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Valentine’s day = chocolate overload

So, I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day person.  In fact, I pretty much refuse to “celebrate” on the actual day.  It’s not that I’m anti-romance, it’s just…I don’t need a designated day of the year to display my affection, I love Kyle all year long (and I make sure he knows it all year long)!!!

That said.  HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!!!!

I worked today.  What can I say, work was work. 

Lunch:  sammie with every color bell pepper


Other treats: carob raisins, dried fruit mix, dried pineapple, dried figs, apple, odwalla bar, and lots of silk-ified coffee


Let the record state – carob covered raisins and dried fruit together are my idea of HEAVEN 

I also picked up a little treat from the ‘bucks while I was there.


FYI, I’ve literally been to 8 different stores this week looking for SF vanilla syrup, too bad the thought to ask starbucks where I can get some didn’t occur to me a bit sooner…anyways, when I went in to ask them, they said, you can buy it here directly from us.  Heyo!  If only I’d know that before hitting up every store on the upper west side!  I can’t WAIT to add this to my morning coffee.

Like I said, V day is bad for a chocoholic…(even though I now consider myself a reformed caroboholic) – haha, I actually typed carboholic just then (which is equally accurate in describing me)


Half a bar my co-worker shared with me…(I managed to avoid all the bombitters (aka almonds)

My commute home was INFURIATING, but in honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ll keep the venting to myself and channel loving thought (just know that the weekend subway sched BLOWS)

Dinner: texturized vegetable protein (vegan) sushi rolls


Plus, vegan soy-tein with spinach


(which I combined with the last of the Fage greek yogurt – nom nom)


Dessert was none other than chocolate! 


Chocolate Tofu cup ingredients: tofu, maple syrup, cocoa powder, rice, orange zest, pure vanilla extract, sea salt


Vanilla Tofu cup ingredients: organic tofu, maple syrup, lemon zest, sea salt, cinnamon



**no oil, no sugar, no gluten – pure vegan deliciousness 🙂


The vanilla one was SO SO good, but the chocolate one was just so-so…the best part is the pure ingredients, so I didn’t feel remotely guilty.  I hope this dessert wasn’t just a V day special because I could definitely see myself getting this 7 nights a week 🙂



This cute card pretty much wraps up my day…


tv or hour nap?

I woke up to Kyle getting ready for work (he’s normally so quiet, but lately, not so much)…so (again) I embraced it and got the day under way.  Unlike Kelly, I chose tv over napping 🙂


I went craaaazy with my coffee this morning, frothed vanilla silk and a stevia/cinnamon combo sprinkled on top.  Um, this is my heaven.


Brekkie: Fench toast with “egg” beaters and Alvarado street bread…with a lot of Earth Balance melted on top.


Lunch: Sammie on Alvarado street bread with sabra hummus, greek yogurt, tofu AND smart deli “turkey” plus some romaine


I love tofu and hummus together.  Actually, I sabra hummus is pretty much heavenly on anything and everything…


PM snack: dried fruit and tea + apple



I was going to go for a run in the park since it was super sunny earlier in the day, but the wind factor made it pretty much impossible to enjoy the sunny (but still cold) weather.  So gym it was.  GYM stats:  elliptical 60 min, spinning 20 min, tread mill walking cool down 10 min

FYI – my cute/hilarious BF signed off a mid-day email to me today “vegan love, K”    haha, he cracks me up  🙂

Dinner:  BBQ seitan with salad


Salad contained romaine, brocc slaw, and tomatoes, with Fay-yeh and the seitan on top


All mixed up, don’t know what to do…


And here’s plate full numero dos

Dessert: dried figs and carob covered raisins (I mean waht did you expect…)


At what point does this go from ordinary addiction to serious obsession (slash problem).


I got crafty again and started stuffing carob raisins in things 🙂

I also had a couple glasses of delicious chocolate soymilk.  It’s like liquid love…


Are there certain foods that you eat that your fam/friends/S.O. think are totally weird or gross?  As you all know, I love love love dried fruit, but Kyle’s not a fan, which I just don’t understand.  Other than that, he’s pretty good about being open to trying new vegan dishes and/or non-meat alternatives.  He does think it’s weird that I put greek yogurt on just about everything…and he definitely poo-poos my vegan “cheese” (I don’t think he could live without queso)!  I’m still working on getting him to try carob…

Happy Friday the 13th – I was pretty cautious all day (because I’m crazy superstitious)

Ok, gotta get to bed, I’m working all weekend AND monday.  BOO!!


Today was a slowwwwww day, but it was a good one.  Work was nice, some funny stories (maybe I’ll share one later), but altogether a mellow day.  No complaints.  I woke up at 4 am (a la Erin) completely on my own, alert and awake, so I embraced it!  I’m sayin’

I obviously arrived at Starbeezies way early (like 6ish) so I enjoyed the AM crossword and my book (Me & Emma) – which is soooo good btw.  Totally hooked.

So, funny story:  Sometimes we get ER patients in the middle of the night since we are a critical care floor and can handle the acutely ill people who don’t have doctors at 2 am.  Now, bear in mind, people who are admitted to the hospital at that hour, are clearly doing weird ass shit at that hour.  That said, I was going into one of my patient’s rooms, when I glanced into another patient’s room (not mine)…and let me paint you a little picture…86 year old scrawny man, 5 feet small, hunched over in his chair, wispy long white hair in a messy afro-halo (resembling pigpen), white bandage stained with blood wrapped around his forehead (although it looked like it was applied by a 4 year old), massively swollen black eye with one sided facial puffiness/redness, AND….drum roll please, a framed life sized oil canvas portrait propped up against his telemetry monitor.  WHAT!!?!!!?!!!??  Seriously, wtf.  I burst into laughter and had to run away so the patient wouldn’t see me cracking up.  Apparently, he had a little accident toppled over backwards while trying to hang his 30 pound painting after midnight.   You can’t make this stuff up!!  Then, rather than leave the painting at his house, he decided to bring his dear possession with him to the hospital.  I just don’t have any more words.

Ok, lunch, baked tofu sammie with greek yog.  Mmmm.



The rest of lunch was the same old, same old.


I got off work right on time, always a plus.

I was starving when I got home, so I made a little plate of goodies to hold me over while I made my dinner.


The I put together a big ass salad, including fancy lettuce, celery, edamame, greek yogurt, and the (below) seitan salad.




I was craving greens BIG TIME, so I actually had 2 of these massive bowls.  Don’t be surprised, I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have seconds…

Kyle came home a little late tonight, and look what he brought me 🙂


Dessert was out of control deslish…dates and carob raisins!!!


I took the pits out and stuffed them with the carob raisins, and basically HOLY effing YUM!!!!


And since it’s Feb (the month of sweets and indulgence) I had a few more of these coconut date rolls.


AND THEN (as if I wasn’t full enough already), I toasted some Alvarado Street bread and lathered on the soynut butter.


As if the day wasn’t already perfect, I also got a wonderful treat today in the mail.  Yup, a package was waiting for me when I got home today – from my blogger secret cupid.  Yeah!!!!  My secret cupid was the adorable Molly from OatsCoffeeLove, and did she hook me up or WHAT!?!  Oh my goodness, it’s like she knows me!  Such a sweetie, you all must check out her blog. 


Look at my box full of goodies!!  I can’t even decide what to try first!  Sensory overload…dried fruit mix (without nuts!!!), odwalla bar, choc/raspberry coffee, and THE cutest heart shaped bowl, like, ever.  Prepare to see a LOT of meals in this cute little baby :)  Plus, she enclosed a note on pink stationary.  Now, my mission is going to be keeping Kyle away from the goods.  I already see him eyeing the coffee and the chocolate.  But, the best part is that now I’ve discovered her blog, which I adore.  Lee, thanks for putting this together, it was so fun 🙂

Naturally, I sampled the dried fruit mix and 2 pieces of chocolate (even though my stomach was already about to BURST at the seams).  Did I mention how much I love food?

nursing in the desert

I really think the temp on unit today was almost in the 90’s.  I don’t really know why…but everyone who came to our floor commented about the sauna-like environment so I KNOW it wasn’t just me.  So, it’s safe to say I was sweating BULLETS all day long. 

Ok, but let’s get down to business with the grub…


NEW kind of tofu!!!  I baked TJs tofu yesterday for the weeks worth of lunches…


While the kcals were a bit more than the Lite brand I usually get (Nasoya silken firm), it turned golden brown WAY better.


Purrty, no?


And it makes a pretty bomb addition to my daily sando, too :)  (Alvarado street bread, greek yog, mostaza, smart deli “turkey” and 2 slabs of baked tofu)


The rest of the lunch is pictured above, featuring sando, odwalla bar, apple, and dried fruit assortment of pineapple ring, HUMONGOUS papaya spear, and carob covered raisins – LOVE!!!!

And guess what happened today at work?!  One of my patients finally gave me a food gift I could (and would) eat 🙂

How many apples are in a bushel?

I love getting gifts from patients and their families, not so much for the gifts (since they are usually non-vegan treats), but because it means I’m making a positive impact on their lives (and who doesn’t like being appreciated)…So I smile, thank them, accept the butter/cream loaded gifts, and then leave them in the break room for others to enjoy…which is why today ROCKED.  My patient gave me 7 apples!!!!  Consider my February made.


When I got home I threw some seitan in a skillet…and steamed up some veggies.


I am in love with seitan.  Reeeeeeeally in love.  It’s so easy and tasty, everyone should try it (and if you don’t like it, send your leftovers to me).


For dessert I had some apple slices (this is actually apple #4 for the day)!!!


My dessert’s dessert (aka dessert #2) was carob covered raisins and a few figs.  I’m in SUCH a phase right now, I literally can’t get enough carob and figs…

I got to thinking today.  How many hours of sleep do you think you get?  How many do you think you need?  After talking to others and reading blogs, I’m starting to think my sleep patterns aren’t too healthy.  When I work I get v. little sleep.  Since I get home late, I eat dinner late, and often don’t get to bed until 1 am (12 pm is my typical bedtime though)…before bed I have to make my lunch, pack my bag, and lay out all my clothes for the next day (which is like 45 different layers in winter).  Also, since I don’t exactly hit the ground running in the AM, I have to wake up at 5 am to give myself time to become human.  I know everyone is different, but 4 hours of sleep?  Is that bad?

Does washing dishes count?

As exercise?  Because that’s the only physical activity I did all day.  No I’m only kidding, but it was a pretty mellow day, fitness wise.  I’m still pretty sore, but that’s not really a good excuse because my legs are fine, it’s just my back/neck that’s the issue.


I started the day with some silky coffee, obvi.  I told you I was lazy – I couldn’t even muster up the energy to make froth!


Brekkie “quesadilla” with soynut butter and chopped up dates.  I was inspired by Erin’s wrap 🙂


Plus a few more dates on the side.

Dates + nut butter = HEAVEN

For lunch I put together a bomb ass sando (GN veggie burger with greek yog on an english muffin)…on the side I had the curry sweet potatoes leftover from last week.


This hit the SPOT!  Lovin’ the curry 🙂

After I had some time to digest, I headed to the gym for a mediocre workout.  I was not feelin’ it AT ALL.  Blah.  Anyways, I did a bit of errands on the way home (lugging groceries back to the apt was probably more exercise than I got at the gym).  


Post gym snackeroos: coconut date rolls (4ish total)

Then I continued cooking and baking – food preppin’ for the week, yo!


For a while now I’ve been meaning to make some non-meat “meatballs” so last time I was at TJs I picked up this package of LightLife vegan ground “sausage.”  Upon opening it, I was a little nervous (it looks like something that might come out of some of my patients).


Fortunately, I got over it once I started rolling it into little balls with some steamed spinach.



“Meatballs” (above) pre-oven, (below) after 30 minutes baking


I popped one in my mouth just to test…and, YUM!  These were really good, a little on the chewy side, but definitely a product I’ll get again.  Keep in mind, I don’t think I’ve ever actually had a real meatball, so my basis for comparison is not what others’ might be, but I really liked this fake sausage.


There were 12 in total – aren’t they just the most perfect looking balls, browned to perfection with a little golden crisp from being baked in the oven.


For dinner I made several bowls of spaghetti with “meatballs” vegan style with shirataki noodles and my hot-out-of-the-oven balls (wink wink). 




Yes, I polished off ALL 12 meatballs!!!  (Insert all “taking in a lot of meat”/”that’s what she said” jokes here)

Oh, and going with the Italian themed dinner, I made a non-vegan lasag for my K love.


Dessert was an easy choice – I’ve missed my dried figs!!!  I had 6 papaya spears and 10 figs…you kids are lucky I even managed to snap a photo of these before I downed them all!!


And a WHOLE lotta my fave tea 🙂


In terms of beverages, I am totally addicted to tea…it’s not a completely recent thing, but lately I have found myself pounding it down (granted I stick to non-caffeinated teas, so I’m not buzzing out of my mind).  What are other peeps’ favorite drinks? I don’t drink soda, and I like juice, but I drink it SO much all day at work, that I never want it when I’m home.  Other than tea, I like getting the propel powder packets because it’s very GREEN (and let’s face it, I embrace being a hippie)…I just add those to water usually after I get home from the gym (no bottles required).  For those who have tried POM, what’s it like?  It’s so $$$, so I’ve never bought it for myself.  Just looking for something new, ya know?