What We Ate

Happy mid week pop in!  It feels like it should be way later in the week than it is…and yet here we are.

No greater love.

This batch of crock pot steel cut oats had hemp seeds, brown sugar, and frozen blackberries. P had two bowls, but V stuck to just one serving (followed by a couple of cutie oranges).

I had pulled this out of the freezer the night before, so it was ready for my face as soon as they were cleaned up and playing on their own.

P had an MD appt that am, but we were done by 10 so we met some friends at the park.

Her hair has no interest in what a comb has to offer.  Gravity what?!?

They were following a jackrabbit.

We left around noon to come home for lunch. Thanks to my weekend prep I had a huge pot of mac n cheese ready to go.

Earth Balance makes vegan ones that I save for special treats – I bought some from the Davis WF with the closing sale.

Silly me, I thought it would last them a few meals.  NOPE.  They split it for lunch and finished the whole thing off.  And this was after they each had a whole apple on the car ride home from the park!

My lunch was predictable. Also predictable, the fact that they wanted to play in the yard after they woke up from naps.  This weather has us all walking on air.  SUNSHINE is good for the soul.

I got the water table set up for them and then went inside to slice come melon.

Which they crawled up on the chair to share.

Such sweeties.

We played until it was time to go to swimming for pattycakes.

I made a Caesar with chicken (leftover from Kyle’s weekend grilling) and hard boiled eggs for dinner.

The kids loved the hard boiled eggs and wanted more and more after their first helping was done. I used to hard boil eggs in bulk, but that got to be so time consuming (peeling egg shalls – ugh) so I just started buying them from Costco.  The organic ones cost the exact same as raw organic ones, so it seems obvious to just save myself the time and energy.

I polished off the rest of the TJs mint chocolate with some other See’s candies and Righteously Raw lucuma chocolate bars. YUM.

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  1. Ttrockwood

    Impressive that they went through a whole box of mac and cheese! I’m so jealous of your sunshine and that ripe melon- seems like winter decided to happen now for us.
    I just tried that trader joe’s mint chocolate bar and totally loved it! I was also excited to see nooch at TJs, it’s a lot cheaper than anywhere else here

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