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Zucchini and Daiya drop biscuits

I had two things on my baking to-do list for the weekend and they were biscuits and zucchini something.  But then I got to thinking – maybe I could combine?

So I looked up a few different recipes.  I used this one and this one and this one.   And then married them all together.  Here’s mine.


“Cheddar” cheese and Zucchini Biscuits [gluten free, soy free, dairy free]


  • 1/3 cup bacon fat (I’m pretty sure coconut oil, butter, Earth Balance, or any fat that’s solid when cold should work)
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 2 1/2 cups almond flour/almond meal
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 medium/large zucchini, shredded with the liquid squeezed out (~1 – 1 1/2 cups)
  • 3/4 cup shredded Daiya cheddar “cheese”


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

In a large mixing bowl, combine (softened room temp) fat, eggs, and ACV.  Don’t worry if the fat still has chunks that aren’t fully incorporated into the egg mix.  Add flour, baking soda, and salt.  Then fold in zucchini and daiya.  Don’t over mix.

Scoop onto baking sheets lined with parchment paper (or greased).

Bake for 15 minutes.

It should yield 11-12 biscuits depending on how big you make them.

*If you use a different fat, be aware it may change the allergens present in the recipe.  Choose what is suitable for you (i.e. a spy free Earth Balance, etc.).


These freeze and keep very easily.  To do so, place baking sheet in freezer until frozen, then transfer to a freezer storage bag.  Then you can grab them one by one to pair with a soup or salad os something whenever you want.  Hi new fall lunch favorite.

The weekly menu

What.  A.  Week.

My little peach is having a rough one and it’s so hard to watch her be so miserable.  She’s normally such a happy baby, but ever since her 6 month shots she’s been fairly inconsolable.  If she’s not nursing, she’s not happy, which makes life with a toddler interesting.  I’ll spare details because I could vent forever, but I really only want to share the week’s eats, not the drama.  Just figured a little background might be necessary to explain why the dinner scene was not very elaborate.


Meatless Monday fo yo face.


This quinoa pesto bowl is (loosely) based on this recipe, which I saw once, bookmarked, and then never looked at again.  Meaning, I didn’t actually use that pesto recipe at all.


The pesto had kale, basil, parsley, garlic infused olive oil, walnuts, hemp seeds, lemon juice, salt and pepper.  No measurements but heavy on the oil.  I’m not sure if I mentioned it here before but Mr. P tolerates walnuts which is pretty fantastic news, but difficult to explain to him so we just don’t.  He still knows “no nuts” and I don’t know that he’s quite mature enough to comprehend the nuances of the kinds of nuts (although I could be wrong because he’s freakin’ brilliant).  Anyway, he helped me make this pesto by picking the basil from the garden.  I sneakily put the walnuts in the food processor before he saw them, but he also helped add the hemp seeds, salt and pepper and push the on and off/pulse button.  All this “helping” got him so excited that he wanted the meal right away (we were making it right after he woke up from his nap) so he had quinoa and pesto for lunch (not dinner like the rest of us).  Ha!  I love that he’s so into cooking!


I added the pesto to quinoa, stirred it all in, and then fried eggs the second before serving that evening. Kyle’s got parmesan too.


P had leftovers (the ones that I would have given him for lunch had he not eaten the pesto quinoa then).


Leftover grilled salmon, sautéed zucchini and bell peppers, and an unpictured bowl of rice with olive oil and salt.


Dessert!!  I really like these dark chocolate covered almonds that I got in my last Thrive order.  Totally going to reorder this coming week.  [They are now done-zo]


Paired with more chocolate (Divine mint infused bar) and candied ginger (also from my Thrive Market order).


I also baked double chocolate chip cookies for my K love.  Sometimes the baking bug strikes on the late night.  I never get an objections from my other half so I just go with it.


Tuesday was another recipe from It’s All Good.  PP going strong with the Asian chicken meatballs.


I couldn’t find organic ground chicken so I subbed ground turkey.  I also doubled the recipe because we eat a lot.  And used tamari to make it GF.


P helped by grating ginger and stirring.  And putting the lid on the pan.  😉


On the side I sautéed broccoli and carrots in oil and tamari.  Kyle and I used the leftover miso almond sauce from the weekend as a dipping sauce but the meatballs were so good they didn’t really even need it.


We all loved the meatballs.


Loved.  Six enthusiastic thumbs up from the family for Gwyneth’s recipe.


Wednesday was a crazy crazy day.  Which meant I turned to comfort food.  And the freezer.  Enter Vicolo pizza.


It has dairy and gluten and I didn’t even care.  I was so over the day.


We got these from Costco a while ago but shoved them in the freezer.  For a long time Costco stopped carrying our favorite Vicolo pizza, which was the vegetarian one with goat cheese (they only offered a sausage one instead).  Then we saw this Organic Spinach with Feta & Fresh Tomatoes a few months ago and got really excited.  It’s not the one we used to buy, but it’s still vegetarian, which is why we got it.  However I’m sad to say, I didn’t think it was as good.


It was too tangy – like the salty feta cheese wasn’t balanced out by other ingredients – and made it easy to eat a mere two slices.  P was kinda confused why we were eating different foods, which goes to show you how nice it’s been to eat the same thing (together) as a family.


P had leftovers – pork, broccoli and carrots, and pom arils.  Plus quinoa with olive oil.  He had seconds of the veggies and then had watermelon after.  I never mention this but I always give P a fruit after dessert – either dried or fresh.  It’s like a dessert (except he doesn’t know what the word “dessert” means, so he just sees it as the last course of his dinner).  He loves dates, dried apricots, and strawberries the most so I usually save those for dinner (as opposed to giving them to him for other meals/snacks during the day).  He’s easy to please.


Thursday was another doozy of a day, but I had my mom’s help for swimming in the morning.  We skipped her lessons and just came home after his, but she was still off the rest of the day.  Her fever returned and I basically spent the afternoon/evening trying to juggle entertaining the kiddos with cooking.  We made it to the park behind our house for a break while the onions simmered away, but I didn’t realize it was in the high 90s until we were already there so I kept it short.  Just enough time for P to run around and climb and use burn off some steam, but not too much to overheat V.


Got this mustard from Thrive.  It’s the perfect amount of dijon.  Mmmm…


Kyle loves creamy dijon chicken, so I added this bookmarked recipe to the weekly menu and then kinda did my own version of it.  I used both Earth Balance and garlic infused olive oil, nixed the cream, and added cornstarch in the end to thicken it all up.


My mini sous chef helped by adding thyme and parsley.  He also enjoyed watching me chop the onion with my silly goggles on. 😛


Served with rice and peas.


He had mashed avocado in his rice (in case you’re wondering why they are green).  He also ate the onions from my portion and had seconds of chicken.


Friday was leftover night.  Despite the fact that I pack Kyle’s lunches (usually with leftovers) we had too many odds and ends in small amounts in the fridge to justify making a new meal.

Plus I love ridding a bunch of tupperware…it’s such fridge purging therapy.  I’m a freak, I know.


Mine is above – leftover spring rolls and meatballs.

P finished off the pork, broccoli, watermelon, and had a few bites of my meatballs.  Plus a bunch of other random stuffs.

Kyle had the last of the sausage, kale, and sweet potato dish I made last week.  I also made couscous for him to bulk it up.


Let’s hope the weekend brings better health.  The house is way too low on chocolate to continue in this fashion.

Paltrow Project savory broiled tofu

I have been noshing on these tofu slabs with such delight I hardly want to share with P.


But of course I do  :)


We had the same thing for lunch yesterday – tofu, avocado, rice cakes (“popcorn” to him), with carrots, butternut squash and kale on the side.  He had bell peppers too.


The savory broiled tofu in Gwyneth’s book is awesome.  I used garlic infused olive oil instead of sesame oil and minced garlic, but otherwise stuck to the recipe.


It’s definitely one I’ll be remaking on a regular basis as part of my weekly meal prep since it’s an easy and healthy option that P and I both like.


Definitely gotta keep an eye on that broiler!


FYI I pressed the tofu (using my tofu xpress) for 1.5 days in the fridge prior to slicing it and brushing it with the marinade and then putting it in the oven.  Basically I will always have tofu pressing now.

My tofu of choice is Nasoya organic extra firm.  As a company, I think they make excellent products and I like that they are dedicated to using soy that’s non GMO and organic.

Another PP for the books.

The weekly menu

Last week closed out with lots of simple meals.  With Kyle being gone I lost steam by Wednesday and turned to the hippie bowl formula I know and love.  Grain + green (veg) + protein.  No objections from the mini man.


He helped me chop up this butternut squash and toss it in olive oil.  He then napped through the oven time and woke up to some delicious squash.  I let him sample one but then wait til dinner for the rest.


For dinner I fried bacon and then sautéed kale and brussels sprouts in their fat.  We both shared the greens but the bacon was all for P.  I made mega servings so I would have extras to nosh on for lunches.

I served it with wild rice for dinner.


Here’s how it looked for lunch the next day with leftover shredded chicken from the WF #onedaysale rotisserie stash I mentioned a couple weeks ago.


Same hippie bowl formula for the next night.


White rice + kale + sweet potatoes + applegate chicken sausage.  The weather was sorta fall like and I got really into it.  Of course it only lasted a couple of days before spiking back in the 100s but it made me eager to cook up some warm hearty meals.  Not that I don’t love summer and salads and the fresh light fare it brings.


One of our Music Together songs is called “sweet potato” and it has made P super into – you guessed it – sweet potatoes.  I will take any excuse to get him to eat more foods!


He gobbled the kale and sausage down like whoa.  And the rice, obviously.  The sweet potato took a little more coaxing in spite of the enthusiasm he initially showed…but he still ate everything I put in his bowl.  He really likes sharing meals with me (us) so if he sees us all eating something he wants to be in on it.  Which is why it is nice that we all eat the same things.  I know people’s minds are blown that my son eats kale (and chard and basil and…everything in the produce section of the grocery store or at farmer’s market) willingly, but it’s not something I consider as exceptional as others do because my kid has a ton of allergies.  So to the moms who are starting to compare and stuff – STOP.  The grass is always greener.  Pattycakes doesn’t know anything else because he doesn’t have the option to.


Kyle got home the next day and forced me to take a break from cooking and let myself have a day off.  So we went to Nugget and got salmon skewers from the prepared section.


On the side I made a quinoa asian slaw salad.

The skewers had sesame so I just gave P leftovers.  Then he asked for salmon.  So I told him we’d make some the next night.


Which is exactly what we did.


Paired with asparagus and miso-almond sauce.


This sauce is from It’s All Good.  Kyle and I both loooooved it.  Paltrow Project winner yet again.


Weekends when Kyle can grill make me so happy.


Nice fork use, huh?  Please note the avocado bread in his other hand.


There was extra sauce which Kyle and I will fight over, I’m sure.  P couldn’t have any because it has almond butter in it, but he had no idea he was missing out because he loves salmon so much he didn’t care what else was going on at the table, period.  I kinda agree with his taste buds.  Salmon is wonderful.

We bought a bunch at Costco so his little tummy will be happy for a while.


I vacuum sealed the rest for the freezer.


Same for this bulk pork sirloin chop we got.  Such a crazy good deal, we couldn’t pass it up.  The math broke down to ~$1 per chop, which makes for some banging bargain meals.


I’ll post the recipe I used later, but I used the crock pot on Sunday because we had a pool party that got us home late.  My friend kept trying to send us home with dinner but I told her I already had this dinner in the works.  So she sent us home with dessert instead.


Gluten and dairy free chocolate cupcakes?!  Way better.  :)

And now that I finally posted this, I’m already half way into the next week!

Opening my Thrive box


It’s been a week since I declared my love for this service and that’s maybe a record.  I spend hours a day on their site which is maybe a little sad, but a reality nonetheless.  In my defense, when you’re nursing all the live long day and you have a mobile device that let’s you virtually walk the aisles of your favorite health foods store (all in the luxury environment of your [child free!!] rocking chair) then I’m not sure there’s a better use for the iPhone.  Mic drop.


So yeah, if you haven’t joined by now I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.


Like Christmas morning!!!!


Thrive Market is officially my go-to for all pantry everything.  I literally go shopping (physically, in person) exclusively for produce now.  If Thrive started selling kale I may never have to enter a grocery store again!!  Have you joined yet?  You get 25% off your order with this link.  And then you never have to pay full prices again.  Or sigh the longest sigh when the coconut milk shelf is empty yet AGAINNNN.  Trader Joe’s is now carrying the Native Forest brand after a really long time of having nothing.  Apparently there was a labeling issue? I don’t know, but it’s the same kind they sell on Thrive so why would I bother lugging it home when I can just as easily have it shipped to my doorstep instead?  No brainer.  They also carry the Thai Kitchen brand.  Both contain guar gum, but I haven’t been able to find a non gum canned coconut milk anywhere anymore.  Neither the WF brand nor the random brands from the tiny Asian markets in town carry a gum free option.  One checker at TJs suggested I make my own using fresh coconut meat.  A great idea…if I had the time.  Am I crazy for considering it after I just waxed poetic about the time saving perks of Thrive??  [Yes]


Here are a few items from my shopping cart that I’ve been using (plus recipes).


I used this nutiva shortening (which is so yummy I may like it as much as coconut oil??) in this banana bread recipe by Elana.


I made muffins instead of a loaf, so I reduced the baking time, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly.  So rare for me!


I also used quinoa flakes in a granola recipe by Gwyneth.  I made her granola as part of my Paltrow Project and it turned out quite nicely.  I would have never thought to sub quinoa flakes for oats in a granola recipe but I liked it very much.

I also bookmarked Caitlin’s tea infused granola recipe for later.  I don’t like peppermint (unless it’s paired with chocolate) so I want to do a chai twist on it.  I think it would be delicious with coconut and nuts, but maybe I’ll attempt an allergen free version (sans nuts) so I can share with P.  Both the chai tea (decaf by Tazo) and coconut oil from that recipe are things I order from Thrive Market so that’s easy.


I used the recipe for Gwyneth’s buckwheat banana pancakes but made waffles instead.  They are so so good.  I used a combo of Bob’s Red Mill gluten free all purpose flour blend and Arrowhead Mills buckwheat flour (both ordered from Thrive) in the recipe.  It was my first time using Bob’s GF AP flour after being low fodmaps because I generally avoid garbanzo/fava flours in my baking and I am pretty sure every single one of Bob’s GF baking blends uses a bean flour of some kind.  I typically buy TJs GF flour which has no bean flours, but the ease of ordering online trumped the ranking of flour types in this case.  I will admit, from a nutrient standpoint, a blend with bean flours is far more appealing than rice ones, which is fabulous for my kiddo, but not as awesome for myself.  I held my breath while enjoying each (CRAZY DELISH) bite and I have to say, this didn’t upset my gut!  I didn’t even notice any blip from my baseline.


P paired his with blueberries. #ninernation


Kyle’s (left) got syrup and a side of strawberries and mine (right) got Earth Balance mountains.


These were so soft and fluffy!  Nothing like the gluten free waffles I’m used to making (which kinda get a little toasty and stiff on the outside).  As I was taking them off the waffle iron I was so confused by the floppiness.  They were so gooooood.  I’m not sure if it was because of the different kinds of flour I used or if Gwyneth’s recipe is just bomb, but I will absolutely make these again.  Loving this Paltrow Project :)


Leftovers on Monday morning with thinned out sun butter sauce.  Mmmmm.  I love having a fancy breakfast on a week day – it feels so indulgent.


So about this rubber lid paw thing.  I know it might seem weird that I ordered something from the pet section, but it’s a can cover and it covers three different sizes and I am AAAAALWAYS trying to figure out ways to cover yogurt lids (because I only let P have like 1/3 of the container at once).  This is perfect!