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Every day there’s a new pumpkin recipe on some blog or another.  And I drool over every single one.  But I’ve been pretty lazy and aside from one batch of pumpkin oats, I haven’t done much else to resolve my lusting taste buds.


The other night I put a can of pumpkin out on the counter so when I woke up I’d see it and do something (anything!) with it. 

Here’s the problem.  In the morning I tend to be at my all time laziest.  Adding almond milk and maple syrup to my iced tea is almost one step too many.  And if it weren’t for my growling stomach hungry baby bump, I’d put off breakfast for a while.  Yeah, I’m not a morning person. 

But it was a Sunday morning.  And there was football on.  And I got to lounge on couch with Kyle.  So things were good. 


So I was inspired.

I brewed a full French press of decaf coffee and then got to work on making some pumpkin flavored almond milk.

IMG_5478 IMG_5480

I didn’t measure things, but since it was SO good (and I know people want to know), here’s approximately what I did.


~1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
~2-3 tbsp pumpkin puree
~1/4 tsp pumpkin spices (make your own or buy it)
~2 tbsp maple syrup

And then you just blend in a blender/magic bullet until it’s all mixed.  This makes a lot, so I hope you have a big coffee cup!

Side note: this is exceptional without coffee.  I had a few sips of it before adding it to the java and was tempted to just skip the coffee altogether.  I let Kyle sample some too, and he agreed it was exceptional. 


To make a pumpkin spiced misto, add half the pumpkin almond milk to coffee.

To make a pumpkin spiced latte, add the whole thing to a shot of espresso.

To make a pumpkin spiced almond milk, forget the coffee.  Just heat the mixture after you blend it.

IMG_5484 IMG_5485

Ever since the summer (and pregnancy) hit, I haven’t been into hot beverages, but I am now craving a full mug of this warm yumminess every morning.


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20 thoughts on “Seasonal mug

  1. Mimi

    Ohhh this might be your best recipe EVER…
    So trying this. I’m a HUGE pumpkin fan. I have a can of pumpkin puree, a small pumpkin and cushaw squash ready for my attendings, and I’m sure I’ll be able to work this recipe in!

  2. Suzanne

    I love pumpkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (btw) you dont have to eat first thing in the morning if youre not hungry. you will get all the calories you need thru the day

  3. sarah w

    I’m so making this now! I just went to the ‘buck’s ‘ today and found out that their pumpkin spice has dairy! Now I can just make my own and it’s probably a lot healthier too!
    I know you aren’t doing much coffee right now, but will you please submit a comment to Starbucks about them not giving gold card members free soy anymore? I’m infuriated that they charge for soy when so many people are intolerant to dairy!!!!
    I’m trying to get as many dairy free people to complain so they will rethink their decision! :)

  4. Lisa

    Oh boy, this looks great! I’m on the biggest pumpkin kick ever right now. And with espresso too. This is like my heaven.

  5. Elise Post author

    omg im soo pissed about the gold card members no longer getting free soy. dont even get me started…ok, off to write a letter to sbux…

  6. Kim G.

    I made a very similar version of this after deciding I wasn’t a fan of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Latte…so good!

  7. sarah w

    You should do a mini post about it and get more people writing them. I think if there are enough people ready to boycot them they may change their minds???? Hoping…
    Can you tell I’m determined and ticked off…

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  9. Nicole

    Made this and heated it up to drink on it’s own. So yummy and perfect on a crisp fall Wisconsin day! Can’t wait to add it to my coffee.

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