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Simple Mills like you’d make it yourself

In a time crunch (aren’t we all?) I feel SO GOOD about using Simple Mills’ baking mixes to cut corners and get things done FAST in the kitchen.  It’s honestly the same way I’d make my own baked goods – only a handful of REAL ingredients – except I don’t have to raid the pantry or dirty a bunch of measuring cups.  So easy.


I made these muffins from the artisan bread mix, which I have used for everything from flat bread to dinner rolls (the back of the box has a bunch of suggestions and ways to tweak the baking time for each).


I usually buy my Simple Mills products on Thrive Market, but they now have the entire line of products at my local Whole Foods.  Including their NEW CRACKERS!!!   Do you guys even KNOW how hard it is to find gluten free crackers that don’t have sesame in them?!?  It’s basically impossible.  I have spent 3489570345 minutes looking at the back of boxes in the cracker aisles and I can tell you for certain if they don’t have sesame, they either have gluten or dairy.  Thank you Simple Mills for finally fixing that void.


She helps me unpack my Thrive orders 🙂


What goes better with a massaged kale salad than almond flour crackers?


Oh salty heaven.  They are crispy and salty and dannnnng addicting.

I’ve also used their chocolate muffin and cake mix a few times…most recently to make a bunch of minis for a birthday party.


Cute huh!

Fan girl action coming in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…


If you haven’t gotten your hands on any of these, I promise you will be smitten with the ease it affords you.  Coming from a DIY baker that should mean a lot, so just trust me okay??  I mean, you guys know me…I’m all about making my own bread and crackers…but sometimes you need help.  And that shouldn’t have to mean a sacrifice in your standards.  Here’s the entire ingredient list for the pancake mix: almond flour, arrowroot powder, organic coconut sugar, organic coconut flour, cream of tartar, baking soda, salt.  That’s it.  Of course that’s it, right?  That’s what I’d put in my batter when I make them from scratch!  But no boxed mixes are that way!  They all have enriched this and blah blah additives.  So cool that this food trend of eating real stuff is getting so big and mainstream.  🙂

Please, Mr. Panda

I think he’s going to grow up to be a chef.  🙂

IMG_4843 IMG_4844 IMG_4848

Blueberry baked donuts…because we read this book and the mood struck.

We are all about incorporating books into our lives, since we go to the library (minimum) once a week and read 349875039768345 books a day…it is only natural that the characters and plot lines and themes carry over into daily conversation…and with food especially!  I mean, how could you ever read a book about donuts and not make them right then and there!?!  Right?!

See also: Dragons Love Tacos (here and here)


My side kick is in Europe and we miss him like mad.

He’s the best.







Sending love to all the dads out there for everything you do for your family, especially to the ones in my life, who are role models for hands on parenting.  XXX

Napa bach


I have so few photos from this wonderful weekend in Napa celebrating my sister’s upcoming wedding…and yet, I want to post the ones I do have to shine a light on the places we went (and memorialize them on HHH for my own keepsake).


Starting off with packing.  I spent SO MUCH TIME squaring away my kids and my mom for my being away I didn’t end up thinking about my own stuff until, like, the night before.

Kyle was in Philly for a wedding, so I had nobody to distract me as I attempted to find something in my closet that didn’t make me feel 300 years old.


And then I ate my fancy chocolate and watched in bed…until my mom came to Davis early the next morning…and then I was off! To Napa’s insanely gorgeous Silverado Resort to check into our hotel rooms and deal with all the registration crap for our group.  Weeeee!

On the way, I got drive-thru coffee and listened to podcasts and before I knew it, I was there!


Oh hey, don’t mind me just pumping in the lobby bathroom.  As you do.


Pretty much threw away all my boob milk for the next 48 hours.



For the record, both of my sisters and I showed up in matching jean jackets.  So yeah.


Bride tribe.


Our first stop was at Mumm.


I shared the tasting flight with another mama who had a similarly low tolerance.


This one was my fave (although to be honest I loved them all).  I SO enjoy bubbles. 🙂


Next stop was Paraduxx.


My little sis is a member of the Duckhorn wine club so it was nice to learn about their other wine.  I can’t even remember which I liked at this point, but we were a divided group – the favorite of some was the least favorite of the rest.


We got to try this though, which was dynamite.


After that we went to Oxbow Market for lunch.

It’s like an open market place with various vendors and food stalls, so we could all get whatever we wanted and sit at a table together.


I hit up Cate & Co, – a gluten free bake shop and eatery.  My food was so bomb I went back after and got some stuff to take home (cookies and a grain free loaf of bread).  YESPLEASE.  I also chatted it up with the owner and am hoping I can figure out a way to get their products to my Davis doorstep.  Fingers crossed.

We definitely couldn’t linger after lunch though – our limo driver was on point and whipped us up the road to Reynold’s Family Winery.


We got a private room for our group with a great view.  I think we took a bunch of photos after this tasting, but I was pretty buzzed at this point so who knows where those pics are.

That was the final tasting of the day though, so the limo took us back to Silverado where we freshened up (re-intoxicated ourselves) for dinner. Good thing there were a few preggo ladies to drive us.  😉


Switched to hard alcohol with this Moscow mule!  We went to Tarla Mediterranean Grill for dinner.


My sister got this salmon dish (above) and I got the lamb kofta dish (below).  I figured there was no better time to try lamb for the first time than a fancy Turkish restaurant in Napa.  So I went for it!


It was really delicious.  I have no basis for comparison, but it was a super flavorful dish.  The only weird part was the (cold) peppers on the right side of the plate.  They weren’t good, but the temperature was the most bizarre thing.

Anyway, I don’t have a photo of the apps we got, but the mezze plate that we all shared to start the meal was also phenomenal.  I so rarely get hummus these days, so this was a super special meal for that reason alone!  🙂


The morning after shenanigans.


Cooking breakfast with the bride to be.

After our am feasting, we all headed home.  It was Easter Sunday, so lots of peeps had plans with their fam.  I was excited to get back to my babies, naturally.

My mom was playing in the toy room with them when I got back…and it was almost like no time had passed.


The next week was busy as I got prepared to leave for Hawaii (for the wedding), so I’m definitely glad I had Cate & Co. bread to get me through.


I was hooked after one bite and wished I had bought several home to freeze.


I loved the seedy topping and the hearty yet light inside.  It wasn’t dense, and it sliced well with no crumble.


And it toasted up perfectly.


But most importantly, I loved the way it tasted!  Mmmmm…perfect with Earth Balance or avocado spread on top and a sprinkle of finishing salt.




If you are in the Napa area RUN to Oxbow to get a loaf of this gourmet gluten free bread immediately.

Oh, and the cookies were awesome, too.  But duh, of course they were.


Veg*n out

How much of a hipster cliche is this breakfast with home-made gluten free bread and avocado sprinkled with maca powder?


I feel like a Gwyneth wannabe poser.  Hashtag goals.

I’m attempting to help my hormones out by supplementing with maca at least a few times a week.  Basically when I remember or when it works in my meals.  I got some organic powder from and it’s pretty easy to toss in smoothies or whatever.


This is another fun way to eat it  😉


Lots of raw stuff going on lately because I just bought a used dehydrator off a friend (she had an extra) so now I’m living out my hippie dreams making raw crackers from leftover juice pulp.


Thus far, the kids have been way into it.  Sharing dehydrated beet crackers with my offspring is what hippie parent dreams are made of!


This was quite the seedy delight.  I used the same home-made GF bread and added cashew butter and then every seed in the pantry (chia, hemp, pumpkin, sunflower…) and salt and maca powder.

My hormones have been super unstable lately and it’s because V just went from 4 nursing sessions a day to 2.  And my body is reeling (out of control) as it adjusts.  It’s one of the main reasons I went AWOL on the blog and only just now am returning.  I can’t say the maca is fixing everything, but I do feel like I’m slowly returning to myself.  It may just be that time is what I need.  It’s complicated.


Per usual, I’m really into salads and nuts.  Kale and macadamias probably make up 80% of my diet and chocolate rounds out the remaining 20.  Ha.  I love raw food though.

And while I don’t have a label for the way I eat, it’s basically trying to stick with things that make me feel good while accommodating all the limitations of cooking for a family (allergies, time, number of teeth, etc.).  Sometimes I want things that I know aren’t the best for my bod and so I go for it (I’m looking at you challah bread french toast).

In reviewing my iPhone food pics, it seems I’ve been doing the plant based thing more than I realized lately.  I have always enjoyed veggie based meals more than animal ones which was why the VB6 approach has been working fine (dinner is our one meal that has animal products), but now that P has outgrown his tree nut, wheat and soy allergies, I find myself making more and more vegetarian family dinners.  And everyone has been cool with it.  Kyle doesn’t love tofu and P doesn’t love tempeh, but neither put up too big a fight.  They both, however, LOVE bacon (and all meat, really).  So there’s that.


Kyle was out of town a lot of last week and I was worn out so I took a bit of a break from cooking family dinners.  I had plenty of bulk/prep done to feed the kids and then I just made myself quickie salads and grain bowls (from the same items).  Easy veg stuff.  However, I did splurge on a few fun vegan specialty items for myself.


These products cost $$$ so they aren’t practical when feeding a family, and also, due to allergy stuff I still don’t trust much of anything processed.  Especially when I know that the same company makes products with sesame and/or other allergens.

Hodo Soy is a local company, though, and I remember trying their yuba strips a long time ago (before we knew about P’s allergies) and loving them.  So I went for it.


I tossed the “noodles” with kale sautéed in tamari.  So.  Good.  Yuba strips are described here, fyi.  They are spicy and flavorful and really wonderful.  They aren’t at all like the fake squishy shiritaki noodles.  Crazy delish.


Our nectarine tree is a week or two away from POUNDS of ripe fruit.  I. Can’t. Wait.


Farmer’s market baby love. Swoon.  These two are so cute.


I came home to eat though because it’s difficult to feed both kids and myself in a picnic setting (Kyle was still gone).  Also I had this delightful tofu waiting for me.  The sauce was made on a whim with a bunch of white miso paste, fresh minced ginger, tamari, almond butter, and maple syrup.  It was damn good if I do say so myself.


I think it’s time to make seitan for me and P!