Soooo, let’s just get this out of the way.  There’s been a glitch in the system.  Thanks to Google I have no account, and so my life is a little bit scrambled at the moment.  I feel oh-so-lucky to be one of the chosen deactivated 0.02% (sarcasm much)…

I’m sorry the announcement of my giveaway was delayed (I couldn’t access the chart I was tracking everyone’s entries on).  Sorry kids!  It appears a peace treaty has been reached between myself and Google right now.  Let this be a lesson, though – back yo shiz up! 


While my Google crap was still getting sorted out, Kyle and I had a fabulous anniversary dinner date at Wilshire


There were a few key reasons I chose this restaurant – the most important being their focus on supporting organic and local farms.  I like rewarding places that are environmentally responsible.  In addition to honoring sustainable practices, Wilshire has a pretty legit wine list, too. 


The menu is veg-friendly with several salads and even a vegan entree (plus vegetarian pastas, fish dishes, and steak/burger options).  And half a dozen veggie sides that I was eyeing, too.


The ambiance was fabulous – pretty much exactly as I’d design my own restaurant – with indoor and outdoor areas.  There were TONS of heater lamps and a couple of fireplaces (and as someone who is perpetually freezing, this was the warmest I’d been all day).  The tables were scattered among trees lined in lights, which made the experience casual but special.  There were several separate outdoor areas, too, all hidden by various treetops and canopies, and yet it still seemed so open.  Also, there were many places for private parties (noted).  I definitely felt like the dining atmosphere was really special. 


We started with bread – hot and steamy with the fluffiest insides.  The butter (which I obviously skipped) was infused with pepper. 


To start, Kyle and I shared the little gem and endive salad with persimmon, walnuts, roaring 40′s, and pomegranate vin.  And although it was quite tasty, I quickly discovered “roaring 40’s” was in fact very old cheese.  It was easily picked around, but there was still a pretty strong aroma present.  Well, now I know.


For dinner, I ordered the panko crusted tofu with edamame puree and stir fried mushrooms.



The panko crust on this was to die for.  Absolutely to die for.  The edamame puree was especially complimentary, while the mushrooms were so good I wanted an entire plate of them alone.  I practically licked the plate clean, it was devoid of even a drippy drop of food; and even though I was completely stuffed afterwards, I still wished the portion had been twice the size.  It was simply amazing.


Kyle chose the braised shortrib with mashed potatoes and glazed cipollini onion.

The night was fabulous.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

Congrats to elaine who wrote:

thanks for holding this awesome giveaway! Terry is such an inspiration – the interview was wonderful to read.  I also love the question, "If you had to choose 3 foods to eat for the rest of your life what would they be?" because that’s one of my favorite questions to ask! you find so many incredible new ways to eat certain foods when you just ask! my top 3 foods:

1. KALE (same as terry!)
2. the blackened tempeh from native foods (it is like NOTHING i’ve ever tasted before)
3. cashews – my one true nut love

Send me an email with your address so I can get you your very own copy of Terry Walters’ Clean Start

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10 thoughts on “Wilshire-versary

  1. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    The restaurant sounds fab!!!

    And omg the whole google thing…did NOT hear about that. And i am sooo sorry. I would be dying. Seriously if my gmail/google was deactivated my life would be seriously messed up. So sorry Elise!!!

  2. lauren @ spiced plate

    That restaurant sounds lovely. I checked out their menu,and my, does the polenta w/ chanterelle mushrooms & parmesan sound amazing!

    I didn’t hear about the google mishap…goodness. I guess even google can make mistakes. Glad you’re getting it sorted out!

  3. Mandy

    First time here and I LOVE your blog. I am laughing like crazy about your love of hummus. I am the same way, but all I can think about it the “Don’t Mess With The Zohan” movie where they use it for everything, even hair gel.

    1. elise

      what!!!! i never saw that movie but now i kinda think i should. here i thought i was a freak for suggesting we use coconut oil for our squeaky door hinges…kyle has no idea how much worse it could be. hummus hair gel.

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