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2-a-day…not so much

So, I don’t know about this weather…it may prevent me from doing the work out that I know I should do today. I ate a mega dessert last night, so I was thinking I should be good today and have a two a day work out. Unfortunately, that was not what ended up happening.
I had 3 ff lattes in the AM. Way more than I needed. Then I went to the gym and had a mega workout. So far so good, right?

Well lunch hit and then I unraveled a bit from there. I had vegan “turkey” spread with 4 pieces of Ezekiel 4:9 bread. I opened AND finished the “turkey” spread in one sitting (bad news bears).

I was full after that, but for some unknown reason I decided to hit up the Garden of Eatin’ guacamole chips (even though they are Skinny Bitch approved I don’t think that counts for much when you have as many as I did). I finished the bag! 🙁 damn…now I really have to be good.
(worthless photo)
So I have the option of going to a spinning class at 7:15 but I don’t really want to go all the way downtown in the yuck weather. We will see.

Ok so clearly, spinning didn’t happen.
Dinner was fruit (assorted melons = watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew) and an apple, and a sf jello.

The picture of the bowl of fruit is very misleading. It was quite large.

work day

Here is the lunch I packed the night before.

I made the sando with smart deli meat and lettuce, ff Fage, honey mustard, and 7 grain food for life bread. I should really create an abbrev for that sando because it’s the same one I always make. I also went back to the iced coffee routine, OBSESSION!!! 🙂 no but seriously, it is so much more economical to make it at home rather than buy it every day.
All I really ate at lunch was the sandwich and some of the yogurt covered raisins. I ate in Starbucks today (not Bruno’s, shock) because I got a ff iced latte. I really like them, after that I also had plain milk (bad call on the lactose, wft is my problem – self inflicted pain is like a hobby lately).
I went to the gym after work and watched the first Monday night football game (hurray Packers win). I am SO SO glad it is football season again. I had a good gym day, and I saw Jess on the way home (random). I ate the apple after the gym, and then made a delicious salad for dinner at home.

This salad was so good I had another. It had tofu, tomato, lettuce, carrots, corn, peas, cranberries, and honey and milk as a dressing. Check out those colors! So vibrant.

Dessert was dates and yogurt covered raisins. Wowzers. So much sweet stuff in the pm!

whirlwind weekend

Wow. This is gonna be one crazy weekend, I can tell already.
1) AM coffee was not 1, not 2, but 3 cups! Whoa…slow start much?
2) AM work out was INTENSE. Not sure why, since my elliptical routine was the random setting which kept me at alternating levels between 8 and 12
3) This tropical storm shit sucks

I rescind my previous title of the weekend. It will no longer be a whirlwind weekend, it will now be a shitty rainy crappy weekend. Our US tennis men’s final tickets will no longer be good, since the tropical storm has caused the semifinal matches to be cancelled. So now we our tickets are for a Monday reschedule which I cant attend since I have work, which f-ing blows! I’m BEYOND mad now. What a horrible start to the weekend.

Ok, so moving on. We sold the tickets and life has actually continued, despite my previous rant.

Check out that lunch. I made the eggs in the microwave, which I never even considered, but has been all over the blog world. I think this was the easiest thing ever. Eggs in the microwave? Who knew! I had I think maybe 2 or 3 slices of bread with it, but I cant really remember. I was really trying to eat very little since I was going to dinner with Jess and Kyle that night. I had some of these later on as a snack though, too.

For dinner we went to a restaurant in the West Village called Extra Virgin. It was great. I got the mahi mahi with a gazpacho crust and grilled eggplant and hummus (yeah, I caved and got fish, I am such a bad vegetarian). It came with a weird sauce that I got on the side because it had almonds (I know I am trying to get into the nut thing but I am not ready to make the full conversion). After dinner we went to the Dove Parlor bar nearby for Natalie’s birthday. Problems ensued right after that for Jess in Kyle, so for all intents and purposes we will say the night ended then. I didn’t even drunk eat. I had a few cocktails throughout the night, though. I had a glass and a half of wine at Jess’ apt, then a bellini at the restaurant, as well as another glass of wine. Then I had a lavender something or other cocktail at the bar. All in all, a kinda lush night. Detox tomorrow…
Day 2 of the weekend started by sleeping in, which was a nice relief. I had coffee and dates for breakfast – and I continued to enjoy them EVEN THOUGH Kyle headed out to sell our tickets for the US Open men’s finals. Sad. Now I really hope Nadal doesn’t make it to the finals. AND I hope that Federer wins in straight sets in the most boring and short finals ever. I mean, if I am going to have to miss it, I would way rather it not be record making or exciting. The fact that we are getting our money back isn’t even a small consolation. So after breakfast I went to the gym, and had a mediocre work out. Whatever. Notice how the photo only shows 2 dates…I ate them all before taking the pics! (I hid most of the pits to make me look like I have moderation)

For lunch I had ff vanilla Greek yogurt (Chobani) with strawberries, fake sugar, and cinnamon. It was veryyy good. So sweet and cinnamon-y and creamy delicious.

I also snacked on an apple, propel water, a Snapple and yogurt covered raisins…

I couldn’t even think of what I wanted for dinner. I was kinda in the mood for something light, but also healthy, like veggies, but not a salad. I chose to buy a tub of hummus (what can I say, my dinner at extra virgin wet my appetite for it the night before). Now I think I can add it to my list of recent obsessions. I also had a Gary Null’s veggie burger.
Yum yum dinner. I had Ezekiel bread with it and some veggies, but the hummus was just what I wanted and dinner hit the spot! I think I had edamame for dessert, too.

5th time’s the charm

Well, I couldn’t even stay up to wait for Kyle to get home. I passed out around 11 pm because I just couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. So I was asleep when he got home last night and didn’t get to see him. But on to today, TGIF! Another day of kinda sleeping in. I love that I am setting my alarm for 10:30 just in case, but still waking up before it goes off. I have been waking on my own around 10 am on all my days off, which I think is perfect. It means I am getting the amount of sleep my body wants to, while still starting the day off at a respectable time (i.e. not 2 pm). I love it when I can let my natural sleep cycle take over and it is not weird. ANYways…started off the day with coffee (no change there). And then headed off to the gym (again, no change there).
The gym was really not meant to happen today. I felt like crap from the 5th minute on. I almost left to go get a propel water and then come back I was so devoid of energy. I took a break on the elliptical for a cup of water or so, which did a little to help me. But seriously, it was a pretty weak work out. Then, randomly at about the 55th minute I got a sudden spurt of power or something. So I did a few of the strength training moves that I had just been reading about in self magazine. In the end the work out wasn’t pathetic, but it definitely was not one of my best.

The sando I made for lunch was loaded with fake bacon (smart deli soy bacon). It also had ff Fage, honey mustard, and smart deli “turkey” – all on toasted 7 grain live sprouted bread (food for life). A filling one for sure, but naturally I still had room for some more of the WF salty edamame 🙂

How pathetic is this photo!! I was trying to keep with the whole “don’t-finish-containers-just-because-you-don’t-know-when-else-to-stop” motto, which left me with like 15 edamame. Now the container looks ridiculous on the shelf but at least I didn’t eat the entire tub in only 2 sittings! It is the small battles that I win that are so delightful.

The rest of the day I spent tooling around town, talking on the phone, grocery shopping for Kyle, and planning dinner. I didn’t really know what I felt like for dinner, and when it finally came to me (soy noodle, tofu, edamame dish), I couldn’t find the ingredients anywhere. My search included 5 health food stores, and finally ended with a double success story. Not only did I discover a new health food store that is close (95th and Broadway) but it also had tons of new undiscovered tofu and soy products, including the soy noodles that were nowhere to be found in the previous 4 stores! Exciting, yes sir!

Totally worth the hunt!

Can you believe the whole pack of noodles is only 100 calories! That’s so unbelievable to me.
Obviously this is my second bowl.
Dessert was a couple (okay, 4) handfuls of yogurt covered raisins. So f-ing good!

football returns!!!

I got to sleep in today, which was quite nice. But I still set my alarm for 10:30 so I wouldn’t get too messed up. I had 2 cups of delicious coffee (ff milk and ff vanilla creamer) and then left to hit up the gym. My feet and legs were REALLY tired for some reason, so I did tons of stretching in the morning and then after my work out too. It must be from being on my feet ALL day yesterday. Seriously, I was up at 5 am and then walked from the subway to work, was on my feet for a 12 hour shift, went to the gym, and then walked a majority of the way home…so since I didn’t get back home until 10 pm, that means I was on my feet for 16 hours+ (no wonder my feet were dead). Still, I got a good work out in. I went nice and slow on the elliptical alternating between high and super high resistance. Then I tried a few new strength training moves I read about in shape magazine. After my work out it was already 2 pm, I wasn’t that hungry for some reason, but I also knew I should eat right away since I was going to dinner with Marisa and Heather at 7. I decided on half an apple (only half because it wasn’t that good) and yogurt covered raisins and the salty edamame I got at WF. SO good I could have eaten the entire container, but I somehow managed to stop myself, even though I was way full, I could have kept going for sure.

For dinner, we went to Max (lower east side) which was a complete pain in the ass to get to! Marisa and Heather both ordered pasta dishes, while I got the salmon special (red wine and honey glaze with a side of green beans). I have been having a lot of fish lately! The sauce was insanely sweet, almost to the point of being sickening, but naturally I finished the whole thing. The beans were fine, nothing remarkable. Honestly, the whole dish was just so-so, nothing I would be inclined to recommend, but it was more about the company anyways. We all split a bottle of white wine (it was a pinot grigio) which was nice since it was about a million degrees outside. Anyways, after dinner I walked back to Marisa’s apartment with her and then took the subway home. I think I will be glad next month when the restaurant will be in Marisa’s neighborhood, the west village is way easier to get to after all…now I am watching football and waiting for Kyle to get home.