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lucky pennies

Here’s the thing – I am very superstitious. The reason this is stupid is because at the same time I am very logical and I always look for rational explanations for everything. I can’t explain why I still believe in good luck or random events being “signs” but I just do. The reason I am mentioning this is because on the way to work today I found 2 (not 1, but 2!!) pennies heads up. I always pick up pennies if they are heads up, and I never pick up pennies that are tails up (which is weird, I know), but I just think they are good luck. And as if that isn’t bizarre enough on it’s own, I actually think it is bad luck to pick up a tails side penny and even worse bad luck to walk past a heads up penny and not pick it up. I will refrain from elaborating on all my other freakish superstitions, but the moral of this story is that I knew today would be a good day since I had 2 heads up pennies in my pocket.

And it WAS a great day. I had such an easy patient load (only 3 patients, 2 of which I discharged by the afternoon) and jcaho didn’t come. What more could I ask for. Plus I got to work with my fav peeps today. Other than that, my meals were the same as they are every other day I work (I am so boring lately).

Lunch was the same: sando (Ezekiel bread, greek yog, honey must, smart deli meat, and lettuce) and silk soy milk latte

Snack was the same: berry smoothie power bar

After work I hit up starbucks for a subway ride/pre-gym treat. At this point, I was really feeling unoriginal with my ordering. So I got a grande iced coffee in a venti cup, and then dumped soy milk in all the extra space. In the end, the drink wasn’t that different than my other orders, but oh well.

At the gym, I “ran” on the elliptical for an hour, stretched for 10 mins and traded in my ab workout for grocery shopping. Here are the goodies I got:

I was almost out of smart deli “turkey” meat so I got more of those. Also, I wanted another little silk vanilla soy milk, and I had to replete my supplies (propel H20, split pea soup, and yogurt covered raisins). I also grabbed tofu chunks for dinner tonight (more on that later).
I made a pita stuffed with a tofu salad for dinner (ingreds shown above). I took a spoonful of ff greek Chobani yogurt to spread in the pita pocket, then I loaded it up with cherry tomatoes, and the tofu salad I got from our whole foods. It has tofu chunks, edamame, corn, and a variety of spices, and is SO good. It was kinda hard to take a picture of because it was exploding, so I was doing everything in my power just to hold it together. The rest of the tofu that didn’t fit in the pita I ate on the side šŸ™‚

I was still hungry, so I had the tofu I got at the store. This macro and vegan product is by Karen Sisters, and is all natural tofu with a cabbage/carrot/ginger salad on the side. To be honest, the salad isn’t that good, but I know ginger is good for the GI tract so I ate it anyways. I didn’t have the sauce though (on the side above).
I may have had a handful or 2 of yogurt covered raisins for dessert, too.

work workity work

Today was no different than any other work day. Nothing thrilling to report. I made my lunch the night before (see below), which consists of the same delish sando I always make and a mix of raisins and yogurt covered raisins. And, naturally, I stopped at Starbucks on the way to work to grab a soy milk latte. How lame is it that I actually look forward to days I work now simply because on work days I treat myself to soy milk lattes. Today I was pretty sure jcaho was coming to the hospital (yuck), so I finished my drink before I entered the hospital (leaving me without a latte to sip on throughout the morning). So of course my stomach was growling by 9 am, making me bust out the raisins from my lunch early.

By lunch time I was hungry with a capital h. I went to starbucks to grub on my sandwich and grab another soy milk latte. I even refilled after with plain soy milk. I think I have had about a gallon of soy milk today!
My snack in the afternoon/evening/pre-gym was another very berry smoothie power bar.
Side note: I always forget about the fact that I have a couple(ish) glasses of apple juice while I’m at work since we stock it in the fridge. I tend to disregard it because the cups are so small, but I guess when you have 5, that is kinda a lot of juice…
Anyways, I went to NYSC uptown after work and the elliptical FLEW by since I was watching the new ep of gossip girl (I will hereafter refer to it as gg, not to be confused with the same abbrev that previously referenced gilmore girls). Fabulous work out. Mega-stretching. Minimal ab work.
I had a very fall dinner. This cool weather makes me want warm comfort food.
I heated up frozen peas and added organic split pea soup to it.

I love Health Valley’s soups. And even though the photo makes dinner look gross, it was definitely good. Very veggie-ful.

After 2 bowls of soup I snacked on salty dried edamame (had to get some protein in) and finished off the bag I opened the other night.

v is for voracious

I was so excited as I woke up today because it was sunny and (more importantly) I knew I had a full day of football ahead of me. I just love fall so much. Kyle and I gradually made our way to the couch, enjoying a lazy start – Kyle made a fresh brew of coffee and dug into the weekend edition of the FT, while I did the crossword. The coffee didn’t disappoint, it’s a Starbucks blend (naturally) to which I added Stevia and ff vanilla creamer and lactose free skim plus. For the record, let me just say, my attempt(s) at making my own soymilk latte at home have been complete and utter busts. So, while I am absolutely beyond addicted to them, I can’t justify spending the $$ on days when I am at home and perfectly capable of making my own coffee. So, that said, I had 2 cups of what you see below this AM, and I was quite content with them.

For brunch I had another cute little silk soymilk bottle and a breakfast sando. One of the pieces of bread myseteriously vanished (in my mouth) while I was cooking, but other than that I used all the ingredients seen below.

Smart deli soy bacon, egg beaters, and ff Chobani greek yog.

Layering up (left) Open for business (right)

Here’s me enjoying a crispy organic apple (while diligently tracking our fantasy football score on my comp in the background) in the afternoon.
I headed off to the gym around half time of the Giants vs Bengals game. So my workout FLEW by since I was immersed in the game. I did minimal floor mat exercises after running because the game went into overtime and I wanted to get home to watch it! I should probably have stretched a bit longer but se la vie.

Later on I had this snack of chocolate silk soymilk. Mmmmm…

Kyle and I also went on a walk before dinner, and since we stopped in at my new fav (uptown) health food store while we were out and about, I couldn’t help but grab some yogurt covered pretzels. They are SO good! It is hard to tell from the photo, but there are approx 30+ and I ate them all (duh)!

I was not that hungry in the PM, so dinner was kinda weird. I had the last of the 7 sprouted grain bread with hummus.

And then later I had another few slices of the new loaf of bread and 2 apples. Kyle thinks it’s weird, but apples dipped in hummus are good (really!) so I had 2 of them. Btw, I bought another loaf of the same live sprouted grain bread. Talk about a gluten free dinner!

After laundry, I snacked on these while watching the late night football games (I forgot the Emmy’s were on too, oh well).

Gotta pack my lunch for tomorrow now, since I have work workity work!

Sabado Sin Lactosa

Here is my lunch that I packed the night before. Same old sando, gummy snacks that I doubt I will eat (they don’t really look that good?) and an apple and raisins.

On the way to work (did I mention it’s Saturday) I picked up a treat to get the day started off right (you guessed it, a steamy starbucks soy latte). Because I was so productive and efficient in the AM, I was able to jump outside for a quick break (yes, it was to grab another soy latte – guilty). I have a PROBLEM!!!!

Lunch came a bit late since I had to discharge 2 patients before I could get away for my break. I hit up the ‘bucks for ANOTHER soy latte as I enjoyed my sando and a crossword. It was quite a relaxing lunch as a matter of fact…I think that’s why I don’t mind working weekends. In fact, I am starting to actually prefer them, it’s so nice to do rounds early because then the rest of the day is kinda mellow…(since very few procedures take place on weekends).

Not pictured: My afternoon snack of a berry smoothie flavored power bar (yum! favorite flavor)

After work I hit up NYSC, I think this may have really settled the Equinox vs. NYSC matter once and for all. For the 2nd day in a row now, I have chosen to go to NYSC over Equinox (since I have the option to attend either this week only). I finally remembered to ask when my present membership expires and it isn’t until October 29th (I didn’t remember it being so long after I moved to nyc – I really mooched off of Kyle’s membership for a while)!

So on the way home I picked up some goodies for dinner…

silk soy milk = LIQUID LOVE

I was pretty lazy by the time I got out of the shower and preparing food just was not about to happen…so naturally I went with my “go to” dinner (cereal!!). Maybe it’s not wheaties…but it’s still the dinner of champions.

I had 3 (massive) bowls, and when I say massive, I mean it. I opened the box and judging by the weight of it after I was done, there was some SERIOUS damage done (well over half the box, no question). Oh, and I had the vanilla silk soy milk with it as well as the rest of the other soy milk carton. Full, check please.
Sweet dreams!


I forgot to write about a new recipe I tried today because I cooked it for Kyle (so it is not vegan and has dairy). I made up the recipe for the most part.

green pepper
Spanish onion
4 eggs
1 can condensed milk
shredded 4 cheese mix
Pillsbury pie crust

And here’s the end product…

A delicious quiche with rave reviews – Kyle has already informed me that this meal is a must repeat. I love it when recipes work out the first time and I don’t even need to tweak them for the next try.