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Maui-ed 7 + 8

The day after the wedding was pretty chill aside from the morning.  I spent a couple of hours in the kitchen with my parents churning out breakfast for the masses.  We made several pounds of bacon and eggs but after setting off the fire alarm a few times (and sweating through my clothes), I tapped out on the prep and went back to hanging with my babes.


The “morning after” brunch started late, so we had already had seconds (ok, thirds) by the time the youngins’ stumbled in.

IMG_5601 - Version 2

Family photo op!


I wasn’t planning to do anything but laundry and packing for the rest of the day but then my sisters texted from Hotel Wailea at a reserved poolside lounge and the FOMO kicked in BIG time.  Since both kids were asleep and Kyle was urging me to get out and enjoy myself…I did!!  I went and got my drink on with my first (and only) Lava Flow of the trip.  OMG how I love love love Lava Flows.  Ha.  So cheesy but so good.


Since it was our last day in Wailea, Kyle and I seized the chance to get out on a date.  My parents had late dinner reservations with a bunch of friends, so we went out early and they fed the kids and watched them until we got home from our dinner.


We chose Nick’s Fishmarket in the Fairmont.  It was fancyyyyyyyy.  The drink menu was on an iPad!

IMG_5618Kyle got the special.  I don’t remember what it was but he loved it.


I chose an ahi dish, which had lobster and a potato casserole kind of thing.  It was the least dairy-ified fish dish on the menu, which was pretty surprising.  The potatoes were insanely good, but definitely cheesy (so I gave 95% of them to Kyle).

I’m sure the dish is good ordinarily, but unfortunately, my fish had a massive tendon thing (??) through it, and so a large part of it was chewy and tough and not edible.  It was supposed to be seared ahi so it should have been melt in your mouth soft.  Nope.  If I had the balls I would have sent it back (it was that difficult to eat).  But I hate food waste so whatever.  It was damn $$$$ so that’s frustrating, but the dining experience was worth it…the view…being alone with Kyle…soaking it all up.


They had a man run around the property lighting torches and blowing in a conch while all the kids followed him.  Such a clever idea to occupy the kids during happy hour!!  We walked around the grounds before sitting down to eat, and the Fairmont is gorgeous.

After dinner we came home to eat chocolate on the couch in our PJs together.  Happiness.

The next morning we tackled the insane task of packing up our car to head up the coast to Kaanapali.  The part that made it hard was the fridge.  It was still obnoxiously full and we had another week so we wanted to bring as much of it with us, but we were in a sedan that barely fit our bodies and luggage!  Sigh.  Lots of beer left behind.  Womp womp.


After breakfast, we hacked open a fresh coconut (picked a couple days prior from the tree of our rental house) and all shared it.  P and V were sooo into it.

Once the car was loaded up to the brim, we went to splash around at the Marriott kids pool one last time.  My parents joined us and then we all walked next door to the mall for lunch at Cheeseburger Island Style.


V was hangry so I ordered as quick as possible and then went to nurse her in the courtyard area which perked her up.  She spent the time after chasing birds.  She’s obsessed with birds.


Then my food came and she tried to eat all my fries.  P ate a sandwich that I packed for him, so at least I got most of my food.  After lunch we wandered through the mall trying to get me a rashguard.  I found too many!  The selection was overwhelming, but I guess that’s a good problem to have.


P passed out the second we got to the car…before we even got on the road!  Such a sweetie.  Starbucks in hand, we headed up to the second week of vacay with our foursome.  HOORAY!!!!


Maui-ed 6

4/8/16 was the big day.  I have attempted to track down photos from various other devices (the phones of family and friends) to piece together something for HHH, but I was preoccupied soaking up this momentous day with my sister so I am sorry for the lack of decent footage.


We started the day with yoga on the beach at the Marriott.  Kyle had the kids and they played around the hotel property until I was done and then we all went back to our house together.  I helped with feeding the kids, but then went off to shower and get myself ready.  From there on out, Kyle was pretty much dealing with them both solo.

My mom and I drove to the (suppppppper swanky) Hotel Wailea where my sister was staying to get ready in her room.  It’s also where the wedding was, so it was way easy to coordinate.


We got room service while my sister’s hair and make up was being done.


Then, while the rest of the glam squad got things rolling in the bathroom, the ones who were in the hair styling chairs finally got their food.  Not sure they are gonna love me for posting that one, but look how pretty they turned out!


Bridesmaid selfie.


I know she was starting to feel anxious at this point, but she did an amazing job keeping it hidden.  Such a beautiful, composed, deserving bride.


Not a bad view, eh?

Ok, now is the part where you die from cuteness…


I wasn’t around for this part so you can imagine how my heart nearly exploded when I first saw my handsome big boy right before we walked down the aisle.


Baby blues <3


My sisters and I were the last ones to be carted over to the wedding venue (they literally drive you in golf carts from your door to wherever on the property…I think this isn’t exclusively for bridal parties, but who knows, it’s a relais & châteaux after all).  The humorous part (I can say this in hindsight only) was that our golf cart ran out of gas 80% of the way up a hill and the wedding coordinator was our driver.  She kept her cool fairly well but suddenly we went flying backwards down the hill at a seriously alarming speed.  I kinda shouted at her “are you doing this on purpose?!” because I was pretty sure we were free falling backwards and only seconds away from doing a barrel roll in our heels and dresses.  She sorta managed to maneuver us into another guest’s doorway and then we hitchhiked a ride from a different golf cart.

Phew.  After that ordeal we basically just stepped out and started walking down the aisle!  I was last to proceed in, so P just followed me to the front.


Stud of a ring bearer.

The ceremony was perfection.  For my sister’s privacy I won’t go into details but I teared up at several points while still loving every second of it.  And let’s just gloss over the fact that when everyone rose as the bride started to walk down, Patty-cakes’ folding chair collapsed in on him (IN THE FRONT ROW) and he started crying.  I mean it looked pretty traumatic but I was at the front so I just stood there and watched it all go down.  Grandma was quick on her feet though and whisked him off to Kyle and nobody was the wiser.


After the ceremony we toasted (lots), took photos, and then made our way to the reception site to mingle with dranks.  I took it light because there was that whole – you know – speech thing looming over me.


But then my cousin made the brilliant point that buzzed (not sober) is the best place to be when speaking.  So champagne it was!!


This is probably the only smiling non wailing photo of V from the whole night.  And it’s because she’s in my arms, naturally.  Poor thing.  Poor Kyle.  He had a seriously raw deal.  He’s amazing, but there’s only so much you can do…

I felt bad for P too because he wanted to dance all night long, but V was done done done by 8.  At least Kyle got to eat.  And although he missed most of my speech, he did get to see a video of it after.  Definitely took advantage of being child free for the night though.  My parents gave me a ride home after the whole thing was shut down.  IT WAS SO FUN!!  What an awesome night of dancing and toasting to love.  Weddings are such a blast.

Maui-ed 5

Rehearsal dayyyyyyy!


This bride and groom pineapple couple is the cutest.

The morning was mostly free play time before we started working on cleaning up the house for the party that evening.  Nothing is worth documenting on HHH until the evening.  P and I were in the wedding so we went to the rehearsal at 4 while Kyle and V stayed behind at the Makena house…and then after we “practiced” our duties we all went back to the Makena house for the rehearsal dinner.  Since it was a destination wedding, the entire guest list was invited, so it was kinda like a pre-party for the next day.


Sometimes he looks like such a big boy, and sometimes he is still my little squish.


The dress code was Hawaiian chic, which meant, get all your cheesy flower print stuff out of the way now because the wedding is a fancy affair.  How amazing are the coordinated outfits of my Aunt and Uncle and cousins?!?!  So awesome, right???  They’re the best.


There was a taco truck, so this happened.

It was nice not worrying if the tortillas were corn based (read: gluten free) and so long as he got the plain chicken (no dairy based sauce or marinade) it was totally allergy friendly.


He was in heaven.  The concept of a truck that serves you food blew his mind.  He had a few tacos and then I grabbed one to pack up for the wedding the next day (always be preppin’).


She was less enthused about the food sitch, but that’s just because she was siiiiiiiick.


I had almost as much guacamole as anything else.  SOOOOO GOOOOOD.


Auntie selfie.


There was a speech….which got my butterflies for the next day started.  Maid of honor duties!


And then it was time to dance the night away.  Just kidding.  We put the kids down and chatted for a while until the booze ran out and the crowd dissipated.  Then we crawled upstairs to our own beds.

The weekly menu

Here’s the rest of the dinners I didn’t get around to sharing on the last post…


For this bowl I made a tamari miso sauce (we don’t even have to use tamari anymore!) and roasted three blocks of firm pressed tofu.  We had a little extra tofu but two blocks doesn’t cut it for us any more.  Both P and V eat tofu raw with gusto.  I put a little of the sauce on it before roasting it as a marinade, but mostly saved it for adding to the completed dish.


It’s so weird to suddenly realize all the things P can eat now without worrying about wheat!  He won’t have to drink sorghum beer in college.  He can play with play dough!  We can buy oats that aren’t certified gluten free.  There are so many other things, but needless to say, this wheat thing opens up a TON of new options and makes life so much easier.  For the first time, I’m realizing what it’s like for the rest of the world who can bring their kids places without pre-packing a bunch of food.  In Hawaii I wasn’t super care free since we were still miles (and an ocean) from home.  But now that we are back in town, I’m loosening the reigns big time.  BBQs and friends’ houses and farmer’s market are so different now!  I still find myself reading labels because it’s better to be safe than sorry, but it’s new territory that feels cool and exciting.


So I basically just added everything to a bowl when it was dinner time…steamed broccoli, wild rice, tofu, cashews, and miso sauce (the sauce recipe was from Gwyneth’s book It’s All Good).


All of us gave it two thumbs up.

Thursday’s dinner was a kale and quinoa dish I invented on the fly.  I wasn’t in the mood for the planned recipe (it was a salad with a miso dressing and I figured it was maybe overdoing the miso thing).  Instead, I made a sunbutter based sauce which I massaged into some kale before adding quinoa.


I roasted walnuts to add too.


Threw it all together before serving.


P makes such a mess when eating quinoa.  I swear it ends up in every nook and cranny of the dining area.  It’s ridic.  He loves it though so I guess I shouldn’t complain.  Whenever he asks what’s for dinner and I tell him, he’s always SO enthusiastic.  I pinch myself every time that I am lucky enough to have a kiddo who thinks broccoli, rice, and tofu are a treat.


On Friday we had one of Kyle’s coworkers over for dinner so I made four pounds of chicken.

I’m not even exaggerating.  V’s favorite food at the moment is chicken.  She can’t get enough of it.  I’m not sure how much she’d eat if I didn’t cut her off.  Probably more than any 1 year old should.


I used the thai lettuce cups recipe from America’s Test Kitchen The Vegetarian Cookbook because I am all about basil at the moment.  Plus I wanted a solid recipe that I knew was a winner when having a guest over.  We’ve made it (with tofu) a handful of times so I know it’s a winner.

I paired it with rice and broccoli – it was the only meat of the week (I’m veg for breakfast and lunch).


More random eats from the week.  Salads like this don’t get old.


Dessert face.


Waffle mania.


Sharing leftovers for lunch with my boy.  🙂


Salad prep.


Macadamias for lyfe.


Just kidding, what I meant was, chocolate for lyfe.

Every time I make waffles and don’t measure anything, they turn out perfect.  And every time I do it and try to measure things (to blog about), they aren’t the same.  They’re fine and all, but they are not the perfectly amazing ones I want to share.  UGHHHH.


I’m sorry guys, I’m trying!


I use Vega vanilla protein powder and then top them with cashew or sun butter so there’s no shortage of caloric oomph to hold me over.  Booya.


TJs cashew butter is salty and crazy good.  I recently added some to V’s oatmeal too, so she has now cleared another tree nut as well.  I’ve tried almost every allergen with her thus far, save sesame and peanuts.  I’m too scared and don’t quite see the point.  She may have inadvertently been exposed to sesame in Hawaii when sharing some of my food, but I’m not sure.


You have to be careful with cashews (and it’s butter) though because they often use peanut oil to roast them and make the butter.  Huge area for error with allergy kids!  I know Costco’s roasted salted cashews have peanut oil in them.  TJs cashew butter has sunflower oil and almonds in it, but no peanuts, so it’s safe for P.  Just be sure you check labels if it matters for you!


Still in that Maui state of mind…


I wish.

Getting back into it

After an exhausting flight home Kyle and I were so ready for the kids to sleep!!  Because they’d taken no naps at all (ZERO) combined with the time change meant we were able to put them down for bed as soon as we stepped in the front door.  That’s the silver lining way of looking at it.  But they went down with relief, so that was good.  Then food.  Then unpacking.


I scrounged some barely alive kale and cabbage from the crisper drawer and added Caesar dressing and (imported) macadamia nuts for a decent meal.  It was heavenly after a day of airplane snacks (popcorn, Kettle potato chips, and granola can, in fact, get old).


After dinner treats!!   I found these Tiki bars at the Safeway in Lahaina and I couldn’t help but bring home a few different flavors.

The coconut was my favorite – it was the only one that really had the flavor it was named after!  The ginger had no detectable ginger flavor and the macadamia nut had only a few crushed pieces in it.  It was still good chocolate but I’m not that picky.  It was a far cry from bean to bar, naturally, but what do you expect from something bought in the candy aisle at a national super market.   It lasted me a few days.


Wedding favors were from the Honolulu Cookie Company.  Kyle wishes we got 8302 times the amount above.  They are his faaaaavorite.


From there on out it was unpacking (laundry!) until bed.  The next day was Monday so we hit the ground running, trying to play catch up with grocery shopping and such along the way.

I planned ahead a little bit and froze some stuff so I wouldn’t be totally SOL with a bare fridge but we were definitely down to the last crumbs in the house (because I planned things out so well before our trip so prevent food waste).  In any event, I definitely needed to hit up the store first thing Monday morning.  P and V were totally amazing helpers through back to back TJs and WFs visits.  They never had a trace of jet lag or time change adjustment issues either.  Impressive.


We got back home and had a nice team lunch before naps (during which I cleaned every part of the house possible because somehow even being out of town means you still accumulate dust and grossness).

As you’ll soon notice, this week’s menu was heavily plant based.  All but one day was vegan, which was purposeful.  We ate sooooo much fish and meat-y Hawaiian fare over the previous couple of weeks, I was just feeling so blah.  Spring produce was calling my name.


After one taste of Ancient Harvest quinoa pasta (a few months ago?), I ordered a bunch more from Thrive.  It’s the best GF pasta I’ve tried to date so I wanted as many shapes as possible.  The funny thing is, is that P just outgrew his wheat allergy.  (YES I KNOW!!!!)  More on that later.  For now, we have a ton of gluten free pasta to enjoy.


I remember seeing a basil vinaigrette on some site (or magazine?) recently, so I based my dressing for the noodles off that.  In a blender, I whizzed up extra virgin olive oil, basil, red wine vinegar, salt, and red pepper flakes.


Then I tossed it with shredded carrots…


And kale…


And let it chill in the fridge until dinner time.


Served with parm (for him) and nooch (for me and P).




The next day was a big deal for P.


My big three year old has his first pizza.


With home made wheat flour dough.


I made it the day before so it was fully ready on Tuesday.


I used daiya for his and mine but mozzarella and parm for Kyle’s.


Since I am terrible at rolling out dough, they were misshapen and bizarre, but I attempted to make a big one for Kyle, a medium one for me, and a smaller one for P.  And a baby one for P and I to share later in the week for lunch.


Et voila!


Honestly, they tasted like heaven.  I don’t have gluten too too often so it was a treat for me too.  Now that P tolerates it though, it’s probably going to return in full(ish) force.  Every allergen he outgrows bring us one step closer to plant based eating…and while he adores bacon more than any other human on the planet, I don’t think he’d notice or mind if meat were a very infrequent part of his diet.  Only time will tell, but I’m super encouraged by the addition of (ALL) tree nuts and wheat.  If you’d told me this day would come back when he was 9 months old, I would have been so scared to get my hopes up, but look at us now!!!!  He eats tofu and pecans like they are going out of style.


We topped the pizza with basil and bell pepper – very simple.  The return of basil makes me want to do a happy dance.  Seasons be changing up in here!


He was thrilled to say the least.


I will get to the rest of the weekly menu soon enough, but here’s a teaser of the tofu rice bowl from the next night.