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Balance and going back to LA

Chocolate at night followed by silver strawberry moon juice in the am.  That’s balance, yo.  The strawberry flavor was the best of all the ones I brought home from LA.  Perfect, since I saved it for last. It basically tasted like a strawberry smoothie but with a thin milk-like consistency.  And since it’s insanely healthy, it means my See’s scotchmallows basically get erased. Right?

I was gone this weekend for my sister’s wedding shower, which was a MUCH NEEDED break from the kids.  Obvs, I love them, but Kyle’s been out of town a ton this year and it’s been tough.  I didn’t realize how much I needed the time off until I got it. All Monday I felt the difference, so just two days away can be enough! Things that ordinarily would have tested my patience, I just let roll off my back without getting annoyed.

Here’s the first time the kiddos saw Kyle after he had been away.  He met us at soccer and they sprinted into his arms so hard.  <3

Raise your hand if you spent 15 hours on the I-5 this weekend!  Me me me!  At least the drive was with my mom and sisters – and I didn’t have to do any driving!  Thanks mom! We left on Friday and came back Sunday, so it was a short and sweet stint in So Cal.

We hit maaaaajor traffic on Friday but took our time picnicking before we got back on the road. Whatever.

My mom got WF for us all – including a chicken salad, salt and pepper Kettle chips, carrots, and kombucha. And an avo to eat on the side.

We arrived at my g-ma’s just in time for dinner take away from TLT food.

I didn’t take photos of all the food, just the green rice bowl I got (above) and my sister’s poke bowl (below).  But the real star of the show were the sides.

We got roasted brussels sprouts (below) and pee wee potatoes that were crazy good.  I had the potatoes for breakfast the next morning and I wasn’t even hungry but couldn’t stop eating them!

Of course I may have been stress eating after the rough start to the day I had.

This pic doesn’t do it justice but I took a terrible fall on my morning run.  It was super embarrassing…I cracked my phone, I ripped my pants, and I ended up with scrapes on both knees, my hip and a huuuuge arm bruise. So lame.

Happy shower!!

No boys zone.

I got tipsy before noon…had a raging headache for the rest of the day and night and ate non stop…soooo not my finest for health reasons, but since I was enjoying my family’s company and having real uninterrupted conversations for the first time in AGES, I was super happy to just live it up.


I managed to run Sunday morning before our departure too, despite my scraped knee.  It was a little awkward because I was second guessing every step I took…it’s like I don’t trust myself to run anymore?!  But I wanted to finish the final episode of S-Town (<– podcast obsession of the moment). After a quick Starbucks run we were on the road!

We powered through our breakfasts in the car, and limited stops to the bare necessities, and before we knew it we were home!  Well, at my parents’ house at least.  Since we had our food already packed (we bought eats from Gelson’s the day before because I-5 food is a no go) we all ate lunch together before splitting our separate ways.

My mom and I both got that kale salad and it was so good!  There was a citrusy dressing with carrots, sunflower seeds, and feta. Mmmm…I have been craving tuna salad recently, so I got that as well, but the portion was ginormous so I only ate some of it.  Oh and chips.  All the chips.  I basically finished the rest on my drive back to Davis.

So glad to get home to these cuties. 🙂

I made it back in time for my BFF’s daughter’s birthday party (which I totally didn’t think I was going to) so we ate dinner there and caught up with friends.  It was a long day but a great end to a very packed weekend!

And now I’m desperate for veggies in a major way.  I had a kale salad for lunch and dinner on Monday.  There were bacon wrapped dates in it, but still.  Balance, yo.

Gobbling and Gardening

Rise and shine it’s zucchini bread time.  I went on a run with the kids this morning and fed them apples and carrots on the way so they wouldn’t be chomping at the bit while I showered.  I had oatmeal all ready to go for their breakfast once we got downstairs…I didn’t think to take a pic though.

They both love these ham flavored beans.

My gobble package came!!!  That’s a referral link (which gets you two free meals) because it turns out I get $$ off my orders if I can convince you guys it’s worth signing up.  I promise it is.  I’m picky and frugal at the grocery store so if there’s one thing you should trust, it’s a referral for a food product.  😉

I ate soooo many mac nuts after finishing off this stellar salad beast, so then I felt way too full for the rest of the day. Wah.  Hate when I do that.

P didn’t nap, but rather than help me make dinner, I did an art/craft project with him.  He has been been waiting to do this I mentioned the idea to him a week or so ago.  But I had to collect water bottle caps!  Luckily I mentioned it to Kyle and he brought some home from work.  Pipe cleaners + bottle caps + toilet paper roll + stickers = race car!

With a pistachio and cranberry snack…to get him all energized for tee ball.

Actually first we hit up Ace Hardware for some soil to fill our new raised bed.  Holy crap!!  I had no idea I was going to be spending so much money on dirt!!  In the back of my mind I was doing the math on our grocery budget and thinking there is NO WAY this is cost effective!  But I suppose it’s one of those one time investments, where you only need a bit more soil for upkeep over the years to follow.

FYI here’s the finished product!  We used these corner brackets. And untreated wood.  I did some googling and then talked with the gardening experts at Ace about staining the wood to add some life to the bed, but ultimately decided against it.  The food safe stains were crazy expensive and you still couldn’t even see all the ingredients.  I didn’t really like that.  The whole idea of growing your own food is to know what it’s growing in, right?  Anyway, the wood should last a decent amount of time without anything.

I think I want some kind of trellis up against the wall for green beans or sweet peas, if for no other reason than to hide all the nails and screws.  Baby steps!  For now I’m just thrilled that my vision from last summer is a reality!  I hated the plants that were in that spot before (they are pretty 2/365 days and then so gross in the winter and then shed obnoxious amounts of dried crap for the rest of the year – no thanks).  When we moved in I tried to shove some potted veggies in there, and then last year’s tomato completely took over the whole space and I had an aha moment of why don’t I just get rid of all of this and put a raised bed in here!  And no it’s actually happened! Sometimes it’s things like this that make me feel like an adult. It certainly helps having a dad who is retired and likes projects.  😉

So after spending bank on the soil to fill the bed, I loaded it all up in the trunk, and we went to tee ball practice.

Which was short, thank goodness, because I hadn’t made dinner yet.

Enter gobble.

I knew I wanted this meal as soon as I saw it on the week’s menu.

They have 9 meals to choose from, and you can choose any amount you want really (I think you have to get three in the first order, but after that it’s up to you). Sometimes the meals will be basically the same, but with a different protein (like there will be a bourbon chicken with brown rice, green beans and pecans and then a bourbon shrimp with brown rice, green beans and pecans) so you can choose the protein you’d rather have.  I got two meals this week because Kyle was out of town.  So I made this one night, and had half saved for the next night.  Easy peasy!

The coconut rice was soooo good!  Somehow it tasted buttery and rich, but the whole meal was dairy free, so who knows.  The kids both had some too.

The nuoc cham and ilme juice and fresh herbs and crispy shallots!?!?!  OMG yum. I even used the whole serrano pepper!  First time using a serrano!  <— which is what I love about gobble

She actually fell asleep with her legs up like that.  Dessert was a Reese’s egg (peanut butter is eaten with a fork and then it all goes straight to the dish washer because I’m paranoid about having peanut butter in the house at all) and home-made coconut oil “fudge”.

And now that I’ve started talking about the garden, let me just blog about the rest of it because the next day I got everything all ready for me and P.  He wanted to use his new tools form the Easter bunny, and I wanted to get things planted, so the clock was ticking.

As much as I love this little worm, I knew it would be easier if she were napping when the main action went down this year.  While P was at school, she helped eat chard and strawberries and play with the water table and I set everything up (to streamline the planting with a toddler process). Pacman wanted to help with the dirt, but I figured having him pouring 13 cubic feet of soil in was excessive, so I saved the last bag for him, but did the rest ahead of time.  As well as prepping the drip, getting the seeds, etc.

He had planted a sunflower the day before at school.

We started some in these little cells, but did some others right into the new beds.

And some in the old beds…

Half the other raised bed has strawberries, but the other half is empty, so I added carrots to that side.  Carrots are new to me so I have no clue what to expect.  P planted the seeds, which are TINY, and I really have no idea where they ended up, so it will be a surprise if and when any grow!

He loves a task, that’s for sure.

In addition to the carrots and strawberries, we planted green beans and sweet peas in the cells, which I will transplant when they get big enough…and yellow tomatoes and zucchini in the new bed.  And zinnias in the three pots because why not?

Drop all set up!

He’s doing something with the ants there…?

Oh!  One more thing!  I finally got into essential oils (I know, such a cliche hippie) and decided I’d use them as a natural pest repellents.  There’s nothing (really!) more frustrating than growing organic produce that gets nibbled off by a snail in the night.  Or kale that gets taken over by aphids.  Blah!  So I did some research and found out that a few of the essential oils I have are totally awesome for gardening purposes!

In particular, these three.

Peppermint: a natural insecticide which works on aphids, squash bugs, white flies, ants, beetles, and fleas

Tea Tree: one of the few natural remedies with the power to not just prevent fungal growth, but also to kill many species of fungus (Citronella and Peppermint also have fungicide properties)

Citronella: pest repellant and fungicide

There are a bunch of other essential oils that have uses in the garden as well, like clove oil, rosemary oil, lavender, etc. but I started with these three – and added ~10 drops each to a water bottle, filled it with water, and sprayed it around the edges of the planters and the soil.  I’m feeling pretty good about it so we will see how it works!  Stay tuned…

Our new bed

My dad came yesterday and built a raised bed with me and the kids and I can’t wait to fill it with dirt and get some seeds in the ground!  I love that they get to see projects like this happen from zero to produce.

We went to open gym before he arrived so they had at least burned off a little bit of energy…the rain had just finally stopped so it was still pretty damp outside, but they managed to steer clear of the power tools and not end up completely covered in mud by the end of the project.  Kinda.

Verdict?  Needs sweetener.  I added some cashew butter, but next time I may try a sweetened one (like Sunbutter or Barney Butter).

You can’t even see the drumsticks they are such a blur.

Look at the poor face on miss V as her brother tries the first red strawberry from the garden.  Those berries survived all winter and are just now bearing fruit (again)!  How crazy is that!  I definitely thought our winter was too cold for them to make it, but four of the plants are booming! Not much else made it, aside from some chard, which they’ve been eating for the past few weeks.

Measuring man.

It started drizzling a bit at the very end so I brought them inside to feed them lunch while my dad finished the last screws.  We got lunch from Nugget, since I needed to get a few groceries anyway.  My dad read to P before his quiet time/nap so I could run out and grab the essentials. Kyle’s currently out of town, so it’s always appreciated when I can have two seconds to myself, even if it is to shop for food.

I froze a bunch of that leftover ham, but I used a couple of cups in this quiche.

It also had one head of broccoli, one red bell pepper, 1 1/2 cups daiya cheddar cheese, plain almond milk, water, and 8 eggs.

The kids gave it the side eye at first, but after one bite they were sold.

Truth be told it wasn’t the easiest to serve them, and after cutting it up for them, it looked like a scramble, so I should have used a bowl so they could use spoons.  I ended up doing way to much of the silverware work for them.

P ended up having a bunch more to eat, too.  Despite being so nutrient dense, it’s staying power is pretty weak (due to the lack of carbs).

I loved this salty heaven and could have finished off the whole casserole pan solo.

After we finished dinner, the kids played for a bit while I jarred the beans and prepped breakfast for the next day.

Look how much this yielded!  [These are the white beans I slow cooked with the ham hock from Easter]

I froze all the jars, but saved the glass container for this week.

Dessert(S) if you please.  I had a bite of the cake on the left (leftovers our neighbors brought over from a birthday party), but really wanted chocolate so I ended up with the other plate.  I wrapped the cake up for Kyle, though.

Easter weekend

Why not start off with chocolate?

This dessert plate has Lily’s crispy rice chocolate bar, TJs chai almond chocolate bar, TJs golden spiced chocolate bar, and TJs firecracker bar. I had odds and ends to finish off so I just took care of business.

I didn’t take a pic of either the banana bread I made, but that’s because the banana bread was for my man so I packed it up in his lunches.  And this was the only shot I got of the zucchini bread I made (for myself), because I’ve had a hard time plating my breakfasts lately.

I went back to the cashew butter, after a brief foray with the mixed nut butter jar.  The rest of the days I ate this, I just unrolled it from the tin foil and stabbed it with a fork quickly until my stomach was set (or we had to run out the door).

I meant to show you this brilliant technique that we did at V’s school!  Ziplock bags with dye! Then you add a hard boiled egg…voila!  No mess 🙂

Doesn’t everyone dye eggs in fairy wings, ballet skirts, and pearls?


Plus an obscene amount of mac nuts on top of these.  I think I overdid it this time.  I always think that though…and then I find myself hungry by dinner time so obviously it’s all an ok amount, right?

Dinner at my parents’ house – because errrryone loves a taco bar.

I made mine nacho-y with chips, and accidentally made my kids’ tacos bigger than their heads. Oops!  They didn’t really mind.

The next morning was oit.  I went on a run and came back to a fully awake household.  A few hours after the end of each oit session I feel like I finally exhale, and that’s when I realize I am so stressed and tense throughout the process. I know it’s not healthy for me to do that, but it’s obviously subconscious.  Anyway, I know that sweating in the morning helps me.  P is such a champ during the appointments, and I’m sure it’s hard for him.  But he’s also young enough that he doesn’t totally get the significance of what he’s doing.  Or the danger.  But I take all that on.  I know the risks and I watch him like a hawk, analyzing every little sneeze, eye rub, ear scratch, etc.

Before we headed to Fremont they opened Easter presents from my parents.  Cars band-aids and Larabars for the win.

Dosing it up.

We had a little hiccup, but not a set back.  As always the clinic was cautious and played it safe before forging ahead.

Now we are up to > 1 tsp whole milk twice a day!  Can you even believe it!?!?! Trying not to get too ahead of myself.  Baby steps.

Celebrated with a burrito (that I made and packed from yesterday’s leftovers) and whole foods hot bar for me!  I got miso lime tofu and pulled pork with cole slaw, but the pork was so bland. I wish I’d only gotten the tofu.  It was salty and delicious.

Back at my parents’ house we waited for V to wake up and picked some oranges.

My padres sent us home with SO MANY oranges.  V is doing her best to finish them all in as little time as possible!  This girl is a citrus fiend.  All she wants for breakfast, lunch and dinner are oranges.

We had leftovers for dinner…which resulted in a major fridge clean out.  I love that!  I love it when all the small portions get finished off.

Our Saturday was so crazy packed.  We had two birthday parties and a tee ball game.  Kinda much for a 2 and 4 year old, but what can you do??

The first party had a bounce house, so they were exhausted for the day by 11 am.  Ruh roh.

We had to leave early to get to the Rockies tee ball game on time, which V was bummed about. But she was pretty ok with it all once she found out the party bag had animal crackers.  I let her have them during the game because it’s a holiday weekend so she can have a treat.  I swear I’m not a total tight a$$ of a mom, but I really try to avoid processed snacks.  They love fruit, so why give them anything else?  Anyway, I’m finding it harder and harder to dodge these days with all their group/team activities.  Now don’t get me wrong, we are in Davis, so the things parents are bringing are far from offensive…but…ugh…I don’t think this is worth my time and energy to stress about..??  But if there’s one thing this food blog should emphasize, it is that food is really super important to me!!!  Ok, don’t think I’m a freak for this.  I just love my kids and want the best for them, like every other parent.  So if I want to worry about the non organic wheat and soy crackers my daughter is eating then nobody can stop me.  🙂

This is a good look no?

Aaaaand more mac nuts. One of these days I will figure out a proper serving size for them, but until then I will continue to serve myself a normal portion followed by heaps more once the salad is gone.

Hop hop hop!

Party number two of the day was at gymnastics.

Followed by an egg hunt at the park.

P was starting to hit a wall at this point (duh!! he didn’t nap!!), but Kyle and I still decided to be extra ambitious and hit up Costco that evening.

I came up with this dinner last week and had been waiting to make it until I got a chance to try hazelnuts on P.  It’s hard to find good times to try things with him since I don’t want it to be around a time he will be sleeping, at an activity, away from me (at school), which leaves not many options. That said, I had his blood tested a while back for hazelnuts and it came back negative, so I wasn’t really thinking it would be an issue.  Still, it’s something I get a little anxious about. Anyway, no issues.


  • roasted sweet potatoes with avocado oil (new LOVE!) and salt
  • crushed roasted hazelnuts (SOOO many)
  • maple syrup + olive oil + apple cider vinegar
  • dried cranberries (I wanted roasted grapes but there aren’t organic ones available yet)
  • chickpeas (for the kids)
  • baby kale (for the adults)

Obviously kids and adults could have either or both, but I wasn’t in the mood for more fodmaps and lettuce sounded good.

I didn’t have dessert this night, but did drink some tea while watching a movie with Kyle.  We rented Hidden Figures from apple.  I am trying to sorta maybe a little kinda limit my chocolate eating to 4-5 times a week??  I’m not keeping track, but every other is a decent way to figure it out, and I knew for sure I was going to eat LOTS of Easter candy the next day.

Happy Easter!

Oh man are these three my favorites.

We started the day with an egg hunt, that lead them downstairs to baskets.  Since this was their second of three egg hunts, I made sure it was very low key.  And the baskets were just an excuse for them to get some gardening tools and seeds.  Now mama has helpers for our Spring gardening!  Thanks Easter bunny!!  😉

I made a triple batch of pancakes for breakfast, so we would have enough to get us to Tuesday. Then I hard boiled some (WHITE) eggs while Kyle got them dressed for church.

Family photo ops in front of the house as we loaded up in the car (it was sunny for the moment, so we had to capitalize).

Our neighbors took a family photo too, so don’t worry mom, I’ll send you that one.

After church (which had another egg hunt!) we dyed eggs.

And then they ate 6 (!!) for lunch.

I don’t blame them though, because I made 7 minute eggs and the yolks were perfectly creamy and soft inside. Gooey yolk porn, for sure.

I had some on my salad because they looked heavenly.

The Easter bunny knows the way to my <3  A whole box of Scotchmallows!!!!

First attempt at roasting ham was a major success.

I roasted green beans too.

Check it out!

I basted it with glaze to take it over the top, and the kids couldn’t get enough of it.  No shock right? Since it’s basically bacon…  And there are mega leftovers, which I have already used to make a quiche.  Oh and I realized I should probably do something with the hock (that’s what the bone is called right?) so I added it to the crock pot with a bunch of water and some chopped celery and bay leaves that night.  And then the next day went to get a pound of white beans to cook in that ham liquid.  I hardly need to go grocery shopping this week since I have gobble meals arriving tomorrow!

I had a major brain fart while baking zucchini bread and forgot to add sweetener…and then realized my mistake after pouring it in the pan.  So I quickly sprinkled some NuNaturals stevia on top hoping for the best.  One loaf had chocolate chips in it, so that could be enough I guess, but the other loaf was plain.

Oh hey there massive loaf.  I can’t wait to eat you in the morning.

Family band jam sesh after dinner.  The usual.  These days I have to kinda remind him to tone it down since he isn’t supposed to do anything too active after his dose, but man is that hard for a 4 year old.

I had seconds after this because it’s Easter and that’s all I have to say to justify it.

A little lazy

I have had a doozy of a week.  Parenting is hard, yo.

I feel like I’ve been cutting a few corners in the kitchen as a result.  It’s sink or swim and in order to stay afloat I’m enlisting the help of the middle aisles in the grocery stores.  And home delivery meal kit services.

Ok, first off, I got this coconut yogurt at WF last weekend.

It’s plain, but still tastes sweet enough.  You can’t find bulk non-dairy yogurt here in Davis anymore, so I have lists of WF things for my weekly Fremont trips (the WF is across the street from the oit clinic).  I also got bulk bin candied ginger. Anyway, I don’t think I’ve given them cereal for breakfast more than 3 times in their lives, but if ever there were a time, this past week was it.

And if you add nuts and seeds and fruit (along with the cereal) it isn’t a total sugar bomb.  They ate this a few times this week.

I can’t find Earth Balance’s vegan mac ‘n cheese here in Davis either (I used to get it at WF – how sick are you of my whining about not having a WF in town anymore?!?!).  I got Annie’s only vegan options at Nugget and the kids love it!

I was nervous at first because I wasn’t sure how good pumpkin and sweet potato are at mimicking cheese, but they were into it, so yay!

I added frozen peas and boom – lunches are served.  I made real meals for the rest of the week, but it was definitely a relief to have this as a pinch hitter for a few days.

Heaping on the kale per usual, only swapping in smoked salmon for mac nuts for a few days.

Still can’t resist those salty nuts though…

Here’s how quiet time has been going.

That’s his cd player he’s cuddled up next to…

Gobble meal kit numero dos!  Maple balsamic pork with sauteed pears, prunes and butternut squash risotto.

The portions are really quite generous.  I gave the kids some of the meat, pears and prunes, and still had plenty.  The risotto had dairy so none for P, but I actually ate some and it was reallllllly good.  Hashtag worth it.

I made it pretty quickly, too, although not quite in under 10 minutes.  That’s hardly any time!  And I’m fast in the kitchen, so I don’t know who could possibly be doing things that fast.

But guys this was so GOOD!!

I really have nothing but good things to say about gobble and I wish we could afford to keep it in our budget, but alas, it’s going to have to be reserved for weeks that I need a break. It’s super awesome because I still get to cook and the recipes are amazing and we eat cool new exciting stuff that I get to pretend I kinda made.

Dessert followed by hours of dealing with my new non-sleeper.

A new day, a new attempt at patient parenting.  😉  And a banana muffin eaten in haste as we attempt to get to open gym on time.  As I loaded the kids in the car, P said “I’m sorry you didn’t get to eat breakfast mama, but you can have lunch and dinner.”  Sooooo close to being sweet.

I made a few loaves of banana bread on Sunday (for a friend who recently had a baby), and the batter had enough extra for a couple of muffins.  I’m really glad I didn’t freeze them for later because they were perfect to stuff in my mouth on the run!

Arts and crafts, library fun, and park play…all in a rainy day’s work.

Thanks goodness we got a peak of sun that evening.

Lately he has been trying to come up with recipes and I’ve been so impressed with them!  For lunch this day, he came up with wild rice, dates, sunflower seeds, and turkey. Not bad right?  We had been brainstorming during breakfast and they both agreed lunch had to include dates…so I asked him what else and he pretty much came up with the rest on his own!  Full disclosure: he wanted wild rice and quinoa but I told him to pick one or the other.

I put wild rice in the rice cooker then and there and so the rest came together in no time. Both kids loved it, too.

From the left to the right in a cool 10 minutes thanks to gobble.

Ok, so it actually took longer, like it always has, but I divided up the work this time.  Gobble seems to rely on a microwave for at least one step per recipe – usually steaming something that’s already been par-cooked.  Anyway, I don’t mind since I have a bunch of glass mixing bowls.  So during nap time I just got everything ready to assemble into bowls later that night.

I love that the produce has so clearly been recently picked (locally), because it is fresh and crunchy and usually still has a little dirt on it. Like that cute little romaine!

This was actually a tricky night because we had Pattycakes’ open house from 6-730 (aka when they are eating dinner and then going to bed).  Moreover, it was preceded by his swim class at 5. Soooo, I decided to go unconventional and bring dinner to swim class!

Look at her!  I went to the front desk to pay, leaving them in the play area before his class started. For. Literally. A. Minute.  And in that time she swooped on his goggles and put them on, while doing puzzles. Hilarious.

After his lesson, I got him dried up and dressed and then fed them sweet potatoes, turkey patties (I made a bunch in bulk during nap time – and froze the rest), and green beans. I brought his milk dose too, so once he was good to go, we walked next door to his school.  🙂

He was such a proud big brother strutting in with her hand! And as you can tell, she was on the same level with her excitement.

Which only grew once she found out she could play with all his school stuff AND have a cupcake.

This little one…

Kyle met us there and we stayed until each kid was 90% melted down, and then I got to drive them both home…yay!  Kyle met me back home though, and as soon as we got them in bed, I served us up.

The real reason I have been liking the gooble dishes is the sauces and dressings that go on them. Because obviously I could make a Mexican bowl just fine on my own. But the chipotle ranch dressing and cotija cheese takes it over the edge into MEGA yum territory.  And the sauce don’t have fillers and crap that you’d buy in pre-made stuff at the store, so it’s still home-made but just not by me.  I find that to be the most important distinction between gobble and other delivery food prep kits.  The sauces and dressings are already made for you.  So you can cook the protein and chop veggies and all that, but then it gets elevated to fancy pants when you add the sauce.

This was heavenly and I went balls to the wall on it, knowing I wasn’t going to have dessert that night (because we were eating kinda late).  I had chips too, and it was fabulous.

I would eat this 10 times again this next week and if I could buy the chipotle ranch dressing I would get that as well.

Sadly gobble doesn’t post their recipes (just the ingredient list) online.  I wrote them and asked for the recipe though, so we will see if they get back to me.

See, look!?  I just ordered more meals for next week!  (Kyle’s out of town again)

Zucchini bread and moon juice for my breakfast. The vanilla fig fix was SOO insanely sweet I couldn’t even stand it.  I added it to a cup with 4 parts plain almond milk to drown out the pucker inducing sweet situation.  I have a major sweet tooth, so for me to say this is big.  It was very figgy, though, which I appreciated.  But definitely too sweet.

Pancakes and strawberries for the wee ones.

They like using the teeny tiny ones I make as eyes for pancake faces 🙂

Easter prep fail because brown eggs?????  They ended up working ok, but I’ll have to go get white ones before I do it with both kids on Sunday (I did some with V at her school already).

More lazy corners being cut with prepared pizza dough.

Vicolo and Simple Mills because I like both and couldn’t decide which I wanted more.

P has been my nap time cooking buddy so he did the marinara, cheese and topping portion of this meal.

[He didn’t do Kyle’s cow milk pizza]

First time in the side by side seat cart at Target and they were loving every second of it.  I loved this book from the children’s section.  Well done! And speaking of the Supreme Court, when will more of my favorite podcast episodes be returning (if you haven’t heard More Perfect, it’s awesome).

Set my oven to cook these bad boys while we were gone at t-ball practice….and came home to a really good smelling casa.

This meal was also Pacman’s idea.  Did I already mention that?  He wanted bell peppers and day cheese.  And next time he said mushrooms and pepperoni.  I think pizza night could be a regular thing because of what a hit it is.  How typical of us.  Family pizza night.

My portion.  Round one.

I saved a few slices for lunch leftovers.

Yes!  Recommend.  Yes.

Waiting room…

Turns out he has 20/20 and all is fine.  Phew!  Not that there’s anything wrong with glasses, but it’s still hard to hear about ways your child isn’t 100% healthy…

He was so interested in every different tool and machine, and the MD was patient and awesome and answered every question and talked with him forever.  He was quite smitten with my little guy and appreciated how well behaved he was.  Silver lining to OIT?  P is a champ with medical staff and procedures.

I had this waiting for us at home, which P helped conceptualize and cook. He actually came up with most of the dish.  I had bought sausage at the store, which he knew, so he requested that in a meal.  So then I asked what else we should put it with.  He said “quinoa and lettuce, maybe kale?” so I said done and done.  Looks like he’s caught on to my lazy formula of green + grain + protein.  It was dreary and rainy all morning so this was my quickie back up to farmer’s market.  When will the weather finally get warm!  It was in the 40s and rainy AGAIN for most of this week.  Boo!  Hopefully Easter will be nice because I think the Easter Bunny has plans for an egg hunt  😉