test day – will school ever end?

Yes, I am sore from the spinning class. Yes, I am sick of studying. Yes, I am eager for the weekend to come. So this morning was uneventful. Same routine I have been having lately, coffee, gym, heading to the hospital for half days. Actually I had to really study before I went to ACLS today since I was being tested, or so I thought. As usual, I was an overachiever and could have slacked off and still passed easily, but that’s not my style, so I did the practice test this am and read the entire book given to us yesterday (nerd alert – haha). What I did enjoy this morning was the Olympic final women’s soccer game (USA vs. Brazil), even though the USA played like CRAP. They won in overtime 1-0 and after they scored early in the first overtime, I could barely breathe the second period, I was so nervous. I didn’t want to leave the gym, even though my work out was over because the overtime was still going on…in the end I watched the rest at home, because I felt guilty for not studying. My work out was a 60 minute elliptical session, with changing intensities to keep me on my toes. It was fine because I did spinning the day before, so it wasn’t as repetitive as my past cardio.

Moving on – here’s my lunch. I wasn’t that hungry (odd since it was nearly 12 and I only had half a cup of coffee).
I made soy bacon (5 strips) and used the fat end piece of the whole wheat bread that Kyle bought yesterday to make an open faced sando with smart deli “turkey” and soy bacon and honey mustard. Note: I had an extra bacon strip that I gobbled up before it made it’s way to the sandwich 🙂 Then I finished my practice test and decided I should have the way overly ripe pluot before it turned into jam sitting in the fruit bowl!

Yes, that’s the sink I am eating it over – that’s how JUICY it was!!
Hooray, I passed the ACLS test with flying colors. I am a smarty pants, I know. I treated myself to a Bruno’s iced coffee after (stomach was growling by then!!) and then headed uptown to meet Kyle. He was fresh out of a hair cut appointment, so I walked him to get his dinner and then back to work. Still, a fun treat to see him mid-day. Then, I walked all the way back home doing errands on the way. I got a few things for dinner too, including organic mixed salad, organic alfalfa sprouts, organic dried cherries, organic raisins, and the same amazing Gary Null’s veggies burgers. I had been craving the sprouts all day and I thought one burger would be good protein to mix into the salad. I used all the ingredients (see below) and it was FILLING!

Look at that beautiful final product (salad dressing was vinegar, milk, honey mustard all mixed together). Mmmm…oh and I had an apple later for dessert.

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