For the avocado lovers

I ate two avocados today. 

For breakfast I had toast with avocado and a pinch of salt. 

For lunch I had a salad with a lot of avocado. 

For dinner I had a stir fry topped in avocado.

I honestly couldn’t tell you which was my favorite meal.  I love avocado.  I don’t understand people who don’t like avocado.  It makes no sense to me.


It seems like I’m back in a salad phase because this was so good I can’t wait to have it again.  And again.  And again. 


Spring greens.  Lightlife’s tempeh fakin’ bakin’.  Carrots.  Avocado.  Girard’s light champagne dressing.


If this were cold, it would be a hippie bowl.  But since it’s hot off the stove, I guess it’s a stir fry.  Even though the avocado is (obviously) not warm.


Brown rice.  Sesame oil.  Tamari.  Organic eggs.  Carrots.  Avocado. 


Perfection.  If I had my way, I’d have avocado in every single meal. 

When I was really young (as in 3 years old) my parents lived in Orange County and their house had an avocado tree.  It was huge and produced TONS of fruit.  Man do I wish we had one today.  Unlimited (and free!) avos would be the best (way better than a tomato plant). 

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  1. sarah

    Avocado lovers unite!!!

    (I’m eating smashed avo on millet bread with fried egg as I write).
    My current No1 fave way to eat avocado= avocado+cocoa powder+maple syrup/stevia, all blended in the bullet. Then, I spread the mixture evenly between cupcake cases. Sprinkle sea salt & chopped nuts( normally walnuts) on top of them. FREEZE!
    They’re like yummy avocado truffles or something.

    I actually used to BE one of those people who don’t like avocado…yeah, I’m not too sure what was going on there. Temporary insanity maybe??

  2. Sarah

    Agreed. I’m OBSESSED with avo. I add it to anything. I love them so much, but hate them when they are grown. It’s the worst. It makes the sorry time that they are good that much more precious.

  3. Sarah

    Ugh… brown, not grown. And short, not sorry. I didn’t proofread my auto-correcting phone.

  4. Elise (Post author)

    definitely temporary insanity. your frozen concoction MORE than makes up for it though. omg, i want it now!!

  5. Elise (Post author)

    haha…i figured it out, no worries.

  6. Lisa @ The Valley Vegan

    I LOOOOOOOVE Avocado!

    I grew up in NY and lived for a decade in MA, and for all those 32 years, I could not eat avocado one teeny tiny bit. It made me so sick, it wasn’t even worth looking at as I walked by it in the grocery store. I mentioned this to my yoga teacher (who, at that moment was offering me something with avocado in it) and she told me in no uncertain terms should I be eating anything but organic avocados. Apparently, the preservatives that are used to ship avocados from the west coast & Mexico were highly toxic to me and if i wasn’t going to grow avocados in a glass in on my windowsill, then stay away from them.

    When I moved to Las Vegas, I decided to take a chance and voila! I could magically eat avocado for the first time ever!!

    I LOVE reading your posts on avocado meals. 🙂 I have to eat them sparingly now because of my gut, but when I do I make it count.

  7. Ttrockwood

    If you put a ripe avocado in the fridge it stops it from aging/browning as quickly and gives you another day or two!

  8. Teresa

    I LOVE avocado! My salad for lunch yesterday and today looked very similar to that, with a ton of avocado on top. My husband doesn’t like them and I cannot fathom how…more for me, I guess?

    Yummy, your meals look delicious!

  9. Lisa @ The Valley Vegan

    If it’s already cut in half, store the side with the pit by squeezing a little bit of lime on it then tightly cover with plastic wrap, making sure there is no way for air to get to the flesh. I wish I could say I knew how long it would last like that because we usually eat the 2nd half within 24 hours…

  10. Jaime

    Have you ever tried the avocado egg rolls from Cheesecake Factory? I always tell people that they play a close second to S-E- you know what.

    If I was stranded on a deserted island and could only bring 3 things an avocado would definitely be one 🙂

  11. Becky (have turtle will travel)

    I’ve tried and tried to like avocado. I just can’t. 🙁 I think it’s the texture. I’ve tried it a half a dozen ways at least, and I can’t make myself like it.

  12. Anne @ eatcleaneatreal

    You are a woman after my own heart! I’m currently OBSESSED with avocado. They are helping me replace cheese and bottled dressing. YUMMMMMMY!

  13. Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries

    I’m right there with ya on your love for avocados. Yum!

  14. Kate

    Good eats! I could easily have avocado with every meal, and in between. It’s so versatile! I’ve been meaning to make some avocado pudding…mmm…

  15. Katie @ Peace Love & Oats

    Who doesn’t like avocado?!?! Crazies. And I need to get back in a salad phase, I just never like ones that I make for myself but I love them when eating out!

  16. Elise (Post author)

    i know what you mean. its all about a good dressing and toppings…avocado is a big help.

  17. Elise (Post author)

    oh and dr oz says theyre a top 5 food for preggos 🙂

  18. Elise (Post author)

    i havent. but if theyre really better than s.e…im going to have to get on that. maybe theyll stimulate my hormones and send me into labor, ha.

  19. Elise (Post author)

    you lucky girl! its a FIGHT for avocado up in this household!!!!

  20. Elise (Post author)

    ick, i agree completely though. when we lived in nyc the produce was so disappointing to me – mostly avocado, tomatoes, stone fruit, and pears. it was horrible. i had no idea about nasty preservatives used in shipping though.
    good things we are back on the west coast. holler 🙂

  21. Elise (Post author)

    yeah i rarely have the issue of preserving browning avos either…they go way too quickly in our household!

  22. Lisa @ The Valley Vegan

    whoop whoop!!

    I couldn’t eat avocados or strawberries, but thankfully there were plenty of local strawberry growers nearby.

  23. Lauren (@poweredbypb)

    I absolutely love avocado, my day is not complete unless I have it in some form, salads, guac, smoothies, or straight up out the skin- absolutely love those good fats!

  24. Courtney

    I actually don’t like avocados…avocados and nuts. Those are seriously just about the only two foods I don’t like, lol! My whole family is obsessed with avocados, though, so I don’t know what happened to me…I am the only one.

    Anyway, you like the Lightlife’s tempeh fakin’ bakin’? I have picked it up just about every single time I go to Whole Foods, but can’t bring myself to shell out the $$ for it in case I don’t like it. Is it worth it??


  25. Elise (Post author)

    its the best. i love it. i swear they recently changed the flavor or something in it because its slightly more tempeh-y than it was before but its still awesome. as a person who’s meh on tempeh already, the fact that i eat the fakin’ bakin’ plain without even cooking it or anything first should tell you something.

  26. Courtney

    Thank you! I am not crazy tempeh either, but I figured the bakin’ would be a good entry point since the tempeh flavor would be pretty well disguised 🙂

  27. BroccoliHut

    I’m with you–I don’t understand avocado haters either. What’s not to love? Creamy deliciousness that goes with pretty much everything AND it’s good for you. One of nature’s most perfect foods, if you ask me.
    Now I want avocado toast!

  28. sheila

    there’s a vegan place in boston ( that has hippie bowls a lot like yours. whenever i see your posts i think of how much you’d love that place. i def recommend it if you’re ever in bean town 🙂

  29. elaine c.

    Love the ode to avocados 🙂
    Avo and toast this AM!

  30. Elise (Post author)

    yeah that menu is right up my alley 🙂

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