Sweet and Savory and Salty

This is a riff on plantain maduros.

I have had a plantain in the fruit basket for so long that it was super ripe and I needed to do something with it stat.  Since I already had the oven on for something else (I think I was roasting sweet potatoes) I decided to mash it up and bake it.  I added 3 tbsp coconut oil and a pinch of salt and smooshed it up with a fork until it was mostly pureed but still lumpy.  Then I spread it on a parchment paper lined baking sheet.  And baked it at 350 degrees for ~30 minutes.

I had it for breakfast the next morning and it was so sweet.  Way sweeter than I was expecting because I have only ever had green plantains before.  It reminded me of a dehydrated banana bar or something, because it had that kinda sticky, kinda chewy bite with a sweet flavor.

I should have made more or done something more elaborate with it because it wasn’t enough to fill me up and was kinda random as a side dish.  I liked it though so I will have to figure out something else to do with it next time I make it.  Definitely good enough to repeat.  I had a bowl of banola to fill me up.

Random side note: I am wondering if hemp seeds bother me.  Do hemp seeds bother anyone else?  It’s a hard ingredient to isolate.  I actually didn’t have any issues after eating the banola, despite my previous question, but a serving probably wouldn’t have enough to tell.  I can’t recall what I’m basing this off of, to be honest, but I remember thinking it last month…and then never following up or figuring anything out.  Maybe I’m just remembering that it is SCD illegal and I thought that was weird.  It’s curious how the low fodmaps diet and SCD are alike in so many ways but then differ for other things – my body mainly aligns with fodmaps but nuts and seeds are odd.  99% the time I feel fine and then 1% of the time I’m all out of whack.  But in the past it’s been hard to discern if a specific ingredient is/was the culprit because my GI tract is SO delayed in it’s reactions I never know which thing I’ve eaten is causing upset…or if it’s a cumulative effect….or if I’m stressed and that’s adding to the problem…or hormones…orrrrrr GAH.  My frustrating gut.  Anyway, I’m not sure I’ll do any type of elimination diet for a long time to sort it out because I just did that 30 day thing, so for now I’ll just try to stay mindful and see if I notice trends?


I made tuna salad the same way I posted a few days ago, plus half an avo, and then carrots and kale chips on the side.  I got this bag the same time I got the last alive & radiant bag.  This one was even worse!  Sorry to be all debbie downer on the kale chips lately, but I didn’t like the flavor of these cheezy chipotle ones at all.

Of course they are the only flavors that don’t have onion and garlic and they are no good.  Such a bummer.

Another salad for dinner.  P says we had a salad yesterday!  I told him it’s summer and we have to take advantage…and then he saw there was melon and avo involved and had no more complaints.

Kyle’s plate.

Kid plate.

My plate (bowl).

With cake AND pecan pie for dessert.  It was a ROUGH day of potty training and chocolate helped me unwind, what can I say. It’s all gone now.  🙁

I found a banana bread in the back of the freezer so I pulled it out the night before for breakfast the next day. Cashew butter much?

I had coffee with almond milk too.

Kid lunch!

P tried 3/4 a string cheese (6 g milk protein) with no issues too!!  He also had cupcakes that a friend brought to our art class with no prob.  She wasn’t sure about what was in the palm shortening she used in the frosting but I said IT DOESN’T MATTER and he dug in and loved it.  It was so thrilling to not have to worry about it!  OIT is life changing.

I pulled this GF soft pretzel from the freezer for my lunch plate and then remembered I had this dijonnaise in the pantry.

The pretzel was way better than I was expecting.  It was salty and actually pretzel like (as opposed to just bread shaped in a twisty) and with the Sir Kensington dip it was incredible.  Salt tooth, check!

And then I made this for dinner which I already blogged about.

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  1. Lesq

    I actually went for my second bio feed back session yesterday–am very🙄🙄questionable on this but doctor who is well known and has helped several people I know asked me to do it for 8 sessions–and he has a group of nutritionists he works with through a grant specializing in IBS /FODMAPS/motility/digestion/the whole nation he yards and I am doing awesome after removing all the nut butters and nuts and large amounts of fats which move more slowly supposedly through a compromised digestive system. They are thick and hard to move along she said as well as even though we r told a lot of fat is better it actually works the opposite and backs up causing slower digestion and keeps us full much longer as a result. She explained it like a sink drain that backs up from poring grease down it. I have lived on nuts and nut butters my whole life but not the quantities we eat today and she said when coupled with avocado and all the other oils in a day it can be very indigesting. Just passing along info I thought you might want to roll around in your thoughts. Potty training is 🤦🏼‍♀️💆🏼 but it will be over son and you will be free from diapers and buying them!!!!

  2. Allison

    I’m okay with hemp but find that flax bothers me. It’s odd.

  3. Elise (Post author)

    I am so curious about the outcome. Keep me in the loop! And I was so happy to get your email – I will reply I’m just – we’ll you know – doing the mom thang. The fat sink analogy makes sense only I had all these gi issues long before I was a nut loving day guzzling girl sooooo….??

  4. Ttrockwood

    What a bummer to have another bag of ho-hum kale chips! Is your tummy ok with popcorn…? I don’t feel like it see it here on the blog but popcorn with some nooch and spices makes a great crunchy lunch side!

    I seriously can’t even keep dijonaise in my apartment. I will eat it on Everything until it’s gone and i have a tummyache. (Same category as dill pickles, pickled ginger, and chocolate nut butters)

  5. Lesq

    I was too!!!! I was raised eating nut butter everyday for lunch and trail mix and blah, blah,blah–Dr said our bodies go through some kind of trauma, stress, adrenal fatigue, STRESS–it’s called Type A, perfectionist our kinda personality no surprise 😱😱what I am saying to you I am sure. Yoga had changed my personality completely but after a lot of years of doing your identical scenario of wanting everything perfect for my family and putting myself second, third and last. That’s not the only reason but our digestion takes a beating and so do our thyroid hormones and a lot of our other processes and we build tremendous inflammation, destroy our gut bacteria and Foods that served begin to be rejected. Those are usually heavy, thick fats and foods that serve as a plug. Plugs are Foods that don’t move fast enough through our intestines and back us up like a clog drain. Bingo nut butters, nuts , coconut oils, etc–all in amounts to large. Think of the size of s pad of butter??? Put your butter butter or avocado in that pad size in s restaurant. Oils are meant to be eaten in a tablespoon size portion😱🙈😳. Are you doing it? Forget when your digestion was fresh and clean. We have damaged it in some way and I am learning to work with it. It might heal completely or partially but I am learning how to make it work better. It’s not anymore one thing. It’s a combination of all. Like gluten is not the enemy in a small quantity like a European eats. Give them a small sourdough roll st a dinner table and they eat one. Go out to dinner in our country and a bread basket is the size of our heads and people eat 3-4 rolls or three slices of bread. We deal with such obesity in this country as a result. Me–I am very, very thin. Also, another example, is Swiss cheeses. They have firms of probiotics in them. I have been off dairy for years, but he made me try one ounce servings and I didn’t bloat or get sick. Again he felt it was the heavy fat when eating alone t. He made me pair it on a very light Whole wheat roll with lettuce, sliced carrots,cucumber, tomato and small 1/8 size serving of avocado sliced. No bloating. I have been very thin and extremely active and busy like you my whole life. Always on the run both physically and mentally. My long winded point if I have finally realized what we suffer with today might not have caused FI issues yesterday. We are different from our early body. I grew up and always made my family bean soups now that’s a no go except in a baby size quantity MAYBE!!! I will say that as I progress each day with the Dictor’s trial. No error approach I am including more and very fat bellied, but have also learned OUR NOW is s gift and our tomorrow becomes our now. If we don’t enjoy the nowour tomorrow might never come.

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