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score for me

Here’s how the gym went down: 

  • 45 mins of elliptical 45 mins – alternating between forward and backwards, level 10-12
  • 15 mins of spinning – positions 1-3 based on the song
  • 10 mins of tread mill – walking cool down
  • 15 mins of stretching, abs, and arms on the mat


Once I got home I snacked on an apple and a handful of figs, then showered, blow dried, piled on 22 layers, and prepared myself for the Brrrr. 


Above is a Calimyrna fig, below is a Turkish fig.


What’s the difference?  I had NO idea when I bought them (so I got both kinds to try), and I still have no idea.  What I DO know is that I liked the Calimyrna ones better, which figures since they are the more expensive.  What can I say, I’ve got $$ taste.

Anyways, while I was out, I got a BIG present for myself…


HOORAY!!!  I’m so excited to try these recipes. 

And, as if it wasn’t already obvious enough what a Type-A nerd I am, I got another little treat for myself  🙂


Yep, now I can study up on yoga before I go to my first class.  Now I won’t be the biggest loser in the class (just a close runner up).  Don’t make fun of me Heather

Anyways, after I got home I made a lasagna for my boo, and while it was in the oven, I got to work on my own dindin.

My K-love wanted me to show off my fine non-vegan culinary skillz so here’s a pic of his lasagna.


(I make big ass lasagnas once a month-ish so my babycakes can freeze them individually and have no-brainer meals when he gets home from work)

As for MY dinner, I made a big salad with baked tofu.


Lettuce, tomato, brocc slaw, and tofu.


Times 2!  Lately, I’m a second serving kind of girl.  Must be my days full of lounging on the couch catching up on trashy tv and reading Twilight (sarcasm much)?

Clearly dessert was a must, so I opted for a few coconut date rolls.


And a new kind of tea, inspired by (the other) elise


I saw this flavor on her blog, and immediately went on the look-out.


It was everything it’s name implied.  Such a perfect way to end the day.

And before I forget, everyone check out Meghann’s blog, and donate to her amazing cause!!

moo goo gai pan

No I didn’t eat Chinese chicken and mushrooms for breakfast, that was just an answer to my daily crossword….and now it’s stuck in my head.  Admit it, it IS fun to say!


Along with the java, I had 2 pieces of toast with PB (the safe kind).  YUM!


Alvarado Street bread, kids.  Love it!

The weather wasn’t even in the double digits, and yet I was in the mood for a cold smoothie for lunch.  It could be because I spent the morning reading Twilight (wrapped in 35 blankets)…no shame in it!


For those who don’t know, I’m kinda a smoothie extraordinaire.  Yep, it’s true, when I turned 16, I got my first job at none other than Jamba Juice.  I feel so old because “back then” it was a small shop (barely a chain) with only a handful of locations in California…and now it’s corporate America status (Baby Mama reference anyone?). 

Anyways, in the smoothie was 15 ounces of vanilla silk soy milk, 1 chocolate o’soy yogurt, 3 strawberries, and 2 ice cubes.


All blended together.


It actually made 2 of these glasses and kept me full through noon, so I didn’t have lunch until the afternoon.


I went with the usual smart deli “turkey” sando, but made a few changes – just to keep things interesting. 


I lathered hummus on toasted ww bread – on one half was my home-made hummus and on the other half was Sabra’s hummus. 


Plus romaine lettuce, smart deli “turkey” meat, red and orange pepps…


Girlfriend was grubbin’ – hollerrrr!

Time to get my butt to the gym.  I’m thinking it’s going to be a cycling kind of day 🙂

once upon a time…

…I could feel my extremities.  But, that day is long gone, kiddos.  It is freeeeezing.  I headed to the gym after lunch and basically had to wait 10 minutes in the locker room just thawing out before I could start my work out!  The gym was packed (again) so I was forced to alter my exercise regime according to which machines were available. 

Tread Mill:

time pace incline
0-10 minutes 3.5 (walking) 2.5
10-17 5.7 4
17-20 6.0 2.5
20-27 5.7 4
27-30 6.0 2.5



time level direction
0-10 minutes 8 forward
10-15 9 backward
15-20 10 forward
20-25 10 backward
25-30 11 forward


This is a pretty typical workout for me.  I wanted to do some bicycle after, but they were occupied.  Maybe tomorrow.  I ended up doing longer arm and ab exercises on the mats as a result (love those medicine balls).  I wasn’t as exhausted as I wanted to be when I left the gym, but I’ll probably go earlier tomorrow so as to avoid the super crowded gym time.


I made myself a little snack before I started cooking dindin.  Andrea, I think of you every time I have Earth Balance now! 


I was eager to get back in action after my last oven disaster…so I decided to make some BN squash.  I saw these already peeled and cut organic butternut squash, which were too easy to pass up. 


After I popped these in the oven, I then set to work on the rest of dinner.  I was a little on the lazy side, so I made ww pasta with EB and vegan parm. 


Carbs much?


My dinner was a bit one-sided.  Toast, BN squash, and pasta…ALL with Earth Balance.  Don’t worry I’m sure I’ll make up for it tomorrow.  No point in fighting the cravings!


Check it.  Dates STUFFED with peanut butter = heaven!! 

Two of my faves in one amazing bite?!?  What could possibly be better 🙂

don’t judge a fig by it’s cover

I’ll admit, I love fig newtons/bars, but the thought of eating a fig alone was not too appealing…They just look weird.  But after seeing Erin’s picture of the fig’s cross section, I was intrigued...could their be a delicious fruit hiding beyond these hideous exteriors?? 


Turns out, they are way yummmmm!  Maybe even a new fave dried fruit? (and that’s tough company)


As I was doing my daily food blog surfing, I came upon a contest I couldn’t ignore!  Everyone should check out Oh She Glows, since well over half the products I now obsess over on a daily basis are a result of advertising just like this (so I am all for it)!!  My new love for figs even inspired my contest entry 🙂

Anyways, since I’ve been getting a few questions about my frothy coffee, I decided to share with you by BFF.  Introducing Caffe Froth…


It’s by Bonjour and is SO simple, it’s silly that I even go to Starbucks at all anymore!!


Add milk to the line.


Pump a few times.


And voila!

Easy Peasy!  Anyways, onto breakfast…I had a couple of figs, followed by this divine creation.


Ezekiel English muffin with (non-recalled) peanut butter and MarieBelle hot chocolate sprinkles.  Whoa.  I’m not sure words can adequately describe this mouth-watering, savory, goodness.  HOLY freakin’ yum!!!

Nothing will EVER top this breakfast. 

So, by the time noon rolled around, I wasn’t even really hungry for lunch.  I ended up just having a snack.


Vanilla o’soy with raisins.  Tasty!

I almost burned the house down!

OMG!  I seriously just had WAY too close a call with an oven disaster…


Enough said?  Those are brussels, since you probably can’t tell. 

I was at the gym and I suddenly remembered holy $*&%!! I left Brussels sprouts in the oven.  I’ve never sprinted back to my apartment faster.  No joke.  I EFFING booked it.  When I turned onto my road I was at least happy that there were no fire trucks, and we DO have a doorman, so I figured they’d recognize if smoke was consuming the hallway…but when I opened the door to my apartment, sure enough, a wall of smoke greeted me. 

Eek!  That was a close one.  Fortunately, everything was still in tact.  Unfortunately, the apartment (and the rest of the building) now smells like brussels and our apartment is zero degrees (I had to open the windows to get the smoke out)…

So, looks like I had to make a change in dinner plans. 


For those of you who don’t have superman vision, the ingreds are: texturized vegetable protein, carrots, celery, kale, onion, lemon grass, and tamari (all organic), tangerine leaf, salt, and sesame oil.


I heated it up in a bowl, then added some plain greek yogurt.  It’s good on its own, but I LOVE making it “creamy.”  Karen Sisters products are great, especially when you are lazy.  They can be entrees on their own, but you can also make other dishes with them very easily with minimal effort.  IMG_0423

Tonight’s dinner was the “creamy veggie turkey” on a bed of lettuce and broccoli slaw with carrots, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.


It was so good I had to have a round TWO (of the exact same plate). 


Nom nom.


Dessert fruit platter.  I also had a couple of (camera shy) dates.

Since I haven’t posted on a green topic in a while…

If your fragile skin is taking a beating from the harsh winter, like mine, I would recommend Caribbean Sol products.  I’ve mentioned them before, because I’m obsessed with their sunscreen.  I use it every day.  But lately my skin has been SO dry, so I’ve been covering my entire body with their onyx oil right after I get out of the shower.  It has Squalene, a rare virgin olive oil from Sicily, which repairs and re-nourishes your skin (direct from the website).  Plus, you can even put a few drops in your bath water or rub a small amount around your eyes before bed.  I love it because it’s not the uber greasy kind of oil that you can’t get off your hands, it keeps your skin healthy but not oily (you know how some other products leave your hands all slippery and you can’t answer the phone or touch anything for a while).  Well, this one doesn’t – I totally love it.


AND, like all their other products, it’s biodegradable (and thus, hippie approved).  You know how I heart green!