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where the veggies at?

I realized over the last few days my meals have been really lacking in the green department! Hmmm…looks like I’ll have to get on that. Maybe later. For now, I need warmth. I woke up because I was shivering, so it looks like I will be getting the down blanket out of the closet for the rest of the winter…it’s f-ing COLD.

At least I finally got a day off work so I could sleep in. I def drank my coffee in bed. My slippers are also on their very last legs (no pun intended), so I rocked these fleece socks with rubber tread on the bottom. Maybe I’ll get some new slippers for x-mas??

Today was the first day it actually hit me – how close to the holidays it is, it’s nearly Christmas!!! I reeeeeeally wish I could be home now! I’m alone here in NYC since Kyle went home already (sad). I’m pretty jealous of all the people who have jobs that actually have breaks over the holidays…maybe I’ll go back to school again, just so I can get a break. I have to work on the 24th, 25th AND 26th. Boo!

Okay, enough whining. I had a pretty not normal breakfast. It was more like a snack with my coffee(s).

I craved salty and sweet, so I mixed together raisins and soy nuts. PERfect šŸ™‚

A while later, I decided to make a real breakfast – although it was more of a lunch since it was past noon at this point. Def still in my PJs btw!

(blurry photo) of ingreds for my b-fast sando: egg beater, chobani, and home-made jam
…and the most important ingred of all EZEKIEL English Muffins!!

This shiz is divine.

Beyond explicable. No words can describe how great this chewy carb-a-licious muffin is!

Mmmm…warm and yummy in my tummy.

I followed up with a nice steamy mug of tea. I am obsessed with this green tea. I am obsessed with all things pomegranate lately, too.

I was trying to get my energy up for the gym, so I had a plate of medjool dates.

Sugar load – check!
At the gym I was hyper aware that this was both my first workout since 3 days, AND my last workout for the next 3 days. Oy ve! So much pressure to get in a good sesh and with such horrible weather conditions outside. I just wanted to stay wrapped in my blankie. But, I’m a good gym rat, and so I layered on clothes like I was heading out to the polar ice caps, and got my ass to the gym (step one). I started on the elliptical for 30 minutes, and the new Lady GaGa cd was keeping me pumped up, so I switched to the tread mill for another 30 mins. After that, I was still going strong so I decided to just finish up my Self mag on the elliptical, but next thing I know another 30 mins has gone by, and I wasn’t even fatigued! I finished off the cardio with a 5 minute walk on the tread mill, and then headed over to the mat for stretching, abs and arms.
Wow. That was a serious freakin’ gym sesh!

This can’t be healthy! I’m ashamed that I bought it, but it was a pomegranate flava!

I also got some vegan parm for my dindin.

Spag squash that I thawed (I made a mother load before so I still have the rest in the freezer).

Add in the sauce and parm…

And that’s dinner.

(haha, yeah right)
Here’s round 2. On this serving, I added the rest of the Italian seasoned tofu from last week.

I’m cleaning out the fridge! Leftovers much?

So yummy.
I still wanted more greens though, so I steamed some yellow squash and zucch, that I also topped off with tomato sauce and vegan parm.

And yet, after laundry and packing and doing other crap around the apt, I was STILL hungry. So I went for leftover dish #2…this was the curry tofu dish from last week (I ate all the tofu first, and the rest was only so-so).

Dessert was dried edamame. Salt, salt, salt. I heart salt.

Ok, work again tomorrow šŸ™ = bed time.

candle day #1

AKA the 1st day of Hanukkah. Why are there 4 different ways to spell that?

Well, since I work at a (technically) Jewish hospital, I know more than I ever thought I would about the kosher ways of the world. So, my blog title is in celebration of the festival of lights! Good thing my lunch didn’t have meat and dairy on the same plate…oh wait, I don’t eat meat OR dairy, so looks like I’m perma-kosher by default.

I had to DRAG myself out of bed this morning. My alarm went off at 5 and I couldn’t even believe it. I seriously JUST went to bed. A huge ugh for work day #3 in a row. An even HUGER ugh for the weather being freezing. I’m over snow.

Here’s my lunch that I made the night before.

Layer one: chobani

Layer two: egg beater
Layer three: soy bacon

Now that’s a breakfast sando done right!

Since it was Monday, the subway was actually running correctly (when I work weekend I have to add an extra 30 mins for transit alone). Today, though, the express trains were as zippy as ever, thus cutting my commuting time in half, allowing me to arrive at Bruno’s with enough time to grab a coffee. Shockingly, I didn’t drink it until almost 10. First, I drank 2 liters of water (hooray for being healthy). I had my odwalla Berries GoMega bar around noon since I knew I wasn’t going to get to go on my lunch break until pretty late in the afternoon.

Sure enough, 2;30 rolled around and I finally got a free moment to step off the unit to grub. After my sando, I snacked on edamame that I threw in my bag before I left in the morning (a brilliant last minute call if I do say so myself).

Before I headed back to work, I got coffee #2 to give me the BEYOND necessary lift to make it through the rest of my shift.
The rest of the day was smooth sailing…I got home by 7:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can’t even remember the last time I was done giving report by that time, so to be in my apartment, all toasty, dry and warm. Happy happy joy joy šŸ™‚
For dinner, I decided to make a big veggie burger sando.

I was super excited to try these babies. Since I love all “Food for Life” and “Ezekiel” products, I knew I would enjoy this, but (as usual) I completely underestimated the degree of awesome-ness.

O-M-G. Ezek 1:9 sprouted grain english muffins are truly in their own category of heavenly delicious foods.
So I layered on some veganaise…

AND…mustard, grape tomatoes, and a GN veggie burger (I’m still willing to test out other burgers, but these are SO good, it’s hard to stray).

They practically crumble in your mouth since they are fresh and not frozen. They come individually packaged, so I’m sure other brands are way cheaper. Def something to look into.

This was a messy one to eat – way too much goodness to be stuffed in that Ezek muffin.
Obvi that wasn’t enough to fill me up. Soooo…while I planned out my next course, I snacked of a slab of baked ‘fu.

I baked these a week ago and totes forgot about them – oops! With only 2 slabs left post snacking, I decided I better make something with them stat.

The Ezek muffins were OUTTA control yummy, so I had to have another…these are DEF a new obsession. On this one I put Chobani greek yog, soy bacon, and the last 2 tofu slabs.

Check out that fattie.

It tastes even BETTER than it looks šŸ™‚

I finished the night off with a glass of tea and 5 glasses of water. No, that’s no typo, I had 5 glasses of H2O.

I may be up all night peeing.
And now a quote for the road (since I bashed the snow earlier): “Don’t knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldn’t start a conversation if it didn’t change once in a while.”
~Kin Hubbard

like a black hole

I swear, I have been trying to get out of the C pod for a solid month! It’s loaded with chronic patients and I am slowly dying a bit more each day just being over there…so today I successfully made the transition.

Here’s how it works. Both pods (B and C) are part of the cardiac critical care unit, but pod C has 9 rooms and B only has 8. So, since there are 2 nurses per side splitting the patient load, if you are stuck in hell (aka pod C) you may have 5 patients, but if you are in B you are guaranteed NO MORE THAN 4 patients. Saaweeeet! The difference may not sound significant, but trust me 4 vs 5 is HUGE in the CPCU. I mean come on, an ICU setting is no place to compromise patients’ lives by overloading nurses with such acutely ill post-op fresh hearts. Here’s how you get sucked into a black hole: by being a nice, flexible person (simple, right?). Since we encourage continuity of patient care, once you get a patient, you basically keep the same patient every day you are working…not so great if the patient is there, oh, say, post op day 96 (room 8). Fo real!

Pod B – finally! SO EXCITED! Here’s how you know you’ve been somewhere too long: random doctors who hardly even know your name comment on how rare it is that you’re in pod B. Um, since when do random GI consults know that I’ve been sucked into the black hole that is pod C….oh right, since I’ve been there a month.

Ok, enough.

Food-ing. Check out my latest shopping trip. I’m set for the next few shifts at least.

Todays lunch: smart deli sando

PLUS Brunos’ vegan soup of the day (carrot ginger)

Warmth all through my body…also, the snow subsided by 11, so it wasn’t too bad by the time I made it out for lunch (2:30 pm). I was good busy, not crazy chaotic annoying busy.

Sando ZOOMed in šŸ™‚

On the way home I sat next to a crazy person on the subway (throwing his bags and chicken bones all over and under the seat), never a dull commute in NYC.
Started grilling within 10 minutes of walking in the door. Hungry, yes ma’am.

For some reason the eggs were sticking to the pan, so I burned them a bit. I also heated up half of the remaining tofu from last night (bbq, sweet and sour, and baked)…like I said before, eggs and tofu = winning combo (especially warm tofu).

The chunks of tofu should have been smaller, when they are so big, I don’t realize how much I am eating. That’s really a massive plate ‘o FU (yep, that’s short for tofu, hehe).
I tried to guzzle water to fill me up so I wouldn’t have seconds…but the problem is, I knew there was more…so I wanted it. BTW, don’t freak out thinking I’m drinking a new smartwater each time I mention it or show a pic of my bottle (I am just refilling the same bottle). I’m a hippie remember?! Reduce, reuse recycle. Same ziplock baggies for lunch, same tin foil for lunch, and everything else that I can possibly use more than once. The Earth is in nobody else’s hands but ours!!!

See my name written on it, so it doesn’t get thrown out at work šŸ™‚

Ok, here’s my second helping. This time I was successful in keeping the egg beater in one big piece (my fave self made top chef quick challenge). I’m a dork, love it.
The big (fake) eggy slab with the rest of the tofu.

Killer TOFU!!!

(Did I just quote Doug?!?)

I’m getting punchy, time for bed!
Yup, polished the plate!

ready to chew my arm off

1) I was starving ALL freakin’ day long, why so hungry?? No idea.

2) My patients were making me craaaaaaaaazy!!

3) My subway train was stuck at the 50th street station (no express trains on weekends – BOO!!) because my car’s door wouldn’t close properly. It added an extra 30 minutes to my already horrible commute. Sweet. I was about to pass out because my stomach was eating itself.

ANYways…I was starving by 10 and I was out of odwalla bars (sad), so I stole some food from the extra hospital breakfast trays (even more sad). Not so hot. And yes, that is a Splenda (shh, don’t tell).

Total is kinda blah without something sweet (good thing Lactaid is also pretty darn sugary). I also added in some raisins from my pre-packed lunch.


Here’s my lunch. Same old same old.

It stopped snowing by the afternoon, so I braved the cold and darted across the street for a Bruno’s soup. I honestly, can’t for the life of me, remember what kind of soup it was!! I always order the vegan option, so I guess I kinda zoned out when I got to the counter…either way, it was delish as Bruno’s always is!!

Heart it.

Plus my yummy smart deli “turkey” sando (this time with an extra somethin’ somethin’). Yup, I added hummus to break out of the mold. Watch out.

By the time I got off work, I was about to eat the first thing I could get my hands on…this is dangerous overeating/binging territory for me. So, I tried to go to Whole Foods with a semi-game plan and be mindful while shopping.

No such luck. The second my eyes landed on this, I knew it was all over.

WW tandoori naan! Could there be a more perfect carb? (Answer=no!)

I started slow, but let’s be honest, there is no way I wasn’t going to finish the whole thing. I was starving after all…below is 1/3 of a piece of naan.

(So multiply that by 12 and there’s my carbo loading for the night) Yep, I finished the rest of the hummus AND all 4 massive naan pieces.

Last bite šŸ™

And that was just the appetizer.

As if that weren’t enough…I got a huge container full of 4 different types of tofu (baked plain, sweet and sour, bbq, and lemon pepper). I was f-u-l-l after a few bites, but for some reason I forged ahead.

Don’t worry, I only managed to get through a quarter of the box (which is way deeper than it looks btw) before I called it quits.

Two cups of tea. So full. Bed time.

what the buck?

I can’t even believe how late I slept in today! It’s so embarassing, I don’t even want to write it. Let’s just say, I think I got all caught up for the week.

Since it was snowing BIG TIME outside, I decided to stay in bed (hehe). So, I made some coffee, frothed some milk, and viola(!) the best morning ever – warm and toasty, bundled up in my comforter šŸ™‚


falling…and falling…

Eventually, I had to venture out of the bedroom, so (reluctantly) I grabbed some raspberry soy yogurt before getting ready for the gym.

It was snowing hard on the way to the gym, and even though I had on 5+ layers, I was still brrr…so I tried to make the most of the time while I was there. Elliptical for 60 mins, abs for 10, arms for 1 (oops) and stretching for another 15. Not too intense, but I was in a hurry once Kyle informed me our dinner date was canceled, and instead he got box tickets to the Knicks. WooHoo!!
The plan was to have dinner at the game, but since I anticipated not too many vegan options at Madison Square Garden, I thought I would eat beforehand. Since I L-O-V-E the GN veggie burgers, I thought I’d try the Santa Fe flavor. Holy, spicy, MF-er…I couldn’t even swallow the tiny bite I took. Dayam!
So I threw them away. Seriously, I have a pretty high tolerance for spicy cuisine, so I don’t know who could handle that!!
I was in SUCH a hurry, so instead I went with the ever-delish odwalla bar, and figured I’d hope for the best at the game.

I was seriously eating this while racing out the door.

At the game I was rather surprised at the variety of dining options. We were in a box seat, so we had AMAZING seats with a fully stocked bar, but the food was $$$ to order in the box, so we went down to where the “normal” people eat. Haha…one of our friends asked that to a staff member and ended up sounding SO pretentious, we were making fun of him the rest of the night. I got sushi at Benihana, while the boys grabbed burgers, fries, and beers. Their food smelled good, but mine made me happy (I like when I have good self control and feel healthy about my choices). I also managed to drink 2 bottles of water.

The game was pathetic. First of all, they were playing a team I had never heard of, the Bucks!?!? Ummm…I’m no NBA fanatic, but I atleast thought I knew all the teams? Well, anwways, this unknown team beat the crap out of the New York Knicks…the Knicks City Dancers and the half time acrobat were the most entertaining part of the night (okay, I wasn’t paying that much attention to the game, but still)! I left a bit early since I had to get to bed (working the whole weekend). On the way home, the train randomly stopped and didn’t budge for a good 15minutes, without a single word from the conductor. I was like what the f$^% is going on here?
On the way home I took a picture of a snow buried car outside our apartment. Glad that’s not me!