Last night I definitely woke up 6 times to pee…it might have something to do with my bedtime fluid loading (I’m really annoyed by this cold).

Right before I went to bed I had a cup of tea and a glass of pink lemonade flavored Emergen-C. This pink packet was in my “Pilates for Pink” gift bag (yes, from October) and I randomly came across it yesterday, talk about good timing!

Cut to today…
I feel MUCH better. I woke up at 9 (boo) and was STARVING!! Weird. Anyways, I decided to make the ratio of my morning mug 10% coffee and 90% soymilk – since I was so hungry. Then I went to make the coffee and discovered we had enough grounds for approx 1/16th a cup…WTF!?!…good thing I wasn’t in need of caffeination! Looks like I need to make a run to Sbucks today.

While sipping my coffee flavored soymilk, I started breakfast.

Look what I found! Look what I found! Broccoli slaw!! (After last night’s disappointing grocery store search I was scared I’d never find it again) so now I’m beyond freakin’ excited, I’m going to try to make it last as long as possible (riiiight). But clearly I had to use it in my breakfast! I decided to make an egg scramble thingy.

I sauteed some brocc slaw and cherry tomatoes until they were wilty. Then poured in about a cup or so of egg substitute. If I ever went vegan for real, what would I do for eggs? Is there any vegan approved egg substitute? It’s not like they are a staple in my diet, but I do like them, and they are healthy and a good source of protein.

A little more stirring until the eggs were done cooking…

I also made some toast topped with Chobani greek yog and Kyle’s mom’s strawberry/plum jam.

It was a perf start to the day and held me over for a while.

A few hours later I had a raspberry O’soy yogurt. Prob my least fave flavor, but still very good, and def better than any other soy yogurt. You can’t tell but it was pouring rain outside πŸ™

It was past noon at this point and I still wasn’t hungry, but this stupid Milky Way bar was sitting there, so next thing you know…

Bad Elise! The good news is my patient supplied candy stash is finally exhausted. I had an organic gala apple after that, just because I felt like I had to counter my previous unhealthy food choice. I’m sure there’s some type of logic in that argument, somewhere.

Gym time! I was pretty sore today from my past 2 days of hard core workouts. Since I took a month+ hiatus from exercise, I shouldn’t really be surprised, but still…I promised myself that I would work out every day I don’t work, and since I have work the rest of this week, I have to get my butt moving today.
Even though it was raining out, it was warm! I still wasn’t willing to brave the weather and run outside, though. From the second I stepped on the elliptical, I really had no energy. Blah. I ended up doing only 45 mins, but at least I was on a super high level. I was sweating big time. After that I did some arm stuff and stretched forEVER.
I hit up Starbeezies on the way home to get some coffee. Christmas Blend (woohoo)!!

Totes excited to try out this flavor. Oh, I got a drink while I was there (obvi).

Iced coffee with soy milk πŸ™‚ I don’t even feel guilty about this second caffeine dose (on a non-work day) since my AM coffee was like a tsp worth of caffeine.
Curry time!
For dinner, I was in an Indian mood. I decided to make a curry/masala tofu with a healthy twist (meaning lots of fresh veggies).

Red, yellow, and green peppers!

Indian masala tofu sauce/marinade ingreds:
tamari soy sauce
turmeric (ground)
onion powder
ground cumin seeds
celery seeds (normally I hate these, but I went with the recipe)
curry powder
anise seeds

I don’t normally cut up the tofu before marinating, but I did this time. Baking tofu in sauce only seems to flavor the outside, and the inside is still white and untouched when I cut into it, so instead I steamed the tofu pieces while they were submerged in the marinade with water (healthier than oil). This SO worked.

See how well the flavor has penetrated all the pieces! Don’t get me wrong, I still like baked tofu, but only when I do it plain without seasoning (so I can season it later when I put it in whatever dish).

Anyways, I combined the tofu, pepps, and Shirataki fettuccine noodles…and ta-da!

Indian curry masala fabulousness!

Tasty tasty. Need seconds, fo sho.

That’s a whole lotta tofu πŸ™‚
I will def make this one again. Vegan approved and it happens to be gluten free as well.

Dates for dessert, duh!
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  1. Kyle

    The Indian curry dinner smelled so good when i got home… really? That serving for two is actually for one? bummer…

    It’s OK I think the dinner you made for me was even better. You’re the best.

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