What’s growing?

I was supposed to work this Saturday, but I lucked out big time and got the 4:30 am call.  I love seeing my work number on my phone before my alarm goes off.  It’s always good news.  In this case, they were overstaffed so I got a holiday.  And with that, my weekend turned into all kinds of awesome.  🙂


Unable to get back to sleep, I just decided to get up.  I took a photo of my bump in the (dirty) bathroom mirror since you guys all gave me crap for not showing a photo last week.  My eyes stung and my body ached since I had been up tossing and turning all night long, either to pee or shift my belly.  Not a great night’s sleep.  [Side note: seeing how gross the bathroom mirror looked in that photo led to a major spring fall cleaning this weekend so things look much better now]


The good news was that I had started making a loaf of bread the night before as I went to sleep, so I woke up to fresh bread.  The aroma alone made breakfast necessary at 5 am.

IMG_5667 IMG_5668

I cut off the heel piece (the best piece) and toasted it until it had blackish edges.  I had to be sure it was warmed all the way through since it was a massively thick slice.


I usually toast things at level 4, but this needed level 6.  I don’t mind black crispy crunch, I prefer it actually.  Kyle’s a level 2 person.  Lame.

IMG_5670 IMG_5671

Anyway, I made sure to get lots of Earth Balance piled on board.  I am utterly obsessed with the stuff.  I think I’ve tripled my pre-pregnancy dosage of vegan butter.  Perhaps my cravings extend beyond tomatoes and eggs after all!


I’ll be straight with you.  I totally added EB to the edges in between bites.

I also had a warm mug of coffee flavored almond milk on the side.  This transition to fall has made me miss coffee.  Decaf isn’t the same.  And iced tea is now too cold.  What’s a preggo gal to do?  Add a tiny amount to some warm almond milk and pretend it’s a latte I guess.  My body is fooled well enough.  So yeah, that’s the latest with that.

I crashed on the couch after I was done eating.  It was still dark outside and Kyle was fast asleep, so I didn’t know what to do with myself.  Let me tell you something about 5:30 am weekend programming…it’s not great.  Especially when your antenna only gets 2 channels.

Around 7 am I heard some movement upstairs and decided that was reason enough to get Kyle’s day started for him.  He was thrilled.  I offered to make him breakfast to make up for badgering the sh!t out of him before his eyes were all the way open.


I fried a pair of corn tortillas in canola oil, topped them in swiss cheese, and set them aside.  Then I fried two eggs and placed them over the cheese.  And then I topped the whole production off with some salsa and guacamole.


He was very happy.


How much do you want to rupture that yolk?


A while later I got hungry for another breakfast, so I made myself another fat melty slice of toast.

The rest of the day went like this:

10:30 am – I went for a solid 30 minute run (I only walked a few minutes of it, so I came home feeling like a stud even though I was going at a snails pace)

11:00 am – showered while Kyle drove to a family member’s garage sale to pick up a file cabinet for us

12:00 – tried on 500 different outfits (and since I only have 3 pregnancy outfits, imagine the lengths I went to!!) trying to find something that made me feel like a normalish person (aka mission impossible)

12:30 – Kyle got home and we headed to WF for lunch on the way to a friend’s house (massive salad bar creation for the win)

1 pm – got very jealous of all the beer drinking happening around me

1:15 pm – 6:15 pm – watched Notre Dame & UCLA win surrounded by a bunch of friends (I love weekends!!!)

7:00 pm – our friend BBQ-ed for dinner (veggie burger with hummus for me)

9:15 pm – time to walk home and pass out (so tired!)

10:30 pm – remembered I still had to choke down my prenatals (boo)

Aaaaand, that’s how my Saturday rocked.


Sunday was just as good as Saturday.  But better.  I know that doesn’t make sense, but I’m cool with it.


I slept in until 8 am and when I got downstairs I was ready for food.  And since I’m a planner-ahead-er I knew exactly what I wanted.

Roasted potatoes!!


I think I made these Friday night?  Maybe it was Thursday, I don’t know.  Either way, they were red potatoes tossed in extra virgin olive oil and black truffle & fresh thyme herbed sea salt.  Fancy stuff, I tell ya.


No clue where I got this stuff by Woody’s Gourmet – probably some swag bag from some foodie event.  I figured it was an easy way to jazz up potatoes and as it turns out, it was totally stellar.

After breakfast Kyle and I went to watch football at a friend’s house.  He has NFL Sunday ticket, which definitely beats our 2 station shindig.  CBS is golf or nothingness so we only get NBC (or sometimes Fox if we stretch the antenna all the way across the room).  Football season is the only downside to cancelling our cable, otherwise I swear we can find anything on the iPad or Netflix.

We took advantage of being in Westwood and hit up Target & Trader Joe’s before heading home.


And this is how I did dinner.  Packers win with a side of food.

Random side note: earlier this year (maybe in June or July?) we thought we had some random squash growing on the side of our patio against the fence.  Ordinarily I would have plucked the weeds, but the leaves looked just like squash leaves, so I let it grow, just in case it turned into something.  For months it grew…taking over the entire fence.  But there was nothing more than leaves and vines.  I meant to chop it up and trash it, but it got so big that I kept putting it off.  And then last week when I was cutting Kyle’s hair (we do it in the backyard) and lo and behold there was real produce on the thing!


So cool!

I have no idea where this random vegetable came from or what it is (I certainly didn’t plant it), but it’s really exciting.


If you can’t tell from the photo above, they’re pale greenish with white ends and faint zucchini-like stripes.  They’re big though, between the size of a mango and a spaghetti squash.  Anyone know what the heck I’ve got growing?  There are four squashes (so far).  As you can see, the thing has made itself quite comfortable in our yard.


I can’t wait to make something with it!  I just have to figure out when it’s ripe since I don’t know what it actually is.  Help!

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Comments (29)

  1. Jane

    That looks just like a chayote squash! You can cook them like other squash, but I like to cut them up and snack on them raw; delicious!

  2. Katie @ Peace Love & Oats

    omg that’s so cool that you have a mystery vegetable growing! You should ask your next door neighbors, maybe they have a garden up against the fence?

  3. Jessie

    You are the cutest thing ever! Your weekend seriously sounds like it rocked!


  4. Courtney @ Delicious Ramble

    It looks a bit like a choko, but smoother. How exciting! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chayote

  5. Jessie @ Graze With Me

    No idea on the squash (looks like u already got an answer tho) but I love the belly pics. I miss being pregnant. Besides the whole no coffee or wine/beer part that comes along with it. But the whole journey is so exciting! Can’t wait to do it again someday.

  6. Elise (Post author)

    the other side of the fence is a (paved) concrete walkway and nothing more. its the garage access for the condo building next door. theres no greenery, no gardens, nada. the previous owners didnt have a garden either. im stumped. i have no idea how this squash has found its way to our yard, but its obviously come from somewhere and im happy to have it!!

  7. Elise (Post author)

    that could be it. except its a little darker green and has some lines. it doesnt look like its done growing yet either…i dont know how to determine when to cut it from the vine…hmmm

  8. Elise (Post author)

    are chayote sometimes darker green? because some of them have parts that are a more zucchini like shade.

  9. Elise (Post author)

    also they dont have the mouth on one end that chayote squash have. maybe its just a fat pale zucchini.

  10. Elise (Post author)

    its flying by! i know ill look back on this time with longing later…

  11. Irina @ Chocolatea Time

    What an awesome surprise! I would kill for some random squash (or anything for that matter) to grow in my backyard. The heel of the bread is 100& the best part! Whenever I buy fresh bread I always eat the ends immediately.

  12. Lisa

    Your little bump is so cute!
    That is so sweet you had a little squash growing, I should really grow my own since I buy them SO often.
    I like to think of myself as a squash expert, but don’t know what kind that is!

  13. Unikarm

    OMG i love you baby bump. i want one someday but i’m waiting till we get married next year.

    As for your mysterious vegtable, my neighbor had someting just like growing in her front flower bed. she’s usually never home so it just grew and grew. at first i thought it was a watermelon then it started looking like a Gord. she ended up pulling everything and just putting flowerpots there. Maybe this thing isn’t edible 🙁
    i know my mom has talked about diseased zuccini platns and they end up growing wrong…maybe it’s someting like that 🙁 i personally wouldn’t trust it.

  14. Courtney

    Really? Decaf doesn’t do it for you? Why not? Do you miss the caffeine or do you think the flavor isn’t’ the same? I only drink decaf, so I guess I don’t know any different, but I really like it! I am sorry it doesn’t make a good sub for you 🙁


  15. Lou

    I reckon a Choko (a BIG one) or a marrow? Choko is good in stir fry.

    Also… I adopted the leggings/tunic as my pregnancy uniform… comfy and cute 🙂 Plus you can add/subtract layers.

  16. Sara

    I’ve been using Dandy Blend to help me kick the coffee habit. I really enjoy my coffee time in the morning. I’m down to one cup from four. I’ve also tried teechino, but I think I like the Dandy Blend better, they are very different.

  17. BroccoliHut

    Haha! So true that everyone has a different preferred toaster level–my dad is notorious for cranking it up to 10 and stinking up the kitchen with burnt toast smell.

  18. Samuel

    That’s a muskmelon. What’s my prize! Congrats on the baby bump, but that’s a sexy photo Haha

  19. Elise (Post author)

    i dont like the flavor of any of the decaf varieties ive tried…its just not quite right. i dont think its the caffeine though. not sure.

  20. Elise (Post author)

    whoa! i think youre right. i just looked at other images and it seems to be the closest ive found yet…your prize is…telling me what to do with it?!?! hahaha (lucky you, right?)

  21. Samuel

    I mix it into a certain alcoholic drink but you can do all of this with it: http://www.tarladalal.com/recipes-using-muskmelon-78

  22. Courtney

    Even Starbucks?!?

  23. Katie


    (Thank you.)

  24. Tt in nyc

    You are a sexy momma to be!!
    I had a super stylish friend who went nuts with necklaces/scarves/ acessories while pregnant to change up the same outfits- even once a mens white shirt over leggings and a bright red belt above the bump!

    And earth balance is a legit craving to have! My popcorn is really more of an earth balance and nooch delivery device than popcorn when im done making it….:)

  25. Sarah Anne

    Great bump! I haaaate the heel of the bread. It almost always makes breadcrumbs or more trash for us. I am also a level 2 toaster. Hah. I barely want it toasted.

  26. ethel

    what a pleasant surprise?! have you cut into one of them yet? or are you waiting for prime ripe-age?

  27. Elise (Post author)

    nope..im waiting. but now ive been advised not to eat them by a few sources, including my dad, so im not gonna eat them. but i will cut into them due to curiosity.

  28. ethel

    okay, well next time i’m out west, i wanna be present for the cutting. i’m curious as well.

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