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Hot Hot Heat

We are melting over here in Davis.  For real.  It’s crazy hot and I’m so lucky I have so many friends with pools.

Since it reaches 90 degrees by 8 am, the best option for outside time is first thing in the morning.  We don’t have much shade in our yard, but at least the house offers a little before the sun gets all the way up.  Lately we have been eating breakfast al fresco to maximize outside time.

It was actually P’s idea.  I was making a summer bucket list and asked him what he wanted to do this summer and he didn’t even pause…he just said “eat breakfast outside!” right off the bat.  So I said sure!

It also means lots more veggies for breakfast because they inevitably ravage the garden.  We picked three more zucchini this morning.

Which they then wanted to eat right away.

Zucchini cheers! They like it raw.

After giving him his milk dose, I thought maybe some art would keep him calm-ish. They loved this!

I had waffle leftovers and watched on with joy.

We drew all morning until library at 10.

Davis has this thing with pianos.  There are several of them scattered around town and they move them periodically.  They just put one in front of the library. P told me he was playing classical music.

Post library iced coffee for meeeee. With MCT oil, natually.

While I made the kids lunch I got to work on the zucchini I picked that morning.

I used this same marinade to make raw zucchini “bacon” in the dehydrator.

It wasn’t the best day to have the dehydrator running alllll day, but thank goodness we have an AC.  That thing has been on mega overdrive this week.  Usually I’m frugal with it, but our overnight temps outside barely reach 75.  I think it’s been, like 77-78, LOW this week.  Insane.  I’m not used to this extreme heat, but it’s better than 30 degrees and rain so I’ll take it.

Couldn’t help myself when I was at WF last weekend.  Had to treat myself.  I also just discovered urban remedy delivers.  And my zip code has next day delivery.  And it’s free shipping over $50 sooooo…uh oh!

Still the best salad of my life.  Adding the entire avo helps, of course, but it’s still insanely good.

Afternoon crafting, because, see above re heat.

This is way too old for her to do solo but try telling her that.

He was the one who suggested doing an art project, and the idea seemed solid so I went with it.  He’s been quite the visionary thus far with our summer schedule.  I really need to get more stuff on the docket.

I made broccoli slaw for dinner to pair with burgers. There were lots of leftovers to finish off, so I made us all plates of varying things.

My plate had leftover soggy salad (the way I like it!) and a GF bun with avo and mayo and small bit of the broccoli.

Here’s Kyle’s plate.

I added bleu cheese and red onion to his broccoli salad and burger because he’s into that stuff.

Miss V got the other half of the tomato that she shared with her dada.

P and I were tomato free, as you can see.  He and V also had a bunch of fruit after their plates were cleaned and then milk doses times two.  Yes, V is getting in on the cow milk these days. She knows P gets it, so she naturally wants to as well.  I don’t have any real objections as long as it’s after her meal is donezo.

Check out my zucchini chips!  So excited to try them!

I went to a movie with girlfriends after dinner and had such a blast.  We inadvertently went on discount night so it was cheap.  And air conditioned.  Win.  We saw Rough Night which I was expecting to be pretty dumb, but was so shocked at how good it was!

Same old same old, the next day, with a breakfast outside. They started with muffins and blueberries and once those were gone, I filled their plates back up with more muffins and fruit (this time strawberries and banana).

And if you can even believe it, THIS wasn’t enough either.

They had chard from the garden, followed by more blueberries and then I kinda cut them off before I gave P his dose.  These kids eat more than I do!?!  And I really didn’t think that was possible.

Speaking of my breakkie…waffles and cashew butter, por favor.

Um, you got something on your arm there.

We had a pool date with friends at 9:30 so we packed up and drove 3 minutes to their place.

Seriously, it’s a million degrees out and my kids wanted to go in the hot tub.  What the what.

The pool totally wore them out, and despite the fact that they ate ten different snacks at the pool, they still ate a humongous lunch.  V passed out right away while P had quiet time…orrrrrr…not.

Guess that heat really got to him.

I went in after a while to try to wake him, but he wasn’t having it.  He snuggled up with me and I soaked every last second of it up.  Once V was up, I gently woke him though, because we had plans with friends down the street.  They, too, have a pool.  😉

Snacks first!  P was too hungry to wait for a smoothie so I gave him a home made bar while I made a smoothie.  Kid has an appetite!  He ate a HUGE piece of bar and then half of this strawberry banana soy milk smoothie.  V had the other half and her own (smaller) portion of bar.

And yet, she was still begging for more food WHILE WE WERE IN THE POOL at our friends’ house.  Like 15 minutes after eating.

We all had popsicles before heading home for dinner and then V dropped hers in the driveway (they were melting crazy fast since we are currently sitting on the sun) and tried to lick it off the ground.  Ugh.  Child, please.  Let’s go eat a proper meal.

More leftovers for dinner!  Thrilling, I know.  But it’s wedding craziness starting now so I didn’t want to buy more food.

I didn’t have any veggies to give them, but then I remembered (a) Kyle’s out of town and (b) we have zucchini in the garden.  YAY!  Sautéed zucchini it is.

I was pooped after getting the kids down and shouldn’t have eaten all this but I did and now it’s over and whatever.  I have one day to get my gut happy before the wedding stuff starts and I don’t have as much control over my diet.

See you after the “I Do”s!

Father’s Day weekend

Waffle action!

I made two batters the night before, unsure which would turn out (if any) because I was making them grain free and sugar free.  I’m easing myself into a more strict fodmaps free SIBO type of diet.  I won’t start officially until after my sister’s wedding but I have all the supplements already so I’m just getting my mental and emotional state in the game.  I’m actually SUPER excited about it, even though I’ve heard it sucks.  Kyle’s very supportive though and is willing to do whatever to help me help my gut.

The almond flour recipe I used (paleomg) didn’t really work out (it crumbled into crumbs and was impossible to get off the griddle, ugh), but the coconut flour one I used (paleohacks) was amazing! Unfortunately, the recipe only yielded these four waffles though.  Small batch much?  So I busted out some waffles from the freezer for the kids.

But I very much enjoyed these with some cashew butter.  And now I have a few extra for the week ahead.

After breakfast we set off for Muir Woods.  As you may recall it’s usually our mother’s day tradition, but this year it’s happening on father’s day. Because we were occupied with my sister’s wedding stuff on mother’s day. Actually the same thing happened last year too with my other sister’s wedding stuff!  Next year will be wedding free though, so we can go back to Muir Woods in May.  Although, to be honest, going a month later is a huge difference in weather.  It was a perfect 75 degrees – a wonderful reprieve from the 110 we have been suffering through in Davis.  And in May, it’s usually a chilly 50 degrees under those big tall trees.  June in Muir Woods is fantastic!

They were into it before we even entered the park!  At least they were able to get some climbing and exploring out of their systems…before they got into the actual redwoods and weren’t allowed to be crazies.

We made it a lot farther in than I expected actually.  And just when they were starting to melt down I busted out the snacks.

After we came back out and grabbed our picnic lunch from the car.


Nugget sando that I SHARED WITH P!!!  Per the staff, they don’t have peanuts in their dairy so now that we are far enough in with his dairy OIT we can do stuff like this because the risk of cross contamination is gone.  Such a huge deal!!!

The car ride back was loooong.  And then we realized it was insanely hot and went to swim at a friend’s house for a second before coming home to grill.

Kyle’s been in the mood for skirt steak and the kids sure don’t object.  They love steak (and ask for it often).  I love it too, to be honest.  It’s maybe my favorite cut of beef.

I had wayyyyy more fries off the baking sheet.  Oops.

Cheese everyone!

Dessert and OITNB.  I’m SO INTO THIS SEASON.  I want it to never end, and yet, I cannot watch it fast enough.  We only let ourselves watch one episode per night (because we go to bed early) but I would ideally binge watch the rest of the season in one sitting if I had no responsibilities in life.

Best.  Juice.  Ever.

Usually I don’t love cucumber in my juices, but the apple and other greens are just so good that I love it. I want to go buy more juices now.  Hooked on Sun & Soil.  Goodbye bank account.

We beat the heat going to open gym that am, followed by a weekly grocery haul and then some outside time before it hit 100.  It was still climbing by noon but I was done with being outdoors.

My lunch salad had pecans, avo, bacon wrapped dates, smoked salmon, balsamic dressing, and dried cranberries.  Sadly you can only see a bit of that in the pic but it was mmmmmm.

Oh and heaps of carrots on the side.

I decided to use the rest of the herbs from the gobble meal in an egg roll for Monday’s dinner.

And I love love love Nasoya’s wrappers.  They work so well.  And are idiot proof because even I can roll them and make a plate of this…

Look like this…

AMAZING no?  Kyle was stoked.  I ran out of wrappers, so he got all the fried ones, which was just as well because #wheat.  #tryingtobenicetomygut

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  After nap/quiet time we hit up Jamba Juice for an afternoon snack.



And then to target.  Because #airconditioning  😉

In truth we needed a couple of things, but the AC was a welcomed perk.  I let them play in the toy aisles for 30 minutes because why not?!

And then they helped shlep soil across the store for me because I didn’t use a cart.  Ha. It wasn’t mom imposed manual labor, though!  I only needed one bag and they both reallllly wanted to “help” so I was like fine, use up some energy!  In the end, we left with one bag of soil. And a storage bin. Winter stuff is boxed up, at last!

Dinner prep continued while the kids played at home.  Inside, obvs.

I made some rolls with nori since I didn’t have enough egg rolls for us all.

The kids got theirs in a bowl with quinoa and avo.

Turns out, they LOVED my nori rolls and wanted their own, so I gave them some too.  Hooray!  Now I’ll be wrapping everything in nori.  Seaweed for the win.

The stuffing was a cabbage and pork mix, by the way.  I followed this recipe for the most part.

They were big fans, but Kyle was the most gaga.  He had the fried ones, so it makes sense.  He was acting like it was his birthday dinner though so it must have been good.  I don’t really fry things that often (splattering oil scares me a bit) so it makes sense that he was excited.

I baked apple cinnamon muffins later that evening (once the temps dropped a bit and I felt like turning the oven on).

And then dessert faced and netflixed.

His first bagel

I brought my computer to OIT on Friday, hence the blog catch up.

Here’s what P was up to while I did some writing.  We only did one updose and then waited until we were all clear before heading back to my parents’ casa.  With a quickie stop at WF on the way for lunch eats.

I was really in the mood for smoked salmon, so I bought some and made myself a salad back at their place.  I had to wait a while before eating though since V was still having her lunch and I usually prefer to eat my food once she’s napping (in peace and quiet, hahahahaha – NOT).  This monkey was still up and very interested in including me in his play.

And of course he finally felt like he was ready for his own lunch riiiiight when I was getting settled down with my bowl of yum.  I toasted some pecans quickly while prepping the rest of the salad (they were in the freezer so I had to get them thawed somehow – may as well toast them while I’m at it).  The rest of the salad was spinach, avocado, and balsamic glaze + olive oil.  And baby carrots on the side.

That afternoon was a baby sitter trial for my sister’s wedding next week.  It went great!  We had her over for the whole afternoon and ate dinner together and then she watched the bedtime routine.  V warmed up to her by the end and I feel great about this going into the wedding weekend.  She will be putting the kids down for both the rehearsal dinner night and the wedding night, which is a BIG DEAL since we haven’t really had any non family members do that before.  We got a babysitter twice last year, which was a huge first step, but she only came after we had bathed them and put them down.  Progress.

We grilled burgers, and added all the fixins’.

I went big with my GF bun, mayo, and avo.  The salad on the side featured a new topping mix that my mom just found at Costco and it was so great!  It’s a dried fruit and seed mix that is seasoned with tamari.  It’s this one, fyi.

Chocolate and solo time with Kyle after everyone was sleeping.

We had an early start the next morning.  Kyle fed the kids while I was on a run and then we hit the road asap to make it to Sac for a birthday party.  I ate strawberries, blueberries, and banana in the car with a few spoons of sunbutter.

Art Beast!  We love this place.

Who ya gonna call??  Firefighters?

Anything with glue.  Always.

Crown making craft.

Lunch time.  They ate so much fruit I thought they were going to turn into berries.  They had pretzels too…and then I realized we are probably at the safe enough point in OIT that P could have bagels (from a communal tray).  So he got his first bagel!  He loved it.  It was a big deal.

This cake was the most hilarious creation ever.  Not at all what was envisioned apparently, but boy did it make a big impression.  I mean just look at it!  Holy neon.

I had brought cake for P because I just always do, but then my friend told me she brought a vegan and GF cupcake (from Sugar Plum) for P.  How thoughtful is that!?!  The party was for one of V’s friends, but she remembered that he had allergies!  I can’t get over how incredibly thoughtful this was…definitely above and beyond.

He was a big fan, naturally.

We hit a lot of traffic coming home, so V was ready to crash as soon as we got her in pjs.

My lunch was mostly this (with chicken salad, avocado, and carrots too).

They are hard to describe.  Uniquely chip like but not at all corn tasting, which was hard for my mouth to get used to.  I could have used a bit more salt (if I’m being super picky), but I easily ate half the bag.  Yum!  I want to try the other flavors now too.  I will probably be buying these bags from WF (when I make it there on OIT days) on a semi reg basis now.  Siete has me hooked. May have to start experimenting with cassava flour too.

Gobble time!  I never made it to the grocery store after getting back home so it was good to have this meal already in the bag.  Literally.

Bahn Mi Tofu Bowl with Vermicelli Rice Noodles.  AKA vegan and gluten free yums.

I love the bunch of fresh herbs!  It had cilantro, thai basil, and mint.  I fully admit when I read recipes that call for a bunch of individual herbs, I tend to dismiss them because it’s annoying to buy them all for a small amount when the rest will most likely go to waste.

This was the two person portion.  It had more than enough noodles for all four of us.  In fact, there was plenty of everything minus the tofu, so I just added some extra diced tofu to the kids’ bowls.  I wasn’t sure how they’d like the nuoc cham sauce, but I always have plain tofu on hand, so it was actually super easy to make this two person serving enough for the whole family.

Kyle didn’t want any pickled veggies so I was thinking I was going to get them all…and then P found out there were pickled veggies and asked for some.  They were pretty spicy so I gave him one carrot hesitantly, but he loved it and wanted more and more.  Then V wanted in, so I gave her one, again, thinking she’d reject it the second the heat hit her tongue.  Surprise again!  She ate several more. So those were gone by the end of the meal.

Oh how I love cashews.  How could I ever pass up getting this meal?!  Cashews, avocado, and tofu with an Asian sauce I don’t know how to make – Y E S P L E A S E.

Oh, and the kids and I ate all the cucumbers too.  Kyle wants none ‘o that.

I was trying to get a pic of his haircut (I only did the sides and back, leaving the top long) to show my fam since it’s his wedding ‘do.  He wasn’t sure what was going on, and told me he needed to focus on eating.  Fair enough.  I’ll let you get your noodle face on.

I made brownie cake for Kyle for Father’s Day (a day early – as if he objected!).  He was drooling over the birthday cake earlier that day but didn’t have any because he hadn’t had lunch yet.  So I knew he was craving something in the pastry family.

He got some pre sleep snuggles while I did prep in the kitchen.

I ordered these a few days ago and can’t wait to plant them!  I hope they do ok in this hot a$$ climate.  I’m probably going to start them inside.  My basil is also still inside, waiting to be transplanted to the garden because it’s been in the triple digits for the past week with no reprieve in sight.  And it doesn’t help that our yard has zero shade. Soooo, let’s grow some stevia!  Has anyone else grown it?  Any tips?

There were walnuts inside. And just to take it to the next level, I made frosting for it, which I added the next day.  I stuck to my usual though.  Because my heart belongs to chocolate.

New flavor of chocolove.  I prefer the TJs knock off because it’s raisins are more present, but this was still great.  It tasted darker than 73% to be honest, but was awesome with candied ginger.

P had a small reaction this night, but we got it under control.  I’m glad we won’t be updosing this coming Friday (wedding things) because it will be good for his body to get extra comfortable at this same amount of milk for a while.  We only have two more updoses until he reaches maintenance!  Slow and steady, but already seeing the payoff…like eating party fare with peers!

What I Ate

Wednesday was a clean out the fridge day.

Starting with the extra (vegan GF pumpkin walnut) muffin I got at Temple on Sunday am.

It got the cashew butter treatment, naturally.

I had just ridden my bike back from dropping P off at school and V announced she was still hungry (after a full pancake breakfast!).

So I gave her some cucumbers to munch on while I ate my muffin.  I was really trying to avoid sharing my breakfast with her and she seemed happy to stick to her own fare, so that was a pleasant surprise.

We spent the morning at the park until it was time to pick P up at school.  It was “bring your favorite food to school” day which is basically my worst nightmare, so I had my phone in my pocket all morning long.  I sent one mom’s PB cookies back home with her, which made me feel shitty, but the teacher didn’t tell anyone not to bring peanuts DESPITE IT BEING A “PEANUT FREE” SCHOOL so I had to be the bad guy.  Whatever.  It’s my lot in life.  I hate doing it, but it’s really my only option.  People who don’t have kids with allergies don’t get it.  The mom, of course, completely understood and just had a brain lapse so she didn’t care about taking the treats back home, but still, I left feeling bummed about it.  I had to quiz every parent as they walked in about what they had brought…previously I have emailed people in advance of these kinds of events (Christmas and Valentine’s Day, for example) but I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do it again this time.  I should have anyway though.  It’s something I’m going to have to get used to. I guess my fear is being labeled as “that mom” but I need to get over than because it’s not about me or my rep, it’s about my kid’s safety.  I’ll probably be doing it forever.  At least his OIT is going well though.  And also, the school he is going to next year is crazy super mega on top of it with allergens entering the school.

Ok so lunch!

I bought this at WF last weekend when I got the other Urban Remedy entree because I knew I’d want it as a treat one day mid week.

It was vegan and gluten free of course, and had cumin roasted chickpeas and a seed “cheese” topping with the most amazing dressing.

The “cheese” blend was sesame, sunflower, hemp, nooch, and salt and it was o u t s t a n d i n g.

I added an entire avocado and I’m not joking when I say this: it was the best salad I’ve ever had in my whole life.

Every little thing was perfect!  The ratio of lettuce to toppings.  The capers.  The balanced dressing.

I would eat this for my last meal on Earth.

And it held me over!

I’m going to have to try to recreated it.

I brought their afternoon snack to market which they ate while watching and dancing to the music.

He wanted to show the camera that it was pretzel sticks AND popcorn.  Lucky kid 🙂

Relaxing all cool.

We did a fridge clean out of odds and ends for dinner…Pasta for Kyle and the kids, sausage for Kyle and V, steak for me and P, and leftover salad for me (which everyone kinda got bites of).

I rode my bike downtown that evening (once P’s mini reaction to his dose was in check) for a girls’ night.  Lots to celebrate, including law school and nursing school graduations, and a birthday.  I had this awesome blueberry and sage vodka drink with lime and lemon juice, which was so refreshing and then rode my bike home in the dark once the weather was cooler and it felt like the perfect summer eve.

I balanced out the booze with a nutrient packed smoothie the next day.  I really really think the collagen is doing positive things to my gut.  I’ve been having reduced symptoms (especially ever since my GI bug earlier in the month) which has inspired me to take extra measures to keep my gut flora in balance.  Stay tuned for that post!

Oh my gosh how is this happening!

V and I went to his school pick up early because families are invited to join circle time on the last day.  It was so cute.  V was thrilled to play in the yard outside for a while before the bell ringer told us it was time to come in.  It was also adorable seeing their daily routine…counting to 30 before they go in and wash up…then doing circle time and singing whatever songs each kids requested for the last day.  It was an hour I will never forget and made me feel so good about his first year of school.  Allergy stuff aside, he truly thrived there and what else can you ask for as a parent?  I’m now regretting not signing up for more activities and camps and whatnot this summer because it’s HOT in Davis and I’m used to having at least 3 mornings of him being fully stimulated not by me.

He had a huge snack at school but still had quite the appetite at lunch.  We did stay extra long at school though, so it was a late lunch for them both.

V was definitely way ready for her nap by the time we got changed into PJs and read stories. And then, even P was having a hard time during quiet time.  I asked him if he thought maybe he wanted to take a nap and he said yes, and then fell asleep the second I tucked him in.

Which meant I had a nice peaceful lunch, followed by dinner prep.

Soccer was cancelled because some of the coaches were sick so I coordinated a play date with my friends (who’s kids were in the class that got canceled too).  We went to the shadiest park we knew of and set up blankets to hang out on while the kids played.  I brought a soccer ball and someone else brought an air rocket launcher and the kids played SO WELL together for hours without much adult intervention needed.  It was amazing!  V joined them for most of it too, which thrilled her to no end.  After they had run themselves into sweaty messes, we headed home for dinner.

I used this recipe for the sauce, but swapped cod for chicken (next time I may use cod!). It was amazingly flavorful.  I highly recommend the recipe.

I served it over quinoa and gave P a tomato free version, which he totally gobbled up.  V was slow on the uptake but eventually realized she liked it.  Weirdo.

I went back for seconds, as did Kyle.

And then we packed the car up and drove down to my parents’ house for the bath time and bed time routines.  And chocolate.  They were VERY nice to share their chocolove salted almond chocolate with me, despite having bought it for themselves.  🙂 🙂 🙂

I only have another week or so of pm chocolate sessions until I start a SIBO regimen that I’ve been looking into for way too long now.

What We Ate

I always fall off the blog wagon around Tuesday and then spend the weekend catching up.  The weekdays fly by with our regular travel to Fremont.  It’s like we finally get settled back at home and BAM it’s Thursday and time to head back down.

This was the last week of school for P.  We had pancakes almost al week because I made a ton, so they had them with peaches and strawberries on this day.

The strawberries were from the garden and they polished them off right away, so I added more peaches to their plates with their second serving of pancakes.

I think I already mentioned this, but she must be having a growth spurt.  She wants to eat all day long.

This was the most delicious thing by the way.  Hopefully Sun & Soil doesn’t take over my life this summer, but it’s a pretty awesome place, and I could easily fall prey to juicing the hot weather away.

She wanted sprinkles.  How does she know about sprinkles?!  Marketing 101: put things with flashy colors at toddler eye level.


Lunch for the wee ones.

Lunch for me!

And then I tackled dinner prep while napping and quiet time was under way.  Thanks to gobble, the miso baked cod with Asian veggies and brown rice was on the menu.  (I think that link gives you 2 free dinners)

Reasons gobble is great:

  1. They label things so I know which components have which allergens.  Dashi and soy dressing both safe for P.  Kyle got all the miso butter to himself (I altered the instructions so the butter wasn’t in the whole dish).  This totally works for our family.
  2.  The produce is fresh, which I can tell a variety of ways.  Sometimes it has dirt still on it.  Or in this case, the bok choy has little flowers starting to grow on the inside, meaning it was picked right before it bolted.  I like thinking of the conditions my food was harvested under.  It’s like a CSA but with a menu already prepared for me.
  3. They push me to try new things!  And new techniques.  Like this week with cod.  The kids loved the cod!  We all loved the cod!

Happy Pride everyone!

Harvested my first zucchini!  The curse is broken!  I’m officially a person who can grow zucchini!!

I’ve never baked fish this way and I thought it was so easy and so quick!  Now that I think about it, I really don’t cook much fish besides salmon (Kyle grills all types of fish but I can’t think of the last time I bought a non salmon fish to prepare in the kitchen).  Anyway!  I broiled it for ~7 minutes and it was perfection!  Bronzed on the top and cooked through just barely – exactly the way I like it. The gobble notecard offered notes about this step, suggesting keeping the oven door ajar to keep an eye on it, so I just peeked in a couple times to check on it and it was going great.  I left it in a minute or so longer than they said, just to get an extra golden top.  Mmmmm.

The mini corn and mushrooms weren’t the kids’ favorites, but I was okay with the amount they did eat.  And happy enough to take their portion 😉

I almost forgot the furikake on top!

Tell me that doesn’t look like a restaurant dish!

Like I said, the fish was a huge hit.  No leftovers whatsoever.

I was very pleased with this meal.

And also super excited about dessert.  This is MY LAST CHAI BAR!  (From when I ordered part of the case from TJs last winter).  They better have the seasonal flavor again this fall or I’m going to be pretty heartbroken.  I’ve been rationing this as best I can, but it’s too good.