Take a picture

How many photos do you take of the same dish before feeling like you adequately captured the meal’s deliciousness?


Sometimes I feel like a nut job circling the table taking a million and one pictures of the exact. same. thing.

Dancing around doing laps like a hawk stalking it’s prey.


Until I finally feel satisfied that I got the perfect picture of breakfast.

Who would have thought the lighting of effing oatmeal would ever be so important to me. 

I hope I’m not the only one…


Anyways, clearly this morning’s breakfast was oatmeal.  Nothing new or ultra revolutionary about it. 


  • 1 cup oats
  • 1 banana
  • TJ’s peanut flour
  • NuNatural’s vanilla stevia


I added in carob chips as an afterthought.


As they melted, I stirred them in. 


Stirred, stirred, stirred.




Reese’s in oat form.


Now that’s a bomb a$$ bowl.  And I have 73 other photos of it as proof…

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15 thoughts on “Take a picture

  1. Melissa

    YUMMERS! ok…is that one cup cooked oatmeal…if so how much dry and how much peanut flour…want to make it look just like yours:) mine NEVER looks like that!!!

  2. elise

    1 cup dry…cooked it bulks up to way more. not sure how much peanut flour i used though…my guess is 1/8 cup

  3. Fi

    Oh it’s great to get affirmation that I’m nit alone in having a full on antm style photo shoot with my oatmeal! ;)

  4. Heather

    Oh my God, I do that all the time! So glad I’m alone, because I’m sure post people would think I’m a T-total fra-reek taking nearly 30 pics of the same bowl or plate!

  5. Katie

    I usually only take 1-2 pictures of a certain dish (unless it’s unusually gorgeous) because I’m so hungry I just want to eat!

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