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Parents vacay – part I

I set my alarm for 5:30 am because that’s when my parents’ flight was set to arrive. But being so early after a work night, I fell back asleep in less than one second. I woke back up at 6 when they called from their hotel…it seems they were not quite ready to start the day yet either after the long flight. So, I had some coffee, dates and a soy yogurt before meeting the parents at their hotel. I walked to their hotel (that’s going to be my exercise for the day) which took about 30 minutes…and helped work up my lunch appetite šŸ™‚

For lunch we met up with Kyle (so my parents could go up and see his office and meet his coworkers) before going to a little cafe near his work. We went to Printon 56, which is a standard for the finance lunch scene (good enough, but not crazy exciting). I made my own salad, since I wasn’t too hungry yet. I got chicken in the salad, which was weird, since I haven’t had meat in months. But I already decided that while my parents are in town I would have to de-vegan for a few days. It just seems a waste when we are planning on going to such baller ass restaurants.

After lunch Kyle went back to work and the parents took me shopping. We all met back at our apartment for some pre-dinner drinks. Then we went to dinner at Klee. I have been waiting to go here FOREVER!! The chef (Daniel Angerer) was a patient of mine, and ever since I have been wanting to go to his restaurant. The week before he was featured on Iron Chef America in a duel with Chef Bobby Flay. The secret ingredient was beer (how fun!) and he WON. His menu was featured at the restaurant too as a tasting menu. We got some apps for the table including the Alsatian thin crust pizza with creme fraiche, smoky bacon, Vidalia onions. I ordered Murray’s free range chicken, which came with grilled chicken-apple sausage, Brussel sprouts, and chestnut whip. It was mmmmazing…as were the rest of the meals. I tried some of mom’s fish and there were a few extras sent out as compliments from the chef, too. We finished off the night with dessert and spiced apple cider. It was great to see Daniel and Lori, and the meal exceeded all my expectations. We explored the neighborhood on the way back to the subway (it was halloween) and there were great costumes everywhere. So fun. Once back in midtown we went for late night drinks at Faces and Names. The music was halloween themed, and we were having a blast, singing along, trying to guess who the celebs were in all the paintings decorating the bar. By 1 am I was yawning and ready for a snooze…so we headed back home.

did i mention i’m free?

So, I think I forgot to mention that I am no longer on orientation…as of this week I am officially FREE. I now get all the credit when my patients make amazing recoveries. Woohoo!

Let’s just say, I am now thoroughly enjoying the fact that I don’t have anyone following my every step – for christ’s sake, I think I can dot my i’s and cross my t’s by now (it has been 6 months)!!
Ok, 5 am – Bruno’s coffee. 1 pm – lunch. Side note: I made a lunch, and didn’t even realize until I sat down to eat that I left it in the fridge. Soooo, I bought a (make-your-own) salad at Bruno’s with corn, carrots, cranberries, and a double serving of avo. Their salads are good, but muy $$$. Looks like I shall be having the lunch I packed for dinner.

Here’s the sando I had packed for my lunch. A street bread, hummus, ff greek yog, lettuce, and smart deli “turkey” (nothing too inovative). That wasn’t enough to fill me up though (duh!). So I had some stawberry lemonade and a vanilla silk soy yog (I don’t like this kind of soy yogurt, but it has been sitting in the back of the fridge forever…so I sucked it up and had it).

Needless to say, I will not be buying this brand of soy yogurt anymore.

At this point, I probably should have been full. But my mind is not as rational as it should be. In actuality here’s what was going on in the inside of my head “Oh, why not have some more food…I’m not full enough to pop yet, so I still have a ways to go…” And so away I went. I had the above pictured hummus with 5 pieces of bread. Yes, I ate the entire container of hummus. BTW, this is a NEW kind of hummus. After falling in love with Sabra, I was reluctant to try another brand, but at the same time, I was eager to experiment with healthier versions. I got this kind at our whole foods, it has less fat and was more grainy because of the veggies that are in it. I really do like it. Probably not quite as much as Sabra, but Sabra is an indulgence, I can’t really justify so much rich food.
Bed time, yes ANOTHER day of work tomorrow.

chronic corner

Dude. Work is exhausting. Most of the patients on the unit are chronics, so they should really have 1:1 care (which of course they don’t). Post op day 57?! Oy vey! (yiddish words in honor of Beth Israel)

Anyways, the day began with coffee (Bruno’s) and the paper (Metro). About 11 am I had this odwalla bar that I brought in. Second only to the superfood flavor, this flavor (strawberry pomegranate) is my fave. It’s new. Actually, it may have just taken over the favorite spot.

For lunch I had a sando with hummus, mustard, smart deli, and broccoli slaw.

After work I had a decent work out. I ran outside because it was crisp and I just wanted to exercise at a medium intensity. It was nice, and I love using my PINK belkin ipod sport armband.
Today I felt like greens. Sometimes nothing sounds better than a big ol salad (which always reminds me of seinfeld).

Here’s the edamame tofu salad that I added to the lettuce/salad.

To make this!

Que delicioso! Too tired to elaborate on much else. Work again tomorrow, so time for the zzzz’s.


Today’s highlights include: wearing my sweatpants all day, having 3 cups of coffee, and football (lots of football). The rest is just details.

All the way to the last drop. Not very much foam today, I guess? Still the same magic formula of skim plus and ff vanilla “creamer.”

I went to the gym to watch the Giants game. This year, having 2 fantasy football teams is really confusing. I can never remember who is on which team, and when to cheer and when to boo. Sometimes I go an entire game thinking one player is on my team, and then find out that after rooting for him for 2 hours, he is actually playing against us. Grrr…

Lunch=strawberries+chocolate o’soy yog
That didn’t hold me over too long, so next up was an apple (healthy!)
Dinner = Soup or salad? No, soup AND salad!

Looks like I kinda went overboard with all that corn in the salad, huh? Well, nothing wrong with corn…

This soup was a squash soup with TONS of veggies in it. Unfortunately, it was WAY too healthy and did not taste good at all. I dumped salt in it to try to salvage it, but it was a lost cause. After 4 spoonfuls, I dumped it. I should have known not to stray from my fave split pea.
Too tired to write more. I’m lazy and I have work tomorrow. Night!

rain rain go away

Initially, the plan for today was to be mellow in the AM, and party hard in the PM…BUT the rain would not let up!! Plans for celebrating my b-day got scrapped, and I opted for a pajama party instead šŸ˜‰
My boyfriend was a real sweetheart and grabbed me a soy misto on his way home from the gym. I was definitely still in bed when he got home!

I was just sitting down to breakfast (ok, the starbucks and the vanilla silk soy milk) and Kyle was already practically out the door for tutoring…I’m such a bum on the weekends.

I went to the gym for a nice solid workout, alternating intensities of cardio. Yeeea!

I had a fully loaded open faced breakfast sando after I got home from the gym. First, I toasted Cali soy A street bread, then I put on a thin layer of blueberry rhubarb jam, followed by eggs fresh of the grill, and finally I slathered on some ff greek yog.

BOMB ass!
Saturday laziness…fill in the blanks…
Dinner was macro and vegan tofu and rice salads and vegan sushi.

It’s the same roll I always get with texturized protein, carrots, spinach, etc.

Here’s a zoomed in pic of the brown rice with tofu chunks. I have never seen this dish before, which is why I grabbed it. There was a nice contrast of crunchiness with the veggies (carrots, brocc, onions, etc.) with the mixture of brown rice and texturized protein and flavorful tofu chunks. I hope our whole foods starts carrying this more, because it is definitely in my fave 5.

Here’s my plate all loaded up with goodies.

I was so full from all this food I didn’t even have room for dessert. Now THAT’S rare.