Starting the day with savory


My Huckleberry addiction continued on Sunday morning with my parents, sister, and Kyle. 


Since it was a weekend morning, the place was packed, but at least we got to watch them make bread while waiting in line. 

And ogle over the baked goods. 


Maple Bacon Biscuits.  Whole Wheat Raisin Scones.  Apple Almond Cake.


Whole Wheat Fruit Slices.  Zucchini Teacake.  Blueberry Ciabatta. 


Flatbread of the day.


Macaroons.  Peanut Butter Cookies. 


Whole Wheat Shortbread Cookies.  Ginger Teacake.


Mini Chocolate Cupcakes.  Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

So which look best to you?  If they were vegan, I’d be all over those peanut butter cookies.  Or the whole wheat shortbread cookies. 

But back to brunch. 


My parents both got lattes with gorgeous decorations in the milk. 


I could have taken a million photos they were so purrrrty.  I settled for half a million instead. 


Say adios to the frothy feather…

My plain coffee seemed so boring by comparison, but it hit the spot. 


My parents shared a coffee cake, but once lunch arrived it took the sidelines. 


They wrapped the rest up to take on the road with them.


My dad ordered the Breakfast Burrito with eggs, potatoes, leeks, cheese, guacamole, salsa, and sour cream


Kyle got the same, but with sausage added. 


Marie got the Fried Egg Sandwich with sunny side up eggs, Niman Ranch bacon, Gruyere, arugula & aioli on country bread

My mom and I got the same dish, with a slight difference in the preparation. 

Quinoa, spinach, and butternut squash with two organic free-range poached eggs.


Hers is above, mine is below.  Can you tell the difference?  Probably not. 


Mine is made with medium poached eggs and no dairy. 

At first I thought the spinach was too bitter, but after a few bites I was singing a different tune.  What really pleasantly surprised me was how sweet the butternut squash was. 


Her yolk was all runny.  Ick.  I just can’t get on board with that eggy texture (or lack thereof). 


Mine was more solid. 


So yum.

To be honest, I’m not so keen on savory breakfasts…I have them every once in a while when the mood strikes, but it’s pretty rare.  I prefer starting my day off with sweeter things (i.e. coffee, fruit, or oats).  That said, I’d definitely order this again, whether it’s morning, noon or night. 

How do you start the day off?  Savory or sweet?  Or does it change based on your mood?

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Comments (10)

  1. coffeeandthepaper

    I think the teacakes look phenom!

    Like you, I prefer my breakfasts sweet (not too sweet though!). Sometimes when the moods strikes I’ll have eggs, but I usually eat them at lunch or dinner.

  2. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

    I always get so much culinary inspiration from your posts!

    As for sweet or savory, it definitely depends on my mood!

  3. spabettie

    every now and then I have sweet, but generally savory… that quinoa egg looks SO good… I want one Right Now !! 😀

    I am one of those weirdos that LOVE a runny yolk, but the white has to be fully cooked!!

  4. Sarah @Gluten-free tries Vegan

    I’m all about sweet stuff in the morning. My current fave breakfast includes coffee, apples and cookies (all at once, weird I know). I’ve never had poached egg, also weird! x

  5. Gena

    I’m definitely not a savory breakfast person, either, but once in a blue moon it feels awesome to have some tofu scramble 🙂

  6. Megan @ The Oatmeal Diaries

    Ohh my goodness, all of that looks AMAZING! I want the macaroons!

  7. Diana (Soap & Chocolate)

    Those baked goods are OUT OF CONTROL. OUT OF CONTROL. Hot damn.

    I would say the overwhelming majority of the time I’m eating something sweet-ish for breakfast, but that doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE LOVE LOVE me a good diner omelette. But even then I usually order a pancake on the side. 🙂


    Delicious baked goods!!! oh my! I remember this one coffe shop I used to go and everytime the soy milk was shaped in different ways, it always go me in a great mood to start the day appriciating that little extra effort in the detail of shaping a chocolat powder heart on my foam 😉

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