PURE food and fun

Friday’s dinner deserves it’s own post.

I don’t think there are words nearly adequate enough to describe the night I had.  Not only was the company delightful, but the meal – OMG – I could go on about it for hours (which I did, much to Kyle’s delight).  Just looking at the pictures now, I am having flashbacks with a Pavlovian type response.



I met up with the one and only Miss VeggieGirl on Friday night too excited for words…her pimpa$$ hotel was within walking distance of PURE so we ended up only moderately drenched upon arrival.  At least I had a functional umbrella, which is more than SOME people could say.  Sorry VG!

I am embarrassed to say how close this place is to where I work (5 minutes walking distance).  I feel like a pathetic excuse for a foodie (and vegan in general) as it has been on my to-do list since I moved to NYC (which was well over a year ago…).  Blogger fail.

Anyways, the inside of the restaurant is small but not cluttered (understated elegance if you will), and upon arrival we were greeted politely and seated promptly…almost as if they knew us (oh, wait…they did!).  Apparently, this was VG’s 4th night in a row dining at Pure Food and Wine.  I’m pretty sure she is single handedly keeping the place in business (not that they need the help).  Creature of habit much?  Now THAT is something I can relate to – hey, if it aint broke…?

*As I was soon to discover for myself, dining at Pure is more than worth the repetition.

I’d obviously checked out the menu online beforehand.  Who doesn’t do this? But ultimately, I knew I should leave my order in the hands of the expert.  Four days in a row gives you that status, I should think.

I went with the Lasagna.  Classic.

It’s what they are famous for after all.


Hello loverrrrr.  A few words that came to mind: Mouth watering.  Savory.  Rich.  Authentic Italian.

All I could think was "How is this not cheese?" and "Am I in Italy?"

The dish was playing tricks on my taste buds.

The combination of the fresh tomato, zucchini and pesto were amazing – and don’t even get me started on the macadamia nut "cheese."  I couldn’t believe it.

VG ordered two dishes, both of which she was kind enough to share a bite. 


First off was the sushi


Question: Since when does a nut/jicima combo taste like rice?

Answer: Since Pure invented it.

The second dish she got was a seaweed salad. 


It was…how shall I phrase this…a bit odd.  It took a few bites for her to place why the flavor was familiar.  Then, in a true "A-ha" moment, she declared Ruffles Sour Cream & Onion potato chips!!  Ummm…sure? 

Naturally, with a claim like that I had to try it for myself.  Sure enough, she was right!!!  It was exactly like sour cream and onion.  How bizarre.  How bizarre.


Once our dinner plates were clean, we moved on to the dessert menu.  Again, I deferred to the expert.  Although chocolate is usually my post-dinner go to, I was in the mood for something fruity and cake-y (and pink) ā€“ oh my!


Strawberry shortcake!  Heaven.  I wanted this dessert to never end.  I savored each bite more than the last.  It was rich without being overly decadent, and the perfect combo of sweet and tart.  The shortcake layers were creamy and yet cake-like at the same time.  The sauce on the left accented the cake without overpowering it, while the ice cream on the right was the cool contrast my tongue was craving.  Such a treat!


VG got the mint chocolate sundae.  I don’t know why the (very hot ring-less) waiter even bothered to ask for her order, since she ordered the same thing the previous 3 nights ā€“ but why mess with a good thing, right?


Now that I’ve gushed about the food, let me tell you about my date.  Some of you in the blog world already know her in real life, but for those of you who don’t – she’s the exact same sweetheart you see on VGTV.  She’s 100% genuine and JUST like on her blog, has a no bullsh!t attitude that a straight-shooter like myself adores!  Even though we JUST met, I could have chatted the whole night away.  She’s kind, thoughtful, smart and sassy.  And man, does she have a passion for food.  We talked about everything from our fave Larabar flavors to career paths…and I was so pleased to discover how open and easy our conversation was.  It’s truly refreshing to find such people (heart you girl)!

Anyways, sappy bloggie love aside, she took my Pure virginity, and for that I’ll forever remember the night with fondness.  You better believe I felt like One Lucky Duck – the Pure takeaway will soon know my face the way Starbucks’ baristas do!

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  1. lora

    sounds liek a PURE blast! sorry had to get that one in first šŸ˜‰ food looks to die for…and strawb shortcake is my abz fav dessert ever!


  2. blueeyedheart

    Hooray for fun blogger dinners!!

    On to the next item on the “to do” list… šŸ˜‰
    <3 <3

  3. VeggieGirl

    ELISE!!! I love your thorough descriptions of the meal (a true foodie, that you are!); and your extremely kind words have touched me deeper than ever – you’re a gem and I can’t wait to reunite in NYC very soon!! And I can’t wait to find out about more of your Pure and One Lucky Duck adventures šŸ˜‰

  4. broccolihut

    Ugh, I want to visit that restaurant ASAP. You made everything look/sound so good.
    VG is the shizz. She’s one of my fave people. Glad you two hit it off!
    PS Love the Pavlov reference:)

  5. Erin

    Ahhh I love this! You fell in love with VG and Pure! So jeal of these experiences. šŸ™‚ In my dreams. Your meals look amaze. Love love love. Die!

  6. Averie

    I just started reading your blog recently and am impressed by all of your great posts! Your trip to Pure looks amazing and I wish I could easily stroll over there. But I’m in San Diego so no such luck. I added you to my blogroll and googlereader. Keep the great posts coming!

  7. Dori

    I am dying to go to Pure! The mint choc sundae especially looks heavenly!

  8. ksgoodeats

    Reason number 5489 why K should go to NYC: Eat seaweed salad that tastes like Sour Cream & Onion Ruffles (my childhood fav back in the day)!

    What a fantastic date night šŸ˜‰ Glad you guys had fun! It looks like it was incredible!!

  9. Hangry Pants

    LOL – I totally agree about Liz … and Pure.

  10. Shelby

    I really need to start commenting more often, your blog is just fabulous girl!

    The food at Pure is just breathtaking! I love the look of all the main meals but the desserts are spectacular! I would be all over that shortcake! Love it!

    VG is such a genuine sweetheart with an awesome kick ass attitude to go with it. She is such a dear friend to me and I’m glad you got to enjoy your evening with her!

  11. JB

    the sushi and the sundae look DIVINE! i really want to try the sushi! and i check out menus online too, haha.


  12. Lara (Thinspired)

    I am pretty jealous—of the food, and the company! Thank you for sharing what VG us like…I can’t wait to meet her (and you!)! Someday, there’s got to be a worldwide-food blogger get together so we can all finally meet šŸ™‚

  13. Allison

    I’m pretty much insanely jealous of – oh- i dont know – EVERYTHING IN THIS POST? šŸ™‚

  14. Abby

    What Allison said…seriously!

  15. jessica

    Aww, this post makes me happy. Someday I WILL meet my faveeee HHH & VG! Someday. šŸ™‚

    And hello food porn. That sushi looks gooooooooood.

  16. Ada

    I love Pure, it’s such a good restaurant! I actually work at a hospital like five minutes away as well, how funny! I’m glad you guys enjoyed your dinner:)

  17. lilveggiepatch

    Oh LORDY that meal looks amazing, and I haven’t even started thinking about the food! You and Liz are two of my favorite ladies. AND. That lasagna. The sundae. Holy moly.

  18. julie

    sound SO effing delish!! glad you had such a good time with great company!

    sometime in my life i’ll make it there haha

  19. Andrea

    So jealous! I would have loved to be there with the two of you.

  20. janetha

    yuhhhm sushi! and that dessert looks WAY too pretty to eat. seriously. glad you had a fun time!!

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  22. Diana (Soap & Chocolate)

    Oh girl, I too have experienced the earth-shattering lasagna and mint sundae at Pure, and I won’t soon forget it. You must work nearby me as well because I’m quite close by Pure/OLD myself! If you ever need an exuse to indulge in either one, you know how to find me… šŸ™‚

    Oh and agreed re: VeggieGirl – totally delightful hanging out with her last week. šŸ˜€

  23. lowandbhold

    Ohhhh geez. Why must you NY bloggers make me hate my life so?! I hope I make it up there before I die so I can taste such delicacies.

  24. Missy Maintains

    I must go there ASAP! I drool every time I see the lasagna on blogs! And those desserts! Yum!!

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