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Gym day

I slept in big time today. It was really nice since I stayed up so late last night after my pm eating sesh. So I had 2 full cups of coffee today, which I made nearly latte-like with ff Lactaid that Kyle picked up for me on his way back from the gym (since I left him a million different notes). For some reason the other milk smells funky. No pictures because its not exciting, just coffee. Then I went to the gym and did 60 minutes on the elliptical followed by abs and stretching. I came home for a super late lunch (if you can even call it that since it was 4 pm).

I used the tofu that I made last week (baked with sesame seeds and soy sauce). It was good, but maybe not meant to be part of a sandwich.

I halved the tofu on the last (almost) of the Ezekiel bread.
Then I added some ff Fage.
Then I added some sprouts, and voila – done!

Of course that wasn’t quite enough, so I had some yogurt covered raisins/carob covered raisins.
I didn’t like the chocolate ones, so I decided to instead have a few more handfuls of the yogurt raisins…maybe too many? I wasn’t full, but I definitely was NOT in the mood to exercise AGAIN. But I swore to myself after I ate all that food last night that I would make today a two-a-day work out day. So I decided to leave early and walk some of it off on the way to spinning class in union square. I made it to 55th street and then hopped on the subway for the rest of the way there. Since I was early I did a few minutes of cardio warm up, followed by some more abs and stretching. The class didn’t disappoint. It was a male instructor this time and he did some of the work out with us, he also sang to some of the songs (even the techno stuff) which was quite amusing, otherwise he was good at pumping me up and keeping me motivated. Once I got home I wasn’t really hungry but I also knew that I should eat before it got too late and then I did a repeat late night binging sesh. That was no good. I was stumped on what I wanted, mostly because I wasn’t really in the mood for anything at all. Weird, I know.

I decided on some vegan chik’n nuggets made by Health is Wealth and a Gary Null’s veggie burger (those things are starting to become a major part of my life it seems!!).
I was still hungry for a carb type thing, but resisted my temptations for the following (pizza dough, dates, more yogurt raisins, etc.) and had an apple instead.
It worked. I love it when I trick myself. Ok, off to bed, Kyle is in there getting antsy waiting for me. Work tomorrow, ugh.

Sunday sunday sunday

So after starting out the day looking at my favorite food blogs, I have decided I NEED to try this new restaurant called Candle Café (on East 79th and Lexington). I could order the entire menu in a heartbeat. Looks like I have another thing for my to-do list.

I am including this photo because I had a couple handfuls on the late night as a snack. I think I only got hungry because Kyle was making a monstrous ice cream chocolate peanut butter milkshake. So even though I was on my 8th Snapple I decided something salty would be the perfect way to end the evening.

I again relaxed and watched TV and drank coffee with my baby cakes this morning. I had one cup and 2 sips from the second cup. I was MASSIVELY soar from yesterday’s run. I simply couldn’t stretch enough to ever feel normal. Every single muscle in my legs (including new ones I never knew I had before) was agonizingly unable to function. So I decided the gym trip would be short and sweet. I stretched for the first 15 minutes and did some ab work, and then did reverse elliptical work for a little over 3.5 miles (maybe 40 minutes). I’m still totally soar.

For lunch I got fresh fruit from the market on the way home from the gym. I also had some activia light vanilla yogurt with dried cherries from our whole foods. The dried cherries were SO delish I had a few more handfuls plain on their own. SO good. Basically it was a fruity lunch, so now I am all sugared up for the day.

After lunch we went to the Natural History Museum for a couple hours of educated wandering. Nice Sunday afternoon activity. I had a snack of more of the dried salty edamame before dinner. For dinner I had a veggie soufflé (Healthy Delites’ roasted vegetable soufflé is all natural and fat free and a good source of fiber). Also, I had a vegan sushi roll from whole foods. I love the yummy texturized vegetable protein!

I had all 6 pieces in the roll. SO great. Plus the veggies soufflé is so healthy and is only 120 kcals! I still wanted a little bit of something, so I had another handful of edamame.

It looks as good as it tasted. Plus it is so colorful J I also stole some of Kyle’s corn that he made for himself.

Of course I needed some dessert later on in the evening, because I needed a pick-me-up before the work week. I have an intense schedule this week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) so I am getting myself all geared up. I figured 50 yogurt raisins and a cup of chocolate sorbet was the way to go.

Yogurt covered chocolate raisin deliciousness!!! Mmmmm…although I am kinda rocking a mega sugar high now.

fake anniversary – 4 years and still going…

We slept in forever today. Seriously, it was 11 am when we finally dragged ourselves from the bedroom to the couch. It was nice and relaxing to just veg out with coffee and my baby. I had one and a half cups, and then we decided to hit up the gym. But then we had a change of plans, the weather was so fabulous outside that we had to go for a run in the park. I charted the run on and it was a little over a 10K and I ran it in less than an hour. So now I am feeling pretty good about the nike 10K coming up. When I got back I stretched a bit, downed propel water, and showered.

Lunch was a Gary Null’s veggies burger on a slice of wheat bread with honey mustard. I ate the edges of the veggie burger off so it was a rectangle and thus fit the bread that I cut in half, so that’s how I got the left picture into the pretty sandwich on the right.

It wasn’t quite enough to fill me up, but I just wanted a little something sweet, so I had the sf watermelon jello and then an organic yellow apple.
Time to get ready to go to Brooklyn!

For dinner we took the subway down to Park Place (bottom tip of Manhattan) to walk across the Brooklyn bridge and then hit up our fav Thai restaurant, Joya. Happy anniversary to us! There was a concert in City Hall park when we got out of the subway that happened to be Ashanti performing. We stayed for maybe 35 seconds and then headed across. The views were as beautiful as always, Manhattan is such a pretty island, and I just love getting out and about in the city on nice days. The weather was great, not unbearably hot, but not yet cold, like goldilocks it was “just right” – plus there was a nice breeze from the water.

We arrived at Joya around 630 pm and were seated right away. Kyle ordered diet coke and I stuck with water (but stole the lemon from his DC and squeezed it into my water). Look how good and healthy I am (no soda for me!!). We got the Fresh Thai Summer Roll as an appetizer to share. The picture of it is HORRIBLE but the lighting and my camera were not cooperating.

Needless to say it was delish. It was filled with tofu, shrimp and fresh veggies with a tamarind sauce. Kyle removed the tiny cucumber slivers so I had extra doses of those.

Next was dinner, I got the Tofu Pad Khing, which was sautéed tofu with mushrooms, peppers, cabbage, carrots and onions in a fresh ginger sauce. WOW!!

It was borderline amazing. The tofu chunks were so savory and full of flavor. The veggies were sautéed to perfection and the sauce was so light and yet so good, with subtle ginger flavor that occasionally burst through in certain bites, but never in a way that was too powerful. The rice was a nice sauce-soaker-upper. I thought there was no way I could eat it all when they set the plate down, but lets be real, I cleaned house! (see below)

Kyle got the Kang Panang Gai, which was sliced chicken with peppers and crushed kaffir leaves in a panang coconut curry sauce. He was also in love with his. I think he could have drank the leftover sauce and would have if it were socially acceptable!

After dinner we went to the Brooklyn promenade and watched the sunset over the Manhattan skyline. Also we saw the waterfall from the backside, then it was back home!

friday FUNday

Hooray for the end of the week arriving! And, even more for Kyle working a half day and joining me for the afternoon. So, I had a NOT good cup of coffee when I woke up. I really put it off for a while because I wanted to finish my book, and I think that re-heating the left over coffee from yesterday was not the best idea. I didn’t get the ratio of milk to coffee right at all, plus there was a funky Irish-cream-like after taste that I was not into. Enough said. I did not finish the cup. I went to the gym and did the same old on the elliptical, still felt fresh and good after an hour. Then I did abs and stretching. Once I got home it was already 1:30 pm and yet I wasn’t starving, so I took a nice long shower and then made lunch. I had no idea what I wanted, so I went for the economical decision, finishing things already in the fridge. I heated up the Ezekiel bread with a layer of ff Fage and then made the same “chicken” spread with the honey mustard and ff Fage added for more spread-ability. Then I topped it off with fresh organic sprouts. Notice the bite mark – I couldn’t help but sample it before picture time 🙂

Of course, I needed a little something sweet after, so I opted for the latest obsession, yogurt raisins. The picture below is probably only 1/3 of the amount I actually had. They are just too good! No words.

Don’t worry I am continuing my “fluids-or-bust” approach to life, so I am downing Snapple and propel water like its my job. Kyle got home around this time, so we hung out for a bit and then he went to the gym and I went and got a mani/pedi. It was a weird experience, I think I will stick to one at a time from now on. The pedicure is hot pink and I love it. The manicure is the worst piece of crap I have ever seen. In a word – hideous. Then Kyle and I went to walk in the park and pick up some last minute groceries for our bbq.

Pre-bbq marinated eggplant

Bbq-ed chicken

Bbq-ed leeks and corn

Bbq-ed fish (the last of the striped bass that Kyle caught on his fishing trip)
My plate of goodies (grilled eggplant and portabella mushrooms). Yes, I couldn’t resist topping the eggplant off with some ff ricotta “cheese.” I had another plate too because I couldn’t fit everything on mine the first time around. The corn was super tasty (oops, no picture because I ate it too fast), but the onions were WAY too onion-y. I don’t think they got cooked long enough because normally they don’t taste like that. They were so strong I couldn’t even finish (see them below neglected on the side).
I’m so full right now, it is fabulous. I changed into my pajamas, but then had to get back into normal clothes because we decided to go buy lottery tickets (95 million in the NY state megamillions). Now I’m back in my p.j.’s though…Olympics until bed time.

Ok, I actually got a little hungry again on the late night, so here’s my (healthy) pm snack. It could be worse, right? Yes, as we all know, it could be a jar(s) of peanut butter worse!

test day – will school ever end?

Yes, I am sore from the spinning class. Yes, I am sick of studying. Yes, I am eager for the weekend to come. So this morning was uneventful. Same routine I have been having lately, coffee, gym, heading to the hospital for half days. Actually I had to really study before I went to ACLS today since I was being tested, or so I thought. As usual, I was an overachiever and could have slacked off and still passed easily, but that’s not my style, so I did the practice test this am and read the entire book given to us yesterday (nerd alert – haha). What I did enjoy this morning was the Olympic final women’s soccer game (USA vs. Brazil), even though the USA played like CRAP. They won in overtime 1-0 and after they scored early in the first overtime, I could barely breathe the second period, I was so nervous. I didn’t want to leave the gym, even though my work out was over because the overtime was still going on…in the end I watched the rest at home, because I felt guilty for not studying. My work out was a 60 minute elliptical session, with changing intensities to keep me on my toes. It was fine because I did spinning the day before, so it wasn’t as repetitive as my past cardio.

Moving on – here’s my lunch. I wasn’t that hungry (odd since it was nearly 12 and I only had half a cup of coffee).
I made soy bacon (5 strips) and used the fat end piece of the whole wheat bread that Kyle bought yesterday to make an open faced sando with smart deli “turkey” and soy bacon and honey mustard. Note: I had an extra bacon strip that I gobbled up before it made it’s way to the sandwich 🙂 Then I finished my practice test and decided I should have the way overly ripe pluot before it turned into jam sitting in the fruit bowl!

Yes, that’s the sink I am eating it over – that’s how JUICY it was!!
Hooray, I passed the ACLS test with flying colors. I am a smarty pants, I know. I treated myself to a Bruno’s iced coffee after (stomach was growling by then!!) and then headed uptown to meet Kyle. He was fresh out of a hair cut appointment, so I walked him to get his dinner and then back to work. Still, a fun treat to see him mid-day. Then, I walked all the way back home doing errands on the way. I got a few things for dinner too, including organic mixed salad, organic alfalfa sprouts, organic dried cherries, organic raisins, and the same amazing Gary Null’s veggies burgers. I had been craving the sprouts all day and I thought one burger would be good protein to mix into the salad. I used all the ingredients (see below) and it was FILLING!

Look at that beautiful final product (salad dressing was vinegar, milk, honey mustard all mixed together). Mmmm…oh and I had an apple later for dessert.