Tuna Tuesday

I really like alliterations but hate thinking of post titles.  Sometimes I just want to put a date on it and call it a day.  If I was better about food photography I could just do a bunch of “what I ate” posts, but I forget to capture half the things I make so I can’t really call it that. Anyway, I’m still trying to get the kids’ palates on board with tuna, and Kyle requested nicoise salad this week so boom.

It’s a pretty easy way to serve dinner…nobody ate the olives but me (V tried a few times) and the potatoes were the obvious number one.  But V liked the tuna a lot!  I think she has my salt loving taste buds.

I’m getting ahead of myself.


Ok so I went to target the other day for the sole purpose of getting mocha califia because we were out and they were out of stock!  The nerve!  So I settled for this small bottle of cocoa noir, which it turns out is not nearly as good.

It’s good on it’s own but doesn’t really do it for me in my coffee (which is how I drink the mocha califia).  Lesson learned.  Now I have to get my hands on the mocha before Thursday when this one runs out. Tick tock!

I made a smoothie for breakfast – still using the collagen although nothing notable is happening in my gut (meaning there’s been no change in any symptoms).

Lunch was a blur because we were returning from library/preschool pick up and I hadn’t made anything in advance.  Good thing they are so patient when hungry…not.

Post nap (quiet time) games.

Finally I lured them out of the house to a park.

It was hot so we didn’t stay longer than an hour, but that worked out perfectly since P and Kyle had a special date planned before dinner.

V helped me cook while they were out. She likes putting things in her pocket and trying to get stuff out of mine.  But I never have anything in mine, so she is usually pretty disappointed.

Dinner time.

Dessert time.

And we now have one episode left of The Night Manager which is so intense and awesome I think you a should go watch it now (we are watching via amazon prime).

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  1. Caroline

    This post is making me have a serious craving for olives! Love the idea of serving a big platter of Niçoise salad like this.

  2. Ttrockwood

    Salad nicoise is so perfect for hot days! I can totally understand an aversion to tuna… but whatever, i’m sure the eggs were enough protein to call it a meal. And you’re lucky to get the olives to yourself!
    I haven’t tried that mocha Califa because those little bottles are somehow like $4-5 at markets around here (ugh!) but I’m overdue for a Target field trip so i’ll look out for them

  3. Lesq

    Tuna is my husband’s fav!!!! He loves it. The high mercury levels scare me. I ate it for years. I now buy a brand that tastes every fish before canning and is suppose to be very negligible mercury–hope it is true there are so many misleading food companies,but this one is well respected so hopefully they are honest!!! Without being to forward, and obv just ignore the question if to personal, but what are the gut symptoms u battle and does the FODMAP diet and being gluten and dairy free actually help u? What is the colleges suppose to be doing for your gut? You have always been a helpful source of dietary change for me so I was hoping for some info bec and am battling my own gut issues that really can make life uncomfortable. Also, your last post I didn’t have time to comment on but so beautifully and emotionally written. What emotional days you spend with P at his OIT sessions. You must be so drained afterwards. He is such a wonderful little man–an old soul. Sooooo cooporitive for his age. Your whole family is so supportive and kind. You will all get through this and the end results will be worth the emotional roller coaster. Step back and enjoy these days. They are over way to fast. I hope you reread your post and enjoy the pics bec your family is adorable and you are doing all the right things. Your posts are always so touching and heartwarming. Enjoy the ride girl, this weekend s your life and it is definitely full of love and goodness!!!!!

  4. Courtney

    The nicoise salad looks so good! We just got little fingerling potatoes today, so I’ll have to make a vegan version with tempeh or tofu soon.
    I have not heard of the Night Manager, but am always looking for recommendations for things to watch, so thank you! I will check it out.
    My daughter loves it when we put things in her pockets too 🙂 She tries to get stuff in there sometimes, but usually needs help. She loves pulling things out and saying “Hi!” to whatever was in there

  5. Tracy

    We loved the Night Manager!!!! Great show.

  6. Elise (Post author)

    I was so annoyed to buy the little one – slightly more economical to get the bigger ones when they go on sale at target or wherever (i usually stock up when the 48 oz bottles go on sale for 3.99). since i use it as “creamer” in my coffee they last a while, but it’s still $$$ compared to plain old almond milk. i could probably make my own actually…

  7. Elise (Post author)

    you always pump me up so much. thank you so soooo much for the nice words. i love re-reading my posts, as narcissistic as that sounds. ha. it’s a trip down memory lane each time.
    sooooo…about fodmaps…the short answer is yes following the diet strictly works well for me. however, im really quite bad at it, especially lately. my diet is hardly the low fodmap role model and it’s been hard for me to get the motivation to get back on track even though my gut has been a MESS lately. now that your comment is getting me to really sit and think about it, i will admit that i have been busier and therefore more stressed out lately which has caused me to make poorer food choices for my gut health. my taste buds are happy but my body is more bloated and gassy than it’s been in the past when i’ve been following the low fodmaps diet better. you know there no such thing as TMI with me! I’ll share it all! Anyway, the emotional rollercoaster of oit (and all the travel!) has made it hard to stick to it (excuses excuses Elise!) but you’ve inspired me to be honest with myself and commit to doing a better job. It’s not like I enjoy feeling like crap!! No real idea if the collagen peptides are doing anything yet but they don’t seem to be harmful in any way so it’s an easy enough thing to add when I make smoothies or whatever.

  8. Elise (Post author)

    OH! And regarding mercury in tuna…I have mixed feelings on the issue, but what it comes down to is that I read that selenium competitively binds to where mercury would be and does a better job at it and so the whole mercury thing isn’t actually a real problem as long as you are eating fish that has equal amounts of selenium, which is basically all fish. google selenium v mercury and check out the results…

  9. Lesq

    Do you suffer with IBS-C or IBS-D? or combination? Extremely interesting regarding selenium and mercury. I have read about it before but never gave it much credence until now. I agree with your thoughts on it and at this point if I analyze anymore, I will basically have nothing to eat because everything has something ugh😳😳😱😱

  10. Elise (Post author)


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