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It’s Friday, I’m in love

With Stroller Strides.  Ok, I promise I’ll stop waxing poetic about this amazing group after this.  I only got the once a week membership, but here I am two weeks in and I want to go ALL THE TIME.  I went twice the first week I joined, and now twice again this (second) week…soooo let’s do the math.  One extra $10 class each week adds up to enough to tip me over into the unlimited category.  So clearly I should just buy the unlimited pass and go all the time.  Except that the only reason I could go back to back Fridays is because we had to skip OIT this week.  🙁

So aaaanyway, I did stroller strides on Wednesday and had an iced chai tea latte (that I made myself) after while I hung out at the park with everyone.

For lunch I made this salad.

I massaged a bunch of kale and romaine and shredded carrots with avocado oil and salt so it would be ready for whatever salads I may want throughout the week.  A choose your own adventure with dressings and toppings, if you will.

This time I added balsamic dressing, avocado, and roasted marcona almonds.  And OF COURSE baby carrots on the side.

Farmer’s market for dinner because it wasn’t 107 degrees and all our friends were in town.  Hooray!  I got the chicken tikka masala from Kathmandu Kitchen and it was heavenly.  Seriously, amazing.  And get this…BOTH kids ate some of my rice!! This is especially cool because (A) they’ve never had Indian food and I wasn’t sure if they’d like it; and (B) pacman can eat food from a farmer’s market food stand!!!!!  I asked beforehand if they used peanuts or peanut oil and they said no, so it’s not like I went in blind.  Very happy for this development.

Guess what I finally had for dessert!?!

My mom’s pecan pie!  Decadent and delightful way to end the day.

On Thursday I went back to this baked zucchini lover. With cashew butter.  And despite breaking my word and eating it straight out of the casserole dish, I managed to keep my portion to a respectable size.

These were not good.  I’m not sure if they were stale or what, but they were not good at all.  I bought them last week so they can’t be too old, and yet, they tasted so blech.

I ended up eating extra salmon to compensate.

Tough decision.  😉

Since our dinner plans fell through (WF at my parents’ house) I made a last minute meal pulling ground beef out of the freezer.

I have been having a super bizarre* craving for creamy tomato soup for the past couple of days, so I was excited to find this in the back of the pantry.

*Only bizarre because normally I don’t love tomatoes.  I think I ate more tomatoes (in the form of marinara/tomato soup/pizza, lasagna, etc) during my 10 months of pregnancy with P than the combined rest of my life.  Not exaggerating.  And no I’m not pregnant.  Perhaps my body needed a little vitamin C.

It has cream in it, but ever since doing my 30 day SIBO reset, I’ve found certain dairy to be ok.  I haven’t tested it a bunch or anything, but since P has been dabbling in dairy, I’ve been testing the waters out myself.  With dairy that’s mostly fat and/or protein (cream, butter, ghee, certain cheeses), the amount of lactose is a non issue.  At least for now…


I made meatballs in the oven for the first time. It was super easy and hands off even though it did heat up the kitchen more than I’d like on a summer day.

The rest of the family got wheat pasta with marinara and meatballs, but I had my meatballs with the Amy’s soup.

And this kombucha for late night digestion aid.  Feeling good about my gut these days.  Maybe the 30 day diet did more than I have given it credit for.

On Friday I had a tiny cup of coffee before stroller strides.  And then I brought along an iced chai with almond milk to enjoy afterwards.  The park we exercise at is adjacent to the library and since the Spanish program starts just after SS ends, it’s kinda perfect.  I just parked in the library lot and as soon as we were done stretching I high tailed it to get our espanol on.  I guess that’s the sliver lining to having to skip OIT sue to his cold. We used to go to the Spanish program all the time but ever since we began desensitization on Fridays we’ve had to miss them.  I was hungry and chugged the chai in seconds and then on our way home I went through the Starbucks drive through for a decaf misto.  I haven’t been to Starbucks in SO LONG.  OIT Fridays are really the only time I allow myself to go anymore.  I showered and sipped my coffee while the kids played (together, nicely, for hours!).  I didn’t want to mess with the happy sibling play so I left them be until almost 1:30 when they finally wanted lunch.

Since I didn’t have much of a breakfast, I made a big lunch.

This tuna salad had 2 cans of wild planet albacore (I discovered they sell it at Costco for less than elsewhere, although that amazon link may be even better), Sir Kensington avo oil mayo, 4 diced celery stalks, salt and pepper.  And then I mashed half an avocado on top.

I ate the rest of the Siete chips with it, as well as this bag of kale chips.  I’m out of carrots (!!!).  🙁

These were ok, but not my favorite.  They weren’t super crispy.  Weird right?

Massaging lettuce.  My favorite nap time activity.

For dinner I was inspired by this kale and brussels sprouts salad.

I’m getting cravings for it again now just looking at the pics. It was really good.  I’ll share the recipe below.

The spouted kitchen (linked above) calls for quinoa, but I roasted sweet potatoes for a different carb-y component. And then I made a bunch more tweaks since it’s actually written as a winter recipe (and it’s obviously August).  So here’s my recipe…

Kale and Brussels Sprouts Summer Salad

For the lemon dressing:

  • 1/2 cup avocado oil
  • 1 tsp garlic infused olive oil
  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 of a lemon, juiced
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt
  • 1/2 tsp pepper

For the salad:

  • 10 oz shaved Brussels sprouts
  • 5-6 oz chopped kale (~4 cups)
  • 3/4 cup roasted hazelnuts
  • 1/2 cup sliced strawberries
  • 4 oz shaved parmesan
  • 3 small sweet potatoes, diced and roasted


Preheat oven to 400.

Add all the dressing ingredients to a large mixing bowl and mix.  Add Brussels sprouts and kale and massage well so that everything is totally coated in dressing.  Refrigerate until serving.

Meanwhile, wash and chop sweet potatoes.  Toss in ~3 tbsp olive oil and generous pinch of salt and roast on a greased baking sheet for ~30 minutes, or until turning brown/golden on top.

To assemble the salad, add potatoes, strawberries, nuts, and cheese to greens and serve.

Have you ever seen or heard of pecorino romano from raw sheep’s milk?  I hadn’t, but look it has no carbs! That means the lactose content must be negligible if any!  And it was SO good.  And my gut felt 100% fine after!  And I even gave P a (tiny tiny) piece!  Parmesan and pecorino romano are some of the highest protein cheeses so I’m proceeding very cautiously with the amount I give P.  Oh!  Side note: I gave him half a string cheese today (4 g milk protein) with no reaction.  Yay!!  So two kinds of cheeses at two separate meals PLUS his milk doses PLUS his peanut doses WHILE he has a cold and his immune system was fine with it all.  Amazing. Just amazing.

Gonna keep this stocked in the fridge for sure.

Kombucha at night while watching Big Love.  I know it’s super old but we have never seen it and I’m already way into it.

Maintenance for a month

Since P reached maintenance for his cow milk OIT, we have been waiting for a full month to try out dairy…

Per our MD’s protocol you should wait at least a month after graduating before adding in new dairy.  And from there you should start with amounts of protein <4 g (because his dose is 1/2 cup whole milk which is equivalent to 4 g of protein).  After that you can proceed however you wish.  This is freeing and exciting and nerve-wracking all at once.  But mostly exciting.

On day 1 he tried: 1 tsp of butter on top of his pancakes (not a true challenge since butter should have TRACE amounts of protein if any, but still…he’s reacted to it in the past so it’s a challenge)

Verdict: no reaction!

On day 2 he tried: 1/4 a string cheese (2 g protein)

Verdict: no reaction!

On day 3 he tried: a bunch of goldfish crackers (55 is considered one serving but he didn’t have close to that many, which means the protein count was significantly less than the label’s 3 g listed)

Verdict: no reaction!

On day 4 he tried: a bite of my tomato soup (one bite with a tiny bit of cream in the whole bowl is hardly a challenge at this point but he was sick so I didn’t want to add too much else beyond his dairy and peanut doses)

I will keep noting things he tries as I blog about this journey (which are always tagged as allergy FYI), but I’m already AMAZED at what oit has afforded us.  The sense of safety and peace of mind that comes from doing this is invaluable.  We can eat at restaurants! We can have friends feed him!  We can send him off with family!  I was scared to let myself dream that we’d get here, but here we are!  Funny enough, last week the “dairy” charm on his allerbling bracelet broke.  It was destiny.

Peanut OIT starts

Wellllll well well.  Day one is officially behind us.  And I will admit I had a bunch of anxiety leading up to this day.  Obviously since we completed dairy I trust the process, but having been hospitalized for peanut ingestion before, it was a major mental hurdle for me to do this voluntarily!  We are lucky to have a huge support system, including my family, and friends, and facebook group…all cheering us on and lifting me up through this.  And now we have done it!  We have begun!

We had a normal start to the day with a bowl of oatmeal followed by his milk dose and then we were off to Fremont.

Kyle came with us for this first one, so that was nice.

He started with a 1/1000 dilution of peanut powder (in cellulose powder) which he had a minuscule amount of, and he completed four (!!) updoses in that first appointment on Friday.  We will likely go every other week to really allow his body an extra long time to desensitize to the dose they send him home on.

So now I have a bunch of these little cups of powdered cellulose/peanut to mix into applesauce or yogurt or whatever.

So far so good (some nasal drip but no congestion or meds needed after Saturday morning’s dose).

He is probably getting the equivalent of a grain of flour’s worth of peanut protein but you have to start somewhere right?  This is going to be a long road, but if the end is freedom then I am all in!  I will happily trade in my fear of hospitalization for a year or so of these MD appointments.

Day 9: up and downs

Here’s that beautiful baked dish that I made the night before.  I was literally throwing things into a mixing bowl while I was coming up with a concept of what I was going to make.

I had about a cup of shredded zucchini left and a very brown banana, which is why I needed to do something. Add in coconut oil, eggs, almond flour, stevia, salt and baking soda and you have a lovely little casserole bake.

Clumpy almond milk in my coffee…booo.

Mega cashew butter.  Yayyyy!

Like, MEGA cashew butter.

I smeared it everywhere and dug in.  I ate way earlier than I usually do because we had plans in San Francisco so I wanted to get on the road asap.

Seriously so perfect.  I am especially pleased with this breakfast and will be happy to eat it for the next week, or however long it will last.  The more nut butter on top, the better!

Field trip day!

I have no more of my food to share with you until dinner and that’s because I was distracted by these guys. And all the fun we were having.

Here they are having a snack break while we learned about pterosaurs.

Thank you California Academy of Sciences for having an allergy friendly cafe.  🙂

The “kids meal” comes with fruit and milk (but you can sub the milk for apple juice).  They get juice next to never, but it was a special day so why not.  Also, they were totally melting down due to thirst and hunger so I just needed to get food stat.  The lines were way long but the grill was the fastest, thank goodness, because it was looking to be the safest option for P.  They had a bunch of stations – pizza, salads and sandwiches, bowls, sushi, and grill.  Plus a dessert stand, coffee bar, grab and go fridge, and other random snacks (chips, pretzels, fresh fruit, etc).  By process of (allergy) elimination, I chose the grill station…which was good since the kids MIRACULOUSLY agreed on getting a hot dog (to spilt). I spoke with one of the chefs who seemed very knowledgeable about the items on the menu and told me the bread had dairy in it, so she showed me the GF option (udi’s) and I went with that.  Perfect!  Two slices of bread, one for each kiddo.  They also shared the fruit and hot dog.  Nicely, to boot.  V took the tomato and P took the lettuce, and the plate was basically left empty (both tried and disliked the pickle).

Once they were part way through their meal (and their blood sugar had stabilized) I took them with me to go to the coffee bar.  Then we were all happy.  Sitting with my almond milk decaf latte, hanging with my big kids, eating like a party of three.

I got this for myself too…because when this diet is done, I’m going to want this flavor.

We stayed way too late at the aquarium and didn’t get home til after 5 pm.  Oops!

I was beyond hungry by the time we got home.  Like my body had shut down.  Big time fail on my part.  I packed my pills and took them while we were out, though, so at least I didn’t totally shoot myself in the foot gut. But have you ever waited soooo long to eat that your body is beyond the hungry phase and then acts like it forgot how to work at all.  It’s like it’s shut down altogether but you know the second you get food it’s going to freak out and overreact and feel horrible.  Yeah. I’m ever so slightly familiar with this phenomenon and it is the worst.

Lucky for me I had a 2.5 hour drive home (Friday traffic, yay!) to brainstorm what to make for dinner. Taco salads!

Daiya cheese probably has things not fodmap friendly but I wanted it anyway, dangit.  Plus, I already knew my gut was going to react to food, no matter what I ate.  I have lived with this digestive system for 30+ years and there are certain parts about it that I have definitely figured out.

Almost forgot the avo!!  Phew.

I definitely had 30 minutes of weird pangs and gurgles and digestive discomfort and then it basically went away.  Odd.  That’s been the biggest change since doing this diet.  Any GI “issues” I have with my gut after a meal are so short lived!  I’m used to feeling gassy around the clock, to be honest, so it’s nice that it goes away so quickly.  I’m not sure if that’s related to the herbal supplements or the low fodmap diet.

I had kombucha later, and went to bed feeling quite good.

At some point I’ll focus less on killing the bad overpopulated bacteria and more on repopulating the good bacteria (meaning taking probiotics and prebiotics, some of which contain fodmaps, and increasing my carbs to include more starches).  IBS is so tricky that it’s hard to discern “die off” symptoms from my usual GI woes.

Milk OIT graduation


After several months of weekly visits to the Columbia Asthma and Allergy Clinic in Fremont, my son is a graduate of the milk OIT protocol!  He will now drink 1/2 cup (120 ml – equivalent to 4 g of protein) of whole milk twice a day for the rest of his life as a part of maintenance.

After a month, we are allowed to experiment with different kinds and amounts of dairy, with the thinking being that in another few months he will achieve “free eating”, thereby tolerating any dairy.  We will see.  In the meantime, I’m just celebrating the fact that he drinks a cup of milk each day without issues.  This is major.

He has been such a trooper throughout this and is very excited at the idea of trying cheese.

Many thanks to the following, without whom/which we could not have done this:

MY PARENTS!!!!  For being supportive and encouraging and most importantly for watching Valley girl on Friday mornings while we were at his appointments. And for letting us crash at their house every Thursday night – and some Fridays.  And feeding us.  And basically just being the best parents ever.

The Davis Library.  For the amazing book on cd selection which enabled me to make it through months and months of OIT appointments without an iPad.

NPR’s Wow in the World podcast.

Highlights magazine.

Starbucks stir sticks (which served as drumsticks) week in and week out.

The entire staff at Columbia Asthma and Allergy.  They are sweet and attentive and I really feel like he is so safe in their care.



We drove home after picking V up at my parents’ house.  Neither had napped so I expected they would both crash as soon as I set off but P was SO into the wow in the world podcasts that he stayed up the entire ride home listening to them one after the other.  We have even repeated the kissing fish one a few times and he still doesn’t care.  I highly recommend them for anyone with 4+ year olds.  It’s targeted to kids a little older than P but he still enjoys them immensely and whenever I quiz him on the facts at the end of the episode he can answer any question I throw at him!!  Guy Raz’ even makes me stay tuned, so I definitely get the allure.  Plus, who doesn’t like learning random scientific facts!?  V slept the whole way.  😉

Snack time!

Happy graduation day.  We will be celebrating with a family trip to play mini golf on Sunday.