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football fun cont.

Hooray, my K-love is back home. This morning was just as lazy as yesterday, but Kyle joined me…we spent the morning eager for football to start. I love play-offs.

I got new slippers for x-mas, so now we are twins (hehe).

I had a coffee after I woke up a bit. Lactaid-y. Mmmm…

Since yesterday was pretty fruit and veggie loaded, I decided to pump up my protein intake today.

Some soy bacon to start. Salty and delish.

Followed by more “bacon” and egg beaters with vegan parmesan “cheese” on top.

It was well past noon by the time I had this, and the weirdest part – I wasn’t really even hungry…I just ate because we were heading out to do errands and I knew I should have something before leaving the house.
We were so productive while out and about (between football games, of course). First Kyle got some stuff at Banana Republic, then we got new curtains for our living room, went to the bank, and finally got our groceries for the week.

We got home just in time for kick off to the Eagles game. Go philly! I snacked on 3 dried pineapple rings during the first half. These are so sugary, I love ’em…like dessert, but you can pretend they are healthy since they are technically fruit!

With my blood glucose level sky high, I decided to head to the gym to watch the second half of the game while running. The gym was kinda crowded, so I had to nix the tread mill plan, and instead opted for the elliptical on a really high level. After an hour I stretched and did some arm exercises, follwed by 3 seconds of abs. My stomach started growling, so I decided to call it a day.
Dinner: 2 different types of vegan sushi and peas (weird combo? perhaps!)

The roll on the left is a macro roll with organic wild rice, organic brown rice, organic sweet rice, toasted nori, daikon, carrots, tofu, kale, agave syrup, apple cider vinegar, and sesame oil (all organic).
The roll on the right is a vegan roll with organic brown rice, organic sweet rice, kale, texturized vegetable protein, carrots, toasted nori, soy beans, agave syrup, apple cider vinegar, and sesame oil (all organic).
I always get the vegan roll. Like, once a week, at least. But I haven’t had the macro roll in a while. It was really good, although I still think I prefer the vegan roll (both are vegan, they are just the arbitrary names the product is given).

I was still a little bit hungry, though, so I had half of another vegan roll. 🙂

Right after I put the other half of the roll away, I got it back out and finished it too…haha, who was I kidding? How could I ever eat half a roll??

I finished the night off with a few warm cups of tea. I think my water intake is through the roof because of my desire to stay warm this winter. I guess there could be worse vices than drinking tea in excess.

free time and football

I am so happy to have today off of work. I love weekends, especially NFL play-off weekends, since there are games on Saturday AND Sunday. I love sleeping in, and being lazy and not feeling remotely guilty about it. Plus, I got some wonderful mail today, too.

Stonyfield responded to an email I sent them with some goodies (coupons) for my fave products. Their O’soy yog is THE best, but I can never find it anywhere, so hopefully they contacted some local markets to get more of their goodies stocked. The other mail was a postcard from Self mag, telling me I got a gift of a year long subscription (thanks Laura)!!

Totally an amazing Saturday and I haven’t even had coffee yet!

Here’s my cup of joe. I was too lazy to make the milk foamy. Hey, it’s the weekend! I’m out of soy milk, so this was a cafe au “lactaid.”
I cut up a gala apple for some AM snacking, while I uploaded my Europe pics to shutterfly. This has been on my to-do list for about 2 months! I think it’s about time I ordered the prints…

There may or may not have been some PB added to these slices…?
For breakfast/lunch I had some blueberry Stonyfield o’soy yogurt.

So creamy and delicious. Nothing else compares.

The fruit in the yogurt got me craving sweets, so I had a plate of strawberries and mango slices.

Followed my some dates….

After my sugar load, I was REALLY excited to finally get to the gym – it’s been almost 5 days since my last work out, and I am WAY too much of a ball of energy to go that long without releasing some of it. I layered up for the brrr and made my way to NYSC. I was pumped. I had my new Self mag (gracias to my sis for my 2009 subscription), the NFL wild card play-offs were on, and the gym wasn’t too full…the perfect set up for a great work out sesh! I started on the elliptical, while rocking out to Lady GaGa. Her cd is PERF for cardio, I’m obsessed.
I’m always a little scared to go to the gym the first few days in Jan because of all the New Year’s resolutions, so being the 3rd, I was surprised it wasn’t too crowded. After 60 mins (6 miles) on the elliptical at level 12, I was still on a high, so I headed to the tread mill. I was def in the zone. 30 minutes went by and I decided I should prob stop (even though I could have kept going) so I wouldn’t be a sore crippled mess tomorrow. I stretched forever, then did some abs, and hit the road.

I was in desperate need of groceries, so I hit up our Whole Foods (followed by Food Emporium for K’s eats). I scored some goodies and new products that I can’t wait to try.

For some reason, I wasn’t that hungry (maybe since I had lunch SO late?), so I decided to kinda snack the night away…

Brocc, carrots, and cauliflower…

SABRA! I’m such a wuss, I only get the classic flavor. But, should I really branch out when I love this one so much? I mean, I love it!

I obviously gobbed the hummus on this GN veggie burger, as well. These are still my fave veggie burgers, granted my trials haven’t been too extensive, but still.

Later on I was wanting a little snack type thing. Not sure what I felt like, I went on a hunt throughout the apartment…which took all of 3 seconds…and I settled on this.

Imagine’s Organic Creamy Corn Soup.

Their soups are fantastic!! Winter just makes me crave soup around the clock, so it’s good to have these stocked at all times. Carrot and butternut squash are also great flavors.
I had a mug of my new tea after dinner. I loved the TJ’s spiced chai that my parents had, but I was too lazy to head all the way downtown to Union Square…so we will see how the “Good Earth” chai tea compares.

WHOA! I really didn’t think I left it to steep that long (?), but holy $%^& it was strong!!

Note to self: next time, take the teabag out WAY sooner.

I may have had some dates for dessert….

How to cope with 15 degree weather…

Step one: buy a flight to Mexico

Step two: there is no step two

Yup, I just bought a flight to Cabo San Lucas for next week!!!!!!! Peace out snow.

I know it seems lame, but I kept going back and forth if this trip was wise with all the crap I have to do to get the year started off right. But it’s hard to argue with a free flight and place to stay (my parents own the place and my Dad offered me his frequent flier miles). Hell YEAH! Only 6 days til I’m outta here…

But first, back to the day’s eats.

Does the sandwich looks familiar? I need a little variety in my work lunches, but I love smart deli “turkey” meat so if it aint broke…

I also had an apple, superfood odwalla bar, and a baggie full of mixed dried fruit.

I got this “island fruits” mix at home, because for some reason dried fruit is way cheaper in CA (actually, everything is cheaper there). Pineapple, papaya, and mango (plus raisins and dried cranberries).

I like how my nail polish matches 🙂 Purrrrty.

Work was smooth sailing. Not much to say other than that. Since the unit was only partially open (all of pod B is closed) there were 3 nurses for 7 patients! Talk about a nice shift. There aren’t any cases until Monday, so my boss gave me the entire weekend off!!!!!!!

Combined with my other vacation days already in the schedule, this means I don’t work again until JANUARY 14th! Holy $%&#!!!!!!

Cabo here I COME!! Ummmm…I love my job? Who else gets paid to go to Mexico!?!

I was pretty much on a high for the rest of the day. Then, as if things could get any better, our most chronic patient (post-op day 108!!) was finally transferred off the unit (to an SNF, but still). I’ve never seen such a rough hospital course following open heart surgery. Everything that could go wrong, did, and yet, he made it through in the end. I never thought I’d see the day when this patient was able to respond to my voice, let alone hold a cup of apple juice and feed himself. It was truly a glorious day.

As I was leaving at the end of my shift, I stopped in to say goodbye to a patient that will likely be discharged while I’m away, and since I’ve been her nurse for nearly 2 months, she had a special place in my heart…well, apparently, I had the same effect on her. She hugged me tight and said that I’d made her hospital stay and it was her pleasure seeing my smile each and every morning. So touching! Then she said she was going to write a letter to the hospital about me. Awww…it warms my heart when I know that I’ve been able to impact my patients’ lives in such a positive way. For all the crappy shifts I have, it takes just one patient to tell me things like this, and it puts my job in perspective and makes everything worthwhile.

I left the unit on cloud nine…and decided to treat myself to a Whole Foods dinner. I still hadn’t gone to the grocery store, so I didn’t really have much of a choice – the fridge is empty! I knew I needed some greens, so I made a big salad with spinach and romaine lettuce, cucumbers, peas, corn, dried cranberries, and BBQ tofu…there may have been other ingreds, but I can’t remember.

When I got home I portioned out half into a big bowl…then added some honey mustard dressing with balsamic vinegar.

I finished the rest of the salad shortly after (duh)!

Here’s the second serving.

I had a mug of Spiced Chai tea with dates for dessert.

It was pretty hard to just have 4, but I managed. Can’t WAIT to sleep in tomorrow.

a fresh start

There’s nothing like the blanket of white snow covering the ground to symbolize the clean slate that today represents. Welcome 2009. I love you already. Fresh starts are always a good thing.

Today started bright and early with a 5 am wake-up call for work. I packed my lunch the night before, which included the usual smart deli sammie, apple, mix of raisin/dried cranberries, plus odwalla bar.

Look what Santa left for me!! Clearly my mom (errr…santa) knows me well. This will last me quite a while – yay!!

On the way to work I was bummed to find that both Starbucks and Bruno’s were opening late since it was New Year’s Day. Whatever will I do?! No worries, I’m quick on my feet…I got a mediocre coffee at a little market and bought a soy milk to get the day off right.




I had my odwalla berries gomega in the AM, and got away for lunch around 1 pm. Even though it was 16 degrees outside, I still made it to Starbucks (Bruno’s was closed all day). I got a TON of Sbuck’s gift cards for x-mas so it was free 🙂 I got a short coffee and added vanilla soymilk. Perfect sando go-with. I headed back to work with a nice little caffeine boost. Later in the PM I had the rest of the dried fruit and the apple, which got me through the rest of the shift quite nicely. The day was a bit slow, so when 7 rolled around, I was bouncing off the walls. I wish it were warmer out, I really feel like I need to exercise. Grrrr…snow sucks. So much pent up energy. My BF needs to get back home, stat.

For dinner, my choices were minimal, groceries are sparse in the apartment. So I had a new kind of veggie burger (Lightlife) on Ezekiel english muffins. Yeah, no greens. Veggie shopping def needed.

Lightlife meatless “light burgers” stats (per burger):
kcals 120
fat kcals 15 (1.5 g)
carbs 11 g
sugar 0 g
fiber 3 g
protein 16 g
cholesterol ZERO
sodium 500 mg
potassium 520 mg
How is THAT for healthy? Nada in the cholesterol department, low in fat, and tons of protein.

The consistency was a bit weird, but the flavor was good, although the delish EZEKIEL bun was so warm and toasty that basically anything could have been between it and I would have loved it. And that’s not even mentioning the Sabra-licious hummus I lathered on each muffin 🙂
I ended up having both burgers (the pack comes with 2) and the last 2 Ekez english muffins. I’m shocked the english muffins made it this long considering how obsessed I am with them. Seriously, I hope that is what heaven is like.

Here’s #2

I was full after the two burgers, so I pretty much chilled the rest of the night while watching the Rose Bowl and drinking lots of water and goji berry pom tea. I have another long day of work ahead of me tomorrow, so I’m going to hit the hay early. Still a bit jet lagged from the time difference flight yesterday.