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Second pregnancy

Apparently I started writing this post a while ago?  Ha!  Pregnancy brain and blog hiatus made for a very buried draft…


Here’ s a bit more random info about pregnancy numero dos…


These were recommended to me during the first trimester and I thought they were awesome.  I bought them on because I couldn’t find them anywhere in stores.

Keep in mind this was way back last summer when fruity stuff sounded perfect.  I was all about the citrus in those first few weeks.  Lots of lemonade and sour stuff.


Just like with patty-cakes I craved fried eggs for breakfast, but that eventually gave way to my pancake with sun butter streak.


Last pregnancy I took Rainbow Light petites so I figured I’d look to the same brand this time around…and while at WF I got the sample (below left) for the 35+ prenatals.  I’m not over 35 but a sample is a sample and so I figured why not…plus this was still pre-pregnancy (because I went back on prenatals before we started “trying”).  The good news?  I loved how easy they were to swallow (capsules!!!  no gross taste!!).  The bad news?  They were/are SO $$$$.

photo 3photo 4

So instead I went for the (still $$ but slightly less so) Garden of Life option.  They boast similar nutrient profiles and are also capsules, which I realized made taking them way less of a pain (I’m such a pansy!) but WF frequently has deals on them and I got a bunch of $3 off coupons to use as well.  You have to take three a day so since the bottle has 90 capsules, they only last a month.  What can I say…it’s not cheap making a baby!


I was SO tempted to opt out of the glucose screening this time around.  For those who don’t recall (or didn’t read my blog previously) I failed my first glucose screening with P and had to do the 3 hour one (with 100 g glucose), which I ultimately passed.

In the end I did it this time too because whatever.  It’s a small sacrifice in the grand scheme of things. I’m sure you can imagine how gross it is drinking that amount of sugar in one sitting, but I just made sure to drastically reduce my carbs for the rest of the day.  The highlight was this bottle had no nasty food dye (one of my biggest complaints from last time).  This was a lemon lime flavor and (dare I admit) not terribly disgusting.  I felt nauseous after drinking it, but at least it didn’t gross me out as much on the way in.

This time I passed, no problem.  Phew.


I’ve been stocking our new stand-up freezer like craaaaaazy since we got it.  I have made an extra dinner each week since November, and even more quick breads, so that I will have a little something to help us out.

This is also the reason I’ve been testing allergens with P.  As much as I love that he eats virtually nothing processed, it’s hard to make all his food myself and so if I can open up any extra options (wheat / dairy), it will allow family and friends to help immensely.  I’m not delusional, I know I’m going to need lots of help next month. <–clearly that didn’t work out (he’ still allergic) hashtag sad face


And that’s all I wrote about pregnancy number two.

It seems clear why children differ by birth order.  You could try as much as you wanted to be the same parent to both, but it’s truly not possible.  You know more the second time around.  You are more confident.  You’re also busier.  Having a toddler to entertain while doing the newborn thing at the same time (nurse, nap, nurse, nap, nurse, nap, repeat)…makes things…well there’s no other word to use but different.  And on top of that, each pregnancy is unique as is each newborn.  With all these variables, there’s no way two kids could have the same experience.  They also change by the second!  There’s no schedule whatsoever in our lives.  It’s not all mayhem, it’s just completely unpredictable.  Ok, nap times are over.  No more rambling…

Chocolate coconut bombs

This is the recipe for the delicious treats my friend made me…which are basically chunks of heaven.  Not too sweet but pretty decadent, and yet I didn’t feel gross afterwards.


Chocolate Coconut Bombs [vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, optional nut free]


  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • 1 cup nut/seed butter of choice (she used chunky natural almond – chunky is definitely good for textural oomph in my opinion, sub sunbutter for nut free option)
  • 1/2 c honey
  • 1c cocoa (she used a mix of baking cocoa and special dark)
  • salt and vanilla to taste


Melt coconut oil and mix it together with the rest of the ingredients.  Pour into muffin tins.  Refrigerate until solid.  Store in freezer or fridge.



What to do with lemons and kumquats

Last month (back when I was still pregnant and in mega nesting mode) I asked The Kitchn what the heck to do with all the kumquats that our tree was pumping out…aside from just eat them plain (which is fine but we had way more than enough for that purpose).


Kumquat marmalade seemed the most useful of all the comments/suggestions, so I went and googled a bunch of different recipes and kinda morphed them into one jumbled all inclusive recipe.  David Lebovitz‘ was the dominant force and from there I just added my own tweaks to the citrus madness.


Did you know that using a cheesecloth to simmer the peel and seeds allows for natural pectins to get in the jam thereby acting as a thickener?  That way you don’t even need to add pectin like in other jams!  So cool!  I burned my hand because I didn’t wait long enough to squeeze the bag of seeds after I was done simmering the fruits.


PS you know what is NOT fun?  De-seeding kumquats.  Ugh.  What a pain.  I did it during an epic nap though so that worked out in my favor.  And like I said, I was still pregnant at this point so I only had one kid to manage.  Ah back when life was so simple.  Ha!


Anyway, it’s in the freezer now, but Kyle and I both sampled a taste and YUMS.  I put some pepper in for a kick, but you can’t really taste it like you’d think you would.

And since I was on a roll with the citrus…


I decided to do something with the pounds and pounds of Meyer lemons hanging out in the backyard.  [I’ve donated more than I ever thought possible to family and friends already and we STILL have so many!]  Good problems to have  😉


I think I already blogged about this way back when but I juiced a ton into ice cubes trays to freeze and have on hand for cooking.  Fresh lemon juice for daysssss.  I bet they’d be good in a lemon slushy drink.  Summer, I’m so ready for you!


And the rest I made into lemon curd.



Seriously, I cannot stress enough how great it has been to have a fully stocked freezer.  I was kinda nervous about the extra $$$ I had been spending each week making all the extra meals and quick breads and bulk purchases from Costco and the WF meat department.  But it is probably the one thing that has kept me sane (along with my amazing friends bringing us home-made dinners).

Can you even imagine the beauty that will be lemon curd PLUS strawberry chia jam??  I just thought up the marriage right now as I’m typing this and thinking it’s going to be lunch.

The weekly menu

Weekend visit from my parents!


We went out for a late lunch at Crepeville.  I got the Caesar salad with grilled salmon.  Nevermind that I had had a Caesar salad the previous night.  I really like them.  A lot.


I brought food for P, obvs.

Hey look!  A meal plan! [Don’t get too excited]


After my parents left we ran some errands and I cleaned the house…you know…Sunday stuff.  We had meatballs and rice for dinner.  So gourmet.  :)


The meatballs were Aidell’s chicken teriyaki and pineapple which were part of operation pre-baby freezer stocking.  I don’t really care about fancy meals right now.  It’s all about the ease of prep.  Thawing and baking meatballs in the oven and serving them over brown rice is about all I have time for and you know what, it tastes so good!  I miss browsing Bon Appetit with the real intent of making their dishes, but I have to be realistic about the time I have right now.  It’s a small miracle I am even posting with any frequency.


On Monday night we had tamales.  These are the pork ones by Del Real Foods which are sold at Costco.  They freeze and thaw beautifully and come with 15 (portioned as 3 packs of 5).  Again, this was stocked in the freezer thanks to my pregnancy prep work.

I always give myself the two biggest and then Kyle gets the other three.  They are definitely filling though.  I recently reached out to the company and am happy to say that they are allergen friendly so I will offer some to P next time we have them (we still have another two packs).


My girlfriend made us dinner on Tuesday!  Fajitas!  Complete with brown rice tortillas, wild rice, chicken, black beans, corn and tomatoes (plus cheese for Kyle).


Piled way way too high.  And finished off with tortilla chips on the side.


Wednesday night we were planning to go to farmer’s market for dinner but Kyle had a last minute meeting scheduled during it, so I took the kiddos by myself but came home and made us dinner instead of buying it there.  I wasn’t in the mood to lug food home in addition to all the crap that accompanies us now (she’s in the ergo but still – my hands can only carry so much while keeping P near by).


So I grabbed tomato soup from the pantry and paired it with cheesy bread for Kyle (who is obsessed with TJs organic creamy tomato soup after he sampled it in the store a while back).

IMG_4611And for myself I made a simple Caesar salad with Beyond Meat strips (that I also stock piled in the freezer).  It doesn’t look like much (in those first few photos) but once I added nooch it was primo.


Thursday night our friends made us food, which was (again) amazing.


Individual portioned salads with spinach, blueberries, and goat cheese (I made a simple balsamic vinaigrette to go on it), cornbread muffins, and beef/kidney bean chili.

Friday night we had planned to hit up the freezer stash yet again with some soup, but then it was kinda too warm for soup to sound good.  We ended up grabbing a rotisserie chicken on the way home from the park in the afternoon.  Fine by me.


Friday in general was ROUGH because baby girl decided to sleep for approximately two hours total the night before.  She basically lived on my chest since the only thing that seemed to soothe her was nursing.  Growth spurt?  Perhaps.  But she was WIDE awake the entire night so I’m thinking her circadian rhythm got off track.  Do babies even have set rhythms at 3 weeks old?  I don’t know, but she definitely slept the entire Thursday day, so maybe that was the issue.  But what am I supposed to do?  Wake her up?  I don’t think that’s the answer.  Especially because I’m entertaining a toddler at the same time, so if she wants to sleep it just makes my life easier in playing with him.  Oh the balance.  Anyway, Friday was long but that’s because I was super sleep deprived.

We had leftover cornbread muffins from Thursday’s dinner to pair with the chicken and then I thawed some peas on the side.  Boom.  Dinner is done.


Since our family meals have been so uninspiring I figured I’d share some of the stuff I’ve actually been cooking/baking (because I do most of my prep work for the next day at night after P is in bed and the rest of us are fed).


Egg, quinoa, and chard muffins (plus plain yogurt, sweet potato puree, s&p).  The chard is from the garden.  I wanted easy protein packed breakfast items I could grab quickly in the am.  Or whenever really.


Next up, almond flour banana bakes.  I had tons of super ripe bananas so I made two mini loaves (to freeze) and two mini bakes (for easy breakfasts).


I am all about having breakfast ready to go because mornings are so hard to predict and often the most chaotic time of the day (because there is zero consistency in wake up times, eating schedules, work outs, etc.).


I didn’t measure anything here so I can’t share the recipe, but it’s basically almond flour, mashed bananas, eggs, baking powder, and salt.  No sweetener because the bananas were pretty much black and dripping sugary syrup as they met their death on the kitchen counter.  Just the way I like em.


Topped in gobs of sunbutter-y sauce (sunbutter plus coconut milk).  I’d add maple syrup if your sun butter isn’t sweetened (but mine is).

Mmmm…so glad I made a bunch of these.  I alternate between these and smoothies depending on my mood.  And the weather.  Warm mornings demand cool beverages, no?


Lunch prep – pasta salad with veggies and tuna salad.

Time to plan for next week!

Snack smoothie

As much prep as I did prior to the arrival of V – there’s just no way to prepare for everything.  Obvious statement much?

When you are nursing, you need extra calories.  For me though, I am ravenous.  I need LOTS of calories.  I think this is common, but I’ll avoid generalizing because BFing is different for every mom.

More than calories, what I crave is carbs.  Sweet stuff specifically.  And for the most part, I have been indulging, but I’m starting to feel not so great about it.  (1) My gut doesn’t love crappy Easter candy and (2) I want to feed my body with nourishing quality stuff for the sake of V’s development and my own post-partum recovery.

I googled and brainstormed and pinterest-ed the crap out of snack ideas and really came up with very few things that sounded appealing.  Let’s be honest, celery sticks are not fun, chocolate is.  And while I think there’s a time and place for balance (meaning both of those foods), I want to focus more on real foods (with protein and fat) and less on sugar.


Guess what I forgot about!?!  SMOOTHIES!  They are the perfect solution!  First off, they are hands free and portable (key for me since P has allergies and I can’t eat several food groups in his presence).  Secondly, they can be the same or different each day without doing much additional shopping/ingredient stocking.


I am a BIG FAN of Sunwarrior’s chocolate warrior blend protein powder.  It’s GF, DF, SF, vegan, non GMO, and delicious.


I especially love that it’s sweetened with stevia so I can add fruit and other carbs without overdoing it in the sugar department.

My current go-to smoothie:

  • 4 coconut milk cubes (I freeze canned coconut milk in ice trays)
  • 1 cup non dairy milk (I use coconut or almond)
  • 1 large handful fresh spinach
  • 1 serving chocolate Sunwarrior warrior blend powder
  • 1 frozen banana
  • [optional toppings/add-ins] 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1/4 cup whole rolled oats, 1/4 cup granola


If it’s not in your pantry right now, go add canned coconut milk to your next grocery list right now so you can freeze some into cubes for this blissfully creamy drink.


Blend away and pour into a bowl (or massive mug).


Slurp up with a straw or scoop with a spoon.  For a snack I leave it as is, but I’ve been drinking them for breakfast too so to make it a meal I either add oats prior to blending or granola on top after.


I received these samples of Sunwarrior from the company but fell so hard for them that I bought more on my own.


I like the chocolate and vanilla flavor equally.  For my taste buds, the chocolate combines best with banana and vanilla with strawberry.  I’m sure they would be good flip flopped too though.  In reality, any fruit would work.  I have mango vanilla on the brain so as soon as we hit up the grocery store for next week’s haul that’s going in the cart for sure.  I’m partial to dates in my smoothies too.  Super decadent but oh so tasty.

Hit me up with other ideas for smoothie combos if you have a favorite you want to share!

Actually, hit me up with any other quick snack ideas that are healthy and not all sugar if you have some.  I miss you hummus.  :(  Might have to make my own (tahini/sesame free) hummus soon…