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gimme gimme (more)

I actually woke up with a hop in my step today – how weird is that? At 5 am?! On a work day?! That’s not even normal for a morning person…let alone me. I think it’s because I wanted to be over my cold SOOO badly, I was trying to will it to happen.

I felt a little better, still way sick, but at least I could walk to work without getting out of breath.

I had a glass of tea before I left (this NEW kind). Green tea with acai and pomegranate…so good. Hopefully, it’s going to help me fight off this cold, too.

For lunch (which I pack the night before) I had a Gary Null’s veggie burger with organic alfalfa sprouts, tomato, lettuce, and veganaise…all on a sesame seed bun.
The burger was super good. I love GN’s veggie burgers on their own, so I knew I’d like them with a big sesame roll and vegetables (and gobs of veganaise). Here’s something I’m not so proud to admit…when we were in Europe, I realized that I maybe, kinda, sorta like mayo (gasp). My typical diet does not include such fatty condiments (cholesterol is a no-no) and yet, both the french and spanish cuisine are big fans of rich and decadent food – DEF heavy in the mayo department! So, since I made a pact with myself to enjoy the food in Europe without guilt, it only took a few seconds to get over the initial eek of the mayo.

Next thing I know, I’m digging the mayo! (hence the mayo loaded veggie burger for lunch). The rest of my lunch: apple and raisins

PM snack: superfood odwalla bar


I had to satisfy my sushi craving…texturized protein with carrots and other veggies (but clearly one roll is not going to fill me up) so I also made a dinner sando with “turkey” salad (plus bunches of veganaise)…

Sandwich close up:

Alvarado Street bread is so good. I’m hooked. I was still a little hungry, so I had one more open faced piece of bread with the fake turkey spread. I’m a bottomless pit, I swear. Always wanting more.

A bit later I was in the mood for a little something sweet, so I had a handful of dates (actually I had twice the amount shown).


Top of the morning! Well, this morning I woke up because I couldn’t breathe (nose clogged, throat sore). Not the best way to start the day. The good news was that I could buy the new B Spears cd (hooray for healthy Britney) and enjoy it during breakfast.

Since I am mega sick, I thought I would give my body a big breakfast to fight off the infection (I am supposed to work tomorrow). I’m not a big breakfast person, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I finished a lot of containers this morning too. I had the last of the Nature’s Path oatmeal (2 maple nuts packets) with the REST of the jar of peanut butter, some cinnamon, and vanilla silk soy milk. Hey, anything and everything can be fixed with PB.

Later I enjoyed a vanilla o’soy yogurt with a HUGE whole foods fruit and nut square.

This thing is massive! I crumbled some pieces in the soy yogurt, which was delish! I also had another cup of soy nog with it šŸ™‚ I gotta get my fluids!
I also had the second half of my C monster from yesterday…I’m going to be peeing all day!

While out and about I made my way to the tea aisle…wow, I could have spent all day there. I finally decided on this one for a soothing bedtime drink. It’s so so (meaning I think I’m going to have to add some sort of sweetener to it). Whatever, as long as it gets me better and/or helps me sleep, I’m cool with it.

For dinner I made another very orange meal. I had butternut squash soup (a few bowls).

I’ve had this one before, so I knew I liked it. Perfect sick meal.
I also popped some butternut squash cubes in the oven with salt and cinnamon and some EVOO.

They were mushy and delish, just like I like it.

And for my last course I had the last of the vegan stuffing šŸ™ I’m very proud of how good it was, so I’ll have to remember this recipe for next year.
Work tomorrow, so bed time now…

orange day

I’m SOOOO sick. I am all runny, and sniffly…I can’t stop sneezing and my throat feels like I’m swallowing sandpaper. Looks like today is going to be a Vitamin C loaded day…I’m thinking soup in mass quantities.

I actually only had about half this mug because I kept having coughing fits after each sip.

Kyle came home for lunch, yea!! He had some of the vegan stuffing I made for thanksgiving and LOVED it. Success for me! For my lunch I had creamy butternut squash soup.

2 and a half bowls…so good, and perf for my throat.

Yeah, it was that good.

Later I had this mushy pear as a snack. Not so hot.

Instead of going to the gym, I went grocery shopping. I needed get-better-food in a may-ja way. Check out this stocked fridge…it’s a rarity, so I had to take a pic.

That’s one of the not so great things about living in nyc…small apartment = no pantry, no storage room, and a teeny tiny fridge (thus limited options for cooking)
So I gotta embrace days like these (since they are few and far between).

Here’s my second attempt at flushing the cold out of me. Talk about packed with a punch! It’s about as close to a jamba juice as you can get from the store. Plus it was loaded with vitamin c (hence the name). Hope it starts working fast…
You know I’m sick when…
I actually ate 3 tangerines. I feel awful, and it just keeps getting worse and worse as the day goes on. Thank god I have today and tomorrow off from work, because I can barely go 5 minutes without sneezing or hacking up a lung. Not so great a time to be around patients, verdad?

It even looks pretty! For the record, I’m NOT a fan of citrus, in any form. So you KNOW I felt pretty sick to be eating tangerines by choice. Here are my issues: I don’t like how much work it is peeling, and I don’t like how your hands get all gross, and I don’t like having to spit out seeds and pulp. So exhausting!
On the positive side, here’s a gem I discovered at our local whole foods store.

Before I was lactose intolerant, I was a dairy queen…and especially during the holiday season, I just couldn’t get enough egg nog. So you can only imagine how thrilled I was to have discovered this soy version! Now I can enjoy this with way less guilt, since it is dairy free, low fat, and just as mmm mmm good. It’s not as thick, which scared me a bit when I was pouring, but once I tasted it, I was delighted at how similar it tastes to the real thing – AND so I immediately poured myself a second glass full šŸ™‚
At this point I was a little concerned (because of how much orange food I had eaten); I thought maybe I was going to turn into an oompa loompa.
But why fight it? A little tan in the winter never hurt anyone?

So I had more soup for dinner. This stuff was wayyyyy good. I have been making some weird food choices since I’ve been sick. Not being able to breathe/taste/smell has seemingly changed my cravings, because ordinarily this is NOT something I would see on the shelf at the grocery store and decide to buy.

Quite nice though.

I had more soy nog before bed…along with 500 cough drops. Yum?

a nutty day

Sunday already? Wow, the weekend flew by, considering I did nothing all day Saturday. Again I slept in, and again I started the am with coffee topped off with ff foamy milk (gotta love the caffe froth)!

I really like foam.

For brunch I made an egg (beater) scramble with more tofu from the whole foods hot food bar. Quite a success if I say so myself. I actually think tofu and eggs are one of the greatest food combos (like pb+j). It was a really good protein-y start to the day.

A few hours later, I had the last bit of tofu. Grazing, much?

Then I tried this yogurt, which I bought by accident! It has extra calcium, I guess? It was ok. Nothing extraordinary. The flavor sounded so good (apricot mango), but it was fruit at the BOTTOM (which I hate)! Yuck. Whoever decided stirring jam into yogurt was the same as flavoring yogurt? No thank you.

This photo sums up the rest of the day (more or less). I finished the bag of A street bread with layer upon layer of peanut butter. My relationship with peanut butter is amazing. Seriously. WTF.

Good god.

And as if the peanut butter wasn’t enough for the day (month), I then dove into the soy nuts head first.

Going with the day’s theme of nuts, I had a king sized bag of peanut m&m’s…

trouble is a friend, trouble is a foe

My patients are trying to make me FAT!!! Look at all the shit below. I have been collecting all the presents from my patients and their families in my locker for a while now, and I finally just brought it all home (since my locker was overflowing with candy). I still left mentos and lollipops behind though. Talk about an unhealthy work environment! How can I possibly resist all this delish crap? So, I will most likely cave now that I brought it home…

So, I finally got to sleep in today. Hooray for weekends off!

Coffee me!

I lazed around all morning since it was pouring rain outside. No way am I going to the gym in this weather (ignore that horrible non-logic).

So for my brunch I had Nature’s Path oatmeal. I made a big bowl to which I added silk vanilla soy milk and cinnamon. Ok, let me preface this by saying I LOVE oatmeal. It is one of my favorite food items of all times, and I could probably eat it for every meal. That said, I don’t really like this brand of oatmeal! I’ve tried making it a few different ways (with water, milk, and soy milk) and it is always so bland. The only way I have successfully made it taste good is by adding in a LOT of peanut butter (which is generally a good rule to improve any dish).
Strawberry soy yogurt for a snack later on šŸ™‚

Look at me being lazy all afternoon long…tv, internet, drawing, nothingness (love it)!
I had these braided wheat pretzel twists (some with the rest of the hummus I had left over from the other day). Then I had 4 slices of bread and 2 apples with hummus.

I like yellow apples SO much. The red apple was just kinda bleh.
For dinner I took another stab at the tofu spreads from whole foods’ hot bar. I didn’t quite finish it tonight either!! It’s SO good, I just wanna savor it for days and days and days.

But I wasn’t full yet, and I needed some carbs (nevermind the entire bag of pretzels I had earlier). So I toasted bread with smart balance butter. I am really just abandoning all self control at this point. Clearly thanksgiving was just the beginning of my downfall. What happened to moderation? No clue.

Then I broke into my goodies that I brought home yesterday. Reese’s white chocolate covered peanut butter cups. Orgasmic. I’ll pay for it tomorrow, I’m sure!