Tutorial: how to get your coffee frothy

Ok, since a bunch of you have been asking how I get my java all foamy, I decided it was about time for a tutorial.  As you can see, it’s a pretty integral part of my AM coffee routine. 


Being a coffee connoisseur caffeine dependent, I am willing to spend nearly any price to get my fix the EXACT way I like it.  The good news: this tool doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as some fancy shmancy espresso machine.

Introducing the Caffé Froth by BonJour


It’s such a simple tool to use, and yet, the difference it makes in a plain old cup of joe is immeasurable. 


Just add milk to the line.


Pump the top until it’s as frothy as you want (it takes me 10-20 pumps).


Remove the top and add the frothy milk to your coffee.


And voila!!  Deliciously foamy coffee.

As per the instructions, you shouldn’t heat the milk before you add it to the frother (it doesn’t foam well if it’s already warm), so I usually throw the glass part in the micro for 30 seconds after I’ve pumped it.  It still stays perfectly frothed!

And there you have it.  Hope you enjoyed my attempt at a foodie tutorial.  Just don’t expect a lecture circuit in the near future. 

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Comments (21)

  1. maren

    thank you!! i need (want) one of those!

  2. sisrocks1996

    I am not a coffee drinker, but great tutorial and pictures. I actually understood it! LOL

  3. The Foodie Diaries

    I need this gadget. Mi cafe has been so feo recently

  4. kbwood

    ohhh interesting!! i need this!

  5. Jenny

    oh la la, starbies needs to snag you up asap as their newest hot little barista.

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  7. broccolihut

    Uh oh…another gadget to add to my Christmas list!

  8. Silje

    Amagaaaaad, I need this one!
    Do you know anywhere to get it from the internet? I hardly believe I can get this little beauty easily in Norway 😀

  9. ksgoodeats

    I love it – do you brew your coffee in a coffee maker or do you use the French press for that as well?

  10. elise

    coffee maker. sadly a french press doesnt make NEARLY enough servings for this girl 🙂

  11. elise

    try amazon.com – thats where i got mine. or just google “bonjour caffe froth”

  12. ethel

    E!!! This is sooo my next new purchase! I thought that the spiralizer was legit, but by far, this produces the most beautiful cup of joe ever! I like my foods and bevs prettily plated and presented. A+!

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  17. Sara

    I bought this the other day, so excited!I tried it this morning with almond milk and it turned out nasty (it all separated). Do you use lactaid , have you ever tried any other milk… i would like to think it wasn’t my stupidity 🙂

  18. elise

    Did you heat the milk beforehand? Because the caffe froth doesn’t work if the milk is already warm, you have to froth first then heat it in the micro after. It still should stay foamy even with 30 seconds of microwaving. Now if that’s not the issue then it may be the almond milk. I don’t think it works too well with nut milks because they do have some separation already going on…but maybe try another brand or almond milk? I will say I know it’s better with skim milks. I typically use Lactaid, and it works perfectly with nonfat lactose-free milk. I’ve also used it with soymilk and coconut milk, both of which it worked well with. I haven’t tried it with other non-milks though (ie hemp, rice, cashew, etc.). I’m sorry you had trouble 🙁 I hope you figure it out.

  19. Sara

    So the problem was that I heated the milk up prior to frothing AND used almond milk… ah, who was the culprit?!

    After conducting a proper experiment *snort*, I determined that AM is AMAZING! It was the heating before frothing that messed up the milk. Thought I would leave this as evidence so no one else goes through the pain of losing their morning happiness down the kitchen sink…

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  21. Sara

    I am struggling the most with my coffee! I’m a creamer finatic! So I must like it sweet and creamy! I have tried everything this week and have not had a good cup of coffee yet!

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