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107 degrees

The country is obviously dealing with more insane weather elements right now, so I don’t feel great complaining about this but it feels hotter than the sun outside right now.  I had planned on going to the train museum in Sac for the afternoon because I promised P we would go at least once this summer…and as he reminded me on last Thursday’s welcome day at school WE STILL HAVEN’T GONE!  Whoops! So I figured Monday afternoon would be the perfect time.  We had no plans and it’s indoor (read: air conditioned). Awesome.  And then I happened to go on the website to check their hours and lo and behold, the elevator is starting construction.  On August 28th. What are the chances?!? New plan!  Library?  All parties were on board, thank goodness.

I started the day with a waffle with cashew butter.  And coffee.

Then I took P to open gym to get some exercise before the temp skyrocketed. Valley girl was at home with grandma for her last hour with us, and then as soon as gym was out we picked her up to take her to the airport. 🙁 I was so sad dropping her off.  I know how lucky I was to have her in town for the past week but I wanted her to stay forever.  Or 6 weeks.  Which, at the moment, feels like forever.

After we returned home I fed them lunch and we played dolls until nap time.

I got this salad for myself last week and never ate it, but this seemed like the perfect moment for a pick me up. I feel like I’m wallowing, but I will get over it, I promise.  I’d just gotten used to another person in the house with me, helping me out, hanging out, etc. and now I miss it.  This salad was one of my faaaaaaves that I used to buy when V was first born and I wanted quick meal options.  I eventually stopped buying it, because it had non-organic chicken in it and I felt like it was something I could/should make on my own instead.  But having it again made me remember how much and why I loved it back then.  I added half and avocado and it totally hit the spot. I had baby carrots too, and a trilogy kombucha afterwards. Splurge day for me!

Afternoon crafting.

My friend brought us dinner – nom nom paleo’s chili with baked potatoes and salad.  I feel guilty accepting so much help – I don’t know why – but it has been a GAME changer.  It’s seriously keeping me afloat.  My friends know me so well too.  They totally understand my diet and our families restrictions.

Bath time was insane between the two kids.  It just takes so long.  And while V doesn’t hate it as much as she used to, she really isn’t a fan and so we have to just power through as best we can.  And then we finish and as exhausted as we are we have to turn around and do him.

Earned this plate.  And a second after.

I’m just going to post this now because I am short on free time.  V came down with a GI bug and it has literally TAKEN OVER my life.  She was up all night with diarrhea and unfortunately it ruined her cast beyond repair.  I contacted the ortho team just to make sure they were aware (because I’m kinda concerned about her skin) and at this point there’s nothing we can do.  She can’t alter her cast without doing it all over again (in the OR with anesthesia) sooooo…I don’t know.  I really just want her to feel better because she is STILL having cramping pains and frequent bouts of diarrhea all day long and it breaks my heart watching her cry over it.

I spent 40 minutes on a single change last night because it was such a mess.  Oh and this was also our 7 year anniversary.  Happy way to celebrate.

But seriously, it feels so awkward complaining about my stuff today because of the devastation in Texas.  I read the news on my phone and flip through instagram and it is so bizarre to have such a dichotomy of pretty IG posts followed by a horrible storm destroyed state.

Here is where we donated.  Also, check with your employer because many will match any donations you make, so your $ will go even farther.

Soaking up the last help

Soccer with my man.  Soaking up the time with my guy because he is going back to school and then our one-on-one time will be pretty minimal, especially with V in her cast.  Also, Kyle’s mom is leaving.  And Kyle’s out of town for something like 20 days in September…oof.  But hopefully she will be out of her cast then and it won’t be as complicated as it is right now.  Trying not to think about it!!!

Going back to Thursday night, we ate dinner altogether in Davis before I hit the road with P.  My friend made us salmon and roasted potatoes and mushrooms, and it was great. The herb dressing on top was the best part and I’m still waiting on her to share the recipe.

Even though my parents are out of town, their house is still a nice half way point to Fremont, so we spent the night there, just me and P.  I brought chocolate, of course.  And first thing the next morning we were off to OIT.

Another half day of updosing success.  We celebrated at WF for lunch.

He had been snacking consistently for the whole appointment on stuff I had packed so he wasn’t very hungry, but I was starving.

I got kimchi fried brussels sprouts, kettle chips (a new kind cooked in avocado oil), kale chips, and sonoma chicken salad.

I was actually in the mood for tuna salad, but theirs had red onions in it (no thanks) and I was 99% sure we were having sushi for dinner, so I thought that may be too much fish.

No such thing as too many chips though, right???

It didn’t take him long to zzzzz…which was great since the drive home took over 3 hours. UGH.  The worst.  I’m definitely taking next Friday off OIT.  Fortunately we are back on schedule now – not that there’s an “off” schedule per se, since we can do whatever we want with regard to his appointments.  Everything from the amount of up doses to the frequency we attend is in our hands.  And I know I had previously said that we were going to take it exceptionally slow with peanuts…buttttt…it’s hard to not want to progress as fast as possible! The truth is, it’s hard on his little body so I just have to keep reminding myself to play the long game and go slow and steady and just be grateful that he’s doing as well as he is on these minuscule teeny tiny doses. It is pretty amazing.  I’m glad that Beverly was in town to watch V for the time that we were away.  And now we have two weeks on this dose before another increase.


Are these rolls the most gorgeous or what!?!  The last time I ate at HUKU was when Kyle’s parents were in town and now Beverly wanted round two.  By the end of her time here in Davis she will have eaten at more restaurants than I have.

The kids shared this bento box, which was adorable.  Beverly did the ordering and made sure the food was peanut free (she went in person and took care of everything, which was exactly what I needed after a long day because my mind was mush and my whole body ached from being in the car so long). She picked out so many good rolls, I can’t decide which I liked best.  The seaweed salad was also phenomenal.  I had been craving one!

I have never ordered bento boxes from a sushi place, but it’s a pretty economical option!  This provided enough for their dinner and lunch the next day.  Granted her appetite is still pretty minimal.  I was also quite impressed at how adventurous they were in general!  Gyozas, tempura, and rolls, all for the first time!

I had a few kinds of tempura but the sweet potato was a delicious surprise.  🙂

SO many helpings, I was stuffed for the rest of the night.


I had a pretty productive Saturday, thanks to my two other adult helpers on hand.  I went on a bike ride, made oatmeal for everyone, and then Kyle took the kids to farmer’s market while I stayed home and shredded a million zucchini to freeze, baked banana bread, and vacuumed the house.  And then I cleaned this hand me down doll house.

Which the kids were so excited to come home to!

It has actually encouraged V to do more physically too.  She is now attempting to stand and walk and move around (climbing up on to couches and beds) on her own. This is simultaneously exciting and terrifying, but not at all surprising.

Got my tuna salad craving satisfied.  Along with more chips.  THOSE CHIPS.  Ugh.  They are so addictive.

This was the “something out of nothing” dinner.  Which is a particularly good skill of mine, but I’m always nervous when I’m doing it for other people.  We had pasta, corn on the cob, figs, and goat cheese. Beverly ran to the store for a rotisserie chicken and boom, we have a meal.

It was basically done during nap time, so Kyle and I took P to the community pool with some friends that afternoon.  I had taken V a couple of weekends ago, but Kyle and P were out of town on their boys weekend, so P managed to squeeze in one trip to the pool before it closed down after Labor Day.

Pre-dinner pay time.

I meant to add basil or balsamic but it was good as is.

Quiet time after his peanut dose.

Followed by more quiet time after his milk dose.

Kyle had a guy’s night so Beverly and I got our chocolate on with an episode of Naked and Afraid.  Have you ever seen this show???  It’s INSANE.  She had been telling me about it and I couldn’t wrap my head around it.  It’s not like these people even win anything?!  What the heck!  People are crazy.

Goooood morning to me!

I went on a run, fed everyone, and then sat down to a nice cashew butter coated waffle and coffee.


P and I went to church and then he accompanied me to Costco afterwards.  The first half was more fun, obviously, and I couldn’t help but reflect on how much has changed in just a week. Last Sunday I was weeping all morning and super emotional with the recent changes in V’s health.  And this week she has been so upbeat, which in turn makes me happy.

I got a ton of stuff at Costco, so now I feel set for the foreseeable future. Because Beverly is going home and then I’ll be on my own to navigate the balancing act that is my life without the extra pair of hands I’ve come to rely on.  I know I can do it, I’m just a little apprehensive.

Random lunch cleaning out the fridge – leftover slaw, avocado, and smokehouse almonds.  I had more almonds and carrots and then a kombucha too.  I was trying not to ruin my appetite for dinner because Kyle and I had a date night planned.  🙂

Afternoon smoothie break 🙂

Aaaaaand, taking the side rail down has backfired.  She has greeted us at the doorway upon waking twice now. She’s fast too!

It’s like she’s a baby checking off all these new skills this past week…she rolled over!  she crawled!  she pulled herself up to standing!!  What a week.

That night we went out on a date to celebrate our SEVEN year anniversary.  It was a day early but it was grandma’s last night in town so we were happy to jump at the chance.  🙂

We went to Hawks Provisions and Public House in Sac. The provisions is open mid day on weekdays for take away in the area, but the public house is the nice restaurant part.

I liked the vibe a lot.  The bar was cool looking, and the staff was exceptional.  Sometimes you only notice staff for being bad, and if they are fine then it’s fine and no need to comment, but in this case I feel like it was so good it is worth mentioning in a positive way.  I was talking to our waiter about the menu and his favorites and it evolved into a longer conversation about food and the restaurant scene in Sac which ended in him asking if I was “in the industry”…I told him “no, I just like food!” HA.  🙂

We got two starters to share – including the tomato salad with peaches and ricotta and the basil deviled eggs. Both got four thumbs up.  The dressing on the salad was super.  And those eggs!  Wow oh wow.  There were fried capers on top and some kind of tomato chutney thing and then the basil whipped yolks…dang was it ever delish.

Kyle and I each ordered an entree but shared them with each other. He got the pork chop with polenta and I got the flat iron with creamed greens and pickled red onions and roasted potato wedges (aka fries).

Both of the meats were good, but my steak was outstanding.  And the sauce I got with it was such a unique tangy spicy sweet combo.  Kyle used it for his pork.  I gave him 99% of my creamed greens too, because that amount of dairy wouldn’t work, but I still had more than enough.  The portion sizes were actually perfect.  We both cleared our plates and felt quite full, but any more would have been too much.

We had planned on going out for dessert afterwards but we were both so stuffed!  We went back to stroll around downtown Davis, but it was so hot we just went home.  The kids are exhausting and I’d rather start Monday ahead on sleep.  Because now Beverly is gone, wahhhhh.

Food from friends

OH MAN.  Where to start.

After a month of hard work I fiiiiinally reset my sweet tooth’s chocolate cravings and now I am scared I’m slipping back into old habits.  Blahhhh.  It’s so easy to be like “cut yourself some slack, Elise” – the excuses just roll off the tongue during hard times, but I don’t want to go back to that!!!!

Stress — > chocolate

My friends also KNOW ME SO WELL and hook me up with the good stuff, soooooo, it’s basically impossible to say no.  I want to be strong I really do, but my willpower is definitely being tested right now.

The mini muffin shaped chocolates above are these coconut oil chocolate bombs that my friend made.  The recipe is from another friend (the other Elise) and our group is obsessed with them.  You have to store them in the freezer because the coconut oil will melt if not chilled, but it’s wise to store them there anyway because otherwise you will eat them all at once.  And that amount of coconut oil….well…you know…fortunately, I practiced moderate self control and stuck to two servings at once.  TMI warning: my IBS during the 48 hours we were in the hospital was on par with my old self and I was so anxious I barely ate anything and it took 4-5 days for me to finally have a BM again.  I’m back to “normal” now but I can’t help but feel sad that this all went down after I made such an effort to get my gut back to a more healthy state.  Life, huh!? I’ve started taking some herbs again for digestive support during this time.  No rigorous schedule like before, but when I think about it, once a day at least.

This is the recipe for the curry my friend brought us that first day we got home from the hospital.  It was AMAZING and I immediately texted her for the recipe.  P liked it too (V was not into food at this point).  I will 100% be making this again.

She woke up way too early and because she was in so much pain I held her and rocked her until she fell back asleep, and then didn’t dare move a muscle for the next couple of hours despite being incredibly uncomfortable myself.

As you can see, I’m on the floor, but at least I had my phone.  It was like old times…nursing her and then having her pass out on me.  Only I was able to fit in a chair back then, obviously.

Breakfast!  I had some banana bread in the freezer, thank goodness.  After this I jetted over to target to grab a bunch of essentials.  We had made a list the night before, which included everything from multiple sizes of diapers (one small to tuck in and under the cast and then one huge one to put over the cast) to board games (things to do as a family on the floor) to pain meds (the tylenol/hydrocodone blend was not cutting it).

Kyle was home with the kids, holding down the fort, but I made a mental note of this bad boy!  I have a feeling this will be my friend in the future weeks.

Impulse purchase that I am SO glad we have.  This was the best $35 I have ever spent – at Target or anywhere. We seriously couldn’t live without it.  The angle of her cast prevents her from sitting upright and she clearly can’t stand, so what else is there to do with her?  She’s too big for all the baby items we pulled back out – the doorway  jumper, the activity table, etc. – so we really needed a portable place to put her.  This chair is awesome.  It’s sturdy and soft and actually kinda cute.

My sister came on Saturday and it felt like a superhero came in when we were at our lowest.  She insisted we go out and leave the kids with them.  And she brought us lunch (our fave salmon ABLT sandos from Nugget market)!  I went and got a pedicure and came back feeling much better.  Although to be perfectly honest, I still couldn’t relax enough to get rid of the ulcer forming pain in my stomach. I was aware of it all day and was really trying to chill myself out, but I guess my subconscious was taking it out on my my body.  So. Tense.  But V slept the whole time I was gone and so we took advantage of her well rested state and went for a walk to the park when she was up.  Kinda an aggressive outing for day one, but I wanted baby girl to get some air.

Never thought I’d use these swings for their intended purpose.

The problem is, she isn’t comfortable anywhere for any length of time and wants to be held more than anything. But she is heavy!  Auntie Laura got a work out and my biceps got an afternoon off.  🙂

Kyle grilled skirt steak for dinner and I made a kale salad with avocado, sheep pecorino romano, and dried cranberries.

This was too aggressive and I got way too overwhelmed when the meal was done and I had to clean up everything and P was tired and melting down and needed his doses and we had to figure out a way to bathe V. Too much, too soon.

Chocolate for dessert.

V slept a little bit better, but was still very much in pain so I continued around the clock dosing.  She hung out with me in the closet while I showered…With her matching bear and new purse (thanks to Auntie Laura and Uncle Chris).

I was running too late and sucked this down before P and I went to church.

It was delicious, in case you had any doubts.

As you’d expect, I cried my eyes out throughout church. Per usual, P and I were snuggling for the first songs of service (before I drop him at Sunday school) and he was so sweet, telling me he loved me when he saw I was wiping my eyes.  My little angel.  After P was with the other kids I went and sat with my girl friend and of course immediately burst into tears when I saw her.  Sometimes you just need a good cry.  And when the lyrics to every song and the message of the sermon seem to be directly speaking to you, it’s hard to hold it in.  I sure felt better afterwards.  And then when we got home grandma was there!!!  What a relief.  Kyle’s mom literally dropped everything to fly in for two weeks and I couldn’t imagine how we would be surviving right now without her.  There were so many times on Sunday that I thought I wouldn’t be able to do this for the next 4-5 weeks.  I literally couldn’t get my head around how we were going to make it work.  And the first few days were still especially hard, even with an extra adult on hand.  But slowly, it’s getting easier.  And we will make it.  I’m seeing it now.

They love each other so much.  I think it’s been hard for them in ways I hadn’t anticipated to not be able to play with each other the way they usually do.

Group trip to TJs!  We were out of everything.  They had people doing face painting, so both kids got flowers on their hands.  And P got to push a small cart with grandma!! Oh boy was he thrilled with that!

Kyle grilled pork chops and asparagus and I made a slaw.  V still wasn’t interested in food and I force fed her two bites and then gave up.  She was miserable with constipation and had no appetite, poor thing.

Kyle didn’t grill the asparagus long enough so they were a little crunchy and I think I actually liked them that way better than normal!  Is that weird?  I had made them in a foil packet with tons of olive oil and salt, so he couldn’t see there done-ness and just guessed.  So even though they weren’t cooked through all the way, I was pretty cool with it.  And P didn’t seem to mind either.

More chocolate to get me through the mental hurdle of accepting that the weekend was over and that Kyle was heading back to work.  Sigh.  THANK GOD Kyle’s mom was in town.  I wouldn’t have been able to cope with both kids and no other adult.

The next morning was more of the same – rotating her position and getting pain meds on board.  For the first time, she kinda ate a little something for breakfast, so that was good. And then we were off to paint and sing. Another activity that in hindsight was pretty adventurous for a casted child, but it was the last day so I didn’t want her to miss out.  Plus!  It was…

Eclipse day!

Kyle brought in glasses for the whole class so we kept the classroom door open and people popped outside over the two hour span whenever they wanted.  Beverly accompanied me to paint and sing too, so we had a decent ratio of adults to kids, but it was still hard to keep V happy.  Teacher Jeanne is amazing though, and set her up with a bunch of lap crafts that she could do in the bob stroller.  It was neat to see, but I doubt the kids appreciated the uniqueness of it.

I took a pic of my food!!  I used the spring greens salad bin to keep dishes to a minimum…and added roasted pecans, hot smoked salmon, avocado, baby carrots, and the small remaining portion of a kale salad from I don’t remember when.

Meanwhile, in the toy room, quiet time got reallllllly quiet.

My friend came by that afternoon for some socialization and we all went to the park behind our house to play and chat.  My friends have been incredible.  I was especially glad to hang out with Angela, though, because she had a spica cast when she was 10 so she had lots of personal insight to share.  Her situation sounded way worse, which made me realize I should be really thankful that V is doing as well as she is and her break isn’t worse.  The kids had a total blast playing together – acting out Lion King plot lines in the “jungle” near the park and then putting on another performance half way through our walk back home.

And then a little later another friend came by with dinner.

See how lucky I am!?!?

These recipes are all from her Whole 30 cookbook.  And I am strongly considering buying it now because every dish was as amazing as the one before it.  The beef was so flavorful.  And the kale salad!  Man oh man.  It had almonds and a citrus dressing and was sooooo good.  She offered me a full menu of options too!! Like, who does that?!!  Of course I chose kale.  And then she made squash from her garden too!!

Everyone loved this.  I got all the recipes, too.  THANK YOU ELISE!!!!  [Very blogworthy]

Beverly knows my weaknesses…and she managed to find all my favorites (not that it’s hard, since I have 2000 “favorites”).

Oh and Elise brought me these too, which I had for breakfast the next day, of course.

With cashew butter.

I went for a run too, so I was feeling pretty on top of it.  Sitting down for a proper meal after a good sweat sesh.

Little buddies.

We were planning on going to library, per usual, but then our friend invited us over to a tea party instead, so we decided to give it a go.  I took both kids with me, but regret it almost instantly when I realized it was a big group event.  Yikes.  V was still in full on mama mode, so I basically carried her around and held her for the duration of the time we were there.

The good news was that she ate something!  One slice of cheese.  Not much, but better than nothing.  For a child who’s appetite is usually bottomless, this is so weird.  Normally I’d be cutting her off so she wouldn’t eat the whole tray.

Pacman made up for her lack of hunger, though, and ate a cucumber and cream cheese sandwich, cheese and salami slices, snap peas, grapes, figs, and pirates booty.  SO MUCH DAIRY!!!!  And had no reactions whatsoever.  #oitworks baby!!!

And tea!  Naturally.

Mid way through the play date, I got a call that we had to go to Sac for an appointment for V.  I wasn’t prepared for this and it caused a bit of anxiety because I had three different people coming by to drop things off that afternoon, so I was really flustered. In order to make some calls I needed to put V in the stroller, but she didn’t want that at all and started freaking out.  I was kinda shaking and having a hard time, but Angela swooped in with a book and managed to turn a very resistant V into a captivated audience member.  Phew!  I left shortly after because I was too stressed out.  I brought both kids home and got V to bed right away so she’d get at least some kind of nap in before her appointment.

Meanwhile, P played and I got our afternoon in order.

And then my friend came with Jamba Juice!  LIFE SAVER.

P had his for lunch, which saved me from having to make and clean up anything.  Hallelujah!

And I got an acai bowl that I put in the freezer for breakfast the next day.  🙂

She even remembered to ask for a peanut free blender 🙂

Valley girl got new x-rays and all looks good so no adjustments need to be made to her cast.  I had a list of questions and once again, the MDs were nothing short of fantastic, listening to everything and making me feel like she’s within the normal range for recovery issues.  Honestly, I hope I never have to see them again after this cast comes off, but the team is so great, it wouldn’t be the worst to work with again.  Ha.

As we were wrapping up, V asked for some carrots!!  First time she’s asked for food in days!  I was thrilled.

That afternoon she really turned a corner.  I left her with Beverly to go take P to the library and she was in good spirits and seemed to be returning to her normal self a little bit.  P and I had some much needed alone time to play and pick out new books, including an early learning kit.

And then we had dinner.

We had quinoa chili and sushi – from two different friends.  Both of which we added avocado to.  V still didn’t want too much food, but she did eat a bit more than before, so…baby steps…

And then she slept through the night!  And managed to figure out rolling over!  And when she woke up she was happy and playful!  Yayyyyyy!!

Kyle worked out while I changed her diaper (success down there too!) and then she told me she was hungry so I went and filled her bowl with oatmeal and strawberries.

Which she finished!  Yay!  This was making me so happy to see 🙂

After the kids were fed I left V with Beverly and took P with me to stroller strides.  Many of my friends were there and asking about V and giving me support and encouragement.  It was a great work out too, and then the kids played at the park together.  P brought his magnifying glasses from the insect early learning kit and convinced his friends to go on bug hunts with him.  They were off foraging for a while, but came up empty handed.  So they went to the playground.

We stayed for as long as possible, but I knew I needed to get home to V.  She was in great spirits when I arrived and even gave me a nice “welcome home!” shout from the toy room.

P was a sweaty mess so Beverly gave him a bath (his request!) while I took V in to shower with me.  And then both kids ate awesome lunches (baby girl even asked for seconds of everything).  I stopped her pain meds too, so I feel like this was a pivotal day for her.  CORNER. TURNED.

Lunch ingredients!  Have you seen this kohlrabi blend from TJs?  It’s new to our store, and I was excited to try it. Verdict: like!  Wish it was organic though.  🙁

I blended it with kale, and cabbage, and miso dressing before adding my usual toppings – avocado, smoked salmon, and carrots. Seems like I swapped salmon for nuts these days.  Just rolling with my taste buds’ preferences.  Both are pricey options.

We spent some time that afternoon playing with things in the insect early learning kit, including this science viewer which really reminded me of my youth.  There are a bunch of cool things in the kit, including glass encased insects for them to learn to identify, and watch bands with little cases for bug catching.

Off to market!  It was hotter than I was prepared for, and V wanted me to hold her and dance with her a little bit more than I wanted to, but you can’t deny a casted kid much of anything, let alone loving snuggly dance time. So I obliged.  We were celebrating a first birthday there too, as well as a goodbye party for friends we are sad to see move away.  But the best part of all was that I didn’t have to cook and Patty-cakes ate a hot dog from the vendor!!!!

He even liked the ketchup!  Wow wow wow, is OIT making our lives infinitely easier.

In the past week I have talked to at least 6 different people about the clinic where I take P for his desensitization. A few people called on the phone to chat and others I’ve emailed with or added to my facebook group.  I feel like I should get a referral discount or something!!!  Kidding, of course, but I have been amazed by this whole process and want to shout about it from the rooftops and hook up every other allergy kiddo and family out there so they too can see the benefits we have seen.

I got a kale salad and tri tip and fries for me and V to share.  She didn’t want anything to do with the kale salad after the first bite, but she was ALL ABOUT the fries.  Duh.

I shared some with him too. [Don’t worry, they fry them in soybean oil]

I skipped dessert and had kombucha instead.  Working on that willpower.

Another morning, another bit closer to normal!

I changed her when she first woke up and she was a perky little thing.  Empty gut, clean diaper, pretty dress, and then she rolled around the floor and attempted crawling while I cheered her on.  Couldn’t be happier!

I tucked into my acai bowl after the kids were fed.

It was P’s welcome day for school, so Kyle and I both accompanied him while V stayed home with Beverly.


I barely had time to enjoy much of this, but I put the rest back in the freezer for later because it was so good.  Especially because I added heaps of mixed nut butter on top.  It was the mixed one from TJs which has a blend of pecans, walnuts, cashews, and almonds in it.

First day!!!

Besties coloring together.

Since it was welcome day, the parents stayed and did a scavenger hunt with the kids and got oriented to the room.  P had no trouble adjusting though, since he goes here for Sunday school.  And is in the same class as several friends.

More of the same.

After lunches, V took a nap and P had quiet time.  We are slowly getting back to our routine.  I managed to remove TV for the past three days, so it’s looking like our lives will soon be back to a new kind of normal. And with him starting school, it will be much easier to focus on V without feeling like I’m leaving P neglected.  Until Beverly came we were having a tough time because I know he felt sad about his sister demanding all our focus.

I’m now in Fremont with him, tackling another round of updosing while we have the support of Kyle’s mom. I’ll try to keep more current going forward.  V is definitely feeling MUCH better…thank you all for your comments.  I have no doubt she will continue to regain her strength and confidence and work out how to be mobile enough for the next ~5 weeks.

Broken femur

Everyone had such insightful, honest, interesting comments on the last post.  I want to respond to them but as you probably noticed, I’ve been away from the computer a bit and that’s because my little girl broke her leg.

I should probably write everything down soon so I don’t forget it (I do daily write ups for both kids with quotes and memorable events and print them out every month because I don’t have time to do anything more elaborate), but here’s me and my niña in the ED just as her meds kicked in.  She had finally stopped crying and Kyle had just arrived to get P and we hadn’t heard the bad news from the MD yet. Hence the smile.  After that it was mostly tears for the day.  I mean, I held it together all right, but definitely had several breakdowns.  It really freaked the kids out the first time I lost it in front of them.  We had already been transferred to UC Davis in Sac (where they have pediatric orthopedics) and one of the doctors came in to discuss the timing of the OR and anesthesia and I burst into tears. I hadn’t put it together yet that she was going to be going under general anesthesia and intubated and WAHHHHH.  My baby!!  Poor kids were more scared of my reaction than anything else.  Anyway, I could write an essay about those 48 hours alone, but suffice it to say, the medical staff was WONDERFUL and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to care for my girl.  Literally from the second I carried her in the Davis ED to the ambulance ride to Sac to the surgery team to the PACU nurses and every little person in between (the transport employee who grabbed her extra juice because it was the only thing she was willing to eat…I could go on and on…), everyone was so loving and caring and did their best to make us all feel at ease with the trauma of the day.

And my friends!  Oh my gosh!  My friends have been INSANELY helpful.  The support and concern and actual help they’ve been providing from the second they found out…wow.  It is making this hard time so much easier. Right away I was getting texts offering to take P off my hands and bring food and activities and babysit and EVERYTHING.  Dear friends, I love you guys so much.

Off to UC Davis!

ED arrival (#2).

P staying occupied thanks to the volunteers and their endless supply of activities – like play doh, dinosaur coloring, sparkly wand, light up toys, etc.  Seriously, I cannot sing their praises enough.  They were the extra help I didn’t know I needed, but definitely did.

And of course the Disney channel.  Because if there’s ever a time to give in on TV and media limits, it’s when your kid’s femur is split down the center.  I actually STILL feel bad about this, but I’m trying to cut myself a break and be practical.  But you guys, we watched SO MUCH TV in the hospital.  And then we were moved up to the pre-op area and they gave her a little portable dvd player thing with Cinderella on and I was like eeeeek inside but let her watch it anyway.  But then she fell asleep 3 minutes in so that was nice.  Poor thing hadn’t slept all day so I just sat there holding her neck and stroking her hair and cheeks and worrying about everything you could imagine under the sun.

She kept having spasms juuust as she was falling asleep which would jerk her awake and cause her leg to fling up and then she would wail out in pain so the anesthesiologist came early and hooked her up with some drugs and then she drifted off to sleep…

And got a whole new accessory!

Post anesthesia toddlers are a real treat I’ll tell you what.  NOT.  Luckily the drugs wore off.  Unluckily the drugs wore off. You catch my drift?

Putting on a brave face.  🙂

This was the next day…after I spent the night on a gurney pushed up next to her.  It was actually not bad.  It wasn’t great, but I was so desensitized by then that I was just happy that she was out of the OR and awake and in one piece. We snuggled a bit, but she was still adjusting to her situation (mostly not comprehending enough to know that she should be upset) and in and out of pain.

Poor thing finally fell asleep JUST as we were free to be discharged.  It worked out though because I had to run and get her prescriptions filled, bring her car seat and other stuff to the car (and FIND THE CAR! — Kyle parked it for me and left me with a ticket), yadda yadda.  She didn’t let me leave the room AT ALL while she was awake so I finally had a chance to run to the bathroom and splash water on my face.  Yikes.  Not pretty.  And hit up the cafeteria.  I didn’t have time to eat said food, but at least I had something when I pulled into our garage at long last at 3 pm.  I’ll get back to that in a sec.  While she was sleeping, the nurses stayed at the doorway with an eye on her…but then we noticed a red part on her skin and it seemed like her cast was too tight so we had to wait an extra hour or so for the team to come by and take a look at it before fixing it.  Everything takes so much longer in hospital time, but she was sleeping through it all so I was just happy she was getting rest.  I was absolutely s t a r v i n g by this point, but such is life.

After wailing for a solid 5 minutes on our way home she just gave in and passed out.  And since she was still out when we got home and I was ready to inhale my own arm, I left the car on, ran inside and grabbed a fork and sat in the air conditioning eating.  She continued to snooze in the back of the car for hours so I just unloaded and got things organized until Kyle and P got home.  They were in Fremont because our lives couldn’t get more complicated or anything…sheesh.  We would have skipped the OIT appointment, but we didn’t know in time to get another week’s worth of doses overnighted to us.  So, alas, we divided and conquered as parents.  With our two different kids at two different hospitals.  Life is crazy.  She actually slept for SO LONG that we had to wake her up because it was getting pretty late. But then we went and bathed and it was heavenly.  Clean and reunited with bunny.  Happy girl.

We took the fourth rail off her crib because lifting her over the rail would break our backs.  Silver lining?  We had been waiting and wondering when we should do this.  After a week of being potty trained I was thinking it was time to give her access to get out to go in the morning or night, but was nervous she’d take advantage of the new found freedom and “explore” all night long instead.  One step forward and two steps back.  Sooo we get an answer to our crib dilemma but with that comes a return to diapers aaaaaaand a spica cast. Sweet.

Anyway, I’ll write more on and off, but this post has taken so long to get out because I have so many other things going on. It’s been hard, and I cried a lot those first few days, but we have been extraordinarily lucky with the amount of help we have gotten from family and friends.

Hey kids, can we please make a pact to have no more ambulance rides?!?!  Please?

What the Health?

Another Wednesday of stroller strides followed by park play.  I forgot my almond milk chai tea so I had to wait until nearly noon to drink it.  C’est la vie.  The kids have so much fun playing at the park with my workout buddies’ kids that I am willing to stay as long as they want so their positive attitude about stroller strides remains.

How to fit all the kids on the swings at once…?

Good times 🙂

Since I had so little that morning, I ate a massive lunch.  This is meant to be 6 servings of salad I
(it’s a HUUUGE tupperware) but I’m special like that.  Plus avo.

Snoozy snooze.

The kids had black beans with nooch for lunch (and melon, etc).  I got an email question last week about my thoughts on the “What the Health” movie.  I haven’t seen it yet, but am definitely interested.  It’s gotten very mixed reviews (vegan propaganda/bad science), so I’m curious enough to tune in and judge for myself.  I read The China Study and watched Forks Over Knives and Food, Inc, and many other similar documentaries, but it’s always good to keep your mind open and keep learning.  The same email also asked about my transition away from veganism. A long time ago (ok, 3 years, so not that long) I started a draft about this very topic.  But it was so convoluted and I couldn’t get my thoughts properly organized…it was like a thesis paper exploding onto my blog…and I didn’t really like it.  But I’m happy to discuss our family’s dietary journey because, after all, this is a food blog and I go into great detail about everything else I’m going through with my own gut.

Have any of you guys seen What the Health?  What did you think?

After naps we were supposed to meet friends at the train station but first we JUST HAD TO do an art project. Remember the Nutcracker obsession?  The one that I was barely able to cut off in April?  Yeah, that’s back in action.  Pattycakes found the Nutcracker book at the library and really wanted to get it, so I said fine, and now here we are in August, reenacting the ballet and doing Christmas themed arts and crafts.

We still met our friends…with colored Clara paper dolls in tow.

Kyle was gone for dinner, but I had promised the kids that I’d get them the same Indian dish (chicken tikka masala) from Farmer’s Market that I got last week (they tried some and looooved it).  I got enough for the whole family and brought it home to eat.  It’s from Kathmandu Kitchen and they LOVED it!  Since I knew in advance that we were getting chicken for dinner, I made sure to give the kids (and myself) a plant based lunch.  There’s a lot that you’d never know from reading the blog (it’s a crazy maze of lists and tallies and whatnot inside my head), but when it comes to meat, I’m very conscientious about how much we eat. I’m hopeful that I can raise kids who have a wide range of food preferences, while understanding the meaning of their choices…for now, we eat animals and plants.

As far as the transition away from veganism goes…if you’ve been reading for a while you probably know this story already.  Just in case, here are some bullet points:

  • I like plant based food.  I like avocados and nuts & seeds and kale and hummus and could probably live off carrots…you get the point.  Back in 2011 (?) or so I discovered the low fodmap diet and that was revolutionary for me.  I implemented it as best I could while still avoiding meat and it was working for me.
  • Then I had a child with food allergies.  Six, to be exact.  To mostly plant based foods.  Peanuts, tree nuts, soy, gluten, sesame, and dairy.  That was really really hard.  It’s not something everyone can relate to, and for a while I felt a great deal of backlash here on the blog, but I didn’t really have a choice about what I fed him, so I did what I think anyone would do and fed him the best diet to keep him healthy.  I was also working as the sole provider for the family back then, while Kyle started his business, which comes with a whole other set of stressors. So the idea of cooking different meals for us all seemed completely insane and impossible.  I was terrified of having anything in the house that could lead to cross contamination and so we all adopted his diet.  There were ways to modify things while still keeping his meals allergy free, but for the most part I transitioned to a peanut/tree nut/dairy/soy/gluten free diet for a while.  Luckily, over time, he “outgrew” some of his allergies, and one by one, we were able to eat things like hummus and wheat bread again, and that made plant based eating easier.
  • Nowadays, we have the luxury of eating ALMOST ANYTHING we want.  He has graduated milk OIT and is slowly working through peanut desensitization, so our options are basically back to where they were before we found out about pacman’s allergies.  So will we go back to a veggie lifestyle?  I often think about it, but for now the answer is I don’t know.  I’ve lived with restrictions for so long now, it feels amazing to have the freedom we have.  But is that the right reason to consume animals?  Is that the best diet for us?  If you ask my son what his favorite food is, he will tell you “bacon” in under 1 second.  The funny thing is, he gets bacon once a month or less.  But it’s a taste you can’t undo.  Same with “meatballs” and “burgers”.  He has now had vegetarian versions of both and doesn’t dislike them, but definitely doesn’t love them the way he loves animal protein.  But 2 and 4 years old is kinda young to delve into the flaws of our food system and factory farming and slaughterhouses.  He knows where his food comes from and we are as transparent as possible, but he is only four, so, you know.  With time he can learn more and then make his own decisions.

How’s that?

I had a kombucha after dinner and then some leftovers from yesterday’s dinner on the late night because I was feeling slightly hungry again but didn’t want sweets (!).