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just chillin

I woke up at 7 am and then went back to sleep…next thing I know it’s nearly noon! Eek. I don’t know why I should feel guilty, but I do. No matter – today is my last day of chillin’ before returning to work tomorrow.

So here’s the first morning coffee…sitting on the window ledge while I blog and watch t.v. And then below (after I woke up a little bit more) is my whole AM spread. Self, Shape, and Vegetarian Times magazines with a steamy mug full of caffeine love. Nothing better!

Gym time. Elliptical for an hour while watching Beyonce on ellen. I’m kinda obsessed with the dance to single ladies.

Lunch was tofu with teriyake flavor. It was way good, but probably too much sodium (because it was so good). I had 4 big slabs total and was quite full after.

Dinner was kinda small since I ate my lunch so late. Since I made a mother load of quinoa last night, I figured why not add it into the corn, edamame, and tofu mix.

Above is the mix before the quinoa. Below is with the quinoa and a scoop of Fage greek yogurt. Stir. Heat. Eat.

Enjoy šŸ™‚
I relaxed the rest of the night away with this tub of salted soy nuts. Maybe I should really watch my sodium consumption, today was a very salty day! (I ate 1/3 of the tub)

“mind the gap”

I have been trying to delay the arrival of this day for a while now…but there’s no point in denying it, I’m back in the real world after 10 days of bliss. Vacation was amazing. I saw a lot, ate a lot, enjoyed a lot, worked out none – and it was fabulous! Exactly the way vacation is supposed to be. I didn’t take photos of my food, because frankly, that would have been obnoxious, and I just wanted to enjoy it all, guilt free.
While dining out on this trip, I was definitely inspired to create new meals at home. I can’t wait to try to vegan-ize so many of the dishes we enjoyed.

A few highlights: tortilla espanola, especially the “Pans” truita sando with tortilla, itty bitty cafes (sugarless and milkless), crepes with nutella and bananas, lots of great seafood dishes, lots of baguettes (hello freshly baked bread…mmm), Ping Pong’s dim sum, borough market place…

I could go on and on and on…good thing we did a lot of walking, otherwise I would have come back 10 pounds heavier!

Pans & Company – I can’t get enough of this place, I wish they would open up stores in the US
Maoz Vegetarian – Veggie/vegan heaven, plus they are even in nyc!
Pret A Manger – Such a great company, healthy AND environmentally responsible (oh, and did I mention tasty!)
Ping Pong – we went to the location on the south bank, great dim sum with lots of veggie options, the vegetable puffs were SO good, we got so many plates of them that they ran out! The baked dishes are great, but they are known for their steamed dishes. I liked the baked ones the best, though. Mouth watering.

Ok, the rest is history! Back to reality šŸ™

up up and away (to europe)

FINALLY the day is here! We leave for Europe today!! Woohoo.

Java load! Much needed since Kyle got back from Brazil at 6 in the morning, so I was up by 7.

I have been basically clearing out the fridge, but this morning I had to suck it up and go out and get some food. I got a bag of grapes because they looked so good – plus, I figured if I didn’t finish them I could always freeze them (but, of course it didn’t come to that, since I clearly ate them all).

I had two peach O’soy yogurts with the grapes. Now I am gym bound! I don’t really want to work out, but I should since I am going to have 10 days off from the gym starting tomorrow. So I sucked it up and ran for 60 minutes on the elliptical.

I went out for some last minute shopping in the afternoon and then got my last salad!

As usual, I added the tofu edamame to the salad. Okay, off to the airport….Barca, here we COME!

48 hours (more or less)

I am beyond words excited for this vacation. Only one more day!


I went to the gym for an elliptical sesh. It was raining so I was kinda in a yuck mood. Basically, I just wanted to get my work out over with asap.
I made some lunch after: soy noodles, edamame, teriyake flavored tofu **and JUST for some extra crunch I added Garden of Eatin’ tortilla chips on top

Look at the multitasking going on here – crosswording while grubbing. Could life BE any better?

Then I spent forever trying to catch up on tivo-ed shows…I have like 500 eps of grey’s, desperate housewives, and real housewives of atlanta. I’m not even going to pretend like I’m ashamed of the crappy lineup I just mentioned. Trashy tv. Love it.
Later in the day I had an apple. It was crunch-o delish!

The theme of dinner was take everything left in the fridge in throw it in a bowl…which may have inadvertently led to a new fave salad! Check it out, I’m a culinary Alexander Fleming (for the non-science geeks, he’s the man who discovered penicillin by accident).

I chopped up the last of the smart deli “turkey” slices and the soy bacon to put on top of the salad…yum!

So here’s the final product. If nothing else, those colors make the dish! Pretty AND tasty!

After dinner I started packing and cooking. I made a massive lasagna to freeze for my K love, which only took an hour or so, but the packing took forever. I was up so late, I needed sustenance (see dates below).

Great motto (a la Quincy Jones):
Once a task has just begun,
never leave it ’til it’s done.
Be the labor great or small,
Do it well or not at all.

cleaning out the fridge

Peace out real world! I only have this last week of work and then we are off to Europe!! I am so excited, I will hardly be able to focus at work…
I packed my lunch the night before: apple, odwalla bar (superfood flavor), raisins, and a big ‘ol sandwich.

I’m trying to use up the last of things in the fridge before we go, which means I’m getting creative in my sandwich choices. Broccoli slaw (in lieu of lettuce), ff greek yogurt and mustard with smart deli “turkey” …and then more mustard (in an attempt to bind the brocc slaw together). It tasted ok. Honestly, by the time I got my lunch break my sandwich could have tasted like cardboard and I still would have been excited. But, let me back up a bit and talk about how the day began. I got up bright and early (actually it was still dark out) so I could get to work early…you know how I love starting the day off reading the paper over a hot cup of coffee. What could be better? But, this morning in particular I was on a reading mission because I have to finish my book to bring for Marie in Spain. So, while enjoying my Bruno’s coffee, I finished Philippa Gregory’s “The Constant Princess.”

Post work, I went on a run outside. It was crisp, perfect weather for running outside, so I just ran down to 72nd street and back. It takes me about 25 minutes, which is just enough exercise after a long day of work to make me feel like I did something active, while not completely exhausting me. I had a bunch of frozen grapes after I got back home. These are the perfect snack! Frozen grapes taste like little balls of fresh fruit sorbet.

Then for dinner I made a huge curry tuna salad – I mean HUGE. I used 4 cans of tuna, 2 apples, heaping spoonfuls of veganaise and honey mustard, tons of raisins, curry powder, salt and pepper. Voila!

I ate about half of it plain, and the rest I added to a bed of arugula lettuce and the last of the broccoli slaw. I really want to get in my veggies before I leave for vacation, since English, French, and Spanish cuisine isn’t really known for their greens. Here’s what I get to look forward to: fish and chips, wine and cheese, and tortilla and paella. Now you see why I am being a gym rat and salad whore before I leave…vacation is a time to relax and enjoy fine dining (meaning no workouts and no guilt).

Naturally, I ended the day with a bunch of dates šŸ™‚

T minus 2 days!!