Stuffed (in the hole)

I recently discovered this oh SO Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer.  I am cray cray in love with it, and since I now add it to my java on the daily, I felt the need to shout it from the rooftop post about it, too.  No soy, no dairy, no fat, just pure vegan yumminess with french vanilla flavoring to boot.  FYI, I usually flavor my coffee with NuNatural’s vanilla extract, but since my stash is nearly gone, this discovery couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. 


This morning I slept (wayyyy) in, but eventually rolled myself from the bed to the couch where I lounged around with trashy tv and a side of caffeine.  My cup floweth over.


I also had some [me] & goji cereal (which I purposefully soggified and then warmed up in the micro).  I heart mush.  Contrasting the soggy cereal were crispy, cinnamon-sprinkled apple slices (2 apples worth). 

[insert hours of college football here]


Snack plates while cheering on my Bruins.  Many, many more apples, carrots, falafel, eggplant chips, and kale chips.


And since they were nearly gone (read: looking neglected in the fridge), I decided to polish off two different tubs of hummus.  When there’s football on, that’s how I roll…ok, ok, football has nothing to do with it 😉


[insert trip to the gym here]


Reppin’ the DKB.  Pre-gym fuel in the form of sugar caked pineapple rings wasn’t exactly the best choice.  It’s no wonder I struggled through 6 miles (on the elliptical no less).  No complaints though since I haven’t really exercised since my iPod died in early October.  I think that’s a pretty legit excuse reason to take a hiatus from running, don’t you?  There’s a new Apple store opening this weekend on the UWS, though, so I may have to go shopping (thus eliminating that excuse all together).

[insert Whole Foods shopping trip here]


Dinner took a while, so I sipped on a Gingerberry Kombucha while getting busy in the kitchen.

1.  Make quinoa, then add in spinach and chickpeas.


2. Roast halved kabocha squash in the oven (first face side down, then flipped).


3. Fill the hole to the brim.

(it took all self control not to write something crass there)


(You can add it to the oven again after filling it if you want, but I like my quinoa cold, so I didn’t)


4.  Enjoy!

I know everyone in the blog world is all gung-ho about kabocha, but it’s not my fave squash varietal.  Sorry guys.  It was good (and I still ate every last bite), but I think I’m just so used to butternut squash, that nothing else measures up!  Oh, and if you are wondering if I ate the skin, yes indeed!  Every green fiber-ific bite.  The quinoa stuffing was fan-freakin-tastic and super easy, so don’t be surprised when it reappears several times in the near future.


I had a big bowl of peas on the side because I was really really craving them.  More than I’ve craved any single food in a while.  Kinda weird, but who in their right mind would deny themselves peas when the mood strikes?  If only I always had such healthy cravings… 

Side note: I used to eat peas by the truck load in college.  It was literally my favorite food.  Now I’ve moved on to greener hummus-ier pastures…


I ended the night with a bowl of vegan cocoa tofu pudding.  Tomorrow is going to be a fun filled day of food prepping for the week (aka my favorite type of day).  I love mellow weekends.

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Comments (53)

  1. Heather Eats Almond Butter

    It’s okay. I still love you. 🙂

    OK, so I thought the eggplant chips were raw oysters. Weird, but through process of elimination, I figured it all out.

    That coconut milk creamer is good, and I bet it was even better all frothy. I love foam.

    My coworker loves peas. Her favorite way to eat them is frozen – she eats cup after cup. I will tell her she is is not alone in the pea love.

    Enjoy your favorite day tomorrow!

  2. Luisa

    I also have on again/off again obsession with peas. Peas with hummus on top is where it’s at, though. I ate that every day over the summer.

  3. elise

    that sounds amazing. will try!!

  4. Tay

    I recently tried the hazelnut so delicious creamer and holy moly it was good! Can’t wait to pick up some more.

  5. prettyladycmu

    I used to eat peas all the time too!

  6. lilveggiepatch

    I’m on such a coconut kick right now, that creamer might be deadly!

    Love your stuffed squashed. Mm.

  7. shell625

    cocoa tofu pudding sounds really good! yumm


  8. snackface

    That is the BEST of the So Delicious creamers! It tastes like vanilla ice cream. Love.

    I’m thinking you deserve some DKB for rockin the shirt today. Surriously.

    Um, I wouldn’t have minded “stuffed (in the hole)” jokes. Not one bit. My mind was already there.

    Countdown till I’m in NYC, AKA, till we get to unite: SIX DAYS.

  9. Maggie

    I have a feeling that it was an unripe kabocha. Those are not as good as regular b-nut. Just a hunch tho 😛

    I’m glad you enjoyed your PEAS!

  10. Maggie

    PS – Will definitely email/call as soon as I’m in the city! It’ll prolly be in the next week or 2. We’re just chillin in Jersey for now.

  11. Jessie (Vegan-minded)

    I love So Delicious creamer! I really need to try that vanilla one though. That stuffed kabocha squash looks amazing!

  12. elise

    I know, and that makes me so happy! Also, I saw your status on g-chat and I’ll be here working (away from my fam) for the holidays too, and I think we should def keep each other company, and in the holiday spirit. See you soooooooooooon 🙂

  13. elise

    sounds good. i’ll be here (sadly) through most of the holidays 🙁

  14. elise

    ooo, thats the next flavor im going to try for sure!

  15. BroccoliHut

    So I have a serious question for you: what’s the best kind of Sabra hummus? I’ve never tried it (I know! Crazy!), and I’m thinking of getting some for the Thanksgiving crowd.

  16. kbwood

    i think i want all of your eats- i envy them..haha..for real tho! cocoa tofu pudding! is it homemade? and i love the So creamers too!

  17. *Andrea*

    i love butternut squash and acorn squash, my favs. although kabocha is still tasty. i love all your healthy football munchies 😉 i seriously eat 1/2 tub of hummus a day lol. my college sells sabras now at our dining halls so i stock up every sunday

  18. vegfiguresk8er

    I must try the coconut creamer! I also just finished off my hummus, must buy more!
    all your food looks wonderful 🙂

  19. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    I first glommed onto that exact So Delicious about 2 mos ago. I made a brief write up about it on a past post. I dig it. And you know what I also did with it…made “Tropical Oats”. Meaning oats, some of that, splash of water, dried mango and raisins…and the creaminess & the french vanilla from the So Delish made the oats So Delish.

    And peas. OMG those look so good. Dare I say, I’d almost rather eat a pea than one of the vegan reese’s PB cups I just concocted. Almost.

  20. Ada

    Thank you, finally someone agrees with me about the kabocha squash! I just was not a huge fan at all. Your stuffed version looked delish, though;)

    The Apple Store just opened like right next to my casa which is SO dangerous. All the pretty ipods were staring at me….

  21. Katie

    I’m not a huge squash fan, but spaghetti and yellow! I don’t like acorn AT ALL.

    Um yea I drowned my shuffle yesterday. So I had to use an old one since I can’t afford a new one.

    YUMMM peas I haven’t had those in forever they were my fave veggie at one point.

  22. Beth

    I’m sure it’s posted somewhere but how do you make your coffee? It always looks soooo good.

  23. Abby

    Your stuffed Kombucha looks fabulous.. Im thinking of making something similar for Thanksgiving!! 🙂

  24. Courtney

    Your posts always leave me craving apples…but who am I kidding?! Just about anything makes me crave apples…!

    You should try delicata squash! It is SO good, and not nearly as hard to hack through as butternut or kabocha 🙂 Try it roasted in the oven and topped with nutritional yeast…then report back to me. Have I ever led you wrong?!? YUM!


  25. Katie

    I love that SO DELICIOUS stuff – they make a KILLER chocolate ice cream, too.

    I haven’t tried kabocha – but oddly enough, your review of it makes me want to try it more. I guess I just have to see for myself…

  26. julie

    listen. we work JUST as hard being fans so proper fueling is tres necessary! so next weekend..have 3. I should have been drinking vodka instead of water yesterday from the hours of 1-4.

    hahaha I LOVE sporting my foodie tshirts to the gym. I have a Wildwood one that has animals on the back that say “eat tofu not us” and I always wonder what the person behind me thinks of me and my tshirt.

    have fun cooking off todayyyy 🙂

  27. ksgoodeats

    “trashy tv and a side of caffeine” best way to start your day, hands down.

    Peas!! I haven’t had those in so long, usually I just use them as ice packs 😉

  28. Lara (Thinspired)

    Whoa–is that just a regular cup of coffee?! It looks like a latte with the creamer in it! So foamy! I must try this stuff!

    So I had someone try to tell me last week that I shouldn’t be eating peas because they have a lot of carbs. I laughed. I just laughed. Are you KIDDING me?!

  29. Kim

    I LOVE So Delicious French vanilla coconut milk creamer! It makes the best chai tea! How did you get it to look all foamy like that? I couldn’t do it with my steamer wand.

  30. Jenny

    girl you have major kahunas admitting to blogworld that your not a huge fan of kobacha – they swear by that stuff!

    speaking of kahunas (doesn’t that mean coconuts in some language?) that creamer is money in the bank…

    …[shawtii whatcha drankkkk]

  31. merittothecarrot

    PEAS ARE SO GOOD! I snack on frozen peas everyday. seriously. Frozen corn are equally as delicious. And I’ve actually managed to finish a whole bag of broccoli florets by myself, in one sitting!

    I’m making quinoa stuffed butternut squash tonight!
    And I’ve only had kobacha once, and it was good, but i guess i have to let it grow on me

  32. elise

    AHHHHHHHHHH. This is such a tragedy. You have no idea waht you’re missing. My fave is roasted red pepper, but other people swear by the roasted pine nut flavor. Depending on where you shop for it, there are lots of different flavors that may or may not be available. I really love the “chunky” one, but I have a hard time finding it. You must try the classic though. You may just be ruined from any other hummus forever. Ok, not really, because it’s a very unique creamy flavor. But, it’s to die for, and I have no doubt that you’ll be the hit of the party if you do bring it to T-giving. Lemme know what you think!

  33. elise

    I ate the entire bag of peas that night!!! I ate mine cooked, not frozen – but I can see how they would be addictive as a frozen snack too. Kinda like vegetable dippin dots.

  34. elise

    yeah, i think i posted the recipe a while back, but all it is is cocoa powder (raw, vegan, unsweetened), tofu, and agave nectar. prefection!

  35. elise

    oh my gosh, your college is brilliant to stock sabra. i go through similar amounts. such a perfect snack!

  36. elise

    hey beth. thanks for reminding me. ive been meaning to do a post on it for a while…i did one forever ago, but i should really do another for newer readers. for now heres the older link:’t-judge-a-fig-by-it’s-cover/ i use a caffe froth by bonjour. its amazingly simple. i cant imagine coffee without it now.

  37. elise

    you know, ive been meaning to do a post on my frothing for a while now…since the last time i did a post on it was AGES ago so my newer readers have been in the dark. for now heres the older link:’t-judge-a-fig-by-it’s-cover/ i use a caffe froth by bonjour. its amazingly simple. i cant imagine coffee without it now.

  38. elise

    yeah – it was a risky little move there. but if theres one thing i am, its brutally honest 🙂 LOVEEEEE me some coco-drank. seriously. obsessed.

  39. elise

    yeah i am obsessed with foam, so my coffees are usually more latte than coffee. ive been meaning to do a post on my caffe froth for a while now…i did one a really long time ago, but i should do another for newer readers. for now heres the older link:’t-judge-a-fig-by-it’s-cover/ i use a caffe froth by bonjour. its SOOOOO easy. i cant imagine coffee without it now.

    what ‘tard would ever believe peas were bad for you? i once had a girl tell me that carrots are the vegetable with the highest amount of sugar, yadda yadda, they are highest on the glycemic index. ummm, yeah. but they are CARROTS!!

  40. elise

    i know. i was thinking of you the entire game. tear. i was on the edge of my seat the entire packers game. i adore aaron rodgers so it was a good day for me.

    i wouldnt judge if you admitted to staying in your PJs, guzzling vodka, and going to bed after the game ended…ok, well, maybe thats a bit severe :/

  41. elise

    oh man, that store looks beautiful. i walked past the other day and it took all self control to stay away. when are we hitting up peacefood btw?? whats your schedule looking like over the holidays??

  42. elise

    🙁 sorry about your shuffle – no bueno i havent had spag squash in too long. thanks for the reminder. that and BN squash are my faves. i have an old one but it looks like a brick and takes an hour to start up, haha!

  43. elise

    after all the wonderful things youve opened my eyes to, i would be a fool to ever doubt you. delicata here i come. btw, i think if we lived in the same city we would encourage each other to the point of creating our own freaky food culture 🙂 dangerous.

  44. Lara (Thinspired)

    That link isn’t working for me 🙁 Do another post on it! I want to know how to make foamy latte deliciousness!

  45. Beth

    The link isn’t working…but I will try to find the thread. It looks like it’s linked to January…You convinced me to buy a spiralizer (love) and now I’m sure I’ll end up w/ the caffee froth! thanks 🙂

  46. Courtney

    Hahaha–dangerous, but fun 🙂

  47. Stacy (Eating To Live Love Laugh Tri)

    You should try putting bbq sauce on your peas! Oh man! MMM!

  48. ethel

    E, what kind of peas do you get? They looked extra green in your foto.

  49. elise

    WF (365 brand) – yummmmm

  50. elise

    oh bummer, ok ill do another tutorial soon then 🙂

  51. elise

    oops!! sorry about that. ill do another post on it soon then 🙂

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