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A long weekend with the fam

Parenting like a pro over here.

These kale chips weren’t quite as cheezy as I was hoping for.  They were delicious nonetheless and stopped me from eating another 2 cups of mac nuts after my salad was all gone, which is my usual MO.


We arrived at my parents’ house with WF goodies in hand, and immediately sat down to eat.  I got slaw, cornbread, and pulled pork, but the slaw had WAY too many red onions for me, so I gave it to Kyle.

Mr. P and I drove off to Fremont the next day, while V stayed with my parents.

First RX bar.  I have seen them around but never pulled the trigger.  I think I liked it.  It wasn’t very sweet which I was glad for and didn’t have an insane amount of sugar (but still had quite a bit because dates).  The sea salt was a nice touch that really added a lot to the bar, and while I’m not totally sure if I’d buy it again yet, I think it was a great on the go option.

I had a green juice with it too.

And when I say green I mean GREEEEEN.  I got a coupon for a free evolution juice last time I was at WF. They had a salesperson there who saw me in front of the urban remedy case and tried to woo me away with a free coupon.  I cashed it in on this sweet greens and ginger bottle but I wasn’t a fan.  Too much cucumber I think.

Just passing the time with books on cd, as you do…

We only did one dose, then waited 90 minutes to confirm no reaction.  I managed to keep P up for the whole ride back to my parents’ place, where I picked up a freshly lunched V, and then braved the nasty traffic home. I think the entire Bay Area goes to Tahoe for the 4th of July week and driving that way on a Friday afternoon is seriously the worst.

But once the kiddos passed out I got my podcasts rolling and two hours later I was home.

They woke up as we were pulling onto our street and were in good moods!  Hooray!

I was pooped though, so after grabbing a snack (all I had on the road was a banana, coconut chips, and almonds), I set them up for some crafting.

They loved it and I was buzzing around nearby unloading the car, cleaning the house, and prepping dinner.

We picked Kyle up at the train station later.

Then came home for a snack-tastic dinner.

Little bit ‘o this, little bit ‘o that.

  • maple bacon kettle chips
  • carrots
  • hard boiled eggs
  • smoked salmon
  • hummus
  • TJs crackers
  • grapes
  • blackberries
  • dehydrated zucchini chips
  • noodles
  • leftover slaw

I knew I wanted to get in a bit of hummus before my fodmaps phase started.  As a result, I kept everything else low fodmap (ie no wheat crackers or noodles). P was super into my zucchini chips that I made.

Dessert me.


Dear weekend, thank you for being free and clear.

First things first: home-made almond milk con descafeinado.  Sipped while I made breakfast for my fam. There’s little else that gives me such joy than a morning without any agenda, where I can slowly drink my coffee and make food for everyone.  And then once they’re all cleaned up and P has taken his milk dose and they are ready to go off and play, I can sit in peace and eat my own breakfast.  Nice and slow.

I made this loaf of zucchini bread but underestimated the amount of batter and tried to fit it all in a mini loaf pan.  Once it was all poured in I realized it was a bad idea, but it was too late to backtrack.  Luckily I put foil on the rack below which caught all the batter that overflowed as it baked.  Oops!  So the bad news is I may have ruined the pan.  The good news is the bread is DELICIOUS.

Since slicing was out of the question, I just ate it right out of the pan (with some cashew butter too).

Meanwhile, Kyle and the kids painted and assembled a kite.

I (we) got it for him for father’s day because he has been talking about making one with them and teach them to fly a kite for over a year now.

We took it for a test run later that morning at the park behind our house but there wasn’t much wind, so we will try again another time.  It seems a pretty legit kite though so I would recommend the kit (I got it on amazon).

I snuck zucchini into their smoothie.

For lunch I toasted two slices of cashew bread for avo toast and a very moderate serving of carrots on the side.

I was trying to keep lunch lighter because we had early dinner plans.


We met friends at Zen Toro for an early sushi dinner that night.  It was our first restaurant date with friends in which I DID NOT PACK FOOD FOR P.  [!!!!!]

I had previously called the restaurant to inquire about peanuts in their food and they seemed really knowledgeable so I decided to give it a shot.  Our friends know the owner too, so that helped.

When we ordered I again made sure they knew about his allergy and they double checked all the other items that people ordered just to be safe, even though he wasn’t eating them.

He got a California roll and edamame.  He was so so on the California roll, although I’m sure he liked it, he has a hard time with big bites and that was too much of a barrier in the restaurant setting.  I fed him more rice when we got home before he got his milk dose (just to be on the safe side).

Kyle and I split a bunch of rolls and then I had the leftovers we took home later that night instead of dessert. That’s the problem with eating so early. Kinda means you eat two dinners. I skipped dessert though.

Same breakfast again!  I was especially hungry after my workout which I had planned on phoning in, but ended up really enjoying.

Quick reading session before church.

Kyle and V went to pick peaches at a friend’s house while I was at church with my boy.  As a treat, I took him to get “something crunchy that’s not apples” afterwards.  Because everyone else gets cookies after service and he doesn’t I decided why not let him get something special!?  We settled on Annie’s organic grahams. The bag was a mix of honey, chocolate, and chocolate chip and they are dairy free. He loved them, obviously.

Weirdly I skipped the mac nuts this time (extra avocado though).

I prepped dinner during naps.  I made white rice and cauli rice and cooked the chicken with this Mexican fodmap free spice mix. So then once we got home from a swimming date at our friend’s house things were all ready to go for taco bowl assembly.

Here’s Kyle’s bowl with rice, salsa, tomatoes, avocados, green onions, romaine and chicken.

And here’s mine with romaine, avocado, cauli rice, and chicken.  Ok, so I don’t want to be a loser but you guys!!! Cauli rice is sooo good!!!!  I never thought I’d be praising something so anti-carb but it’s legit yums. I made extra which I’m super excited to dig into later.

Last hurrah with mega sweet chocolate desserts.  I know I can do this.  I know I can.  I know I can.

When the food processor is out…

I am soooooo happy to have a zucchini plant this year that is giving me heaps of produce to shred, spiralize, etc.  Since I had the food processor out already, I prepped a bunch for me to have on hand for pancakes, muffins, whatever, next week.

Blender bread!  This is from Danielle Walker’s cookbook Celebrations.

I had it bookmarked to make for next week as breakfast/lunch/whatever fare, but then I realized I wanted it that morning.  Stat.  But it had a 60-70 minute bake time, not even counting the prep time, so I decided I would suck it up and have something else more immediately.

15 minutes of hemming and hawing later I realized I definitely didn’t want anything that wasn’t this bread.  I am ridiculous.  But we had nowhere to be so why not indulge myself and just commit!?!  It took another 10 minutes for me to finally just get going on it.

And finally, at 10:30, I got to eat breakfast!

Shockingly, they hadn’t killed each other playing in the toy room while I was doing this, although I was in and out multiple times to facilitate various arguments (and play a little myself).

First slice!  Ahhhhh…heaven!!  I know that Danielle uses a different loaf pan, but I’ve never had issues using mine.  It’s just the standard large loaf (9×5 probably).  I also used a food processor instead of a blender and tossed in some walnuts because I didn’t quite have enough raw cashews on hand.  It’s an expensive loaf, that’s for sure, but soooo delicious.

I was starving by the time it was done, so my breakfast was pretty large and in charge, with two eggs, and butter (Earth Balance) on the slice.

It. Was. 100% worth the wait.

We walked to the park after that (our car was in the shop, hence our leisurely morning) and stayed there for a long time.  I had brought a picnic lunch for them so they basically just played and ate until it was time to come home for naps.


Add 60 more mac nuts and that would be a more accurate depiction.  And way more baby carrots too. Always munching non stop on baby carrots while I prep.

We went to farmer’s market that afternoon and Kyle was in the mood for healthy food and I was in the mood for greasy food.  Blerg.  I wasn’t in the mood to buy something because I knew I was going to be buying our dinners on Thursday night (pre-Fremont).  Soooo, I took a look in the fridge and came up with this.

His on the left (there’s pasta under there too) and mine on the right.

Plus salmon for both.

Not bad at all! Kyle said it was exactly what he was craving and way better than anything he could get at market, so that made me feel happy that I sucked it up and packed us food despite not being in the mood for the same thing he was.

Finished off OITNB with this plate. Best season so far, in my opinion, but SUPER intense.

Kids had breakfast all ready for them the next morning.  Steel cut oats + cinnamon + maple syrup + raisins + hemp seeds + chia seeds.

And blender bread for moi.  I was (again) SOOO indecisive in what direction I wanted to go with this bread. At first I thought I felt like avocado toast.  But I was too lazy to get the toaster out (I know, I know, I have the weirdest things – I’ll put in an hour and a half of work for bread, but won’t take one minute to pull out the toaster).

I decided to toast it in the pan, but then half way through (and after eating a slice plain), I realized I didn’t want avocado and eggs.  It was smelling sooooo good just toasted I thought I’d just eat it plain.

Once it was all deeply dark and toasted I put it on the plate and changed my mind yet again.

Side note: This bread would be SOOOO good as a grilled cheese!

Ghee!?!  Why not!

I got this free from Thrive with an order and kinda forgot about it (they’re always giving away free things so I time my orders with the items I’m interested in the most). Ghee is dairy and lactose free and supposed to be really good for you (micronutrient wise) and guess what!?  It’s yummy and didn’t do anything to my gut.

I’m into it.

Another park and picnic date.

Followed by crafts.

Some times you just need to take a surprise trip to Target for treats, ya know?!?!  They picked out what they wanted (with some reasonable $ guidance by me) and were thrilled to color and sticker the day away.

Quickie OIT trip before a mellow weekend up next 🙂

Doing toddler things

More pancakes pleeeeeeease…

As you wish, my bebes.

And then some leftovers waffles for moi.  With cashew buttah.

We played outside, I planted the basil that I’d been growing inside, they picked chard and strawberries and zucchini, and they drew a map of all the cities they knew.

Until it was time for library.

The weather has been nicer out (not as hot) so I didn’t think library would be as crowded.  I was wrong.  It was still a cluster. The kids have been breezing through their summer reading sheets though, so we need new books big time.  I switched to a bigger library bag last month to hold more than it did before.  Reading the same 10 books for a week straight gets…predictable. 😉

Oh hi I’m obsessed with salmon right now.  Smoked, cured, grilled, baked, whatever, I want it all. I wanted this for lunch the day before, but I knew we were having it for dinner so I saved it for another day.  This salad was also kale, cabbage, miso dressing, an entire avocado, and then an INSANEEEEEE amount of salty kettle chips on the side.  Oh my gosh those ridges and salt do me in every time I open the bag.  It’s such a problem you guys. This bag needs to get out of my life.  Gahhhhh…needless to save I was pretty full for the rest of the day.

Post nap story time with my little twinsies looks like this.  I read dozens of books in the afternoon and they love it.  I have to bribe them with more books to get them out of their pjs and into real clothes.  Honestly, I could bribe them to do anything with books.  With great power comes great responsibility.

I made a Thai kind of salad for dinner with chicken baked in a honey almond sauce that I had in a mason jar in the fridge from some meal who knows how long ago.  I’m in fridge/pantry clean out mode right now so I managed to find everything for this meal without an additional shopping trip. I baked the chicken in the sauce, then shredded it once it came out, which then made it absorb all the extra sauce.  I poured it all (still hot) over kale and cabbage to help it wilt a bit.  Then I added the rice noodles and stuck it all in the fridge for later.

We had Valley girl’s first day of soccer!  She’s been begging for this day since she’s been watching her big bro for a while now. But first, I thought I’d take them for a Jamba Juice snack.

P fell asleep before we even left the driveway, though, so I took the opportunity to run by a neighbors house and grab some of their plums before going to Jamba.  P slept the whole time and then I transferred him into the stroller and he slept through THAT too.  So I just ordered a smoothie for them to split (per usual) but got whatever V wanted while P snoozed away (they choose by color and so I just manipulate something healthy to get it to be the color they’ve requested).  Usually I can get them to agree on a color, because I make them share the same order. But of course this time they couldn’t agree.  V wanted a purple smoothie, but P wanted a yellow one (before falling asleep).  You snooze you lose though, soooo purple is is! He slept through yet another transfer – back into the car this time – but then I had to wake him up by the time we got to soccer. It had been over an hour!

My little stud.

Think she liked it???

Dinner time!

For a fridge clean out this was a legit meal.  Kyle was soooo into it.  But once again I was reminded about how annoying spaghetti noodles are for the kids to eat.  Why are they so hard for them to eat??

Dessert o’clock.

Check out our yellow plum score!!

And our fruit basket that’s getting ever so ridiculous with the heaps of zucchini. I’m thinking of having a spiralizing/shredding party tomorrow.

Building up to it

Initially I was planning on starting my SIBO protocol right after the wedding ended.  But I realized I needed to get myself all set up for a successful 30 days with food prep, which I obviously didn’t get to do this weekend. So now I’m using the week to ramp up to it.  I’m going to get shopping done, plan out meals, and then next weekend I’m going to try to prep a bunch of stuff…but then I am going to wait until after the 4th of July to start. My bestie Jess is coming to stay with me for a few days and I don’t think it’s wise to start a strict GI regimen right then.  So instead I’ll be giving this a go after that visit.  Plus, I have a huge stash of chips and chocolate to finish off before then.

Rise and shine! Monday morning came on cruelly fast thanks to our late bedtime (I was up doing laundry and housework because that’s what happens when you’re away).

These pancake mongers ate quickly and after a brief amount of calm time we went to open gym.  P has been on the same dose for over a week now so while I don’t love going to immediate vigorous activity post-dose, at least his body is very well adjusted and desensitized to the current amount.  [We skipped up-dosing last Friday because it was rehearsal day]

See?  Told you.  Chips for days.

I went back for more and more because salt is sooooo addicting.

He fells down the stairs 10 minutes before the rehearsal but fortunately the shiner didn’t show up until Monday.  Phew!  Not that photo shop couldn’t take care of it.  Made a good story though. Silly kid.

After naps they played outside and snacked. They’re latest love is seaweed. We went to swim at a friend’s for a bit and then came home to make dinner.  I was going to have Kyle grill but the kids wanted me to prove that I knew how to grill to them and basically forced me to do it.  Kyle got home early thinking he was grilling, but got to play with them instead while I got myself al smoky outside.

But I did it!  And it was great.  🙂

I cooked the asparagus in the microwave (seasoned with oil, salt and pepper) because I couldn’t keep my eyes on the oven inside while grilling.  I figured the micro was easier and I was right.  Also, bless the inventor of the rice cooker.

I use this guy every day and don’t know how anyone lives without one.

His above and hers below.

Basically I went rice-less because I was trying to get in grain free mode.  I’m not actually sure if I’ll go grain free for 30 days (most likely I will not), but I am dipping my toes in just to see.

Kyle had cake – almost done with the one I made him last week.  And I had a decent chocolate spread.  I went back for more candied ginger.  My love affair with ginger is back in full swing.  In it’s heyday I think I ate a cup or so a day, so it’s maybe not THAT strong again, but I find myself craving it lately.

Ginger and chocolate are definitely a winning pair.  Which is good because I have a bit more chocolate to finish off before I begin my GI reset!

Marie’s wedding weekend

My baby sis is married!  And what a perfect, fun, amazing weekend it turned out to be!  I was pretty stressed going into it on account of the baby sitter situation…and the other normal stuff that accompanies a wedding. But things went about as smooth as you could hope.

Truth be told, Valley girl did NOT like having a baby sitter. AT. ALL. and so that was hard, but it’s over and I’m just glad for that.

Started Thursday like the rest of the week…with breakfast and play time outside until it got too hot.

We had a play date with friends and then I ran errands to get ready and pack before soccer in the afternoon…and before I knew it, we were off to my parents’ house. Kyle was flying in that night from a work trip so he drove separately, which resulted in the very fun task (sarcasm) of having two cars all weekend.

But it was nice to get there early, because I had more hands to help out (my sister and her husband were there for the night too), which is always helpful, but is especially appreciated after solo parenting for a while.

The kids got naked and went swimming with my dad as soon as they got there and then once the food was ready, we feasted on salmon, flank steak, cauli, and salad.

I ate twice.  😬  Once with the kids, and then again later with the adults when the kids were in bed.

V was convinced Auntie Laura’s shoes almost fit.  😉

These spazzes love their Auntie so much.

The next morning was nice and leisurely, which was another perk of arriving in town the night before.  We slow played breakfast and eventually made our way to my sister’s casa in Danville.

I had this amazingness for breakfast (plus starbucks, duh).  I LOVE Urban Remedy so much.  I had a really hard time picking a juice. Thank goodness I was just choosing from the WF case as opposed to the proper store in town (they have a limited selection in WF so imagine how much I would struggle with quadruple the options!!).

I set up the kids’ rooms and toys and food at my sister’s place while the babysitter played with P (V was wailing and calling for me the entire time).  Once things were all squared away I headed to Walnut Creek for a lunch and nail date with the bridal party.

We went to Tender Greens for lunch.  Yummmm…and then I ran to get P’s bowtie and met the fam at Jamba Juice.

They had just woken from naps and weren’t in the best moods (per Kyle) so this was the perfect cool treat to perk them up.

Time to change and head to the church for the rehearsal!


They were so excited to walk down the aisle.


The first time through they did great!  [Which made me a little nervous about how it would go the next day because I thought for sure they had wasted the good surprise procession on the rehearsal]

Everyone but the bride to be.

Who’s excited!!!

After some photos, Kyle took the kids back to my sister’s house where the babysitter was waiting for them. I went with my sisters and parents to the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner while he was doing that drop off…

My mom and I accidentally twinning. No surprise there, we have THE SAME taste in clothes. I was trying to explain the twinning emoji to her to model here but she didn’t know what I was talking about.  Not a bad effort.

Kyle joined not long after and told me the kids lost their minds when he left them sooooo…ugh.  I was a little on edge for the rest of the night.  We were entrusting the delivery of P’s dose (the most important thing ever) to someone else for the first time and that was scary enough, so to know that they were both crying was anxiety inducing.  No amount of champagne could push it out of my head.  In the end, P only cried for a couple of minute before composing himself, but V never stopped crying.  She eventually went to bed without dinner which is apparently all she asking for. Poor thing.  Shockingly, she didn’t wake up early and/or starving despite her rough night.

Sleeping beauty.

I had to leave early the next morning to get to my sister’s hotel room (WEDDING DAYYYYYY!!!!), so I did a quick nike workout, laid out brekkie for the wee ones, and hit up the bucks on the way to the Lafayette Park Hotel.

Champagne be flowing!  We took turns with getting our hair done and just hung out for a few hours.  I love these girls so much.  My mom brought over a nice lunch for us and eventually it was time to get dressed for photos.

Meanwhile back in Danville….

Kyle was hanging with the kiddos trying to exhaust them so they’d take early naps and wake up in time to get to the church by 2:15.  Miracle of miracles, my super husband/ the best dad ever did exactly that.  Naked sprinklers, rock and tree climbing, and lots of food helped seal the deal…with only one minor injury in the process.

How well do they clean up!?!

So sweet. Our limo pulled up and I was so excited to see them.

I gave Valley her bouquet, took P to the bano, and before we knew it, it was time to line up!

And then they got married!  Weeee!  I started crying the second the organ started the wedding song.  She was so beautiful.  I get so sappy with this stuff these days!!  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I was tearing up for the speeches the night before just thinking about how proud I’d be as a parent.  Geeeeez Elise, get it together.  Anyway, the kids did AMAZING walking down the aisle.  They were the cutest things ever, which I’m not biased for saying because every other person told me that 100 times over the course of the night. I have the cutest babes. Hashtag blessed.

Mr. and Mrs. !!!!!

Limo ride to the reception.


Sadly, this is the only family photo of the night and it isn’t even that great.  We took a million with the professional photogs before and after at the hotel, at the church, at the reception…but Kyle and I didn’t get a single one with just the two of us.  He was full time hands on with the kids because I was full time hands on with bridesmaid stuff, so we couldn’t really do much as a couple until later in the night.  We did manage to get the kids fed fairly well though (they got the salmon and cleaned their plates) and then I gave P his dose before it was my turn to do my speech.  I didn’t know when I’d be going, but then they told me first so that was like BOOM ok I’m up!  Obviously I was nervous, but I had it written down and had practiced it a bunch so it went smooth.  P watched on with Kyle and V, but V unraveled after that so Kyle had to take her out and he missed the rest of the speeches.  Unfortunately for P, that meant he was going to have to be done for the night too.  I felt bad that he wasn’t going to get to dance with the live band, but at least he got to dance around on the dance floor with V a bit before I gave him his dose.  The two of them were having a ball, and I think the audience enjoyed the show too.  In the end, Kyle took the kids back to the house where the babysitter pretty much put them right to bed. And so even though he missed the rest of the speeches, he did get to come back and maximize his time on the dance floor.  And at the bar.  😉

First dance.

Pretty good looking couple.

The night was SO SO FUN.  With the kids gone and my speech done, I could finally relax and let loose.  The band was fantastic!  I felt like I was at a concert it was incredible.  I just wanted to live it up. Which we did.  Until the band had packed up and all the lyfts were called.

P was up at his usual time the next morning, so I fed him after I got back from a run around the neighborhood.  V slept in past 8 though (!!!) which really cramped the morning.  You see, I had left my car at the hotel that we got ready at the day before and it had all my toiletries, clothes, shoes, and other necessary things in it.  And my sister’s too!  Oops!  But we finally packed up and left her house to go get it all on the way to my parents’ place.  They were hosting a brunch for my mom’s side of the fam.  P took his dose as soon as we got there and then the rest of us ate.

We had no plans for the rest of the day so we hung with my fam for a while and eventually got on the road to return to Davis.  Back to real life again.  It’s been quite the build up to this event, so it’s bittersweet now that it’s over.