Readers request: protein powder

Protein powders aren’t something I use frequently because I prefer getting my nutrients from whole foods.  However, for someone on a plant based, low FODMAP diet, protein is definitely an important macronutrient to monitor. 

For the record: I don’t count my caloric intake.  I don’t track my protein, fat, or carbs.  I know other people do, and I know there are many health benefits to doing so, but personally I don’t have the time or energy for that kind of detail.  I know quite a bit about nutrition and I am very mindful with my diet, making sure I get adequate x, y, z each and every day, so I think that’s good enough. 

That said, carbohydrates do have a dominant presence in my meals so protein powders are a good supplement to even out the ratio of macronutrients.

The problem with protein powders is committing to one can be a bit of a gamble.  For me, there are a few factors.

  1. The expense
  2. The size
  3. The ingredients
  4. The flavor

It’s hard to commit to a gallon of something you’ve never tried.  What if it sucks?  Then you have the remaining 499 servings to deal with.  Not to mention you’ve just spend half your paycheck on something you’ll never use again.  And when it comes to the ingredient list I’ve found the price of a protein powder is inversely proportional to how wholesome and pure the ingredients are.

Case in point:

Sun Warrior and Vega ~ $50

The Biggest Loser Whey ~ $13

In a perfect world, I would be able to find an organic, non-soy, non-GMO, vegan, gluten free protein powder that is reasonably priced and low in sugar.  It doesn’t have to be sweetened with stevia, but I’d prefer a non-fructose (natural) source of sugar.  Ideally, the base would be a combo of hemp protein, brown rice protein, and pea protein; and it would have a neutral flavor that could be masked in oats, smoothies, and/or baked goods. 

Of course this is just my fantasy, and I’ve yet to find an affordable version of this “perfect” product, but here’s what I have found. 


Jarrow Formulas Brown Rice Protein (vanilla) – 11 g protein per serving

In a nut shell, this powder is:

  • made from organic brown rice
  • hypoallergenic & gluten free (for those with GI sensitivity to milk, wheat, & soy)
  • vegan
  • non-GMO
  • contains a complete amino acid profile
  • free of artificial flavors or sweeteners
  • available in 3 flavors (vanilla, chocolate & mixed berry)


Jarrow Formulas Brown Rice Protein Concentrate (long name much?) is made without any chemical solvents and is specially processed to provide a complete amino acid profile for vegans and those who have GI sensitivities. 

For the record, I have no motive for plugging this company, I’m just sharing what I’m using at the moment.

Ingredient-wise it gets 4.9/5 stars (1 star taken away for the “natural flavors”)

Flavor-wise it gets 5/5 stars (even though it’s called vanilla, it’s pretty much neutral tasting to me)

IMG_1355 IMG_1360

This smoothie has:

  • 1 cup frozen berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries)
  • 1/2 cup POM
  • 1/4 cup almond milk
  • 3 (heaping) tbsp brown rice protein powder



Protein from a carbohydrate, it can be done!


Other brands I’ve had my eye on include:

This protein shake mix is delicious tasting.  I used the chocolate in oatmeal and it was like I was eating raw brownie batter.  Crazy delicious.


The vanilla is also really awesome in pancakes (see below).


The only reason I don’t buy it in bulk has to do with the fact that it has fructose as a sweetener.  For the average person (without GI sensitivities) this is a non-issue, but for those following a low FODMAPs diet, this is something to be aware of.  Aside from that, it’s an ideal protein powder because it’s vegan, soy free, and reasonably priced.  You can buy individual packets for on-the-go use (or if you don’t want to commit to a huge tub at first).


As you can see (if you have 20/20 vision or a really big computer screen), there are 9 g of sugar per serving.  I rarely use an entire packet at once because of aforementioned fructose, but still it’s worth noting that the reason it’s not way higher is because it’s also sweetened with stevia.  So the fructose load is relatively small when I use it (and I’m happy to report it doesn’t seem to aggravate my GI tract when eaten without any other FODMAPs).  Kyle loves the stuff too. 


I haven’t yet tried this one, but the stats are perfectly in line with my “in a perfect world” scenario.  The protein is derived from a blend of pea protein, brown rice protein, and hemp protein.  Plus it’s got the added benefits of chia seeds (healthy omegas) and chlorella (more omegas!).  Both pea and hemp proteins can have pretty distinct flavors, so I’ll be curious to see how they work in combo (and whether or not they are able to remain flavor neutral).


It’s also non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, wheat free, and soy free.  It’s sweetened with small amounts of xylitol, which is a polyol (for the FODMAPs people).  However, since I have yet to try it, I can’t say whether or not it is aggravating to my GI tract.  I’ll report back. 


This brand specializes in protein supplements for vegans with food allergies/sensitivities and has all the perks of the previous powders PLUS it’s certified organic.  It’s also completely reasonably priced (and they sell individual packets so you can test it out before committing to a 1 pound tub).

IMG_1485 IMG_1483 

NutriBiotic has a plain and vanilla flavor, plus varieties with special supplements like flax and antioxidants. 

So far I’ve tried the vanilla which only has two ingredients: organic, whole grain, sprouted brown rice and certified organic vanilla flavor.  That’s it.  It’s pretty neutral in terms of a smoothie ingredient.  It can have that characteristic gritty texture/taste when added in large amounts, but I don’t really mind it (since it doesn’t change the flavor of the actual drink). 

IMG_0495 IMG_0496

I haven’t yet tried this because I’m afraid I will love it.  Why is this a bad thing?  Well, for one the gum blend isn’t very GI friendly.  It also has pectin, which is most likely a FODMAP.  And it’s not exactly cheap either.  Stay tuned.


Feel free to chime in with any protein powders you’ve tried and liked or not liked.

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Comments (88)

  1. Shana

    I have tried the jarrow rice formula in both plain and vanilla. I didn’t care for it at all. Anything I add it to ends up tasting like gravy. It’s kind of thick, gritty, and chalky and I could always detect it in food. I would choke some down in a protein emergency but I wouldn’t ruin my food with it. 🙁 Yet to find a GOOD protein powder!

  2. Abby

    I’m not big on protein powders for all the reasons you’ve mentioned. Plus, I just prefer whole foods. But I am curious as to how much the Jarrow Formulas Brown Rice Protein powder was?

  3. Bethany I.

    I use Plant Fusion protein powder in vanilla because so far it’s the only one that I like.
    However, it does have fructose in it (which doesn’t bother me) but it only has 4 g of sugar. I have yet to try the chocolate, but I’ve heard it’s just as good. I wouldn’t know about the unflavored kind or berry.

  4. Rachel

    Thank you so much for this! I’m in the same boat; finding good quality vegan powders while saving some cash (college student, ya know the deal). I usually buy Nutribiotic Rice Protein and I like it but it doesn’t mix well and I choke on the powder haha.

    I recently bought this one, not as cheap as I’d like, but has good stats and a subtle amount of sweetness. It’s also soy free and might be of interest to you!

  5. Amanda d

    If it helps, I use the Sun Warrior raw vanilla and it’s really good!

  6. LizAshlee

    I am currently using Raw Protein (Garden of Life) as they have new chocolate and vanilla flavors available..not my fav as it is quite chalk-y but the flavor is pretty good…I am always up for trying new plant based protein powders..thanks for sharing!

  7. Izabela (

    I am so glad you did this post. I need to use the protein powder after my workouts but I am always very concern if there will be any GI issues after. Right now I have Vega one and it seems to be OK.. (not to bad and not to great after). Thanks for sharing your thoughts I will check the ingredients in it.

  8. Katie @ Peace Love & Oats

    I use sunwarrior… yes, it’s dangerous. Sooo expensive, but I’m a huge fan. I try and buy it when it’s on sale on OpenSky, or on amazon.

  9. Kelly

    I love the Raw Protein by Garden of Life. I have used it in many things including homemade protein bars. They just came out with Chocolate & Vanilla flavors, but I haven’t tried either of those yet.

  10. Meagan

    This hemp protein is the only one I use:

    I have tried some of the ones you’ve mentioned but I always hate the flavors – I guess my taste buds are different from most peoples. I love that this one is just hemp seeds and gives you a great dose of fiber too. I know some people don’t like the hemp taste but I love it.

  11. Ellie @ healthy belly ellie

    I am in love with the Sun Warrior Warrior Blend Vanilla… at first, I didn’t really like the taste… but now.. I am absolutely loving it!! And for the price, you get a bunch of servings!!! I figure since I’m not spending my money on meats and those kind of things… the protein powder is justifiable! I also really like the vega one powders – vanilla and chocolate…! For a more affordable protein though, there is a pumpkin seed protein powder that contains only pumpkin seeds and all the amino acid profiles… This one is not as tasty on its on, but in smoothies and such it can be quite delicious and alot more affordable!

    Great post!

  12. Alex @ therunwithin

    Thanks for doing a review of these, I have never tried the rice protein powder but think it looks great!

  13. Jerri Ann Mills

    Elise, your blog and my brain are freakishly similar as of late. I am on the market for a new protein powder. I’m hoping I can find one that will satisfy both my need for a plant-base protein and my husband’s need for muscle repair post-workout. He’s always used whey protein, but I plan to convert him!! 🙂

  14. Elise (Post author)


  15. shahar

    why non-GMO? there’s nothing wrong with GMOs.

  16. Sarah @ Fresh Living

    Thanks for this post, it was really helpful. I follow the same practice as you and try to get the majority of my nutrients from whole foods. Sometimes I feel I would like a protein powder though and I appreciate your recommendations. Thanks!

  17. Lisa

    Great post. I try not to rely on protein powders too much, because we of course can get all our protein and nutrition from other sources. Since I’m trying to increase my calories though, I do use it more than I usually would. This post is really helpful because I typically would search for the same things that you look for when buying a powder. Fructose makes my stomach go nutty, so that is usually a no-no. Same with the artificial sweeteners. Not fun.

  18. BroccoliHut

    These days I’m using BioChem vegan protein and peanut flour for my smoothies and protein pancakes.

  19. ethel

    E!!! I feel like this post was meant for me since I’ve been looking for a protein powder to purchase as of late. Since starting my new work out regimen, with a trainer on the weekends, she recommended I buy some protein powder. I shared with her my woes and stomach issues and she had only one real suggestion. Now, thanks to this post, I am a lot more informed in what I want to purchase. Palabra.

  20. Kendall

    Just so you know, Arbonne is currently remaking their protein powder without fructose 🙂 I don’t know if it’s available yet but my friend (who sells it) told me yesterday!

  21. sarah

    This is great! I was going to do a bit about protein powders in my travelling on a low FODMAP diet post, but now I don’t have to!

    I’ve found that the Growing Naturals rice protein powder tastes EXACTLY like SunWarrior, only is like 1/3 of the price. You can find it on iHerb.

    I also like the Life’s Basics Plant Protein, but I don’t think it’s low FODMAP because it doesn’t agree with me, unless I eat it in very small amounts (like 1/3 of a scoop).

    For hemp, I really like plain old unsweetened hemp….well perhaps it’s not so much that I like it, but that it’s the only 100% hemp I can find that has no inulin, FOS or fructose in it. I can’t believe how many brands add inulin to hemp! I usually just use Jarrow or Nutiva, but I am now loving the Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro 70 (70% protein, 100% hemp).

  22. Jo

    Nice! I never thought of using brown rice protein powder. I’ve stuck with hemp protein and have found it insanely cheap at trader joes. just a thought!

  23. Nadine

    In Canada (maybe in the US too?) there’s one called Natural Factors Vegan Protein Powder – a blend of pea, chia, hemp and brown rice. It’s soy free and sweetened with organic cane sugar and stevia. It’s one of my favourites (cheaper too!). My other favourite is Boku Protein Powder – so tasty! The SunWarrior vanilla is my all time favourite, but it’s super expensive 🙁
    Right now I am using plain old hemp protein powder because it’s cheap, but doesn’t taste too good, so I mix it in with a bunch of fruit and almond milk. I use protein powders because I do a lot of biking and find the extra boost helps with my overall performance and strength.

  24. Say

    Yess. I have been waiting for a review of vegan protein powders 🙂

  25. Ariel

    I really like Garden of Life Raw protein powder. It’s vegan, gluten free, certified organic, raw, and it has very low sugar. On it’s own the taste is not great but I easily mask it in smoothies. I have no idea how it stacks up for FODMAPS though.

  26. Emily

    Oh Sunwarrior, be still my heart 🙂 LOVE that stuff. As far as GI issues go, Sunwarrior is actually one of the best digesting proteins that I’ve tried. It’s never felt like I just swallowed a brick like, ahem, Vega.

  27. Casey @ Insatiably Healthy

    I like Vega and Lifes Basic protein powders. I mainly use protein powder in smoothies though, Never had the best luck with baking. I’ve never seen that Arbonne one before though!

  28. Tt in nyc

    I have to chime in and add “amazing meal” by the company amazing grass- its actually their blend of greens and antioxidants etc (like a TON of nutrition in their powdered greens blend) and they added vegan protein to it- no fructose or funky ingredients, and just 6g sugar per serving. It dissolves really easily too, i order the vanilla at a great price from and then use the “subscribe and save” to save another 20%off- just unsubscribe and they stop sending, or choose every 3 or6 months. I just love that its a “twofer” with both greens and protein 🙂 vanilla is the best flavor i’ve tried- usually just mixed with almond milk and chugged while putting on makeup :)!

  29. Jerri Ann Mills

    Elise, wanted to let you know that I bought the berry blend Vega yesterday. It was on sale at GNC, and even less if you have GNC card, but it was till $26 for a 17 oz container. 1g of sugar, protein from organic hemp and brown rice, also yellow pea and whole flax. I had it in my oats this morning and it was divine. A bit expensive for my taste, but I would get it again.

  30. Elise (Post author)

    thanks for the heads up jerri ann. i love the chai vega, but never tried any other flavors.

  31. Elise (Post author)

    a) thats so smart about the subscribe and save trick
    b) i loooove their orange creamiscle and vanilla flavors – i forgot that they have protein mixes too – thanks for the reminder.

  32. lou

    thanks for this post! as with you, i would prefer to not use a lot of protein powder but as a vegan on a low FODMAPs diet, it can be difficult. a girl can only eat so much seitan!
    recently i have been really enjoying nutriBiotic’s vanilla flavored protein powder. it doesn’t bother my stomach at all! and the price is pretty good compared to sunwarrior(which i haven’t tried for fear that i too will love it…)
    just an fyi for anyone following a low FODMAPs regime, you are going to want to stay far away from Garden of life’s Raw Protein! i learned the hard time, several times! no bueno 🙁

  33. Sarah C

    I have had the same problems finding a good, affordable protein powder. I did, that is, until I found this site:

    You can custom blend your favorite proteins, sweeten (or not) as you like, and even choose the amount (so you can try just one pound or stock up on lots). I use a 45% brown rice, %5 hemp, %50 pea protein mix sweetened with stevia. Very affordable (but you do have to pay for shipping, which eats into the savings a bit).

  34. Nate

    I’m in a similar situation to yours… 32, very health conscious but don’t count calories. I’m heading towards vegetarian, but am not there yet. At this point I’m trying to substitute individual ingredients/products that I know are animal derived with ones which are plant derived.

    Since I’m very active and into the gym, I regularly consumed protein powder up until the time I watched the documentary “Forks over Knives”. I arrogantly thought I could eliminate the whey protein from my diet and still maintain the muscle mass and body shape I had worked hard to get…. It took about six months to see the result but boy was I wrong!! Gym performance started suffering, muscles got smaller… I started to look like *gasp* a runner!!

    A few weeks ago I decided the situation was intolerable and I had to do something. A friend recommended Vega One, so I went overboard at Sunflower market by buying the big tub (which isn’t actually so big) of Vega One Vanilla Chai Whole Food Optimizer, or whatever it’s called. It was the most expensive protein powder I’ve ever purchased. I also purchased Nutribiotic Chocolate Flavored Rice Protein. Two products, and almost eighty dollars poorer in one fell swoop. Amazing.

    I’ve been consuming the Vega One in the morning with 8oz of Almond Milk and it’s not bad…and this is coming from someone used to Whey protein with artificial sweeteners & additives. It holds me until lunch, with tolerable GI effects, and just as important, stable blood sugar levels. The Rice Protein, however, is a different story. My first experience with it was a shock, and I can only liken it to ground chalk in a liquid base- and that was with almond milk. I found myself scrambling to dig out my tub of whey, and have been adding 10-15 grams of it to two heaping tablespoons of the Rice Protein, which makes the grittiness tolerable.

    I do have to say that all of these new plant based proteins, whether it be the Vega One or the Nutribiotic Rice protein, are actually pretty rough on my GI. I kind of thought they would be more easily digested….maybe they are. But my body is telling me otherwise. I’m only a few weeks in, so maybe it will change over time. Or maybe I need to forgo the almond milk and mix it with a different base. But it’s a real inconvenience to experience the GI symptoms of eating a large, unbalanced meal, when you know you’re giving yourself something “good”. I guess the real lesson to gain from it is that any protein powder, while useful as a supplement, is really only suitable as that. Eating whole, plant based foods is still the gold standard for fueling your body. On the positive side, just a few weeks of daily protein supplementation has already got my muscles growing, and my gym performance stabilized where I’m not tired and struggling.

  35. Victoria

    I LOVE your blog!! I am an Arbonne Consultant and was searching for some protein recipes! I can not wait to try the oatmeal and chocolate protein powder, that sounds DELICIOUS!! Arbonne’s protein is by far my favorite – it is Vegan plant based protein, so good! My facebook page is dedicated to spreading the word about healthy eating and living, please come check it out – Also, if you’re ever in need of an Arbonne Consultant shoot me a message 🙂

  36. Danial

    This one looks like your perfect but pricey one:
    It doesn’t have gum either. You can add vanilla to it yourself.

  37. Sarah

    I love love Warrior Blend Chocolate Protein. It’s high in price…but so worth it. It’s the best I’ve ever tried.

  38. ATP33Toronto

    Have you tried Ruth’s Hemp Foods? It’s raw vegan certified organic gluten free NonGMO, no flavours, sweeteners or additives, it’s clean & takes on the taste of whatever your mix it with. You can get straight hemp protein with 16g protein/serving, or one of the two blends with maca & E3Live or maca & ground sprouted flax. I have one or two kinds every day, and have eaten it (as well as her hemp seeds, hemp oil & chia seed) for years. She’s based in Toronto, Canada, been in business since 2009, and was one of the pioneers involved in getting hemp legalized for food use in Canada. Check out
    Best wishes!

  39. Elise (Post author)

    nope. thanks for the link – ill check it out!

  40. Debbie

    Thanks for this review. I stopped using whey protein powders because they always upset my stomach. I have tried Nutiva’s organic hemp protein mixed with almond milk and 1/2 banana and its pretty good. Looking forward to trying some others mentioned in this post.
    Thanks for sharing!

  41. Michelle

    I am so happy to see your post about protein powder, especially since you have included a review of the Arbonne protein powder. I am a rep for the company and was slightly shocked to see no one had commented on their use of the product. I am from Pennsylvania and arbonne’s benefits are spreading quickly here, however maybe that is not the case elsewhere in the country. Anyway, since I can completely attest to the protein powder and it’s ability to serve me as my “convienent super food,” I’d like to extend this offer to anyone who would like to try a free sample of the protein powder. Please let me know if you’d like a sample sent to you by emailing me at

  42. Michelle Pierce

    I loved your idea for pancakes and chocolate oatmeal with the Arbonne protein powder. Thank you for the tip!

    Also, as a few of your readers have responded to my offer of a free sample of Arbonne’s protein powder, I’ve come to realize that some people may not be aware that Arbonne has reformulated their protein powder to eliminate the use of Fructose from the ingredients. While the protein powder was delicious before this reformulation occurred… it is even more delicious now!

    Anyone looking for a sample could e-mail me at and check out our website at

    Thanks again for the idea and I look forward to reading more on your blog!

  43. Desiree

    Oh my goodness I think you may really like this one! I just found it and it sounds like what you need hun. I have crohns disease and share a similar diet with you! 🙂 This protein powder is True Vitality from Green Foods. Free from soy and wheat. Plant based. Meal Replacement. Hope you enjoy the good read in this site! 🙂

  44. Shawna

    Greensplus products are very healthy

  45. Shawna

  46. leah

    hi there. i was wondering about your experience with garden of life raw protein. i recently discovered low fodmap diet to help with tummy problems. i am trying to figure out about raw protein, what about it is not good for low fodmap? i recently purchased two big tubs! but i am suspicious.

  47. lou

    hey leah, for me it was just really hard on my stomach. i got reeeeally bad cramping. like real bad. i actually had tried it before i learned about fodmaps so i didn’t attribute my stomach woes to the protein powder. (at this point i was just used to having some sort of discomfort daily, so the addition of the powder wasn’t really a red flag for me…) but once i learned about fodmaps (thanks elise!!) i started trying to figure out what was causing my stomach severe pains and all sorts of unpleasantness. i started examining the things i was eating and when i looked into the raw for life powder, i realized that for me, it was just too much for my stomach to handle. maybe for some people it’s ok, but i found i do better on a simple protein powder with one protein source, like brown rice protein (i’m really liking sun warrior at the moment) or hemp protein. the garden of life raw protein powder has 13(!) protein sources. i have learned that is just asking for chaos in my tummy. i would definitely say try it out and see how it works with your body. you know, it works for some and not for others. we’re all so individual and what is medicine for one person is poison to another. good luck!!

  48. Leslie

    I’ve been looking for organic non-GMO protein powders with a neutral or pleasant taste. Before I invest, I was wondering if anyone has tried Seeking Health Optimal Protein
    It’s one I was looking at before I found this blog. Thanks.

  49. Elise (Post author)

    whoa! its actually labeled as gaps and scd compliant!! im impressed! i havent tried it so i cant comment but it looks like a quality product. hopefully it tastes good too!

  50. Lisa

    Vanilla Arbonne Protein Powder is a staple in our house. We make smoothies and add kale, spinach, chia seeds and frozen fruit to it. My husband and my favorite lunch and my kids love them before practices and games.

  51. Doug Macaluso

    you are mistaken….the company Monsanto…Google that with GMOs….There are stories that even their own employees avoid eating the food they create..a new generation is about to start with regards to food…GMOs ans all the other crap that is in food

  52. Sara

    Just want to throw it out there that since your post, Arbonne has removed the fructose and the canola oil.

  53. Elise (Post author)

    thanks for the update sara!

  54. Jenny

    FYI: The greatest Vegan Protein ever:
    True Vitality Chocolate Flavor from Green Foods. I think it meets your idea of the perfect protein supplement… I get mine from because it can be spendy, but you can order a box of 7 packets to try… you have to meet a minimum price to get free shipping. 14 servings in each larger container is $18.59 there. It works as a whole meal replacement and I love that it has lots of different greens and stuff. I space mine out throughout the day to keep my energy up. (i keep it in a cooler or fridge as much as possible).

    It didn’t taste great with plain water (but i was also used to a lot of artificial foods when i started it, so it might taste better now). I find it tastes best if I mix it with 4oz unsweetened organic non-gmo soymilk, 4 to 8 oz purified water, a touch of stevia, and sometimes one of the following: vanilla extract, PB2 powdered peanut butter, flaxseed meal. I’m starting to notice that flaxseed meal should maybe be eliminated from my diet, though.
    I tried the vanilla flavor and it was not very pleasing to my tastebuds. Anyway, it is awesome and I can’t believe more people don’t know about it. I am forever grateful to my best friend for all of her research into vegan proteins and telling me about this product! (I don’t work for them or anything – but when i find an awesome product I like to tell people).

    Also, I don’t know if anyone has mentioned organic skin products – I found this brand “Acure Organics” at the same place and fell in love with them immediately. THeir firming body lotion is amazing! I lost a lot of weight and have lots of extra skin and that is the only thing that has helped with the excess skin issue…i put it on every morning after I shower. 🙂

  55. Christi

    New to your web site and love it. Just read your review on protein powders and I am going to try the Jarrow brown rice smoothie you suggest. What is POM?

  56. Elise (Post author)

    its a brand of pomegranate juice

  57. Angela Sinclair

    Hi! I love your reviews and your perspective . I have a couple I protein shakes that cannot be beat, especially at wholesale pricing (if u get an inexpensive yearly memebership )
    Well ours is undenatured whey from
    NZ !! Grade 7 and 24 g of protein per serving ! Unmatchable flavor. Which is hard to find !! And our non dairy is pea, hemp and chia…. With 22 gr protein per serving !! And 8 gr of fiber
    Pricewise there is nothing that compares
    And I can also get rockbottom pricing so
    Look it up and see what u think

  58. cinda

    Arbonne protein shake mix no longer contains fructose; it is sweetened with cane sugar and stevia only!

  59. Elise (Post author)

    Thanks cinda!

  60. Miria Dean

    I am wondering if the Plant Fusion is gritty. I am trying to find a soy-free protein powder to use. And most of the ones I have tried so far have so much added fiber, that when you mix them just as a drink they are thick and gritty. Thanks

  61. Miria Dean

    Is this one thick or gritty? I am not having much luck finding one that does not have one of those two issues. Thanks

  62. Bethany I.

    I don’t find it to be gritty at all. It’s actually a very super fine powder that I am careful of dropping it in the blender since it likes to ‘poof’ out. I find that the blender does the best job of mixing it, but I have just stirred it with a spoon and have shaken it in a bottle and they both turned out fine not gritty at all. I don’t think I would like it if it was gritty since I’m definitely a texture oriented person and that gritty texture would bother me. I hope this helps!

  63. Antonia

    I’m not sure, when you wrote this article, what Arbonne was using as a sweetener in their protein. It may very well have been fructose. They are constantly researching and updating and refining their products. Now, a year and a half later, they use evaporated cane juice. Not sure if that’s something that would work for you or not, and I’m not an expert on sugars, but from what I understand, there is a difference between fructose and cane sugar. 🙂 And the chocolate shakes are very delicious. 🙂

  64. Stacy

    Leslie, have u tried the seeking health pro powder yet? How is it? Worth the dough? Any tummy issues? I like how it’s a low sodium pea/rice…. Most pea pro is so high sodium

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    of getting know-how.

  66. Leslie

    I tried it. I actually liked it. The taste and texture on it’s own is just OK, but when mixed with something else like fruits or veggies is now one of my favorites.

  67. Chris

    Thanks for keeping this article up! I’ve been looking for (any but natural-preferred) protein powders with cane sugar or no-stevia, and I came across your post. Hope that one of these (or any of the ones the commenters listed) work for me.

  68. Marylin

    My spouse and I absolutely love your blog and find almost all of your post’s to be just what I’m looking
    for. Would you offer guest writers to write content
    for you? I wouldn’t mind publishing a post or elaborating on
    a number of the subjects you write related to here. Again, awesome weblog!

  69. Jade Mazarin

    Thanks for such a great review! I did want to let you know, in case you didn’t already, that Sunwarrior warrior blend has a natural flavor that is without any gum, etc. There is only the protein mix and nothing extra. It has a very neutral taste so goes well with anything.

  70. MIDGE

    a protein drink with all the items u seem to want/need…

  71. Lisa

    I believe that arbonne has switched there sweetener for the shakes to Stevia. If you haven’t checked it in a while you should! The shakes are still crazy good.

  72. karv

    Have you tried protein pwdr by Progressive Nutritionals? They have single vegan protein (sprouted brown rice, and hemp which are both organic) I haven’t tried them but they might be “~gum free”, they also have protein blends with rice, hemp, cranberry and chia with added sea vegetables and digestive aids. They come in 3 different flavors (natural, berry and vanilla) and they all tasted well but personally I prefer the vanilla. However they do have guar gum in them. And they newly launched all-in-one blend which is more like a meal replacement with your protein, sea and land vegetables, vitamins somewhat like Vega and the price range is similar too.

    Now I’m trying warrior blend in vanilla and I’m loving it and have been adding chlorella in my drink. But I don’t understand whether the addition of sea salt is necessary and frankly it’s a bit much per serving…

  73. Heather

    Dear Shana;

    I have done a lot of research on natural whey organic proteins! The best one i have found and heard about is Tera’s whey organic grass-fed whey protein! I read a whole blog about it and I called a bunch of stores about it too. I even talked to a nice asst. manager at New Season and he told me he takes it and it is amazing and very healthy and very natural! They come in different flavors. But I am on a tight budget and it is kind of pricey. It is on sale right now through June 3rd for $27.99 and Whole food sells it for a dollar more on sale and with tax it is $30.00. Around that. If you want to find out more about it just look up Tera’s whey organic grass-fed whey protein. They even have a whole story on her making it! It is awesome and gives you a lot of info. I was thinking of trying Jarrow but now I am kind of scared to because of some of the stuff they put into it and the warning on it too and the nasty gritty taste! Did you buy your’s from a store and if you did how much was it please and did you have any weird side effect’s from it? Take care and let me know please if you try Tera’s and if you do if you like it or not and if it is amazing like everyone says it is! Take care and I would love to hear from you please!

    Best regards;


  74. Heather

    Dear Miria;

    I have done a lot of research on whey organic protein. I read a blog about one called Tera’s whey organic grass-fed whey protein. Also I read some reviews about how amazing it is and how it is very natural! Also there is an amazing story and great info on her making it! Also I called a lot of stores and talked to an asst. manager at New Season and he told me he takes it and it is amazing and very natural! Also it comes in different flavors. But it is kind of pricey and I am on a tight budget. Right now they have it at New Season for $27.99 till June 3rd and it is a dollar more at Whole foods on sale right now. If you want to find out more about it look up Tera’s whey organic-grass fed whey protein. If you try it please let me know if it is as amazing as they say it is and if you like it! Take care and I would love to here from you please!

    Best regards;


  75. Heather

    Dear Michelle;

    I tried to send you a email but I don’t have outlet express six. So it wouldn’t work. Do you have another email so I can try an sample of Arbonne? Also is it whey organic -grass fed protein or at least organic and soy free? Do you have different flavors and is it cheap? Also do you sell it in stores? Please get back to me and let me know! Thank you and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon! Take care!

    Best regards;


  76. Heather

    Dear Jerri;

    I have done a lot of research and heard that Tera’s whey organic grass-fed whey protein is amazing and very natural! I read a great lot of reviews about it and read a wonderful blog about it too! Also there is an amazing story about it with a lot of info. about her making it! If you want to find out more about it look up Tera’s whey organic grass-fed whey protein. Also I called a lot of stores to and talked to a asst. manager at New Season and he takes it and said it is very amazing and very natural! It comes in different flavors but is kind of pricey. I am on a tight budget. It is on sale there till June 3rd for $27.99 and at Whole food it is a dollar more on sale right now. So around $30.00. Please let me know if you try it and it is as amazing as people say it is and if you like it! I would love to here from you please! Take care!

    Best regards;


  77. Heather

    Dear Sarah;

    I have done a lot of research and have heard the best so far is Tera’s whey organic grass-fed whey protein! I read a amazing blog about it and reviews and also an amazing story with great info. about her making it! If you want to find out more about it look up Tera’s whey organic grass-fed whey protein. Also I called a lot of stores to and talked to the asst. manager at New Season and he told me he takes it and it is amazing and very natural! I asked him about the Sun Warrior because I heard it is good to and wanted to try it but he said he hasn’t tried it. Is it organic and soy free and how much is it please? Because I am on a tight budget and the Tera’s whey organic grass-fed whey protein is kind of pricey too! But it is on sale for $27.99 right now till June 3rd and At Whole Food for a dollar more on sale so around $30.00. Also it comes in different flavors! Also if you try it please let me know if it is as amazing as all the people say it is and if you like it to please! Does the sun warrior taste really good and have you ever had any side effects with it ? I would love to here from you please! Take care!

    Best regards;


  78. Michelle

    Hi heather,

    Yes try

  79. Marilyn

    I would like to buy some of your GF products. Please let me know where you are located in Toronto/Mississauga and your contact No.


  80. Cyndy Porter


    I am on a low fodmap diet and that includes no inulin. I had been a regular consumer of Arbonne’s protein powder but it includes this one ingredient that I want to stay clear of. Can you comment on that please?

  81. Rob

    Great review of vegan protein powders!

    I have been smashing this vegan protein. It has uses Sacha Inchi protein and contains maca and cacao. It seriously energises me!

  82. jessie

    I found this searching for “Trader Joe’s whey protein gives me a stomach ache.” I usually use Swanson’s grass-fed, plain unflavored, unsweetened whey powder and have never had a problem. I was in a pinch and bought Trader Joe’s Designer whey in vanilla and have now gotten severe and immediate stomach pain four times from it. It is sweetened with stevia which has never given me a problem so I don’t know what is causing it but it is a bad – no nausea, just double-over pain. I had to throw it out since finally determining it is the culprit.

  83. Sherri

    Did you ever receive a sample of the new Arbonne protein powder formula? It’s stevia leaf extract and cane sugar, no fructose.

  84. Elise (Post author)

    I did way back when but I’m sure they have updated the product’s ingredients since then. This post is from 2012, so bear that in mind when considering it’s assessment of their protein powders today.

  85. Kate

    Another vote for plant fusion, one of the best I’ve tried. Recommended

  86. Brittney

    Great read! I use the Arbonne Vanilla Protein Powder. It is the best tasting one I have tried. I do hate that it is pricey, but I do get a 20% discount. Arbonne uses Stevia leaf extract and has 9 grams of sugar.

  87. Lisa

    I just purchased the Nutribiotic Vanilla Rice Protein powder (organic, vegan) in the 3 lb container online for only 31.99 (which is a pretty good price comparatively) to use in my morning smoothie (whole fruits and vegetables with Greek yogurt and flax seeds). I like it because it is one of the very few that uses natural vanilla as flavoring instead of artificial sweeteners and ‘natural flavors’. It is a little gritty to the taste but it doesn’t overwhelm the fruit flavors of my smoothie and doesn’t add any superfluous fats or sugars. My ex was trying to sell me on hemp protein powder but you have to use 3 tbsp of the hemp powder he uses to get the same protein as 1 tbsp of the rice powder. All in all, I give it a thumbs up and by the time I finished my first smoothie I was already all but used to the texture.

  88. Peggy

    Just saw this website and found it very informative.
    I was wondering if anyone had any updates on vegan, gluten free, low fodmap protein powders. I noticed that some were using ones with pea protein, but I thought that was a high fodmap food. I recently developed Fructose Malabsorption, so I am desperate to find a suitable protein powder. Thanks for any suggestions!

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