Slow and sunday

We drove back to Davis late on Saturday because we wanted to wake up in our own casa on Sunday.

That way we got to enjoy the ability to be slow and do morning stuff without an agenda.  I like that church isn’t until 9:30…it leaves plenty of wiggle room for lazy starts.

I went on a bike ride before showering and caffeinating my face.  Then I had a muffin (from the extra batter from the blender bread) with almond butter and foraged figs.

You guys, I picked these figs at a park last week and they are so so good!

I ended up having 4 because they were just too good.  My body is happy to be eating carbs again.

I ended up chatting after church until noon so V was starving by the time I got home.  P had chips after service (they usually only have cookies so YAY for an allergy free treat that he can eat!).

Into the smoothie went 600 nectarines (no joke they are mega ripe and the kids are devouring them all day long), 2 bananas, almond milk, romaine (wilted and on it’s death bed), cinnamon, and probiotics.


They slurped it down like it was candy.

While they napped I got my prep on.

I’m bringing snack to Monday’s paint and sign class, so I made zucchini banana mini muffins.

Kids in the class have allergies/sensitivities so I made them vegan, gluten free, nut free, soy free, by using aquafaba instead of eggs and GF flour.  I blended the zucchini in the blender rather than shredding it and they came out great!

I took this pic after I started putting them in the tupperware so just ignore the random amount shown.

Lunch of leftovers because I hadn’t gone shopping yet.  I AM SO OBSESSED with these mummy dogs.  Buy the cookbook for this recipe alone, you guys.

Here’s our dinner.

I used this recipe, but made some tweaks.

I nixed the feta and made tofu “feta” instead.  I also used nectarines instead of peaches and apricots because…well…duh…

The stash is dwindling but still…we have a LOT of nectarines!

Stone fruit is a FODMAP but my thought process is, if I have a tree full of beautiful nectarines in my backyard that smell and taste like heaven and I don’t eat them, is life even worth living????

I didn’t have too much, just two cheeks.  Mmmm…it was so sweet and amazing.  Especially with the salty prosciutto and crunchy kale.  I added sunflower seeds to the og recipe because why not?

The kids liked it and, of course, wanted more prosciutto. I gave them leftover fries from my fish n chips the night before to fill them up once they polished off their salad.

Kyle has requested a bunch of salads this week but we have a bunch of potential eating out nights, so we will see what ends up happening.  At least I got some grocery shopping done.  Also this week is the one month mark from P reaching maintenance in dairy so the experimentation is underway!

Dessert on the couch.  Bring it Monday.

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Comments (5)

  1. Jess

    Those zucchini banana muffins look awesome! Can you please post the recipe!!

  2. Ttrockwood

    Those are some intense snack requirements for the kids…! I’m sure those muffins were gobbled up.
    And yeah, backyard nectarines are worth tummy retaliation.

    I’ve tried several brands of kombucha and really disliked all of them (tased too much like beer to me and i hate beer) but the free sample lady had “healthade” ginger lemon flavor kombucha and now i am totally hooked!! I am having a half bottle a night and my tummy loves it, somehow seems more effective than the pricey probiotic supplements i have been taking so i might ditch those to support my kombucha habit 😉

  3. Elise (Post author)

    I just had that flavor last night! It’s a little different, but I really haven’t met a kombucha I dislike. Well, that’s not true…the kevita coconut ones are weird. And some brands basically just taste like fizzy soda. But the master brew kevita ones are good and the gts, obvs.

  4. Courtney

    I can’t believe you found figs! For free! I am so jealous!! What a special treat 🙂

  5. Elise (Post author)

    And my little dwarf fig tree has about 6 that are soooo close!!! This is the first year it’s had fruit!! 🙂

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