Peace out February, you won’t be missed

Thanks for all the positive feedback on my OpenSky shop!  I have a ton more in the works, so I’ll keep you guys in the know. 


I had an accident with my froth this morning.  Disregard the mess, it tasted awesome.


Bride mag + apple = bridapple.  Sounds like a horse food.  Ah well.  Lunch was a toasty sando with roasted red pepper hummus and greek yogurt-i-fied tofu “turkey” spread.


I think I added too much greek yogurt 😕 because the “turkey” spread was a little overly oozy. 


I don’t think this sammie was repeat-worthy, but whatever, I ate it.  I mean, I like hummus, and I like greek yogurt, and they weren’t bad together. 


Hmmm…looks like I have to work on my sales pitches.  HA!


No question.  Lunch’s dessert was a definite winner.  Why haven’t I had carob covered raisins in so long?  Foodie fail fa-SHO.

My appetite was weak sauce in the PM, so dinner was more of a snack sesh than a meal.



Crack.  Hummus.  Oopma loompa carrots. 


Apple.  Steaz.  Chocolate.


Chewy chewy mango.  Caramel. 

Not exactly a normal day of eats for me, but I give my tum what it wants…and if that happens to be cookies for dinner, well, shoot, I’m a grown up and I do what I want (or at least the latter part).

You may (or may not) have noticed that I haven’t made it to the gym in quite a while.  I have been doing a TON of stretching and flexibility/pilates stuff in my apartment nearly every day and I feel pretty good.  Granted, I miss the endorphin high that running provides, and I’ve had to put my AAAA on pause, but I’m not as aggravated by the lack of cardio in my life as I thought I would be.  If anything, I’m better able to roll with the punches now that I have accepted the fact that February is just not cooperating with my gym regimen.  March starts tomorrow though, so who knows what that will bring…

What has helped in this weather, is making sure to leave the apartment every day on my days off of work.  Regardless of the weather.  As a result Starbucks’ stock is going up no doubt…

You’re welcome economy.  🙂

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Comments (31)

  1. morgan

    It’s supposed to warm up this month, right? Just tell me yes – otherwise I won’t get out of bed tomorrow.

    I cannot even have carob covered raisins in the house unless supervision is also provided. They’re a threat level “orange” along with those damn veggie sticks from Whole Foods and pretzel chips.

  2. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    I hope you have an awesome week Miss Thang!!! And keep me posted on all your jazz. Thinking of you 🙂

  3. BroccoliHut

    Hmmm I bet the Greek yogurt/hummus combo could be good with a little tweaking…they taste awesome together on a Greek salad!
    What do you think of the Steaz? I just tried the blueberry-pom flavor on Friday and like it a lot.

  4. Tara

    I’m so ready for March as well!

  5. Mama Pea

    I’ve been searching this entire great state for carob covered raisins. WF is the only place. You get the unsweetened ones, right? YUMMMMMMMM!

  6. leangreendeane

    Meh, cardio will be there waiting for you whenever you feel the need to kick it up… In the meantime, i have figured out that a little cross-training for a week or so every once in awhile is just what the doctor orders for runners sometimes! My app has been off kilter a lil’ bit as well lately, i haven’t really been eating dinners, just mass amounts of veggies/hummus/baba ghanouj (sp?) and ezekiel english muffins lol… Oh well, like you said March starts today!

  7. welshsarah

    Yeah, Feb was all about hibernating. I’m feeling a little squidgy round the edges but it’s all good. I try to do the same- get out of the house every day, even if it’s just to the shops. Today I’m going to try to make it to yoga- if i can find the fog lights on my car! (I can barely see out of my window the fog is so thick).

  8. Tracy

    LOVE the title of this post – I’m with you!

  9. Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine

    This February was awful…I’m excited for March, too! Great looking sando, it reminds me of the vegan ones they sell at delis in NYC that I’m obsessed with! And cookies for dinner is just necessary sometimes 🙂 Have a great day!

  10. blissfulbellas

    Hey elise i sent u an email i hope you got it 😀

  11. MarathonVal

    So I had a craving for sweet and salty, like I often do, and thought I would try the famous Elise hummus + apple combo for breakfast…. it was, um, interesting!!! Haha, perhaps its an acquired taste? 🙂

  12. Angharad

    So true. It’s so important to get out of the house! It sounds a bit funny but some weekend days I will just decide that vegging out all afternoon is the way to go – then by 8pm I am groggy and grumpy and blah. Um and coffee is an excellent thing to go out for!

  13. ksgoodeats

    Feed that tum what it wants because it wants all the yummy eats! That dinner is perfection to be honest! Two thumbs up from this blogger for your new stretching routine – LOVE stretching!!

  14. samantha

    seriously SO GLAD february is over. what a poopy month, 2010! also, i’m obsessed with dried mango. i think it’s going to make a reappearance on the next grocery list.

  15. Katie

    I’ve seen a lot of people using the Greek yog for a spread… I’ve never been a huge mayo person, so I don’t know… the hummus part is right up my alley, though!

    I haven’t stretched in years, it feels like. I need me some yoga.

  16. ethel

    Cookies as a meal? You sound like Kristine her first year in SF when that’s all she would eat for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. One time, my cousin and I found cookie crumbs in her bed, underneath the sheets! I hope this does not become you…haha

    p.s. I got my orthotics…4mile run yesterday baby! (well run/walk)

  17. rebecca lustig

    Ahh, I’m SOO ready for spring, I need this snow to disappear.

    Hope you are able to have a mindful Monday! (Yes, I’m loving alliterations)
    bec xo

  18. Holly

    amen to february! i am so excited it is march – i have vowed to start running outside again, no matter what the temps.

    and i love that you eat cookies.

    and i love your opensky store.

    and i love your ‘tude.

    have a fab night love 🙂

  19. julie

    i think that a great form of cardio would be a date with me 🙂 no? yes. let’s plan it um now?

    k thanks 🙂

    btw’s that sammie looks fabo. even if it wasn’t. i think it would be even more fabo if you grilled that shiz up.

  20. elise

    god i hope so. im going to cry if march temps stay in the 30s

  21. elise

    looooove the steaz. the orange is really good too, and i dont even like orange juice! it tastes like a mimosa 🙂

  22. elise

    you want me to send you some?? i will, but i know you are going to be out of town, so just let me know, ok?

  23. elise

    completely. now its time to get crackin…cant walk down the aisle all squidgy!!! gotta get toned. at least i dont have to worry about the fog lights?!? just gotta keep my face in tact with the cold winds and shiz.

  24. elise

    i did and i responded – hope it’s semi helpful??

  25. elise

    thats kinda the mix i was going for…i LOVE those tofu blends!

  26. elise

    oh man, am i a freak for totally loving it?? maybe it does have to grow on you…i used to do little (ok, big) platters with wine and VeganRella cheese, apples, and cracker with hummus, and then eventually it just ended up being apples and hummus…

  27. elise

    yeah. i often go to cvs for nothing whatsoever. cant have too much gum, right?

  28. nic - the auspicious squirrel

    I hear you, good-bye February! I decided to start my running routine in December, needless to say the weather has NOT be cooperating! The 3-ft of snow we got in early Feb made me wonder if I would have to wait until Spring. I have grudgingly run on the treadmill a few times, but it just isn’t the same. Looking forward to some warmer days. I know that before too long I’ll be complaining that it’s too hot. 😛

  29. RhodeyGirlTests

    Since I started working from home I make an effort to get out of the house every day, even it is just to buy a tube of chapstick! I have found that those little bits of exercise + fresh air make a difference. It makes sense why people in many places in Europe stay so fit their whole lives.. they WALK EVERYWHERE! 🙂

  30. Gabriela (froyolover)

    Delicious day of eats!
    I´m sure March will be a much better month 🙂
    Have a great day, girl!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  31. elise

    ok. im ready. march is OUR month! haha

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