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Election Day

I hope everyone votes today (I did)!
I got to sleep in today (no work) but I had big plans. I switched my closet with Kyle’s, which was a FAR bigger task than I thought it would be (it actually took me all day). While I was doing all that housekeeping I was vigilently watching CNN as they tracked the election. Exciting!!!
On to the food…
It should be no surprise that I used my froth machine to create a cup of delicious coffee with foamy milk. And as usual, I tried to make some designs…here’s my attempt at a heart.

Then I had an O’Soy vanilla yog to get my energy up for the gym.

At the gym I elliptical-ed for an hour. Then I stretched a TON (I’ve been so achy lately) and did some ab work…go me!

Back to the houseowork and CNN…I had a nice lunch sando.
A Street bread LOADED with hummus…

Then the last of the lettuce and smart deli “turkey”…
Mmm…doesn’t it look great (it’s like the sandwich is doing the splits)

After all my chores I got hungry again, so I had one of the Gary Null veggie burgers in the pack.
I think I had it with a bit of hummus too 🙂

After my veggie burger snack, I headed out for my 4th trip to the salvation army to drop off ANOTHER bag full of clothes (talk about cleaning out my closet) and also for a bit of shopping. I was on a mission for a few things to fill out my closet, and some dinner items. The shopping was a bust, but I atleast got out of the apartment for a while, and I grabbed a nice big salad for din din.

To which I added this tofu edamame salad. It is macro and vegan and made with very simple ingredients including tofu, organic soy beans, sesame oil, a few spices and salt. The whole container is just over 300 kcals (although sometimes it seems a bit more oily than other times).

Such a nice final product. I have really been in a salad mood lately!!

I had a tall glass of SILK soy milk light for dessert…

vote vote vote (get out the VOTE)

Monday. Blah. After such a nice, relaxing weekend with my parents in town, the fact that I had to go back to work was a harsh reality. At least I was working with my lovely Miranda. I started off the day with a Bruno’s coffee, which was as good as ever. Since, it was just the 2 of us with a full load, I only managed to squeeze in 45 minutes for lunch. Still…I had my typical sando (A Street, smart deli, lettuce, hummus, etc) which I packed the day before.

I also had a baggie filled with corn nuts, along with the rest of the things shown below (apple, raisins)…

The best part about work was my schedule change, so now I have tomorrow off!! I’m going back and forth about if it is actually a good thing or not, since now I have to work Wed and Thurs instead. But it will be nice to watch the election tomorrow all day and get some housework done. I made it to the gym this evening (Mondays are my fav gym days because Gossip Girl is on — the dirty lives of manhattan’s upper east side elite just makes the time fly by).

For dinner I wanted salad, AND I wanted to try out a new ingredient in my salad. I have been craving salad like crazy ever since my parents were here. I think if I go a few days without greens, I go into salad craving overdrive…also, the blog world has been raving about broccoli slaw, which I finally managed to get my hands on.

It is like confetti for your salad!! So good…plus even 1/2 cup of it adds so much to a plain salad. I also added some tofu edamame salad and raisins to the mix.

The end product was a massively amazing creation. I’m quite proud it.

Plus a handful of dates for dessert.

Parents vacay – part III

After SUCH a late night, we got to sleep in only a bit. I had a nice frothy coffee (with a mix of ff vanilla “creamer” and skim plus). Then the parents arrived at our apartment and we headed off for a morning stroll through Riverside Park. We ended up making our way east into Central Park to catch some of the tail end of the NYC marathon. How inspirational!!!! I am now determined to get my butt in gear. No joke. Carpe diem. This is going to be my year. 26 is going to be my year.

Anyways, all this wandering was working up an appetite, and by this time it was just past noon…stomach growling. We decided to go to French Roast. Kyle and I have both been before and I love the way they serve their warm beverages. Lattes and mochas come with pretty foam designs in huge bowls for mugs. SO my kind of place!! I got an iced tea though, since I’d already had my morning dose of caffeine. They were still serving breakfast so I ordered the vegetable omelet with egg whites. I also changed my side order from fries to a side of salad (I told you the marathon inspired me). The omelet was good, nothing extraordinary (the veggies included bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions). The salad was boring, I only had a few bites. And yet, I was still full after the meal. Kyle got a breakfast quesadilla with lots of avo and the parents got egg dishes. After lunch it was time for the parents to head to the airport, so we saw them off and then headed back to the apartment. I immediately changed into my PJ’s and curled up in blankets to watch football. Then I dozed off for about an hour or so, and when I woke up decided to have a cup of coffee to perk myself up before heading to the gym. After 4 days off, it was really important I had a kick ass gym sesh. Plus, I was freshly pumped up after seeing marathoners flashing their race numbers all morning long. I alternated intensities while running/ellipticaling, then I did crunches and ab work with the medicine ball, followed by stretching.

For dinner all I wanted was fresh, crunchy, veggies. I have gone TOO long without greens. I mean lots of greens.

Check out this big salad…lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, raisins

Plus tofu chunks…

Now that’s a salad!!

How cute is Kyle with his chicken and rice!

Dates for dessert 🙂

Parents vacay – part II

Got up and at ’em by 9 to meet the parents at 10 in midtown. Naturally, Kyle and I stopped at Starbucks en route for some early morning caffeination. Soy misto!! Then we headed to MoMA for the Van Gogh special exhibit. I was so excited! We got into the exhibit by 11 and then checked out the rest of the museum after for a few hours. Then it was lunch time! Since we were already in midtown and only had an hour until Young Frankenstein, we went for a quick lunch at Europa Cafe. I got a tuna salad sando (eek, meat!) on a whole grain roll with peppers, tomato, and alfalfa sprouts. It was the perfect amount.

After lunch we walked to 42nd Street for the 2 pm show of Young Frankenstein. Hilarious! I loved the dirty jokes! True, it was a little awkward to be sitting next to my dad while people were singing songs about sex, but what can you do. After that, we headed off to Union Square so I could show the rentals where I work (and grab a starbucks pick-me-up too). We chatted in starbucks until 7 pm (I wasn’t to concerned since our dinner reservation isn’t until WAY late). Then we headed home to get ready for dinner.

We met up at 9 pm for some pre-dinner drinks at SideBar in Union Square. I eye this place on the way home from work all the time and it always has a fun scene, so I wanted to check it out. It had football and booze, so that’s really all that matters. Our dinner reservation was definitely on the late night (10:15 pm). For dinner we went to Union Square Cafe. We wanted to go to USC and since it has been recommended by everyone under the sun, that’s the only time we could manage. We got several apps for the table including the Organic Kabocha Squash Soup with Toasted Almonds, Rosemary and Mascarpone (I shoved the almonds and cheese aside) which was really good and light. For my entree I got the Pan-Seared Branzino with Olive Oil-Braised Potatoes, Phillips Farm Spinach and Olivada. It was good, and I thought I chose the best thing on the menu until I tasted a bite of my mom’s entree. She got the
Seared Yellowfin Tuna Tonnato, Greenmarket Beet-Watercress Salad and Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette. It was SO good, my mouth is watering just remembering how savory it was. We had a lot of wine with dinner too, and then grappa with our dessert. Talk about gag reflex. Grappa is disgusting! Good thing we got desserts for the table, including the Flourless Chocolate Cake with Espresso Zabaglione AND the USC’s Banana Tart with Honey-Vanilla Ice Cream and Macadamia Brittle. I felt like I was gonna pop after all this food! Kyle and managed to roll ourselves back to the subway and then home, but barely.

Parents vacay – part I

I set my alarm for 5:30 am because that’s when my parents’ flight was set to arrive. But being so early after a work night, I fell back asleep in less than one second. I woke back up at 6 when they called from their hotel…it seems they were not quite ready to start the day yet either after the long flight. So, I had some coffee, dates and a soy yogurt before meeting the parents at their hotel. I walked to their hotel (that’s going to be my exercise for the day) which took about 30 minutes…and helped work up my lunch appetite 🙂

For lunch we met up with Kyle (so my parents could go up and see his office and meet his coworkers) before going to a little cafe near his work. We went to Printon 56, which is a standard for the finance lunch scene (good enough, but not crazy exciting). I made my own salad, since I wasn’t too hungry yet. I got chicken in the salad, which was weird, since I haven’t had meat in months. But I already decided that while my parents are in town I would have to de-vegan for a few days. It just seems a waste when we are planning on going to such baller ass restaurants.

After lunch Kyle went back to work and the parents took me shopping. We all met back at our apartment for some pre-dinner drinks. Then we went to dinner at Klee. I have been waiting to go here FOREVER!! The chef (Daniel Angerer) was a patient of mine, and ever since I have been wanting to go to his restaurant. The week before he was featured on Iron Chef America in a duel with Chef Bobby Flay. The secret ingredient was beer (how fun!) and he WON. His menu was featured at the restaurant too as a tasting menu. We got some apps for the table including the Alsatian thin crust pizza with creme fraiche, smoky bacon, Vidalia onions. I ordered Murray’s free range chicken, which came with grilled chicken-apple sausage, Brussel sprouts, and chestnut whip. It was mmmmazing…as were the rest of the meals. I tried some of mom’s fish and there were a few extras sent out as compliments from the chef, too. We finished off the night with dessert and spiced apple cider. It was great to see Daniel and Lori, and the meal exceeded all my expectations. We explored the neighborhood on the way back to the subway (it was halloween) and there were great costumes everywhere. So fun. Once back in midtown we went for late night drinks at Faces and Names. The music was halloween themed, and we were having a blast, singing along, trying to guess who the celebs were in all the paintings decorating the bar. By 1 am I was yawning and ready for a snooze…so we headed back home.