I did this.

I took a photo of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

But trust me, it was no ordinary PB&J.


Udi’s GF bread.


Pacific Beach organic peanut butter.

Mom’s home-made raspberry jam.


And bacon!!!!!!!!!!


Question: When will it end?

Answer: Never [I hope].

IMG_2221 IMG_2219 IMG_2225

Last bite…  🙁


Who else makes sure their last bite is the “perfect bite” with every component in it in the ideal proportion?  Anyone else? 

I know Ethel does this too, but Kyle thinks we are weird.  I beg to differ.  He will eat a sando and have the last bite be a random dry corner piece with hardly anything on it.  Ummm, no.  I will eat around pancakes and waffles so the center portion, fully saturated in butter and syrup, is my final bite.  And my sandwich eating pattern is no different. 

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  1. Abby

    I also have a particular way that I eat my sandwiches, saving a “good”
    bite for last so I have that to look forward to 😉

    And it cracks me up how much you love the bread butts. I always give the first and last pieces of a loaf of bread to the birds, even if it is expensive Ezekiel bread. I just can’t get behind the bread butts…

  2. josée

    lol, i’m not the only one!!!!! other option is that i make sure that the edges are well covered too. (have to say, and it’s true, my tahini at the moment doesn’t spread well)

  3. Katie @ Peace Love & Oats

    omg I totally do the “perfect last bite” thing!

  4. Sarah

    I do the exact same thing, with pretty much everything I eat. I want that last bite to be the best!

  5. Erin B

    My last bite always has to be from somewhere in the middle. That’s the best part! My husband makes fun of me for eating around the outside of a sandwich, but then when I’m left with a delicious looking last bite, he always jokingly asks if he can have it! Haha

  6. Cecilia

    Might have to try that!

  7. allie@sweetpotatobites

    Totally agree with you on the last bite thing. It has to be good and satisfying!

  8. Marei Montalvo

    I work very hard (imagine me wiping the sweat off my brow) to make sure the last bite is the BEST bite. I strategically maneuver around the outsides, calculating “how much” of everything is left and ensuring that last, center bite is the bomb! And then the hubs says, “aren’t you gonna give me a bite?” WTF???? NOOOOOOOO!

  9. Courtney

    So many things to say. First of all, yes, I totally make sure my last bite is a good one. Why waste it on a gross dry plain piece of crust?!

    Second of all, I am proud to say, I have actually trained myself to like peanut butter! It is the only nut/nut butter I can handle for now, but yesterday I seriously found myself craving it! True story. So when I saw your pic of the PB&J, it actually made my mouth water! I want PB&J too!
    BUT, and this is the last thing, I don’t know that I can jump on board with the peanut butter and bacon thing…that just kind of grosses me out. Really? Peanut butter and bacon? Now that is weird 😉


  10. Erika

    Yep, I do the exact same thing with my food and my husband also thinks I’m weird. He’s the weird one! Worst thing that ever happened to me was when I was eating a really good sandwich and the last bite ended up falling on the floor just as I was transferring it to my mouth. Had I been at home, I would have simply picked it up and eaten it like nothing had happened. However, I was at a restaurant and the odds of catching a disease from eating food off the floor kinda outweighed my desire to put it in my mouth (don’t think I wasn’t incredibly tempted though)

  11. Brigid

    I definitely do that. I will get my hands all covered in PB/avocado/whatever just to ensure the last bite is the best. My husband doesn’t, but he takes bites so big that it probably doesn’t require all that pre-planning.

  12. Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl

    I made a savory grilled pb and j about a month ago using chickpeas! It was SO good. So I am pretty certain that “bacon” on a pb & j would be fabulous!

  13. Elise (Post author)

    gah! those lucky birds. the heels are soooo crusty and gooooood!

  14. Elise (Post author)

    thats how it all started for me!
    randomly i just craved walnuts one day. it was SOOO bizarre.
    the salty/sweet thing grew on me too. like mojo bars with pretzels and chocolate and peanut butter. try it!!

  15. Courtney

    I have never had a Mojo bar before because I never liked nuts…now there are so many new nutty things to try! Well, as long as it is peanuts. I still can’t stand any other nut. Baby steps, right?! I even bought some peanuts on my way home from work today so I can make peanut butter in my VitaMix! You are such a good influence on me with your nut loving ways 🙂

  16. Darcy

    I am right there with you on the last bite! AND PBJ in all its variations is amazing! You are really selling me on the bacon!

  17. April

    I do the same thing! I usually eat around the edges to ensure that the last bite has every component of the sandwich with the tastiest part of the bread.

  18. Lou

    Yip, I do the same thing – best bite has to be the BEST!

  19. Angie

    I do the same thing with my sandwiches. I kind of eat them in a circle and make my way end. It must be girl thing because my husband makes fun of me too

  20. sarah

    I don’t do that with sandwiches, but you’ve just given me an idea! I think it’s a brilliant idea…not weird 🙂

  21. Kathleen

    I am a low fodmap peep. I have never been able to eat pb and js without lots of gas and bloating. I have never tried it with gf bread before though. I was eating homemade sunflower butter, strawberry jam sweetened with cane sugar on spelt bread which made me gassy but I realized that sunflower seeds have a high fodmap affect on me so I was not sure it was the jam.

  22. Kathleen


    I was some old posts the other day. I Do the same thing you have done and if I have eaten too many fodmaps and feel super icky I just keep overdoing it and feel sick into the next day. I was better this week but I also eat perfect all day and then overdo sugar at night. At least I made spelt chocolate cupcakes sweetened with maple syrup and the only sugar was the vegan frosting. I read you should not have more than 14 gs of sugar. I am probably overdoing it by eating 2 cupcakes daily. Sigh.

  23. Emily

    Um, the last bite is the most important part of every meal.
    And this looks like heaven.
    Enough said.

  24. Elise (Post author)

    hi kathleen, id check into spelt. in the US it often has wheat.

  25. Kathleen

    Really? I thought it was the sugar overload that was giving me symptoms. Like you I am very sensitive to wheat. Hmm I only have millet bread now so I will not buy anymore spelt bread or bake with it.

    I had to give up avocado, almonds except for almond milk, walnuts, and sunflower seeds because they were giving me symptoms. Avocado was probably the worst. I think I can tolerate small amounts of walnuts. I also think chocolate was giving me symptoms and so as of today I am chocolate free. I was even eating the 100% unsweetened cacao bar.

  26. Elise (Post author)

    well definitely listen to your body first and foremost. id hate for you to eliminate so many things when they arent even the problems. i think walnuts and sunflower seeds are safe, so maybe your issue isnt fodmaps? same with dark chocolate w a cacao content over 70%.

  27. Kathleen

    I feel fantastic on a low fodmap diet. I think there is a limit on nuts and avocados are high in fodmaps. I usually eat all my nuts together so it might be the combo. The fodmap app says no more than 2 tsp sunflower seeds at a time but think everyone is different.

  28. Kathleen

    Also supposedly chocolate is low fodmaps but there seems to be some conflicting info and I guess they are still doing the research.

  29. Elise (Post author)

    got it. okay, glad youre doing your research 🙂

  30. Kathleen

    I am still figuring it out…and I can tolerate a smaller amount of avocado but I love it so much I always eat half of one. I eat tons of macadamia nuts with no problems and I eat a small amount or pumpkin and hemp seeds. I am nursing so I have to keep that fat content high for my son and also so he gets enough fat and will sleep longer.

    It is so hard to figure this out too because I might feel sick from something I ate the days before and then something else pushed it over the edge. Sigh. Maybe if I try eating chocolate without the spelt it will be okay? I will let you know.

    I appreciate the insight about the spelt.

  31. Kathleen


    See this link says it is fine.


    Of course this one says no but it is a forum vs the first is directly from Monash University. Anyway maybe it is more of an ibs trigger or maybe it has to do with eating other high fodmap things. I hope to heal and feel well one day!-I am going to make your fodmap free seitan and I have made the orange glazed tempeh twice this one, one time with tofu. Yummy.

  32. Alexis @ Hummusapien

    I bet that coconut bacon took that sandwich to a whoooooole other level. I love a good pb and j but this one looks exceptional!!

  33. Kathleen

    Wow you are definitely right about the spelt. I made these cupcakes instead and feel fine:


    These were good just a wee bit greasy for my taste and so I will add some fruit purée or sweet potato purée for half of the oil. Hopefully this change does not give me symptoms!

  34. Elise (Post author)

    check out this update (posted yesterday): http://blog.katescarlata.com/2013/06/01/a-few-fodmap-updates/

    cocoa and carob are both fodmaps, dark chocolate somehow is safe. im confused but ill take it.

    glad the spelt info helped. the reason its confusing is bc the spelt in the US is different from the ancient spelt that still exists elsewhere. lots of german companies have spelt bread thats supposed to be fodmaps safe, but i dont think any of the spelt we have access to are tolerable. i supposed its still different for everyone in the amount though.

  35. Elise (Post author)

    ive yet to use energ egg replacement. you found it to be ok? i have it in my pantry unopened…

    btw, to answer your q from a while ago, i do seem to tolerate cooked applesauce ok. as opposed to raw apples which are a no go. so weird. i havent tried applesauce in baking though. good call on the sweet potato puree. did you do ok with that? some people have issues w lots of sweet potatoes but im ok with it. bananas could be another option too…

  36. Kathleen

    Wow wow wow. That is fascinating to me! Thanks so much! This explains a lot. I had tons of symptoms when I made these carob chips and I thought it was the date sugar in them. I also used to make carob shakes and would get a headache and shaky will eating them. Ugh it is frustrating how much the info changes but I love how they keep doing research-this is why I bought the app to support the research.

    Anyway I also noticed that the raw cacao powder seemed to give me symptoms as well as the 100% cacao bar but did not notice the same affect with dark chocolate? I also have symptoms with coffee and I did have some instant yesterday but I always thought it was the caffeine I was sensitive to, same with the cacao. I made cupcakes with spelt, instant coffee, cacao powder and a bar and had symptoms but seemed much better with using gluten free oat flour, cacao powder, much less instant coffee granules and dark chocolate. I am going to give away the rest of my cupcakes and make them with cocoa powder and no instant coffee.

    I knew I was not crazy that it was affecting me by I also think people are individual with it. I seriously seem very sensitive to every category. I set the sensitivity level on my app to high for everything but dairy since I do not consume any dairy although I think I was probably intolerant to everything but maybe sheep or goat cheese.

  37. Kathleen

    Hmm what is the difference between cocoa and dark chocolate? I will have to look into this…

    This is why I kept going back and forth between eliminating chocolate. Sometimes I eat the unsweetened cacao bar and sometimes I eat dark chocolate and this might be why I was confused as far as whether I was getting symptoms.

    I was also told by my doctor to drink fennel tea to help with the hard rock stomach aches and bloating I got from too much fodmaps. And I have been drinking mother’s milk tea like a fiend which had fennel. The colic thing is fascinating too because I notice my kid’s temperament is totally different when I am more careful about fodmaps-he is gassy and miserable when I am eating lots of wheat and other fodmaps.

    I wonder if the millet bread I was eating is same since it is not certified gluten free? I think I will pass it off to my family. I just wish there was a vegan gluten free bread that actually tasted good. I seriously might start eating eggs again because they used to be the only go to breakfast that made me feel good and kept me full. I am finding it hard to be vegan and follow this fodmap diet and I find protein to be important. I have started eating wild salmon so I am not vegan anymore anyway but I not eating any other animal product. I think my son’s breakfast calls for it since I gave up most nuts except for macadamias and seeds except for like hemp seeds. I have to experiment and see whether it was actually the nuts or sometime else. Like I said I have eaten walnuts with other fodmaps and I think if I stick to the 10 halves in the app, I am okay.

  38. Kathleen

    See I read what you said about the applesauce and am going to try it. I actually have homemade apple butter in my freezer I made for favors for my baby shower I want to try. I had tried some apple juice sweetened jam but I definitely got a stomach ache from it so I have it away.

    If I stick to the 1/2 cup sweet potato, I tolerate it fine. I have tried having a large sweet potato for breakfast and had symptoms but was fine with a small one or half of one. Such a shame since they are so delicious especially with some chopped macadamia nuts or walnuts on top, yum. I try to buy the really tiny ones since I have self control issues otherwise.

    I have not tried the recipe with sweet potato but I honk the small amount will be okay. I will report back. I definitely need to nix the instant coffee granules.

    I cannot tolerate banana in any amount for some reason. One little piece in a smoothie and I get so nauseous, bloating, constipated, a stomach ache. This is confusing to me since it is listed as safe most places but the Monash University app says ripe bananas are high in fodmaps. I always try to use the ripest ones I can to get the sweetness.

    All of my sensitives are why I am rationalizing using stevia, sugar and maple syrup in small amounts since I have had to give up so much! I know there is a limit on the sugar and maple syrup though and I try to not have too much stevia for my 4 month old since I am nursing him.

  39. Kathleen

    Ingredients: Potato Starch,Tapioca Flour, Leavening ( Calcium Lactate,Calcium Carbonate,Cream of Tartar), Cellulose Gum, Modified Cellulose.

    Are any of these high in fodmaps? I did not notice a particular affect but clearly I am still eating some fodmaps do it is hard to tell.

  40. Elise (Post author)

    hehe. do it!

  41. Elise (Post author)

    thats the dilemma i was facing. i ended up adding eggs in because i felt too limited otherwise. now im eating fish occasionally too. its really really hard to be veg on fodmaps, especially nursing. i want to make sure im getting enough of the right macros (especially protein), and it just means i have to be very diligent and mindful about my eating. its less to worry about when i have eggs and seafood, but its still something i wish i didnt have to track, ya know?
    without knowing the millet bread ingreds, its hard to say, but if its the item that makes you feel yuck (based on deduction from eliminating it vs other foods), then id say pass it off to the fam.
    vegan gluten free bread…a girl can dream…

  42. Courtney

    I did. And it is gone. OMG, Elise, this is not good. I cannot be trusted around peanut butter all of the sudden! I am embarrassed to admit how much I have gone through in the past 2 weeks. I am not sure I can keep it in my apt anymore, lol! I need to ration it out or get peanut flour that has been defatted or something to keep myself in line here…you have created a monster!!!


  43. ethel

    you know i love that last bite, last taste. job well done e. (heel bread envy)

  44. Elise (Post author)

    no. boo to the defatted stuff. do it right. real food courtney!

  45. ari @ theafterschoolchef

    I. am. exactly. the. same. I always always always save the gooeyest, most peanut- buttery piece for last, because I want to have the nicest possible bite ever. And I thought I was the only one….
    I have also made PB and J with coconut flakes in it, and it is beyond awesome. I am addicted. Now I pretty much dip coconut flakes in peanut butter!

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