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Yard work and football

Apparently I lack the brain power to come up with meals after a week without Kyle…we have done tacos two nights in a row (no complaints from the little people) and tonight I did nachos.  Basically with all the same stuff but in a different arrangement on the plate.  In case you couldn’t guess, I haven’t gone to the store or meal planned for the week ahead.  This weekend was move in for the UC Davis students and I hesitate to make the comparison, but you can probably guess what the shelves at TJs look like right now.  Things are sparse everywhere.  Only we are lucky as ^%$# because unlike the rest of the world, our food supply gets replenished as soon as it’s out. Minus Califia. I don’t know where the hold up is with their products. Here’s a bunch of donation options for Puerto Rico. 

These chips aren’t as salty as the Costco ones I usually buy and therefore didn’t lure me into eating 1000 more than necessary.  You’d think that would make me happy, but I missed the salt and felt sad.  Looks like I would rather binge on delicious chips than eat in moderation. Who would’ve thought?!

We started the day by feeding every creature (dolls and animals alike) breakfast.

I was getting changed into workout attire while this went down but had to take a pic when I came into the room and saw what they were doing.


They ate a snack while I towed them around in the bike trailer.  I rode for a solid 35 minutes listening to the latest Radiolab podcast and they seemed to enjoy the whole thing (probably the snacks). They are heavy, so it is definitely a work out.

After that I made coffee and showered while they played for a couple of hours because we had breakfast plans at a friends’ house.  I brought roasted sweet potatoes and didn’t take any pics the whole time until the very end when the (foster) kitties came out.

He sang to this one (who he dubbed “didi”) for a while.

I made a salad for lunch while watching football. Flashback!  Remember that one time I ate this for lunch 365 days in a row. I was a little late to eat because I was doing random other housework and crap (both kids decided to nap today!) and then as soon as I got everything done on my list and made food and got myself settled (finally sitting down!) with this bowl of yum in front of the TV…V woke up. BECAUSE OF COURSE SHE WOULD.

I read her the same story 6 times while eating lunch and then Kyle facetimed us and P woke up and sprinted downstairs because he heard dada on the phone and didn’t want to miss out.

So then we spent the afternoon gardening.

My little helpers were actually fairly helpful.  Mostly not, but they didn’t derail anything and loved doing any “task” I gave them, so it was a win win.  And now the yard looks 100% better.

So much pruning!  So many leaves!  And I finally got all the fruit trees sprayed too.  Hopefully I can keep on top of the yard as we transition to Fall and then I won’t end up with the rainy wet nasty leaf situation we had all last winter.  I think I already removed enough branches to avoid it, but I could probably fill 4 more compost trash cans, but I keep having to wait until trash day so they get emptied and I can start again.

They aquadoodled while I “made” dinner.

And after lots more playing and baths, P and I snuggled together and watched football.  My very favorite Sunday activity of all time.

He is the best.

Saturday with the monkeys

Here’s what last night’s dessert started as…

But I totally finished off that entire truffle pig peanut butter bar. How a dessert decided on putting “pig” in the name is beyond me, but it didn’t stop me so I guess the branding team knew what they were doing after all…

And then the next morning I went on a run with both kids in the double and totally over ate at breakfast.

This is the (dense as F%$@) nourish bread from Nugget that I blogged about last week.  Each slice weighs as much as a brick and it definitely felt like a heavy load after I ate BOTH thick pieces with a liberal application of cashew butter.

Side note: I just saw that Nugget also now sells Pushkin bread!  Well done Nugget.

It ended up being fine that I over ate at breakfast though, because we spent half the day at the zoo.

They love putting coins in these things.

Around and around and around.

There was some kind of event going on today that we got to experience inadvertently.  Lots of free activities for kiddos and since Patty-cakes is the most curious and interested and eager child ever, we spent soooo much time talking to the zoo keepers and volunteers about…uhh…everything…and they were totally blown away by his enthusiasm, knowledge, and politeness.  In other words, I couldn’t have been more proud.  He really is an exceptional kid, but of course I think that, I’m his mom.  So to hear others say it, well, it’s just awesome.  Sorry to brag.

Baby flamingos!

Sticker prizes for jumping as far as a toad.  😉

He chatted it up with the keeper near the chimps enclosure while V got her snack on. I actually packed food for us all because I thought it would allow us to stay longer if we didn’t have to worry about getting home for lunch.

Monkey faces.

Hey hey they’re the monkeys.

We were about to go, but P insisted we go over to take photos here before we leave.  I think he did this last time too.  Must be a thing.  If nothing else it will result in some fun time stamps of their ages over the years.

Eating cookies on the way back to the car.  Note the casual leg cross.

After they were in bed I snacked a little.  I had stuff to eat at the zoo too, so I didn’t “need” much of anything, but you know how that goes…you open a bag of chips…

Before heading to a friend’s for an afternoon swim date we played in the yard.  I have a ton of pruning to do, which the kids like “helping” with, but then we found a little zucchini in the plant that I was ripping out of the raised bed and decided to eat it like an apple while watching me do the work. P was likewise occupied with a home-made popsicle.

She finished her zucchini en route to our friends’.  Yes, she ate an entire raw zucchini the size of a small banana like it aint no thang.

I have no photos from the afternoon but the kids were having a blast.  They haven’t been in the pool for a while because of Valley’s cast but it was like no time had passed and they (literally) jumped right in, no big deal.  I didn’t even get in and they were cool to swim around solo.

Came home for taco night, numero dos.  If it aint broke…

I stayed up watching the Bruins and prepping for the next day while sipping on kombucha.


Motivation of the external kind

TGIF everyone!

I got the park wrong for stroller strides, drove to the other park, realized I had the correct park the first time, drove back, and was only a few minutes late for the warm up.  Phew.  I was super flustered though and it took me a while to calm down and let the endorphins wash over me.  But once they hit, oh man, it was much needed, that’s for sure.

We did a fall craft with the kids after our work out.  Happy first day of fall!!  Best season of all  🙂 🙂 🙂

V asked for eggs and cheese for lunch.  I added broccoli, but otherwise let her call the shots.  There are some things worth fighting for, but right now that’s limited to toilet training related issues.  Everything else is inconsequential.  I just want to get through this.  Thanks a lot, spica cast and GI bug, for ruining the major milestone we conquered…and scarring my child for life. You really effed me.  I hesitate to jinx myself, but after a week of resistance, today was all good.  I just have to keep upbeat about it.  It’s oh so trying, but since this is my second rodeo, I know that eventually it will happen.

This salad was perfection.  It was exactly what I wanted, in the exact amount I wanted, and I felt 100% satisfied but neither too full nor hungry for the rest of the afternoon until just before dinner.  Heavenly.

FYI it was green cabbage and kale tossed in miso dressing, with half an avo and smoked salmon.  With some carrots on the side.

I met up with some friends in the afternoon and the kids played hard together.  Their imaginations are hilarious and impressive and so fun to witness.  We came home for tacos.

I tried to make them without meat, but P asked if there was steak or ground beef (ha!) so I ended up adding leftover carnitas.  Can’t slip anything by him.




And don’t leave a crumb behind.

Nugget Market’s weekly secret special was buy one GET ONE FREE Bissinger chocolate bars. Sooo…I bought four.  They were on sale on top of that, so I paid $6 for 4 bars, which is usually the cost one.

And that truffle pig bar was stuck in the cart by V, and then I was too lazy to go find where it went to put it back. Ok, that’s kinda a lie, I could have asked the checkers to return it instead of buy it, but it looked really good and I’d never seen them before and I just figured why the heck not.  Mama’s treat for the night.

This is what happiness looks like.  For everyone.  I got an entire day without accidents and they got dolls for their doll house.  I am officially the mom who bribes her kids with things.  What. Eh. Ver.  It’s pure survival mode over here and nothing else was working…she’s obviously clever enough to have realized that she can milk me for all I’m worth when Kyle’s out of town because I tried pretty much everything else first (intrinsic sense of pride!) before resorting to good old fashioned bribery.  Turns out, external motivation is more persuasive. Duh.

Back to school night

I need a healthy vice, you guys. Preferably an inexpensive one too (free would be ideal).  I am going to tell you something I just did. Something I have never done, ever.  I just saw an instagram ad for pants that I thought looked cute, clicked on the link all the way through to the website (which I had never heard of before), picked out the exact jeans that I saw in the ad, and ordered them.  In under 5 minutes.  What. The. Heck.  Is wrong with me. My birthday is next month.  There’s no reason to be buying myself clothes.  Also, ordering JEANS off the internet?!!?  As if that’s going to work out!  They only had S/M/L for sizes so who knows what I’ve gotten myself, but they were on sale and the shipping was free so who knows…I feel a little crazy and out of control, but potty training has me wanting to scream into a pillow for most of the day.

FYI, I am not a shopper.  I like clothes and all, but I still have the same old stuff from decades ago that I’m making work just fine. Once a year or so (usually with holiday or birthday money) I’ll get a few new things, but it stresses me out to spend money on myself.  What I usually do is go online and add a bunch of things to my cart and never pull the trigger.  After a few days of leaving the browsers open and hemming and hawing, I eventually just close them all and forget about it.  It’s weird I know.  And drives Kyle nuts, because he doesn’t understand it (not that there’s a rational explanation). I don’t do it often – just a couple of times a year with seasonal/weather changes.  We don’t have many stores here in Davis and I have the kids with me all the time, so I definitely can’t shop in person.  Maybe I should avoid the internet!  As evidenced by this morning’s trigger finger episode, it only takes a few minutes scrolling through IG to seduce me.  Soooo, what can I do instead??  I finally got my chocolate addiction in check…and quit my starbucks habit…but maybe that would be cheaper…kombucha can only do so much…blah.  Do I sound insane?  Maybe don’t answer that.  This is the problem when your husband is out of town and you have no other adult around to talk to about your parenting decisions.  You start to lose your marbles because you spend 100% of your time negotiating things that should be very black and white. Like, sitting on the toilet because you haven’t gone in 10+ hours. This is fun.

Last waffle from this batch.

School with V.

Kid lunches.

Mom lunch.

My dad came over to put the kids down while I was at back to school night for P. I made a version of this korma for dinner. Only I added in zucchini (only have one left from the garden stash) and used leftover chicken instead of white beans.

Served over rice.


I always forget how much I love curry.

After dinner it was off to school.  The night was fun because I love this community of people I’m surrounding our family with…it’s a dream to send him to school at a place he loves so much, which is bringing out the very best in him and appreciates all the special ways he shines.  The staff is EXCEPTIONAL and I feel so welcomed and loved…and it doesn’t hurt that I’m friends with 99% of the people there already (or at least it feels that way). I feel bad that Kyle couldn’t be there.  I was so tired by the time I got home though.  All I wanted to do was face plant into bed.  My dad peaced out and then I prepped for stroller strides the next day (got snacks packed for them, swapped the bob out for the double which barely fits in the trunk, put my mat and resistance bands in too) and then made pancake batter for the next morning.  Ready for Friday!

Chips and cookies

Ok I am really realllllly considering the instant pot now.  The newest model sounds amazing!  Maybe for Christmas this year?  Or maybe I’ll hold out until an amazon sale comes around – like on prime day or whatever. Raise your hand if you have one and then tell me how frequently you use it. And then tell me if it has replaced another thing you used to use, like the slow cooker, rice cooker, or yogurt maker.  Ok, basically just sell me on it?  Blah, no don’t.  I need to be strong. But you can cook meat from frozen!  So fast!

Speaking of meat.  This is leftover pork from the other night, with the last of the cole slaw from the day before.

And these are cookies I baked with my kids that were meant to be flower and leaf shaped but are obviously not because I made up the recipe and the batter was too soft to do anything cut-out like.

We went on a “nature walk” slash “scavenger hunt” slash “kill time and walk to the grocery store because we have no afternoon plans and I need to get milk”.  We saw so many things on the way and talked and talked and ended up coming up with a plan to make cookies shaped like the flowers and leaves we saw along the way.

I actually had cookie cutters with those shapes on them too (as well as all the ingredients for cookies), so I went along with the plan.

They were street sweepers for much of the trip.  I didn’t want V to push herself and walk too much so I brought the stroller. Sadly the store STILL didn’t have Califia, so it was kinda a pointless trip.  This is the third time I’ve gone in the last month.  I need me some mocha almond milk.  My coffee is so plain without it. Although I did use coconut cream (from a can) this morning and it was dang good.  I digress.  This post is all over the place.

P had a nightmare.  At 3 am, I was so out of it, I talked him through the irrational fear of monsters, dinosaurs, and creaking in his room, and then fell back asleep with him in the bed.  I don’t do co-sleeping, but Kyle’s out of town so I definitely didn’t mind.  P slept right through me getting out of bed to get V, but she’s not the most quiet so he was up shortly after.  And then we facetimed dada.

Doesn’t everyone wear a cape to music class??  No?


If I’m being totally honest here, I would fess up to the fact that I ate more chips than any human should after this salad.  I poured the crumbs on the salad, thinking that would be a nice crunchy addition to the salad to satisfy my junky craving, but nope.  I opened a new bag. And took it down.  I have a problem!!!  Help me!  I wallowed for about 10 minutes but then just was like whatever.  I went to stroller strides that morning and my sun & soil juice was spoiled (wah!) so I was obviously in need of calories. I don’t actually need to justify it, but I can’t help it.  It was an alarming amount of chips, guys.

Quiet time spying.  Man he’s cute.

Stir fried udon noodles via gobble!

What is with this pose?  Like are they trying to get IN the case?

Don’t worry, these aren’t oreos. They’re gluten free, but make no mistake, they’re no health food.

Treat yo self girl.

And yet, we still made more cookies later.

What do you do while your cookies bake…?

Snuggle, listen to music, and dance in your “wedding dress” (that’s what she claimed she was wearing).

No cookies were eaten today because “too many sweets is a thumbs down” (this is a concept that he learned a while ago at Sunday School and glommed onto and I am very much ok with it).  So we have cookies for another time. Now if only I could practice what he preaches with regards to chips!

I wasn’t too hungry for dinner (no surprise given the chips sitch), so I pulled this zucchini soup from the freezer and added some sheep’s milk pecorino romano to it and called it a night.  (I had kombucha later too).

These noodles were a huge hit by the way!  They both slurped them down so fast!  Here’s your friendly gobble reminder to take advantage of the 6 meals for $6 deal that’s going on right now.  On that note, I’m going to check out the menu for next week too.  😉