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If you had $5 to spend in WF, what would you buy?

Gah!  This is a seriously hard question.  Rather than break it down and get staples like apples and hummus, I’d love to splurge and spend all on the hot bar; most likely on a dish I couldn’t make myself like seitan chimichurri, marinated tempeh or tofu.  If you’re in Whole Foods, the hot bar is hard to escape…

What is your fave alcoholic drink and how often to you imbibe?

This depends on what the occasion is, but the all encompassing answer is red wine.  However, to be honest, I rarely drink anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, I had my hay day (I think I remember less than 20% of my first year of college), but nowadays the grandma in me can’t hang I’m less able to recover from such heavy nights of drinking that they are few and far between.

My only “rule” (although I’m sure there are exceptions to this, too) is that I won’t drink the night before I work.  I typically drink wine when dining out, especially when it’s a nice restaurant with family or friends.  I think wine is the perfect accompaniment to a good meal.  That said, I also see no problem with enjoying a glass of wine when there’s a tv, a couch, and a snuggie involved, too.  It’s all about what I want in the moment and since my tolerance is embarrassingly low, I tend to taper off as bedtime approaches.  Going to bed with the spins is a pastime and I’d like to keep it in the past.

Now that I sound like a wine-drinking, silver-spoon-licking, country club snob, let me backpedal a bit and remind you all of my recent Washington D.C. bar time.  Bud Light is my football drinking partner.  B minus (B -), as I lovingly refer to it, has gotten me through all too many 49er losses and even more UCLA disappointments.  So you can betchur bottom dollar that if my a$$ is on a bar stool, there’s a B – nearby.

See it in the OG post here.

What’s your favorite kind of peanut butter?

To be honest, I would hardly consider myself a nut butter connoisseur.  I like all peanut butters, and I can’t really taste the difference enough to specify a favorite.  I’m a big fan of the grind-your-own from Whole Foods though.  And for anyone who knows me in real life, it HAS to be smooth.  I don’t like chunky because it reminds me of real actual nuts, which I detest (don’t ask, I’m a freak).  Recently, however (since I’ve been blogging), I’ve been working on trying to mature my taste buds and expand my foodie repertoire…which means, I’m incorporating more and more nuts into foods to try.  Because let’s be real – a food blogger who doesn’t like nuts is like Lady GaGa without makeup and a family of birds nesting in her hair – it just ‘aint right!?

How do you make apples and hummus look so good?

Trust me, they do that on their own!  YUM!

What food would describe my personality best?

Hard question!  Maybe coffee?  Not that I’m addicting per se, but I do have a very addictive personality (as in creature of habit/month long food obsessions/find something I like and indulge and indulge until I completely OD on it…).  Also, I think I’m a pretty energetic person, so there’s the caffeine factor.

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  1. lindsey

    I was recently diagnosed with IBS and am seriously looking for relief from my symptoms. Gas and bloating (to the extreme!) are my most aggravating symptoms. Do you have any advice for figuring out what is the best diet for me? I personally LOVE fruits and veggies, and most of the things that I love allegedly produce the most gas and are the worst for IBS! Any help would be amazing!!! Thank you!

  2. Elise (Post author)

    hey lindsey. i completely understand. its a very hard thing to deal with. unfortunately, discovering what foods are the least aggravating is a highly individual trial and error based method. i am still learning more and more myself. if you read my posts about digestive enzymes and just follow how i eat on the blog youll get a pretty good idea of how i deal with it. however, this doesnt mean it will work for you. keep trying things until you find the system that works for you, but remember that IBS also has no rhyme or reason. so having a flare up can happen even with a food that you are normally completely comfortable with. so dont start eliminating things too hastily!

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