Up and down weekend

This is how big I want my bar, okay mama?

Hard to say no to such a sweet (and healthy) request.

I have had glimpses of a return to good health after my initial take down, but I keep having lingering moments that suck. I’m not sure when I’ll feel 100% again.  In the meantime, I’m at least functional as a mom.  My GI system is hibernating, so I’m just letting it.  While trying my best to distract the kids from my blah.  Our Saturday plans were cancelled so we took the opportunity to enjoy the nothingness as a fam.

After feeding the kids, we went to market.

For dancing and music and fruit samples…and this loaf.

Per Judy (the owner), this loaf won the best raisin nut bread award last year, so I figured it was a solid choice.  Since it’s “day old” it’s half off, too.  I immediately ripped off a piece and verified it’s quality.  Mmmm…that was also my first real food in a long time so it was extra extra good.

While the kids napped I sorted out our week of food and made lists so we could get shopping done in the afternoon.  I have two gobble meals scheduled for this week so I didn’t need too much.  Kyle wanted to grill that night so we got salmon at Nugget.

Yikes on that price tag.  My kids (and I) have expensive taste.  But I was actually in the mood to EAT so I had to take advantage.

Grillin’ time.


It’s officially summer when corn is in season.

“I do it my OWN self”.  Oh V, you are one funny kid.  We kept showing her how to eat the corn…she’ll get it by the end of July, I’m sure.

I was too optimistic with my appetite…I didn’t finish all this. Not feeling greens at all at the moment. PS I’m 100% NOT preggo in case you were thinking that was on the table.  My mega food aversions are entirely norovirus related.

I solved my fruit basket problem!  I got a massive platter that holds it all.  I looked online for a few days but all the ones I liked were crazy expen$ive so I just went to target and got one that did the job.  And all that fruit up there?  Will be gone by Friday easily.  And we will still probably get more stone fruit at market on Wednesday.

I tried.  It was ok, but my gut wasn’t ready for it.

The next day was up and down.  We went to brunch, then church and I was feeling okay until that afternoon.  We had a couple of birthday parties, but I had to drop out of one because I wasn’t feeling well enough.  We did a pop in at the other one because it’s one of my very best friends and I realllly wanted to see everyone, but I made sure not to touch anyone.  I started feeling kinda queasy around 6 so we left to eat at home…

She is always up for a snack, especially if it’s oranges.

I had made a seriously legit dinner in the crock pot (first time making short ribs!), but my stomach wasn’t sure about it at all.

Fortunately I had cauli mash that seemed like a more gentle option.  Kyle requested mashed cauliflower when I asked what he wanted for the week’s meals ahead.  The kids weren’t super into it, but they ate it anyway.

I wanted to serve the short ribs and mash with peas, but somehow miscalculated the amount we had on hand.  The kids got the few peas we had left and I pulled some other random veggies out of the freezer for Kyle and myself.

I ate this because it was pretty but I really didn’t feel like it and in hindsight I definitely shouldn’t have.  I felt crummy the rest of the night.  My gut was doing flip flops and cramping and just being super weird, and I was starting to have reflux issues (again!) even though I hadn’t had any really on Saturday.

You’d think I would have learned my lesson and stopped trying to make food happen, but instead I made another bad decision and ate this cookie.  It’s hard to tell from the pic but it’s really really big.  I bought them from a GF baker in Napa last year and have them stored in the freezer.  Why are they in there, you ask?  This may be TMI, but after trying them once, I quickly realized they had a very….uhhh…emptying effect on my body.  As you all know by now I have IBS-C so this can be useful sometimes.  Unfortunately, it sometimes goes with some negative side effects (GI cramping) but it’s always been pretty immediate.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, this time it did NADA. So I went to bed still feeling pretty terrible.

Ugh.  Bring on Monday??

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