Sabado Sin Lactosa

Here is my lunch that I packed the night before. Same old sando, gummy snacks that I doubt I will eat (they don’t really look that good?) and an apple and raisins.

On the way to work (did I mention it’s Saturday) I picked up a treat to get the day started off right (you guessed it, a steamy starbucks soy latte). Because I was so productive and efficient in the AM, I was able to jump outside for a quick break (yes, it was to grab another soy latte – guilty). I have a PROBLEM!!!!

Lunch came a bit late since I had to discharge 2 patients before I could get away for my break. I hit up the ‘bucks for ANOTHER soy latte as I enjoyed my sando and a crossword. It was quite a relaxing lunch as a matter of fact…I think that’s why I don’t mind working weekends. In fact, I am starting to actually prefer them, it’s so nice to do rounds early because then the rest of the day is kinda mellow…(since very few procedures take place on weekends).

Not pictured: My afternoon snack of a berry smoothie flavored power bar (yum! favorite flavor)

After work I hit up NYSC, I think this may have really settled the Equinox vs. NYSC matter once and for all. For the 2nd day in a row now, I have chosen to go to NYSC over Equinox (since I have the option to attend either this week only). I finally remembered to ask when my present membership expires and it isn’t until October 29th (I didn’t remember it being so long after I moved to nyc – I really mooched off of Kyle’s membership for a while)!

So on the way home I picked up some goodies for dinner…

silk soy milk = LIQUID LOVE

I was pretty lazy by the time I got out of the shower and preparing food just was not about to happen…so naturally I went with my “go to” dinner (cereal!!). Maybe it’s not wheaties…but it’s still the dinner of champions.

I had 3 (massive) bowls, and when I say massive, I mean it. I opened the box and judging by the weight of it after I was done, there was some SERIOUS damage done (well over half the box, no question). Oh, and I had the vanilla silk soy milk with it as well as the rest of the other soy milk carton. Full, check please.
Sweet dreams!
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