Good morning from the west coast (aka the BEST coast)!!

I started the day off as any good day should begin, with caffeine in a fun mug. I kinda messed up the ratio of lactaid to coffee again (but sorta on purpose this time since it was so good yesterday). Btw, the combo of BOTH lactaid and vanilla silk soy milk is pretty amazing.

At about 11, I went on a walk around the Lafayette reservoir with my high school besties (plus the boyfriends). Since I have no car, Lauren picked me up and we met Elaine and her fiance, Dave at the reservoir for some “exercise” while catching up (the consensus was the loop is 3ish miles). It’s so fun to see all the people with their dogs walking the res. Lauren brought her guide puppy in training, so we felt included in the scene 🙂 See him in the pic below (lying obediently) in the bottom right corner. L-town is pretty fabulous.

After our walk, we went to lunch at Chow, which is a pretty popular spot in Lafayette. Casual, simple American food – nothing too outside the box, but standard is good.

The vegan options were pretty non-existent

Kyle and I split the bowl of organic fruit to start, which had grapefruit, kiwi, blueberries, and apples.

Then I had the organic lettuces salad, with veggies and lemon-shallot vinaigrette. The salad was good, mostly because of the dressing, since the salad in and of itself wasn’t that thrilling. But, the bread on the side was soft and fresh and a great compliment to the salad.

Following that, I had a cup of the minestrone soup. The broth could have had a little more pizzaz, but I could tell the veggies in it were really fresh and those croutons on top were THE BEST! They were kinda toasted, but still soft enough to soak up the broth – yum! I only wish there had been more of those. They should make an entire dish of just soup soaked croutons (I’d buy it)! I used the bread on the side to soak up the soup, too, but it wasn’t quite as good as the croutons. After lunch, Elaine drove me home, and I got ready to head into San Francisco. I couldn’t believe how late it was! We didn’t get home until nearly 3, and our movie in SF was supposed to start at 5:50! Eek. I put a load of laundry in, and then Kyle and I walked to the bank (exciting, no?).
Anyways, my sister works/lives in SF, and she was getting off work at 5:30 so we had a hot date planned that I was pretty excited about. Dinner (vegan restaurant) and a movie!
I was lagging in a BIG way, so after we got into the city, we stopped so I could re-caffeinate. Starbucks, thank god. We were kinda speed walking, so I’m amazed the pic even came out. Short coffee with soy milk = heaven.

OMG! Slumdog Millionaire was THE best movie of the year, like, by far. Hands down, amazing. We all totally loved it. My sister is a movie fanatic, so her opinion isn’t too reliable (she bought Crossroads – enough said), but since me, Kyle, and my sister’s friend all agreed with her, it’s safe to say, universally, the movie was a huge hit!
After the movie we headed to dinner at Cha-Ya Japanese. Everything on the menu is vegan. I got the vegan roll (creative name, right?) which had spinach, atsuage tofu, cucumber, broccolini, pickled burdock, seasoned shiitake, kampyo gourd, and pickled ginger.

It was good, but the pieces were HUGE. I couldn’t fit the roll in my mouth in one bite (I know this because I tried to the first time and it took a good 4 minutes to chew and swallow). I liked the fresh veggies in it, and the tofu was good (but could have a bit more flavor).

The other roll I got was the special, which was wrapped in lettuce (crazy?!) with tofu, brown rice, and other veggies inside. This one was my fave. The warmth of the inside stuff with the crunchy lettuce was cool! To be fair though, I pretty much love all sushi, and anything and everything tastes good with soy sauce.

After dinner, we said goodbye to my sis, and K and I walked back to BART and took the train back to Lafayette. I can’t believe I leave tomorrow morning 🙁 I’m so sad about how short the visit home was. I feel like the time just flew by! I miss my fam and friends…being so far away on the East coast sucks sometimes. Now I have to start mentally prepping myself for the below freezing weather…
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  1. foodfashionfun

    Hey! I found your blog through another blogger and came to check it out, I hope you don’t mind!!! I’ll be looking foward to new posts:]

  2. Erin of Care to Eat

    Oh my god! I used to live in the Bay area. I don’t miss it but I loved it. 🙂 BART is a blast. I’m sorry you have to leave! You’re right – West is superior. 😉

  3. Lauren and Laura

    Okay, FIRST of all…the only reason i bought crossroads is because it was “buy 2 get one free” at Blockbuster and I had to get a movie cheaper than the others! Secondly, I like seeing all of the pics I saw you sneak in. And lastly…I cant wait for CABO!!

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