t even question my artistic abilities.  :)


Check out dinner!


I (err…patty cakes) got Kyle cedar planks for his birthday so he BBQ-ed salmon for us Sunday night.


I soaked the planks for a few hours and then whipped up a simple marinade with ingredients from the yard (lemon, rosemary, honey, dijon mustard, salt and pepper).


Before above and after below.


Not too shabby!!


We paired it with bread and corn because that’s what we had.

Like I mentioned above, Monday was my first dose of reality as I did the solo act mom-ing to two.  Kyle went into work late (after breakfast) and came home early (before “school”) so it was just enough for me to dip my toe in and test out the logistics of the balancing act.  They actually managed to overlap nap times (well, lets be real, she’s asleep most of the day right now) so that afforded me time to eat and recoup a bit before the afternoon.

My amazing girl friend brought dinner to us (we both are in the same parent co-op school with our kiddos, so she just brought it there for me to take home) so I didn’t even have to think about making food that night.  Praise.


There’s garlic green beans under the drumsticks and that’s a quinoa salad on top.


On Tuesday morning I squeezed in a Jillian Michaels workout before the day got off to a real start and I’m so glad I did because oh. my. gosh was it ever a rough day.  It’s all of us adjusting and there are definite highs and lows.  I took P to library – just the two of us – for some mother son solo time since I sensed we both needed it while Kyle stayed home with V.  He and I had a great time and it was definitely a good move, but after that the rest of the day kinda turned into a mess. Kyle went into work and nap times were skipped and blood sugar levels were too low and hangry meltdowns made the afternoon fly by…next thing I knew it was 2 pm and I was still lunch-less.  Fortunately Kyle and his parents got back home right as I finished feeding both kiddos so I could get some help entertaining them while I got food in my own self.


After Kyle’s fam hit the road we snacked through the evening, but it was very fragmented due to the aforementioned bizarre  sleep schedule of P (or lack thereof).  He basically fell asleep during his dinner, which was at 4:30 since he was so out of whack.  Poor thing.


Needless to say I ate a LOT of chocolate that night.

For every way that Tuesday sucked, I felt like Wednesday rocked.  I took both kiddos for a morning walk (ergo for V and BOB for P) on my own and then balanced my shower and all three of our breakfasts without any jealousy, crying, or meltdowns (!!!).  This may seem like a small victory but for me it meant the world.  It meant I could handle it.  We will have ups and downs along the way, but at least there will be ups.  Yay!  Go mama.  P napped like he normally does and I even did a quiet diaper change for her while he was down (their rooms share a wall so it’s always a little risky).


Kyle’s parents met us at market that evening and we managed to stay a decent amount of time (mostly because we had four on one with P and V ate like a champ right before we left so she was a$$ed out in the car seat/stroller the entire time).

I got a pulled pork Caesar salad from Our House, which is what I’d been craving since the week before (when they weren’t there).

Kyle worked from home on Thursday so I had help with balancing both and made a rather luxurious pancake breakfast for us all.  Kyle’s parents came over for dinner so we cooked up a feast.  Kyle BBQ-ed fish and green beans and corn and I prepped everything and made two sauces and wild rice.


Didn’t have onions on hand for this mustard sauce, but thanks to some Dorot coupons I previously cashed in, the freezer came to the rescue.  I used two cubes to sub for the 1/2 an onion the recipe calls for and it worked out great! Even easier than chopping onions!  Totally recommend Dorot’s products (they have chopped garlic, basil, ginger, and a few others).


Here’s the final plate.  The halibut was amaaaaaaaazing.  Whole Foods has some seriously quality seafood.


We used a big roasting tray on the grill for the green beans and this new grate thing for the fish.  Worked awesome and no fish was lost between the grill racks!


Corn is almost in season.  May have jumped the gun with these, but they were still good.


Here’s that finger lickin’ mustard sauce.


And here’s the other marinade I made (capers, parsley, sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, sugar, lemon juice, and I can’t remember what else…).


Friday night we kept things mellow with burgers and a salad.


I made a bunch of smaller patties (aka sliders) so they’d cook faster since I started cooking late.


P ate more than I anticipated for!  Oops.  This family’s budget is going to be insane in a few years.


Strawberries, spring greens, slivered almonds, and a home-made lemon mustard vinaigrette.

The weekend flew by and I hardly have any food photos to show for it.  My grandpa’s memorial was on Saturday at his vineyard and on Sunday my mom and sister came over to spend Easter with us (since my dad was working).  It was low key and perfect.  I’ll probably upload pics from all that soon.  :)