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Day 30: the real end

This post is a bit overdue, but I figured it was a better late than never kind of thing, so I am going to at least bookend this journey here on HHH.

I finished!

I went to another stroller strides class on Friday – had a BLAST (AGAIN!) and next thing I know it’s noon and our kids are still playing at the park and we are chatting up a storm. I brought an iced chai tea with coconut milk and stevia that I cold brewed in the fridge.  I started cold brewing chai tea last week and haven’t gotten the right strength yet, but it’s still pretty good.  I’ll get it eventually…anyway I had the second half of my green berry smoothie from urban remedy, which was enough to get me to lunch.

I’m starting to realize that half an avocado may be too much for me in one sitting? It’s weird saying that, because I’ve always eaten that amount, but this lunch had me full for HOURS afterwards.  So full I didn’t even want dinner really.  I hate when I do that, and I never used to have problems until I started this SIBO protocol, so now I’m wondering if my gut was super out of whack and now I’m digesting food differently? Or maybe I just shouldn’t have a nut based bread AND avocado AND smoked salmon all in one meal.

It’s kinda a lot of fat, which probably contributes to my satiety the most?  At least in the absence of carbs…? I am happy to get more carbs back in my life again, that’s for sure!

Let’s build a humongous sandwich!!  First, take two thick slices of blender bread.  Then toast them realllllly well.

Pile on half an avocado.  Doesn’t matter if it won’t all fit.  Make it happen!

Then add the smoked salmon.

Yes, please!

The thing about being full is that I don’t feel uncomfortable or stuffed or miserable.  AT ALL.  I feel completely satisfied and that’s it.  It wouldn’t be a big deal at all if I just ate intuitively on my own schedule (I’d probably just wait until 8 pm to eat a light dinner or something), except my family relies on me to feed them!  So by 6 pm, it’s go time, regardless of how much I have eaten or how my hunger is.

The family had this.  It looked amazing.  It smelled amazing.  But I had no appetite.

I decided to make a salad because we were leaving to spend the night at my sister’s after dinner and I obviously had to eat something.

It was fine but whatever (who doesn’t like soft boiled eggs?).  I tossed the eggs, spinach and pecans in home-made balsamic vinaigrette too. I brought a kombucha for later and ended up feeling great when I went to bed – neither full nor hungry.

I was VERY happy to be waking up to a fun day with plenty of restaurant-ing on the menu though because the last few days of this diet have dragged on.  I’ve done all I can do, and I think I understand my body better going forward.

Day 29: penultimate

I caved at the store because Califia was on sale and the sound of toasted coconut almond milk was too amazing to pass up.  The ingredients list, for the record, is:

Almondmilk (Water, Almonds), Coconut Cream, Sunflower Lecithin, Sea Salt, Natural Flavors, Potassium Citrate, Locust Bean Gum, Gellan Gum, Monk Fruit Extract

Which is a lot more than almonds and water, but shockingly less than some of the other flavors I was debating, not to mention the lack of “sugar”.  Califia prides itself on being carrageenan free, but all those gums seem just as tricky for sensitive guts like mine.  I’m not sure if the amount is enough to do cause any real symptoms since I’m using it as a creamer in my coffee rather than as a drink, but it’s something to watch.

In the end though, the flavor wasn’t even that good!  Toasted coconut sounds dreamy…alas, I didn’t get much of that, if any. In the future, I’ll take my TJs almond milk (with barely more ingredients) over this.  But really, I just need to make my own nut milk again.

I had two slices of AAG blender bread – one toasted, one not – for breakfast.

And for lunch, the last raw breakfast crust with half an avocado. And carrots.  I waited for a bit after eating seconds and thirds of carrots, but my body was still hungry and wanted something different so I had some macadamia nuts.

I dispensed them onto the cap so that I wouldn’t accidentally eat the whole tub, and I still ended up overdoing it a bit…which was frustrating because dinner was so awesome, I was annoyed to not be hungry when it was time to serve it.

One of my besties sent me this recipe for salmon cakes from her Whole30 cookbook and I was so excited to make it.

She also gave us these pan patty squashes from her garden.

I prepped the salmon cakes the night before, minus the dill.  Kyle hates dill so I usually delete any recipe that comes my way that calls for it, but I thought this time I could make a few salmon cakes for him first and then add the dill to the rest.

It yielded 10 cakes, just enough for us to all fill up with two left over.

I ate mine plain, but served theirs in flatbread, which they ate like tacos.

I wasn’t sure how the kids would do with the herbs but didn’t hear a peep of complaints so that’s good!  Kyle even ate the squash!  I didn’t tell him it was basically zucchini, so shhhhh.

Kombucha and football (!!!!) to wrap up the day.  🙂

Day 28: bon appetit noodles


I don’t have pics of my breakfast because I ate it at a friend’s house after a stroller strides class.  I think stroller strides is a national thing but for those who don’t know, it’s a moms exercise group that you do with your kiddos in strollers.  I’ve known about it for years but have never done it because I’m plenty motivated to work out on my own and don’t want to spend the money on a membership to a gym or any other program. However, my bestie here in Davis joined at the start of the year and has been begging me every week to go with her.  Well, I finally caved and of course I had a BLAST and now I’m obsessed and want to join. It was seriously the most fun I’ve had in so long and I was working out!!  I know a few people who do stroller strides already but I also met a bunch of new awesome moms that I hit it off with instantly.  As annoying as it is to pay for a work out (my first trial class was free), I’m so glad I did it and definitely feel like it’s a cool community (within our already awesome community) that I want to be a part of.  For the mama camaraderie alone it is worth it.  And my girlfriends have been so supportive in pushing me to treat myself, so now I’m doing it!  I’m going to join!  Yay!  I was literally walking on clouds for the rest of the day.

I parked at my girlfriend’s house and ran over with her since the park that we work out at is super close to her place.  We each brought our double strollers and both kids (but once school starts back up again it’ll just be the little ones with us).  P and V were mesmerized watching us all exercise and hardly needed any of the toys or books I brought.  And once it was over they got out and played at the park with all the other kids while I chatted it up with the moms.  I am loving how well the kids play together and independently these days.  It’s rocking my world.  One of the moms brought iced chai tea with almond milk for us all too!  These are my people!!!  We ran back to my friend’s house and immediately jumped in the pool (it is HOT this week) and played until noon.  I had stashed a smoothie in her fridge too – the green berry meal replacement drink from urban remedy.  It was awesome for the record.  Another friend with her kiddos joined us too and we actually got to talk because (gasp!) the kids can swim and play on their own now!

We came home for lunch, all sweaty, chlorine-y, sunscreen-y and happy.  So so happy.  Hanging with friends is the best.  I had more of the same salad I always make (minus the mac nuts!) for lunch.

This is a very !!!! heavy post.

Oh dinner, how I love thee.  Let me sing Bon Appetit’s praises for a sec.

The June edition had all these noodle bowl recipes that were basically mix and match guidelines for noodle bowl bliss.  I went with steak for the protein and sesame ginger for the dressing.  Plus rice noodles for the fam and zoodles for me.

I bought a bunch of flap meat (??) over the weekend so I used half for this dish and froze half for later.

During nap time I made the dressing, cooked the beef, and spiralized my life away.

And then when I got home after a pm play date (aka therapy session of awesomeness with my closest gal pals) I just sauteed the squash and soaked the rice noodles before assembly time.

It’s kind of an add whatever you want type of meal…cilantro, cashews, cabbage, carrots.  This meal was brought to you by the letter “C”!!

Family meal time 🙂

Kyle was actually home late so he didn’t eat with us but I knew if I didn’t plate him a portion the kids would try to demolish the rest.  In the end I had more that I packaged up for him for his lunch.  The dressing you guys, make this dressing!

Here’s Kyle’s bowl.

And here’s my bowl.

Can’t wait to try the rest of the bowls in this BA.  I have leftover dressing so now I have to figure out what to do with it…I’m thinking shrimp and celery and sesame seeds (with zoodles again).

Happy time.

Only another day of pills to go!

Day 27: the end(ish)

Guys, I am slowly going to phase back into a “normal” diet. I feel like I have done all I can do to attempt to reset my gut and my plan going forward is to be MUCH more cognizant of the amount of fodmaps I eat in a day so I’m not slamming my body with things that will ferment all day long.  Like maybe one meal a day I can “cheat” a bit but otherwise I should try to stick to the guidelines.  At least for now…

That said, my breakkie was by the books.

I forgot I bought these back when I first started this diet!! They’re from my parents’ WF (the same one I got the spirulina ones from).  And since the green ones were soooo good I knew I had to give this one a try. It was a little stale, probably because it was almost a month old, but still really tasty.  The crunch was still awesome, so next time I’ll get more…and then eat them sooner after I buy them for the ideal crispy bite.

Hand shown for size reference.  Here’s the company’s stuff on amazon although it looks like these are different than what they had at WF so I don’t know.

I topped it with cashew butter but then I realized after a few bites I needed more nut butter so I added almond on top too.  I didn’t want to overdo it with either nut, hence using a moderate amount of both rather than a bunch of one.

Check out all that seedy goodness!  If I could do this in my dehydrator I would but I can’t seem to get things as crispy.  Maybe it just takes longer than I think?  Either way the dehydrator is a no go in the summer because it heats up the whole house running for a day straight.  These weren’t too pricey.  I think they were $4.99 for a two pack.

I went back to my roots with this lunch salad.

Which I paired with my leftover prime rib.  I only had a few bites left so it was a perfect sized lunch.

For dinner I made mummy dogs from the Halloween chapter in Danielle Walker’s Celebrations cookbook.

I subbed tapioca for the arrowroot and it worked like a charm!

Yum!  I didn’t chill the dough for 24 hours like it said to but it was still fine.  A little soft if I didn’t work fast enough, but it doesn’t have to look amazing to taste amazing.  AND IT WAS AMAZING.  I ate three of them!

Yep.  Three.  And zucchini “fries”.

I made “french fries” for the rest of the fam, and made extra for later.

Kyle’s first plate.

I basically bought the book for this recipe so I’m pretty pleased by how delicious (and easy) it was!  I will be remaking this a lot!

I had half a kombucha later.

Day 26: Date night

This one leftover pancake wasn’t enough even after loading it up with cashew butter so I grabbed one of the blander bread muffins I made after.

There we go.

I had two cups of coffee too.  With coconut milk and stevia.  I’m all out of coconut milk so I better make some almond, cashew or something milk soon.  I really miss Califia’s mocha almond milk and if I go back to it I’ll be curious about how my taste buds perceive the sweetness.

I had my pills late so then I ate lunch late.  Probably for the best though since we had a dinner date planned for that night and we weren’t leaving til after the kids had eaten and V was down (meaning post bath and story).  We are finally making good on my two year old new year’s resolution to get a babysitter.  To be honest, I made no effort after our one babysitter (who was great!) left town.  We used her once and after that I just gave up.  And then we had a pretty terrible experience last month for my sister’s wedding (V is NOT into me leaving) so I was pretty discouraged from trying again.  But then a pastor from our church gave us some recommendations and I figured I should really make good on it.  Kyle and I need and deserve date nights!!

PS I didn’t have any of those treats shown above, but it’s only a matter of time…they were leftovers from the kids’ paint and sing class because it was someone’s birthday.  How amazingly thoguhtful that they were allergy conscious, and then gave us all the remaining treats, right?!

This is his “I’m so excited for a babysitter face”.  Ha. No joke they both ate the fastest they have ever eaten in their entire lives.

Kyle and I went to Bandera which is a Hillstone restaurant and if you look at the menu you will see that it is THE EXACT SAME as the Hillstone menu.  Like identical.  Why they call themselves Bandera is a mystery but as we all know, I loved Hillstone so fine by me!

Not wanting to get the same thing, I got the prime rib.  It was insanely good.  Salt and pepper crusted perfection.  Kyle tried a bite and said I won with my order.

He got the chicken and ribs plate with tomatoes and bleu cheese.  He loves a wedge salad and was stoked about the tomatoes.

There was also this skillet cornbread. Holy balls of dairy goodness.  I threw my diet out the door for this guy.  I couldn’t not dig in.  And once you try a bite, it’s seriously impossible to stop.  Gahhhh.  My stomach actually hurt for a bit after but then just went away.  I think that’s the biggest difference I’m noticing ever since I began this SIBO journey.  My gut still has minor reactions to the foods it has always reacted to, but they don’t last as long.  Perhaps it’s because I am overall being more cautious?  I guess it’s nice to know that I can get back on track relatively easily if I veer off course for say, cornbread, or chocolate, or whatever.  But I am beginning to realize that my hope that I would get to a free eating point is just not realistic. I’ve been so good about limiting my sugar intake and fodmap containing foods for so long…and it just doesn’t seem like the change is making a lasting impression on my gut lining.  I may be wrong, but I’m trying to be honest with myself and you all (because I know so many of you are following along with me).  Perhaps the herbs have killed off a bunch of stuff after all?  Perhaps that’s why my body bounces back quicker after dietary hiccups.  I mean I am definitely not as bloated and gassy as I was 30 days ago.  And for 10 or so days in the middle there I felt amaaaazing!  So maybe I had unrealistic hopes about the result of this process?  It’s hard not to be disappointed.  The idea of a “normal” gut is just something I long for so badly.  I’m not sure I’m willing to try antibiotics – especially since they have a lower success rate than these herbs.  So it could be that I just have to live on a low fodmaps diet and deal with it.  Anyway, I don’t want to wallow. I’m feeling better than before so that’s better than nothing!

I took my date on a stroll back in Davis since the night was still so young.  He got an iced mocha with whipped cream because he had to stay up and do work.

And when we got home, the kids were sleeping angels so the babysitter was a HUGE success. P had a blast with her and she gave him his dose and kept him calm and I’m thrilled to keep this date night thing going. Hold me to it okay guys!?!?!