Cafe Blossom success, sleep fail

Talk about karma.  Sleeping in ‘til noon yesterday backfired hard core last night!  Neither Kyle nor I could fall asleep, and as we watched the hours on the clock tick by, we finally decided enough was enough…so we got back up at 2 am and watched some tv.  Sleep FAIL.

At 4 am I still wasn’t tired, but I forced myself back to bed…Kyle fell asleep (lucky ^%$) while I tossed and turned until 6 am.  Fortunately, I had the presence of mind to set my alarm, so instead of sleeping ‘til noon again, I instead got a measly 3 hours of sleep.  At least I will hopefully get back on a normal sleep schedule tonight, even though I feel like a jet-lagged zombie now.

IMG_2939 That’s the good stuff!

A few more buckets of these and I was only suffering moderate eyelid drooping.

IMG_2691  IMG_3071

Breakfast sugar was entirely necessary.  I think it’s safe to say I got in my daily cancer preventing antioxidants with the blueberry AND plum action 🙂

As I caught up on the blog pileup in my google reader, I started brainstorming for lunch.  I went back to some old faves:

IMG_3077 IMG_3078

LightLife “turkey” + Sabra roasted red pepper hummus = sammie of my dreams

IMG_3079 IMG_3074

I pimped out my english muffin sammich with a few ripped up pieces of fake “turkey” along with spinach and hummus.  Naturally, I had an apple on the side, and a NEW flavor of Kombucha.  I still like Trilogy the best, but this was good…it didn’t really taste citrus-y to me, but no harm, no foul, still fizzy yum.


D to the E – LISH!!! 


I was still hungry for some more crunch, so I made a rando little side salad consisting of raw corn OFF the cob, sliced carrots, and a GLOB ‘o roasted red pepper hummus.  I wasn’t expecting anything too great, since I threw it together in approx 2.5 seconds, but effing fantabulous is what it was!


I know you can’t tell from the photo, but this ring was a FATTY!  And I mean Kim Kardashian thick.

Speaking of huge asses curvy ba-donk-a-donks…gym time!  Not surprisingly, I was a bit sore from yesterday’s workout, so instead of running outdoors, I decided to go a little easy on myself.  Plus, I wanted to watch tennis, so the elliptical won hands down.  It wasn’t a great workout, but it was something (I’m working on getting rid of my all-or-none mentality).  I stretched for days and peaced out. 

FYI, anyone who was worried for my dwindling Alvarado Street bread stash, fear not, on the way home I found some!!! [insert huge sigh of relief here]

Post workout, I showered at lightning speed, and scarfed down on ANOTHER chobz (strawberry this time) and a pair of dried pineapple rings.

IMG_3086 IMG_3088

I had to get some food in me, but I didn’t wanna ruin my appetite, since I was going to dinner at the BEST restaurant ever (aka Cafe Blossom).

My Mom’s cousin Patti (who previously guest posted) and her hubz (Larry) were in town for a food show, and so in addition to taking me and Kyle to dinner, they even smuggled us a few treats from the show.   

blossom 2

I couldn’t help it, I order seitan AGAIN.  But it’s just SO good!!!  Balsamic grilled seitan in the best sauce ever (roasted red pepper “cream”), with asparagus and baby Yukon gold potatoes.  Heavenly.

Kyle got my runner-up order, which was the Southern Seitan Sandwich.  The spiced seitan came on fluffy foccacia bread, with caramelized onions, avocado and chipotle aioli, as well as a heaping stack of cajun sweet potato fries.


Kyle was the lucky recipient of Larry’s leftover Fettucini Alfredo, so his lunch is already taken care of!

We walked back home, and I quickly threw my lunch together and hit the hay.  Work tomorrow  :/

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Comments (31)

  1. frenchybelle

    YUMMY meals 🙂 🙂 I loveeee raw corn! who would have thought?! 🙂

  2. Gena (Choosing Raw)

    So glad you enjoyed blossom! I’ve posted about it a lot recently and really love it. It’s also conveniently across the street 🙂

  3. sunshineach

    You shouldn’t have had any doubt that a huge glob of hummus on anything–be it corn or crap–would probably still taste amazing. Glad you found your bread. I know I sometimes find myself driving all over the dang city looking for my yogurt or hummus or tea.

    What I do for love…(and without a WF or TJs for 150 miles)

  4. jenngirl

    Ew sorry about that whacked out sleep schedule, hopefully tonight you will be more on track!

    Oh Sabra Roasted Red Pepper, my love my love.

  5. blueeyedheart

    Sorry about your screwed-up sleep schedule… hopefully you get back on a normal one soon!!

    I never would have thought to eat RAW corn… what an interesting idea!

    I’m glad you had more luck with your bread that I seem to be having with my veggie burgers! 😉

    <3 <3

  6. ksgoodeats

    Oh my gosh – I totally forgot but in Self (I think) they were featuring our drug of choice, coffee, and how it can prevent skin cancer. Drink up, sugar plum!

    Which do you prefer – Lightlife or Tofurkey? Your picture of the spoon full of hummus with veggies reminds me of all the oats/PB combos.

    That dinner looks diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivine! Good luck at work – the first day back is always the worst!!

  7. insideiamdancing

    Cafe Blossom looks amazing! Why have I never heard of this place? UWS is my territory! My brother made seitan from scratch yesterday so it’s on my list to try- tonight is my first tempeh experience (is it supposed to smell like beer?!)

    Greek yogurt + hummus = perfect food day.

    Hope you caught up on some zzzzzz’s…you can always jump into an empty bed at work 😛

  8. lowandbhold

    Sorry about your sleep issues, that is NO FUN!

    I still need to try seitan, but I’m scurred!! I’m actually not even sure that I’ve seen it anywhere in OK, but I know you have a recipe for making it… meaning I should grow a pair and give it a try!

    Boo for work tomorrow! Enjoy your last day off!!

  9. julie

    get some sleep man! add a little rum to your hummus and that should do the trick 🙂

    SO glad you found your bread! I’ve had massive amounts of fruit today and I feel like you…

    friends don’t let friends go back to work tomorrow…

  10. lilveggiepatch

    I STILL haven’t been to Blossom. Or Pure. Or One Lucky Duck. What’s up with that?!

    I love the Roasted Red Pepper Sabra… I kind of wish I wasn’t going out to dinner tonight (and for literally the next five meals) because I’ve been craving hummus like WHOA.

  11. Courtney

    I hope you sleep like a log tonight (or is it last night now?! I am always behind…)!

    Random question I always mean to ask–you usually go workout after eating something (dried fruit, lunch, etc.)–doesn’t it give you side cramps to workout after eating?! Or maybe you wait around a while before working out? If you can workout right after eating you are so lucky! I have to workout on an empty stomach or else I get horrible side cramps 🙁 But your workouts always sound so intense and hard core! Maybe you are on to something?! Do you really go to the gym (or for a run) right after eating?


  12. homegirlcaneat

    GUUUURRRLLLL I feel lost without reading yo blog this weekend! However, it was a great SF weekend with lots of gorgeous gay fabulous men!

    I so happy you had fun in Hawaii! I am sure you have a beautiful glowing tan and ate lots of Sabra. That is what vacay is all about.

    Booooo for weird sleeping!!! When I went to Europe, I was effed when I went there for the first couple of days. But when I flew home, I was totally fine! But you had the Europe effect from flying to da east! Not coo.

    Heart you long time!

  13. Jessica (jesslikesithot)

    Ohhh, so I see TRILOGY is your fave!! I’ll have to try it, especially if you love it! (I just wrote “me” instead of “it” by accident….haahhahaha)

    And look at that beautiful english muffin sammie. You know how WE do! “Turkey”, sabra, some spinach in the mix and a toasted, doughy muffin…mmmmmmmmmmm!

    I’m checking out those pineapple rings and still really bitter that I haven’t found any since being home. But glad you found a-street bread! Which flav did you pick up this time?? I’m working with the rye right now, and it’s pretty good!

    Andddd lastly, I didn’t know you were a fan of tennis!! I grew up playing tennis, so naturally my bros, dad and I watched it a bunch growing up! I did projects on the Williams sisters and everything haha! Have a good day gurrrrl! 🙂

  14. elise

    actually this is blossom’s sister restaurant (called cafe blossom) and is up in my ‘hood in the UWS. have you been to this one? i have been many many many times, and it’s one of my faves 🙂

    you live across from blossom?! jealousssss…

    i think id go broke eating out all the time if i lived so close, fortunately, im a safe 10 blocks away. convenient but not TOO convenient, if you know what i mean.

  15. elise

    you are SO right. why did i ever doubt my first love’s abillity to make a dish!

  16. elise

    ill send all my lucky store find vibes your way! its so frustrating when you cant find something…i think it makes me want it even MORE!

  17. elise

    i’ve never had tofurky! i love lightlife, but back in jan/feb (ish?) i started trying to decrease my processed soy products, so i wasnt eating the fake deli meat as much…
    have you tried either? thoughts?

    that coffee news just MADE my friggin dayyyyyyy!

  18. elise

    ok, its offish. THATS where we are going when you come to nyc. its on amsterdam btwn 82/81 and its all vegan and ALL heavenly!!!!

    there were no empty beds today 🙁 otherwise, your advice is mighty tempting, although probz frowned upon, haha!

  19. elise

    dude! you NEED to grow a pair, and then after you try it and fall in love, you can repay me by taking me tubing next time you go. deal? deal.

  20. elise

    so come save meeeeee. boo. i wanna win the lottery.

  21. elise

    i havent been to pure or one lucky duck either, but blossom is fabby! cafe blossom is super close to my apt, too, which is awesome. now if only there were a whole foods a bit closer. i think id never cook. rumor has it one is being built on 96 and columbus, but until i see it for myself, im not going to get my hopes up.

  22. elise

    omg, i had a disasterous second night of sleep (even worse than this one since i had work today)…i cant even go into it bc i just wanna get to sleep now, haha!!

    ok, so heres the inside scoop. i have IBS and there is NO way i could ever exercise so soon after eating. in the interest of omitting all things ick and boring for the blog, i def skip over certain parts of the day.

    so while i may write: eat. yadda yadda. gym.
    the translation is: eat, wait wait some more, digest, wait some more and then gym.

    i try to eat more benign (aka less fiberific) meals before working out, followed by 2 hours of waiting for my tumtum to digest. then sometimes i test it out with a few jumping jacks…and then i either wait way more, or wait a bit more.
    its actually very calculated, even though it doesnt seem that way to anyone else. in my head im planning my moves out way ahead of time since ive had IBS since junior high. i could go on and on about it, but basically, growing up playing soccer very competitively, i would ALWAYS get sick between tournament AM games and PM games when i ate. it took (literally) 8 years (and many pediatrician/gastroenterology visits) for me to get everything figured out…and i still dont have it all the way down. but i know my body REALLY well, so i do the best i can. i actually have so much to write here but im going to stop since id rather just email you…i doubt anyone else cares about this beyond lengthy response.

  23. elise

    yes yes yesssssssssss…trilogy is my fave, but i too am still in the virg territory. i think ive tried 4 of the flaves? im still too scared to try the green one…have you tried it yet? i got the red A street bread. i think its multi grain? cant remember, i was just so thankful to spot it at all! ive never tried rye – can you believe it?!

    you tennis stud! i remember reading that on one of your posts, and now you are allowed to play again! im so jealous, did you know it costs over $100 to just use a public court here in nyc ONCE. and just forget about getting a summer long membership…thats like p hilton price range. although the thought of her doing anything remotely athletic is hilar! i cant WAIT til the US open. you should come visit for it!! actually it may be too late to get tix, next year…??

  24. elise

    sabra and i had QUITE the reunion. omgeezie is was fab. i heart the pride, you are one lucky SF-er!!

  25. broccolihut

    Seriously, our food similarities are beginning to scare me. I practically lived off that Lightlife turkey in high school, and I just had that same flavor of kombucha a few days ago. I agree, it’s good, but not as good as Trilogy. Have you tried the Divine Grape? I like that one a lot too.

  26. Heather Eats Almond Butter

    In your honor, I am currently sucking down my 2nd 16 ounce mug of coffee, and it’s only 6 AM. You approve? I thought so. 🙂

    Hope you got some good sleep last night. I’m about to enter into a zombie like day. I usually get 8-9 hours of sleep, but I’m working with 5 today. Ugh. Hence, all the coffee.

    You stole some of Kyle’s fries, right?

  27. Lara (Thinspired)

    I totally hear ya on the all-or-nothing mentality. Since I’ve taken a break from running, I’ve had to find other way to workout and have actually been able to become pretty comfortbale with the elliptical. I just crank up the resistance and I find I’m sweating in no time 🙂

  28. Quinn

    I hate those restless nights! They are the WORST!

    Both of your seitans look friggin’ amazing – I have got to try that place on a future visit – it looks like it doesn’t disappoint!

  29. insideiamdancing

    sounds good to me…

    re the beds: want me to email Hoff? 😛

  30. MarathonVal

    You must be excited to be back at the gym! Hope you get some sleep tonight!

  31. elise

    does a bear shit in the woods!? of course! that’s why he ordered my runner-up meal 😉

    massive coffee consumption gets 2 thumbs up in my book! 8-9 hours!!! daaaaam girl.

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