More of Manhattan

After day one of our return trip (slash semi-vacation) in New York, I already felt like I was back in the swing of things, living the Big Apple life. 


I had Healthy Korner lunches on the go…


Lemonade flavored VitaminWater Zero, PowerFu salad sandwich, apple.


Then I squeezed in a few million bridesmaid-related errands…the most important being a haircut :)


It had been a while, and I finally sucked it up and made the plunge.


Here I am at the rehearsal dinner after-party with my parents and short(er) hair.  Yes, my parents made the trip to NYC for Jess’ wedding too.  I know I have mentioned our college days in previous posts, but in fact, Jess and I go back way further than that…

I met her in 7th grade (at the peak of my awkward years) and she had me at “hello.”

Elise & JessicaElise & Jess Halloween

(It took me a while to blossom if you’re wondering why I look like a 10 year old boy)

Elise & Lauren & Jess 8th GradeElise & Jess - Stanley

After only 2 years of junior high together, we had already built a friendship strong enough to last a lifetime.

Even though our high school experiences were a bit different (she was a cheerleader, I was a jock)…

Alene,Elise,Jess Parade

None of that mattered once we went to college…

Elise & Jess Greek 2

(Don’t even get me started on my pixie hair cut)

Elise & Jess 80's

We were a power couple in our own minds.  We lived together we had our lives taped together we shared everything from our wardrobe to our deepest secrets, and then we graduated…


And she moved to New York…


And then I moved to New York…

This is when the parallel nature of our lives really takes off:  we both lived on the Upper West Side (she still does), we are both vegan, and we are both engaged to men named Kyle.  Creepy?  Or destiny?  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  In addition to our ability to finish each other’s sentences, we often experience the same things on the same days.  Emotionally, physically, and psychologically, we have so much in common, I’m just waiting for the day when we find out we were twins separated at birth.  I swear we are the same person – at times I feel like I’m talking to myself.  That kind of closeness is hard to find.  But before I get all choked up (again), let me just say one thing:


I’m so proud of her. 

Wedding post to come…

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22 thoughts on “More of Manhattan

  1. Katie

    Aw, lifelong friendships like that are priceless. 90% of my friends have been there for me since 1st grade – and I LOVE that closeness – it’s family!! Congrats to Jess, can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

  2. julie

    for some reason when i read this post the song “reuuunited and it feeels so gooood” was in the back of my head :)

    can’t wait for the wedding recap!!!!

  3. Graze With Me

    That sounds like a true friendship right there. Makes me sad, all my friends and I drifted apart. It’s hard starting over.

    Can’t wait for the wedding post!

  4. elise

    hahaha…such a small world. he said they had 3 lunch reservations today, i guess one of them was you! (he was only there until 1145 though)

  5. freckledfoodie


    I’m lucky to have found a friendship like that in MY best friend too! I only wish I had started the blog before her wedding last may because then I would have all those memories permenantly stored on my page that I could glance back at whenever I wanted…

    She moved about na hour away, since her husband’s job was there, and I hardly ever saw her, but now she’s moving back closer!! I cannot WAIT. This post I could totally relate to because we are the SAME way. We’re cousins, too so that may have something to do with it ;)

    Congrats to your bestie! XO.

  6. T

    My goodness, congratulations on finding such a keeper! It’s so hard to find such genuine bestfriends these days.

    ANYWAYS, congrats to Jess!

    Also, I just recently discovered your blog and I am absolutely loving reading what you have to say!

  7. jessica

    ok, i know this is really gay, but i just looked at all the pics again and laughed SO hard. omg, the one of you grabbing my butt at the toga party is so freaking hilarious.

    and, remember the pic of us kissing and how sig ep actually hung it up on their wall of shame?


  8. jessica

    ok, last comment, i promise.

    remember when you cropped g-string out of the track pic and she got mad at us on facebook? now i’m really laughing hard. probably not going to go to sleep anytime soon. maybe i’ll make some more toast. or maybe i’ll have a j timberlake dance party and bounce a basketball on the floor and see how long it takes for my neighbors to come upstairs and complain. choices choices.

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