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have patients

Nope.  Not a typo.  I had QUITE a demanding patient load today at work.  Talk about a shock back into reality.  I’ve been off for about a week now, so I knew it was going to be an abrupt change from the lackadaisical days I’ve been having (lounging around the warm apartment without a hint of an agenda).

Anyways, today’s eats were as thrilling as ever.  Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m laying on the sarcasm pretty thick. 

Starbucks soy misto to get the day going.

Odwalla bar when I couldn’t ignore the growling in my stomach any longer.


Sammie with Alvarado Street bread, hummus, greek yog, bell pepps, and Smart deli “turkey” meat.



Figs and dried pineapple.


Round 2 and 3 in the Starbucks department.

Apple in the PM.

And HOME at last…I actually had a bit of energy when I got home, so I decided to whip up a stir fry. 


Seitan is not the devil, kids.


This literally took 15 minutes (even less for the “eggs”).


This was one of 2 plates piled to the very edges.


That’s also half a tomato sliced on top.  The seitan chunks were HUGE and sooooo flavorful!!  I really heart seitan.  It’s the easiest non-meat protein to cook with BY FAR.  You literally can’t mess it up, and it’s so healthy.  Mmmmm…

Anyways, no new Gossip Girl 🙁

So I pretty much crashed right after dessert.


:)  Figs, papaya, pineapple, oh my!!

BEST.WEBSITE.EVER.  Create your OWN cereal!!

bean vs. breast

Which has more protein, tofu or chicken?

My boyfriend asked me that question last night which got me thinking…and after doing a little research, I decided to share.

The bean vs. The breast

**I used for the info and further specified tofu as silken, firm and the chicken as broiled, cooked, breast meat only

serving size 84 g 86 g
kcals 52 142
protein 6 g 27 g
fat 2 g 3 g
cholesterol**** 0 mg 73 mg
carbs 2 g 0 g
fiber 0 g 0 g
sodium 30 mg 64 mg

Interesting, no?  Of course my fave stat is the cholesterol, being a cardiac rn and all (I can’t help it!)…sure some cholesterol is good for you, but watch this commercial and you’ll understand.  I know it’s actually an anti-smoking campaign, but it’s still plaque build up from cholesterol (smoking just makes it that much more likely to stick to your arteries).  Ok, enough healthify-ing chatter…

Anyways, on that note, I started the day with a bowl of wonderful (cholesterol lowering) oats. 


I added carob covered raisins into the oats before cooking them, which was SO good.  The carob melted and then I was left with subtle “chocolate” flavored oats with raisins.  Btw, I was hungry hungry this AM so I made the oatmeal super liquidy…more silk to fill me up :)     Nom. Nom. Nom. 


Plus coffee.  Obvi.  Like the butterfly in the froth? 


Smashed coconut date rolls, inspired by Erin, inspired by Katie.


Strawberry o’soy yogurt.  It’s SO THICK and RICH!!!!


I really do love Stonyfield.  Anyways, after I snacked the AM away I decided to head to the gym, but it was such a packed house, I peaced out after 45 minutes.  Blah.  I wasn’t that into it anyways.  I’ve had too many gym days in a row, so I’ll be looking to the coming few days off, since I work a TON this week.

After I got home from the gym I was famished, so I made some BN squash.


I cheated and used the pre-cut and peeled kind again, so it took a whole 3 minutes to pop these bad boys were in the oven.


While they were cooking I had the other half of my veggie burger from yesterday with some Sabra hummus.


Could these squash cubes have been more perfectly cooked with those browned edges! (no)


I had about half of them.


Kyle and I did a massive shopping trip in the PM and by the time we got home I was pretty lazy, so I decided to go with Karen Sisters’ thai veggie “chicken.” 

IMG_0565 IMG_0566

I also made a bunch of veggies to bulk it up, including steamed carrots, steamed broccoli, lettuce, brocc slaw, and BN squash.


Plus the thai “chicken” (seitan) and some greek yog


Round 2.


Stuffed.  Like, no room for dessert, stuffed.  Wow.  After dinner, I did my first yoga “class” on Exercise TV on Demand, I did a Flex and Flow course first, and then a Rhythmic Stretch quickie as a cool down.  I really liked the way this calmed me down at the end of the day.  The focus on breathing with repetitive movements that were not too challenging allowed me to get centered and kind of shut myself down for the night (like I’m a computer or something).  It was nice, and since it was my first time,I think it went relatively well, and I’m not completely scared off from further exploring.  Looks like that pamphlet was money well spent 🙂

Haha, did I say no dessert before?!?!?!…yeah right!


A few figs :)  yep I’m hooked!! 


Followed by a coconut date roll (or 3).  Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

tempeh time

‘Aight kids, I’ve been meaning to take a stab at tempeh for a while now, so after going through tons of recipes, I decided I should prob start with something on the more simple side.  You know, get a feel for how this baby cooks, before I sink my teeth into a more “meaty” recipe (excuse the pun, I couldn’t resist). 

Here are some good websites for anyone else interested in doing a little experimenting in the tempeh department: Lightlife recipes, tempehinfo, and 101 cookbooks

I decided to go with BBQ tempeh…


Since I’d never tried Annie’s BBQ sauce before, I made half with the Bulls Eye BBQ sauce (above) since I know I like it, and the rest with Annie’s.



I rubbed the top of the triangles with the sauces and also sprinkled some BBQ seasoning on top.


Above (before going into the oven).  Below (after 20 minutes of baking).


I like my sauce tangy with only a little heat, so this flavor was perfect.  I made a little corn & bell pepper salsa/salad to go with it, too.


Broccoli slaw, red onions, yellow/orange/green/red bell pepps, avocado, BBQ seasoning, and S & P.


The corn/pepper salad and the avocado complimented the tempeh so PERFECTLY.  Wow, I’m so proud of myself.  This was so good.  Considering my first tempeh trial (which was basically just raw slices) was not the most successful, I was nervous to try the BBQ tempeh.  But after cooking it, all the bitterness was gone, and the barbecue sauce & seasoning was subtle enough to let the tempeh’s own texture and flavor come through.  A definite success.


Here’s round #2…told you I was a second helping girl lately :)  Oh yeah, I also tossed some carrots on this plate. 


Kyle and I watched the Miss America pageant (which was a little disturbing and basically reinforced most of the pageant stereotypes) while I had some coconut date rolls for dessert (like 3 times the amount actually shown).

bad timing

Ugh.  Of all the mornings to wake up without coffee, this was def poor planning on my Kyle’s part (just kidding, I’m obviously the one that finished it and didn’t buy more).  Clearly, a trip to Starbucks was the first task of the day.


Nothing makes me happier than the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the AM.  Nothing!  We got the House Blend (with a free cup of joe).  Kyle headed off to MM, so I made myself some toast and sipped my coffee (only way to nurse a hang over). 


I kinda burnt the toast (I’m really dragging this AM), but luckily a pound of Earth Balance pretty much salvaged it.

A little later, some vanilla o’soy yogurt with figs and raisins…


And then some apple slices and coconut date roll…talk about a multicourse brunch.


Since Kyle was out, I enjoyed some ice skating (made me think of GlidingCalm) on TV while dillydallying around the apartment. 


Before heading to the gym I had half a veggie burger with some home-made hummus.  Now I’m enerrrrrrgized!

I had a really good gym sesh so I thought I’d share one of my best gym tricks.  Personally, I love doing workouts that require me to change the various settings (rate, incline, etc) on the tread mill or elliptical – it keeps things interesting and challenging.  But I hate that it forces me to constantly stare at the monitor (after all – a watched pot never boils).  To avoid this, I create playlists that are upbeat and escalating in tempo and instead of changing the monitor on a specific time schedule, I change it after each song.  Each new tune gives me a burst of energy, plus I don’t have to look at the monitor and I can still remember to change up my routine (and thus avoid hitting a plateau in my exercise regimen).  Try it!

Kirsten who?

Adios Caroline, hello Sen. Gilliweed.  Ok, ok, that’s not her last name…it’s actually a Harry Potter reference, but it’s kinda close?  Sen. Gillibrand is her real name.  I’m liking the recent fad of appointing female politicos to power (minus the near VP disaster). 

As for non-red/blue conversation, I had a pretty solid gym day, which consisted of 60 mins ellipticaling on the random setting (levels 9-15) and 15 mins of spinning (escalating intensity).  No abs/arms – it was a day of rest for the mat work :)  The random setting on the elliptical can be hard when you aren’t paying attention!

Post-gym/PM snack was none other than my newest fave (figs), along with a few friends. 


A cute little dried fruit spread, no?  I LOVE dried fruit, I think I go through phases with my favorites (figs being my latest obsession), but dates will always be my true love.  That coconut date roll is a serious front runner today, though!

After snacking, I got all dolled up for a night out on the town.  It was my BFF’s birthday so me and 2 of my girlies had big time celebration plans (with a strict no boys allowed policy).  I even wore a dress that’s how much I love this girl.  Granted I had some etoh to help warm me up, but still, braving the 40 degree weather in nothing but tights to keep my legs from freezing off is not something I plan on repeating.  That said, Jess is seriously my soul mate (aside from Kyle); we’ve been inseparable since she moved to the Bay Area in 7th grade.  Even after high school, we went to college together and now live only blocks apart in NYC.  She’s like my BFF/sister/lover.  Here’s a pic of us from college graduation (I’m left, she’s right).  grad

So we decided to start the night with dinner and drinks at Blossom (a vegan restaurant in my ‘hood).  Jess is vegan, and although our other friend is not, she’s very open-minded, so she was game.  I’ve been to Blossom before, and knew exactly what I wanted this time. 


We started the night with a bottle of Pino Grigio for the 3 of us to share, then moved on to appetizers.  Our waitress recommended the Crostini Tapas, which was perfect for sharing.IMG00096

I came with six toasted crostini breads with hummus, spinach walnut pesto and tomato basil bruschetta mix dressed with kalamata olives – and it was AMAZING.  The hummus alone could have been my dinner, I literally had to use all self control to not shovel it in my mouth.  I think I may return to Blossom just to order 5 of these appetizers for myself!  The tomato bruscetta was good, too, but a little too onion-y for my taste.  I don’t like pesto, but Jess said it was her fave on the plate, so it must have been good.


For dinner I got the Porcini Rubbed Tofu with celery root puree and charred Brussels sprouts.  Last time I went to Blossom they were out of this dish, so I was so excited to get it.  It was really really good.  The tofu rub was a bit spicy, definitely had a kick at the end of each bite that I wasn’t prepared for, and the celery root puree tasted like a twist on a mashed potato dish (with a vinegar flavor to it).  So good.  Also, the brussels made up for my oven nightmare a few days ago. 


Hannah got the seitan scallopini (which I had last time) and is SO good.  It actually might still be my favorite…shhh, don’t tell the tofu.  Anyways, Hannah seemed beyond impressed that her meal was vegan.  She definitely enjoyed each and every bite.  A new convert?  Prob not, but still good that she could appreciate a fine non-meat meal. 


Jess got the walnut crusted seitan cutlet, which looked like a Thanksgiving dinner!  She definitely was blown away by this.  I can’t believe I got to take her vegan restaurant v-card (she’s been vegan longer than I have and has yet to take advantage of living in NYC)!  Looks like I’ll have to drag her around the city with me to conquer all the other amazing vegan places…something tells me she will be more than on board, though.


For dessert we got the birthday girl a slice of “cheese”cake (which we all split).  YUM!!!!  I heart vegan desserts and this one was so decadent, thick and rich.  I want to get desserts from this place every night from now on. 


After dinner we went to a couple of bars for some innocent fun, gin & tonics and dancing.  Cheers!  The rest isn’t PG enough for HHH 🙂