Dinner and baby alike

Coincidentally enough…

IMG_5474 IMG_5462

My baby is the size of a spaghetti squash.  Which was exactly what I had for dinner last night.


Oh man was this ever a fantastic meal. 

IMG_5463 IMG_5465

I knew a spaghetti squash would kick start my motivation! 

Dear Fall,
Thank you.
Love, Elise


I roasted the squash the lazy way.  Stabbed it with a knife a few times and let it bake in the oven for ~40 minutes on 375.  Once it had cooled, I cut it open and the stringy flesh just about separated itself from the skin.  Seriously.  Not only was the outside shell incredibly soft (I could have probably pried it open with my hands – no utensils necessary), but it was also roasted just enough to make it crispy and separate from the squash inside.  Which was perfect spaghetti, of course.  I scooped 2/3 of it into a tupperware to use this week and froze the remaining 1/3 for later.  The seeds were semi-annoying to fish out, but it really only took 5 minutes. 


For dinner I used about 1/4 of the squash (but then I went back for seconds).

On top was Whole Foods’ marinara (the roasted red pepper flavor is so so good), Tofurky beer brats, and some tomatoes from the garden.


I was so in love with this meal that I went overboard and by the end of my second helping I had a fiber baby and a real baby.  Not enough room in my belly!

It’s just been so long since I’ve looked forward to a meal all day long.  Including the prep.  Makes me happy.

The only issue I had with the dish was the saltiness.  For someone who usually adores all things sodium, this was a bit too much for my taste buds.  Must have been the combo of the sausage and the sauce.  I did have 2 whole sausages (hello appetite!).  As a result I was guzzling water the rest of the night and didn’t have any room for dessert (always a sad occurrence). 


I know it’s dark, but here’s my little spaghetti squash sized babe.  :)

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55 thoughts on “Dinner and baby alike

  1. Mimi

    Thanks to your recipes, I have fallen madly in love with spaghetti squash myself. I have some in the fridge and planning on roasting a second to freeze for winter. Wheat free pasta for the win.
    And your baby bump is too cute for words!!

  2. Mary

    Are there any major differences between the Tofurkey and Field Roast brand sausages? I’ve always bought Field Roast and was just wondering if the Tofurkey ones are just as good.

    I seriously might have to re-create that dinner, it looks amazing!

    1. Elise Post author

      the tofurky is soy based, whereas field roast is seitan (vital wheat gluten) based. i prefer field roast but its more $$. i buy it as a treat once a month, otherwise we get tofurky. kyle eats it more than i, since i try to eat minimal processed faux meats, but in a pinch its excellent. the texture of field roast is better in my opinion. tofurky is good stuff though. ive never tried the soy chorizo kind (i think its light life brand?) but i dont like the light life soy dogs or tofu pups for the record.

  3. ethel

    this is actually my Wed night dinner plans, but maybe i’ll up it as a Tue night dinner plan and have leftovers for lunch mañana.

    p.s. hello baby spaghetti squash.
    p.p.s. i like corn better. ;)

    1. Elise Post author

      hi lauren! glad you found me. thanks so much for the sweet comment. im out of control thrilled for this little guy to join our family :)

  4. Anne-A.

    When I read this, I really think I must try spaghetti squash this fall. And you and your baby are very cute !

  5. Jin

    wow Elise, it must be so exciting feel and see your belly grow!

    I love fall as well, I’ve been diving nose first into butternut squash. I can already tell my hands are turning orange. nice.

    1. Elise Post author

      its amazing. truly feels like hes growing more and more lately. by the second! its such a miracle to witness.

      nothing better than that beta carotene glow :)

  6. Courtney

    Yay! I am so glad the spaghetti squash brought your mojo back :-) I swear I buy 2 every weekend at the farmers market…I gotta stock up for the winter, lol!


      1. Courtney

        OMG…don’t even get me started on nutritional yeast bases sauces! I personally think nutritional yeast should be its own food group…YUM!

  7. Teghan

    This recipe looks soooooo good. Absolutely must try it ASAP! And you are looking fabulous with your sweet little baby bump :o)

  8. BroccoliHut

    I often end up going overboard with the spaghetti squash too–I guess because it’s so low-cal I just ignore all satiety signals and go whole hog. Ah well. I think there are worse habits to have.
    You’re looking fabulous!

  9. Lou

    Yummo -I have never tried spaghetti squash, doesn’t seem to be available over here :(

    Oh love that teeny little belly… it took AGES for me to get a proper BUMP too…. it was only in the last 10 weeks that it happened. Then it got BIG ;)

    You are looking gorgeous!

    1. Elise Post author

      it seems like hes going through quite a growth spurt…suddenly in the past week my bump is sooo much bigger (to me). and im ravenous in the mornings.

      i bet ill turn into a blimp in the final month too though…

      so sad you cant get spaghetti squash! its a true fall treasure. hope youre having fun at home. hugs.

  10. Adrianna

    how adorable! aah i love it.
    sad thing is, that’s how I look after meals… and I’m certainly no where close to being with child.

    1. Elise Post author

      actually me too. i can make myself look WAY preggo (always have been able to – thanks IBS). sometimes my bump is bigger due to bloating and big meals. but i can tell when its the real bump or gas/food. plus for the purposes of documenting the pregnancy, i try to take pics at the same time in the AM otherwise i have inconsistent bump progress photos.

      1. Adrianna

        isn’t that crazy? it’s like a joke in my family…i show it off after dinner. and yay ibs! blah.

        love watching/reading your journey :)

  11. Becky

    When I was pregnant with my daughter, my husband and I referred to her as “The Strawberry” because at one point in the pregnancy we read she was about that size. Somehow, the name stuck throughout the pregnancy – it was a super-cute way for us to call her “by name” without using her name (which we were keeping a secret until she was born).

    BTW, congratulations on your strawberry/now squash.

    1. Elise Post author

      thats so cute! i called him my chickpea for a long time…the name was replaced by baby corn thanks to my sisters (bc my last name is cobb). and now thats what everyone calls him.

  12. Deanna

    Ahhh, that’s so exciting ! This month just about marks my one year of discovering your blog, and to be honest, I was wondering when/if you were planning on getting pregnant (as weird as that sounds). Congrats !! xo

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