Sunday sampler

I bought this one because I couldn’t NOT buy it.  Judge away.  I’m going to grow up one day, maybe.

Finished off this bad boy for breakfast.

After painting I went to Costco with V and she ate ALLLL the samples.  Talk about a different shopping experience.

I hardly fed her lunch as a result.  And got her to bed earlier so she wouldn’t sleep past 4.  We had swimming plans that I did NOT want to miss.

I wasn’t too hungry for lunch because I got a Starbucks on the way home from Costco.  Potty training essential.

I had a plate of smoked salmon, plantain chips, carrots (way more than shown), and avo.

This is the best way to get sunscreen on their faces.  I use alba organics spray for their bodies, but it’s like mud wrestling to get their faces covered.  This is the best way I know how – let them put it on with this stick and then I rub it in after.

We had a blast with friends and stayed until the evening.  Kyle and P were home when we got back.  Yay! Family reunited.  🙂

I made a chicken Caesar salad for dinner because P wanted more parmesan cheese.  Which he now calls “sheep’s milk cheese” because he remembers everything and it was, in fact, a sheep’s milk pecorino romano.

I had already baked and shredded chicken during nap time so everything was ready to go when I got home.

New dressing!  I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.  I’ll get back to you.

I gave the rest of the family home-made challah croutons with theirs.

This weekend was a doozy in a lot of ways.  And I’m not talking about potty training.  I won’t get political but I would feel weird if I didn’t even mention the depressing current events.  Guys, be kind to one another.  Practice peace.  Look for the good in everyone.  And stand up for what’s right.

I had dessert!  I was exhausted and not ready to say goodbye to the weekend, but this chocolate cake helped.


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  1. Hope

    Thanks for your lovely blog. I dont comment much, but have read it for years. It’s a little niceness in our crazy world and I appreciate it. 😊

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