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I didn’t take photos on our baby moon (it was K & E time). Also my phone was busted. It’s better(ish) now.


Anyway, notes from Santa Barbara:

  • The downtown farmer’s market is on Saturdays from 8:30 –1 pm. It’s on Santa Barbara Street & Cota (just off State Street). There were so many awesome nut butters and pies – plus a whole lotta yummy produce.
  • Aldo’s Italian Restaurant on State Street has both a fabulous kale salad and a gluten free and vegan pasta dish. For the record, it isn’t a vegan restaurant at all, which is why it was especially surprising to have more than one vegan items on the menu that I didn’t even have to tweak. I ordered both. :)
  • The Natural Cafe is always a fave. There are more locations than just the State street one.
  • Fess Parker’s Spa Del Mar does prenatal massages. Amazing ones.
  • Adama (just off State Street) is an entirely vegan restaurant and gluten free bakery. We stumbled upon it by sheer accident (on our way out of town) so I took it as a sign and ordered a couple of items to go. The gingerbread man didn’t make it back home, but the carrot cupcake (below) was the best.




No nuts, no wheat, just pure fluffy moist cakey goodness. Sorry about the m word, but it wasn’t dry at all, so I feel like that’s important to note. The ratio of frosting to cake was exactly what I like.

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8 thoughts on “SB tid-bits

  1. Elizabete

    It’s so nice that there are more and more vegan cafes and options in restaurants. It gives a hope that there really will come a day when everyone will be veg*an :) !

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