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Day 2: the eve

Twas the day before Christmas and we were happy as could be in our sunshine-y bubble of a vacation.

I did a spin class at the hotel gym, which was as mediocre as could be.  I’m not a proficient spin person but even I could have taught a better class.  The energy was non existent, which is kinda an integral part.  Oh well.  I still pushed myself as best I could and got a good sweat.

We ate breakfast at a place called Healthy Creations that was gluten free, with an emphasis on organic, vegan and grain free options.  I can’t believe how many places like this exist in the greater San Diego area, but then again, I can, because it’s mainly Davis that is behind the times.  Oh how I wish we had more places like this near me.  I wanted everything in the cafe, including all the items they sold separately – paleo lasagnas with cashew cheese, grain free tortillas, rolls, loaves, and waffles…and SO MANY other treats.  The person who took our order said get items asap if we wanted to take them home because they sold out quickly.  And I did!  A sinful cinnamon roll and superfood protein & fiber bar to go, please.  And coconut bacon.

It’s a good thing we weren’t able to take refrigerated or frozen goods back home with us or I would have bought all the waffles and chicken tenders and coconut yogurt and kefir soda that I laid my eyes on.  ANYWAY.  If you find yourself near Healthy Creations, there are so many things on the menu that are a must.

Kyle got the powerhouse smoothie which had cashew milk, banana, almond butter, pumpkin seed protein powder, dates, kale, cinnamon, chia and vanilla.  We all shared it, and agreed it was THE best smoothie we’d ever had.  I’m going to have to remember to re-create all of these delicious things once we get home.

He also got the breakfast egg sammie with english muffin, egg, spinach, havarti cheese, garlic aioli and bacon.  He said it was the perfect breakfast sando -amazing flavor and perfect portion.

The kids split a fried egg toastie minus the feta, which they split in half for them.

And I got the paleo waffles with coconut creme, berries, and maple syrup.

It wasn’t that great to be honest.  It was too dry and crunchy and was more of a toasted crispy thing than a waffle.  Definitely not doughy or soft in any way.  It was good enough when combined with the syrup and coconut creme, but a waffle it was not, and for that reason, I can’t give it my stamp of approval.

Back to the pool!

Until naps…

Quiet time bird watching from the balcony.

For lunch Kyle grabbed us both take away from a place called the Lotus Cafe & Juice bar.

I was super indecisive and tweaked one of their salads to the point of unrecognizability – as I do.  I had brought a ripe avo from home that I knew I could add, so I just got the Harvest salad with grilled seasonal veggies, balsamic vinaigrette on a bed of organic baby greens with carrot, tomato, radish and jicama. Plus grilled salmon.  And extra tahini dressing.  Hashtag soggy salad lover.

I had read really good things about the tahini dressing (yelp reviews ftw) and it was as awesome as people said.

The portions were SUPER generous and I wound up with lots of leftovers because it was basically three containers worth of veggies. Yes please!

The kids ended up eating most of these roasted veggies after nap time and then again the next day for lunch (they ate leftover plates in the room for most of their lunches). They even liked the grilled green onions!  Shocked me big time.

Bed head.

Aside from the dressing though, I don’t know that the salad stood out in any phenomenal way.  But I was happy to get some greens in anyway, because I was jonesing for veggies after a few meals without them.

For dinner we went to a place called Urban Plates and got take away to eat in our room.  Sometimes eating out with kids is a pain, so why not just bring it back to dine in?

The concept is like Tender Greens – you can order a plate or a salad.  The plates come with your choice of protein and two veggie sides.

For the “kids meal” I picked grilled salmon, and roasted potatoes (with bread). It also came with organic whole milk, which was perfect, and ended up being two doses worth of dairy for P that week.  He prefers cheese, but I want to keep him doing milk every so often.  I brought cheese with us, but got greek yogurt from the breakfast buffet to split into a few doses worth as well. He only needs 4 g of protein for his dose and the tub of yogurt here at the resort had 19 g (so that’s a lot of doses!).  I didn’t measure it (because I don’t have a food scale here, obvs), but just erred on the side of more since I know he can handle up to 7 g no prob, and then gave any too small portions that were leftover to the little lady who is perpetually angling for her own “dose”.

Kyle and I two plates to share, although there were things we both knew we would mostly want and things the other person would mostly want.  Mine (above) had roasted chicken with roasted Brussels sprouts and roasted carrots/beets as my sides.

He got steak with roasted potatoes and broccoli. Both came with bread too, but I gave my bread to the kids so they could each have their own.  The chicken was LEGIT the most flavorful and juicy meat ever.  I tried a slice of Kyle’s steak which was also great.  And then there were the side dishes!  I can’t even decide what was the best part of the meal they were all so so good!  The carrots and beets were to die for. The kids swooped on several of my brussels too.

We almost forgot to put out cookies for Santa!!  Good thing Urban Plates has gluten free chocolate chip coconut cookies and chocolate covered macarons.

I wish I had photographed that macaroon with my hands next to it because it was HUGE.  And, ahem, delicious.  Santa was too full to try the cookie, but I hid it away for later.  I have already started a collection of sweets that I’m bringing home with me and it’s only day 2 but I already can see I’m going to need a bigger food storage system to get all these goodies home…

Prep goals

After a long day in the car, we were all so happy to finally pull into our garage.

But oh boy, did we have a ton of stuff to unpack and put away!

And I had to come up with something to eat.  V was sick and wanted to go right to bed after her bath, so I didn’t bother making food until she was down.  Poor thing had a GI situation the whole ride home and didn’t eat anything from 9 am on.  When V refuses food, you KNOW she isn’t feeling well. I just listened to her and let her go to bed to hopefully sleep it off.

I had the last salad I bought from Cafe Gratitude, which was the “I Am Pure” with ginger tahini marinated kale and avocado, sea palm, nori, cucumbers, carrots, cilantro, basil, green onions, sunflower sprouts, and teriyaki almonds.

Thank goodness I got extra dressing.  The other tupperware had sesame oil, which I added too.  Not sure if that was for that salad, but they included it for some thing and I hadn’t used it yet, so seemed like a fine addition.

There were literally three almonds, though, so I added cashews on top.  If nothing else, it was nice to finally get a bunch of fresh stuff in my face after a very snacky day stuck in the car, but I’m not sure this was my favorite of their salads.

Kyle and P had random odds and ends that I managed to scrounge up – chili from the pantry and sweet potatoes I had roasted and wrapped up prior to us leaving.  Good enough!

I spent the rest of the night unpacking and getting things put away.  At least kinda.  Because I realized pretty quickly that I needed to organize all the treats I brought home..

And all the treats I got for Christmas…

And all the sweets I already had in the pantry…

OH MAN.  It’s like our house is a chocolate black hole.  Obviously I eat it all, eventually, but I think I’m borderline hoarding at this point.

Check out this beauty that I got at Better Buzz coffee shop!  Anyway.  More on the pantry progress later.

To start, I had dessert.  One cookie down!

I had candied ginger and ginger tea as well.

And then I made a plan for the weekend.  Pantry reorg was priority number one.  And then it was onto food prep.

The next morning, I took all the chocolate and sweets out of the pantry…then cleaned EVERY SINGLE shelf in the pantry.  And then made a whole new section (in the shoe room, not the pantry) for treats.

The rest of this shelving unit has shoes and that’s why it’s called the shoe room, but now it’s home to more important items.  😉

We were still very much food-less, but I made steel cut oats for the kids’ breakfast, and pulled a banana bread from the freezer for Kyle.

I had a cinnamon roll calling my name though…

Still riding that 2017 sugar high!  No room for detoxing here.

Yummmmm…took care of that bad boy.

After a bunch more cleaning, I had to take a break for a kiddo birthday party.  But as soon as we got home, the kids went down for naps and I got right back into the kitchen.  I had to finish off our grocery list so we could hit up all the stores that afternoon.

Miraculously, I found these brussels sprouts in the fridge so I could have a vegetable for lunch.  But there wasn’t much else to eat…so I added sheep pecorino romano and rosemary marcona almonds.

These almonds are ADDICTIVE.  Salty and savory and amazing.  It’s a miracle I didn’t eat the whole bag.

Not too bad for an empty house.

After the kids woke up from naps we went to Costco THEN TJs and THEN Nugget.  Phew!  It basically took the entire rest of the day.

I’ll share our NYE dinner later (we stayed in, so don’t get too excited), but for now, here’s how I spent the rest of the holiday time (with Kyle watching the kids so I could get MAJOR things checked off my list).

Every body loves a check list…  🙂  🙂  🙂

NNP’s all purpose stir fry sauce (because I had oranges that were on their last leg) form her Ready or Not cookbook.

Unpictured: AAG’s ranch dressing from her Celebrations cookbook

This spicy almond butter sauce

Unpictured: balsamic vinaigrette

Three sheets of roasted veggies – butternut squash (x2), yellow onion, and carrots.

And while the oven was on…

I roasted two cans of chickpeas.

This baked potato with bacon was leftover from my dinner at Bob’s steakhouse. I brought it all the way home, only to decide to make it into a tortilla espanola (or quiche pizza, as the kids call it).

I chopped everything up super fine, then added 1 1/2 cups of whipped eggs, 1 tbsp EVOO, salt and pepper.

The oven was getting a serious work out.

My other appliances were working too, though, I used the microwave to steam broccoli.

And the instant pot to steam sweet potatoes.

And I made some dried fruit/seed balls in the food processor.  It’s been a while since I’ve made bars for the kids, but I used to do it every weekend.  Now they can eat Larabars and other commercial products, so I have gotten a little lazy.  The I saw these at Costco and thought I should just make them on my own.

Mine had dates, dried apricots, dried blueberries, sunflower seeds, coconut and cinnamon.  And then I got the idea to roll his peanut dose into a few of them.

So I made three that way with 2 grams of peanuts per ball, but the rest were just plain.

It was not an easy task, rolling the dose into the ball since the amount is so high now, but I got it done.  Hopefully he likes it.

My goals for 2018 aren’t any different from my goals for 2017, but I am committing to making it happen.  Food prep.  With a real plan.  Every weekend.  It’s the only way to survive eating as well as I want to without going insane.  And that’s the key to my health and happiness after all.

Happy New Year!

Day 1: slides

I may just eat everything in all of San Diego if we stay here too long…

Before the sun was even up, Kyle and I took turns working out at the hotel gym, which is one of the nicest gym’s I’ve ever been to.  They have classes too, like TRX and spin and whatnot.  We didn’t anticipate it being as cold as it is in the mornings so my attire makes me want to go straight to the gym rather than run around the property freezing.  But I still did a little of both.

For breakfast, we went to Vue, which is one of the hotel’s restaurants and wound up going the buffet route, which is a little scary for me.  I’m the kind of person who likes to get my money’s worth, but I’m also a person who likes to eat healthy food and feel good.  With buffets, that is never a combination that’s going to win.  I did ok though.  And since the kids were free, I don’t feel too bad about the $$$.  It wasn’t that unreasonable for how fancy this place is.  Plus the food was delicious, so that’s really all that matters, right??

Don’t be deceived by my portion.  The plates are MASSIVE.  That cinnamon roll was the size of my fist and I wanted to marry it after the first bite.

The server was soooo awesome – she asked about allergies before we even ordered, went and checked with the chefs about every single thing at the buffet, and was willing to do anything I needed to make sure P was accommodated and safe.  Above and beyond the norm, but exactly what you’d hope for.  I thanked her repeatedly for her attention to allergies. It’s so important!  I’d have been way more worried and less likely to let him eat whatever had he not been through OIT, but these days I am loosening up.  Still very cautious, but not nearly the stress case I was before.

He loves that he can have whatever he wants!

The rest of the day was spent at the pool, with a minor break for lunch and naps.  That’s really all we wanted to do!

There are a bunch of different pools and hot tubs, but the best one has a slide and splash pad.  They aren’t tall enough for the big slides, but there’s a little one that they looooove.

They are getting so good at swimming, I can tell vacations with pools and beaches are going to be our focus from here on out. Also, I like being warm.

Since we went so big on lunch, we had a lighter lunch.

Although still not healthy by any stretch…

Believe it or not, this was my FIRST Pressed Juicery experience.  They just opened one in Danville (where my sister lives) so we may be visiting Auntie Bee and Uncle Dan a lot more now.  😉

They were having a 4 for $20 deal, so I got two juices and then we each got a freeze (aka fro yo) with whatever toppings.  All for 20 bucks, doesn’t seem too bad.

Kyle loved it. He got the chocolate with almonds, honey and almond butter on top.

I got half chocolate and half strawberry with chocolate chips, coconut, and almond butter on top.  MMMMMMM.  It was a lot, but so so good.

For dinner we went to Goodonya in Encinitas.

As you can see, it’s focus is organic and gluten free.  With vegan options aplenty, like house-made cashew based cheeses.

Kyle and I mentioned getting pizza so of course then the kids wanted pizza.  Cool with me!

They split one, but P didn’t like the cashew cheese at all so I took all his off and then he was a happy camper.  Meanwhile, V housed hers.

Kyle started his meal with a broccoli cashew soup, which he raved about, and then had a caprese style pizza.

The pizza was obviously not what Kyle wanted in terms of greasy cheesy carby fare, but he liked it fine.  The make their own grain free crusts, which I thought were very similar to Simple Mills’ pizza crusts (which I love), so I thought it was awesome.

I got the BBQ chicken pizza and ate every single bite.  So good.

At home, we showered, read books, and put V down while P had some quiet time with a book on cd.  Once he had all his doses and was tired, we put him to bed and started The Crown.

With chocolate.  Vacation gluttony begins…


Ho Ho Ho in So Cal

I’m happy to report back to you all that it IS IN FACT POSSIBLE to drive 10 hours with a 2 and 4 year old without using an iPad (or any screen time for that matter).

Now, truth be told, we brought the iPad along just in case things were really dire, but I also packed a TON of activities for them – felt toys, magnetic games, books, cds and books ON cds.

Each had their own discman and headphones so there would be no arguing and Kyle and I wouldn’t have to listen to The Nutcracker for the 500th time.

Unfortunately, it was Pattycakes’ motion sickness that really limited what stuff we gave them.  The first time we weren’t sure what was to blame.  He didn’t seem to want breakfast and his best friend had a GI bug simultaneously (I was texting with my friend about it in real time and it’s like our kids were having sympathy vomit).  And then it happened twice more on the trip…sooo…unclear.  He looked (and said he) felt 100% up until the seconds before it happened.  Each time.  And once he was cleaned up he was back to his chatty ways, asking for snacks and books and whatever.  It was very confusing.  The other wild card was that each time it seemed to happen after he ate.  But he had an appetite so I wasn’t going to NOT feed him.  Especially since I wanted to give him his doses.  Those may or may not have stayed down, but he’s fine now so whatever.  Super weird.

LA traffic was as heinous as always and we had a two hour delay BUT DUH IT’S LA.  At least she finally took a nap!  She slept from 2-4:30 and woke up just as we arrived at my G-ma’s house in Newport Beach.

I haven’t seen my Aunt and Uncle and G-ma since my sister’s wedding in June, so it was awesome to hang out and catch up.  However since we were running late, we only stayed for an hour and then hit the road to go get dinner.

Native Foods!

I think this is exactly what I envisioned when I was preggo with P…taking my little hippies to a vegan restaurant and having us all order off the menu and live in happy hippie bliss.  And now it’s basically realized!  Aside from the snacks I packed for the kids on the drive (and his pancake peanut doses) I brought NO FOOD for Mr. P.  I plan on doing no cooking all vacation long, thankyouverymuch.  [Technically I could because we got a rom with a kitchen since P wasn’t as far along in OIT when we booked the hotel and I’m just used to preparing and bringing his food with us wherever we go.  BUT NO MORE!]

I got a Thai meatball dish, Kyle got a chix, seitan bacon, and avo club sandwich, and the kids got seitan tacos with sweet potato fries to share.

This bowl was HUGE.  You can’t even see the quinoa piled underneath!  The sauce was amazing and the meatballs were super flavorful and delicious.  I am so glad I branched out and didn’t order the kale macro bowl like always.

The seitan was a little too spicy for the kids, so I ate it (tough job being a mom) and they just had the rest of the tacos and fries.

That seitan bacon tho.  Mmmm.

I think I need to get back in the habit of making seitan.  It’s the best.  Note to self.  Do that.

Native Foods’ staff was SUPER allergy conscious and got out the allergy menu to double check everything for peanuts/peanut oil in all of our dishes, so that was awesome.

And then we were back on the road again!  This leg of the voyage was shorter though, and so by 8 pm we arrived in Carlsbad.

I wanted SOOO BADLY to dig into dessert right away, but first we had to unload the car, give the kids baths, and get them all tucked in.

My Aunt sent us off with some extra fudge she made (!!!) and I got a chia chocolate pudding thing at Native Foods, so we were ready to get chocolate wasted as soon as everything was squared away.

And that we did.

And since I was on high alert with all the vomiting (the last one occurred as we pulled into the hotel driveway) we stayed up extra late with this guy to make sure his dose stayed down and he felt ok.

We thought going to bed at 10:30 may result in some extra morning zzzzs for us, but, no.

They were up bright and early, per usual, ready to tackle the day before the sun was even up.

And now we are here in beautiful San Diego to do absolutely nothing but enjoy our time as a foursome in this relaxing paradise.  I”ll take pics of my eats and share them later 🙂


Emptying the fridge

I took very few food photos this week and a million other pics, but I decided to pop in to wrap up the week really quickly before our Christmas vacation starts.

I brought home some leftovers from my parents’ house on Sunday, but didn’t feel like round two of the same exact meal that night, so instead we had a bunch of other leftovers that were already in the fridge.

This chicken and orzo dish.

This curry (on it’s fourth meal!) with turkey.

And now a quick OIT update.

We are A MERE THREE APPOINTMENTS from the end of this whole journey.

Up until now, the staff has been grinding and weighing the doses out for me at our appointments so I have a week or more supply, but since we are getting close to the end, I have to start making my own doses.

I bought this (jewelry) scale because it’s the one they use in the office and thanks to amazon prime it was on our front porch by the time I was home that weekend.  It measures to the 0.000 decimal, which they require, and now if I need to weigh all my diamonds I’m set!  JK!!  😛

This is ~2 1/2 peanuts’ worth ground up.  They were nice enough to make me a bunch of extras so I could get creative with ways to administer it.  I mentioned it before, but P has been having mega issues getting his doses down now that the amount is so high.  It’s a good problem to have, because now I’m thinking the likelihood of him having an accidental exposure that’s larger than 4 g (the end goal) is pretty much nonexistent (but you never know).  Anyway, having him hate peanuts is great but also not great since he presumably has to eat them once a day for the rest of his life.

First thing I did when we got home was make a pancake batter for the next add doses into, one by one, so that each pancake would have the exact amount required for one day’s peanut portion.

I made mostly normal ones, obvs.

For the peanut ones, I added the ground up nuts after the pancake was mostly cooked, then poured a little more batter on top before flipping it (so the peanut would be totally hidden inside and also we wouldn’t get peanuts on our skillet).

It was a major success.  No gagging, no problem.  He ate it fast and without complaint and so the next time I made pancakes (a few days later) I made a bunch more the same way.

And on the dairy front…

Another hit!

With 5 g of protein per tube, it’s the perfect little dosing vessel. And while it’s not organic milk 🙁 at least there isn’t as much sugar in these as I thought there would be.  It’s a good break from cheese and milk.  Diversity is key since he has to take his dairy dose twice a day (peanut is just once).

Thumbs up!

Double thumbs up!

Did I mention I got these for P?  In a moment of weakness over the summer, I saw them for super cheap on our town’s kid2kid resale site. It was while V had her cast and I was feeling sad for P being neglected.  The’ve been hiding ever since.  He has been in heaven ever since he opened them, but I amazon primed noise cancelling headphones that night.

And now the rest of the week’s food that I caught on film, in no particular order…

Christmas dinner round two.  Those sweet potatoes!!!

This was one of two proper meals I made this week.  And Kyle looooved it.  It’s basically a version of one of my go-to lunch salads.

Kale + cabbage + bell pepper + cilantro + shredded carrots + quinoa + Nugget Market Thai salad dressing.

We had leftover fried rice from a gobble meal the week before so I mixed that into the kids’ portion instead of the dressing (because it’s pretty spicy).

Normally I’d go for cashews on top, but since I’d already had heaps of nuts that day I did sunflower seeds instead.

The other dinner I made was based on these wonton meatballs.  Truth be told, I wouldn’t have gone all out to make a meal like this for just me and the kids but I forgot Kyle was going to be gone so whatever.

The nom nom paleo recipe uses ground pork, shrimp, and mushrooms, but I didn’t have shrimp so I just used ground beef and ground pork. And instead of mushrooms I used this…

Which is Michelle’s own brand of seasoning salt, and is pretty much umami fairy dust in a jar.

I served it with cauli rice that I needed to use up.  I’m kinda embarrassed to say, I ate this plate and two three more after that.  They were so good and before I knew it, they were almost all gone!  My kids ate a bunch too, but it’s not normal for three people to consume 3 pounds of meat in one sitting, so I am going to be compensating with some plant based meals in the near future.

Starting with this!

I caught these greens before they went gross just in the nick of time!  I added avo, cashews, and my favorite Thai dressing.


This salad had raw walnut “taco meat” + romaine + tomatoes + shredded carrots + avo + cashew reserve “chedda cheese” + Siete chips.

Mexi-lunch made entirely from plants.

At this point I was starting to seriously scrape the bottom of the fridge.  So that was basically the last of the veggies.


Nourish bread and almond buttah x2.

V serving a side of cheeeese.

Check out that coconut cream!  Makes coffee bliss.

You’re backwards girl.

Want to see that bread zoomed in?

Just look at the density of nutrients!

I built these slices into two nice little toasts, with avo and smoked salmon, and carrots on the side.

Don’t worry, I had more than four carrots.  But most of the time carrots escape the camera because they’re a constant snack as I make my meals.

I need to freeze these. I ate 5000 calories after 8 pm because Kyle was gone another night and the kids test me to the limit.  I wish I didn’t turn to cookies, but you gotta cope somehow (that isn’t screaming at the top of your lungs).


The kids had (leftover) steak and mashed potatoes and avocado.  So random.  Even more random, was my avocado and bacon sandwiches on top of some “blender bread” rolls I had in the freezer.

Kyle got home later so I made him pasta.

The fridge is seriously empty.  The only thing left are some herbs, which I actually used to make into a big jar of “herb ranch dressing” using this recipe.

Have you entered to win some bars?  You have until Christmas!