Our new bed

My dad came yesterday and built a raised bed with me and the kids and I can’t wait to fill it with dirt and get some seeds in the ground!  I love that they get to see projects like this happen from zero to produce.

We went to open gym before he arrived so they had at least burned off a little bit of energy…the rain had just finally stopped so it was still pretty damp outside, but they managed to steer clear of the power tools and not end up completely covered in mud by the end of the project.  Kinda.

Verdict?  Needs sweetener.  I added some cashew butter, but next time I may try a sweetened one (like Sunbutter or Barney Butter).

You can’t even see the drumsticks they are such a blur.

Look at the poor face on miss V as her brother tries the first red strawberry from the garden.  Those berries survived all winter and are just now bearing fruit (again)!  How crazy is that!  I definitely thought our winter was too cold for them to make it, but four of the plants are booming! Not much else made it, aside from some chard, which they’ve been eating for the past few weeks.

Measuring man.

It started drizzling a bit at the very end so I brought them inside to feed them lunch while my dad finished the last screws.  We got lunch from Nugget, since I needed to get a few groceries anyway.  My dad read to P before his quiet time/nap so I could run out and grab the essentials. Kyle’s currently out of town, so it’s always appreciated when I can have two seconds to myself, even if it is to shop for food.

I froze a bunch of that leftover ham, but I used a couple of cups in this quiche.

It also had one head of broccoli, one red bell pepper, 1 1/2 cups daiya cheddar cheese, plain almond milk, water, and 8 eggs.

The kids gave it the side eye at first, but after one bite they were sold.

Truth be told it wasn’t the easiest to serve them, and after cutting it up for them, it looked like a scramble, so I should have used a bowl so they could use spoons.  I ended up doing way to much of the silverware work for them.

P ended up having a bunch more to eat, too.  Despite being so nutrient dense, it’s staying power is pretty weak (due to the lack of carbs).

I loved this salty heaven and could have finished off the whole casserole pan solo.

After we finished dinner, the kids played for a bit while I jarred the beans and prepped breakfast for the next day.

Look how much this yielded!  [These are the white beans I slow cooked with the ham hock from Easter]

I froze all the jars, but saved the glass container for this week.

Dessert(S) if you please.  I had a bite of the cake on the left (leftovers our neighbors brought over from a birthday party), but really wanted chocolate so I ended up with the other plate.  I wrapped the cake up for Kyle, though.

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  1. Lesq

    That face on V watching P eat the berry is priceless😂😂!! So beautiful to see the precious time your dad spends with your children. The love of a grandparent is immeasurable and so ego building for a child–there are so many articles on the importance of it and not everyone has the luck to have the gift of grandparent love and devotion. Cherish it!!! Also, I have been following you for so long. You have come a long way since your NY days. You did good girl❤🌈😎

  2. Elise (Post author)

    You are so sweet – I truly treasure your comments. 🙂

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