What’s the skinny on Lady Gaga?

Thanks for the support guys!  I am soooo excited to head West, and we don’t have that much time left until we peace out of the big apple either!  It’s crazy.  So my latest activities have been moving related:

  • truck rentals/appraisals
  • packing/storage research
  • transferring my RN license
  • changing my address for everything under the sun
  • updating my resume
  • renewing my passport (unrelated to moving but it does expire soon)
  • wedding, wedding, wedding

So cooking has been on the backburner…and pics of my AM eats are MIA, but trust me you’re missing nada.  Dinner isn’t exciting either, but I still got it on film.


Sweet potato & hummus (are you getting sick of this combo yet?), carrots, and a completely thrown together stir-fry thang.


Looks a hot mess.  Tastes the opposite.  It was the last of my TJs faux-meat strips (still pretty meh about them) with zucchini and edamame cooked in soy sauce. 


Look, the meal wasn’t anything I am remotely proud of in terms of plating, but I can’t deny how good it tasted. 


Earlier today this was full of luscious medjools.  They are insanely good, and I am so glad WFs has been stocking them again.  I savored every single bite. 

And now, in a completely random and non-Hungry Hungry Hippie related topic…

What happened to Lady Gaga?  Is it just me or does she seem much skinnier lately…


Circa Poker Face pictures. 


Cut to the latest Telephone photos.


I can’t help but notice the change in her arms, thighs, and face (she’s the third from the left below).


I still love her like crazy…just sayin’


The above photos are image clips from a video, so I don’t see how they could have been touched-up or edited in any way, but the below is a campaign she just did with Cyndi Lauper…her arms are definitely MIA, but that may be due to the magic fault of photo shop(?).


Regardless of her physical appearance, I’m clearly obsessed with her music and her willingness to fly her freak flag (love the little monster), but, it does make me wonder how the limelight has affected her own feelings about her role as an icon (yes, she is totally an icon) and her body image.  Opinions?

What are the chances my patients (or boss) would freak out if I wore my make-up like this?


I dunno…I’m bookmarking this one for Halloween, if nothing else. 

Night all!

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Comments (38)

  1. paigemadaline09

    I totally agree, she’s looking WAYYY on the skinny side! She looks rough, sooo pale && not like a normal pale. :/

  2. Jenny

    Isn’t it sad that the more famous a celebrity gets, the skinnier they get? Or is it the other way around…

  3. CaitlinRose

    oh no! how did I not notice this slowly happening? I wonder if the rest of the media is calling her out on this. . . in the picture with the “Crime Scene” tape all over her, her raised leg looks absolutely ATROPHIED! grossss!

    congratulations on the move! So jealous. Westwood is the absolute best nook in the world

  4. Kate

    I was thinking that she had gotten smaller, as well…but had also considered that she is on a whirlwind right now with international traveling, huge time commitments to interviews and performances, a tour, music videos, singing and dancing all the time. All of her performances probably burn mad calories so maybe it’s the stress and exertion that is making her lose weight? Or maybe I am hoping that she isn’t like all the others in the public eye who shrink as soon as their star gets big?

  5. Tara

    hahahahahaha if you wore your makeup like that to work…

    i adore gaga as well. im a monster with ya!

    she does look smaller for sure. probably worked out knowing she would have to put on that skimpy thing.

  6. Andrea of Care to Eat

    I totally agree with Kate – she doesn’t seem like the type of person who would lose weight because some jackass at the record company said she could stand to lose 10 pounds.

  7. Maya

    It definitely does seem that Gaga is skinnier. While dieting is a likely culprit, I think there may be other factors at hand. I’ve heard her concerts are intense, so she may be gettin regular extreme cardio. She may have things going in in her personal life, etc. I think it’s hard to judge without having the whole story. Hopefully she isn’t restricting due to body consciousness, as I feel that Gaga promotes being different and loving it.

  8. elise

    thats what i’ve been thinking/hoping too

  9. elise

    yeah, i think her whole appeal is in her i-dont-give-a-f%$#-what-people-think attitude…so im crossing my fingers that her demanding schedule is the main factor.

  10. elise

    thats what im hoping too…those dances and music videos (slash movies) must be mad exercise, right?

  11. snackface

    THANK YOU! I have been thinking this, too! Like you, I’m hoping it’s just from being so insanely busy. I lose weight when I do plays/musicals because stress+ constant movement and little time to eat. Soooo, I’m hoping she’s OK. I absolutely adore her. And you. Obvs.

  12. Katy

    I’m pretty sure Lady Gaga is now on that crazy 5-factor diet so she is certainly watching what she eats. Although she can’t be looking after herself very well if she’s passing out after concerts…just sayin’! Still love the biatch though 😉

  13. Adam

    Wow, never noticed that until now. She definitely looks more appealing in the first pair of photos, thats for sure! And if you wore your make-up like that to work on your last day in NYC you would be my hero! Nurse Gaga. “She wants your BP, and checks for disease… She wants a blood sample, and she’s a Food-E… Her name’s Elise, La La La…” Okay, i am lame and tired. Not that i am making excuses for liking lady gaga!

  14. jqlee

    She had definitely thinned out but I think maybe that’s because she’s on tour? She probably has to practice a lot in addition to performing a bunch too. And of course there is probably the added hollywood hype to be thinner.

    I saw a really good Lady Gaga halloween get up on this girl. You should do it. At least it’s different from all the traditional costumes like sexy bunny or sexy witch, or pretty much sexy anything.

  15. healthyappletite

    you can airbrush videos! she’s probably had some of that! x

  16. Sarah

    Yeah, she def looks skinnier. I’ve got to the point of thinking that any “curvy”/”normal” lady in the media will end up being ridic skinny at some point. I don’t think there’s a woman in Hollywood who strong enough to withstand the urge to be ill-skinny. Unless I’m wrong? Maybe Scarlett Johannsson has succeeded or has she lost a shed-load of weight too? Ah, how I could rant for ages about this one.

    Think the patients would love the new look… Are they strict with how you should look as a nurse over there? They are with us- partly infection control but partly it’s about upholding the profession of nursing apparently! So we should always look presentable and like we’ve at least tried a little bit.

  17. Gena

    She definitely looks too thin in the Telephone video, and it disappointed me. To be frank, the woman wasn’t even what I would call “curvy” to start with — she was always petite and on the slimmer side of average. So to see her getting even smaller, well, stinks.

  18. Lauren @ Eater not a runner

    Yeah it does seem inevitable that people get skinnier as they get more and more famous!

  19. Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine

    As much as I love Gaga, it’s no secret that she is a fame whore. And it’s no secret that in today’s world, weight loss = publicity. In the latest Cosmo, the interviewer wrote that she ordered a salad without dressing and a single sushi roll without rice for lunch. I admire her determination and her love for her career, but sadly I do think that she’d easily fall prey to the scary-skinny syndrome. I hope I’m wrong though, because her music is awesome and she’s such an independent woman!!

  20. Angharad

    She.Is.Tiny. End of story. She has shrunk for sure but really, it’s no surprise is it? Sad but likely for people in her position. I’d want to disappear too if I was in the limelight that often.

    P.S. I need to try hummus/sweet tats stat.

  21. Susan

    Whoa, you are right! Gaga deffo has gotten thinner. I think she looked better in the “circa Poker face” pics, but I don’t like criticizing how others look. I guess I just hope she’s happy and healthy! And continuing to bust out good jams of course ; )

  22. samantha

    apparently she is all into being a lil’ rexy – her tourbus snacks are all SO HEALTHY, no alcohol (nothing wrong with this, just unusual, so said this article) and she has been quoted referring to skinny pop stars or something. but yes, she is tiny.

    but she’s still GA-GA-OO-LA-LA, so i don’t mind.

  23. julie

    sounds like you’re a busy beaver and you’ve got alot to do before you hit the road!

    i’m so excited to see what you end up doin in cal cal caliiii 🙂

    never get sick of your carrots.

  24. Rosalie

    There was actually an article in New York Magazine this week (I think) where she’s quoted from a year ago as saying “pop stars shouldn’t eat.” Which is pretty troubling, but at least she’s not saying it on Nickelodeon or something, right? The article was basically about how she created her pop star persona and then became it entirely. Here it is: http://nymag.com/arts/popmusic/features/65127/

  25. ethel

    I dare you to wear make up like that!

    “See it’s all about the cheddar, nobody do it better
    Going back to Cali, strictly for the weather….I’m going going, back back, to Cali Cali”

  26. Tay

    I really wouldn’t be surprised if it’s gotten to her and she’s gotten skinnier. Especially since she flaunts pretty much a naked body a lot of the times haha. It’s sad. I did read in an interview in Cosmo that she used to be much heavier in high school and then lost weight. So maybe she has some underlying issues? I shouldn’t just assume though. Who knows! She’s still absolutely crazy amazing though 🙂

  27. Ftiness4Looks

    She completely looks skinnier than she used to. I read an article saying that she went through a depressed stage and so maybe she’s one of those people that doesn’t eat much when they’re stressed? Who knows, I’m cheerin for her though – she’s got awesome talent! COngrats on the move!

  28. janetha

    i dont really keep up with celebs but those photos do show a drastic difference! mmm.. dates…

    good luck with getting ready to MOVE!

  29. Naomi (onefitfoodie)

    I couldnt agree more!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE her, but she has gotten so so skinny, I was reading a cosmo article on her and she was eating :riceless sushi and a salad with no dressing…meh, makes me worried for her. but I love her none the less, shes an amazing artist!

  30. Molly

    i mean yeah she has lost weight but honestly think about how busy she has been and how physical her job really is.. and she is doing tours ..

  31. Lara (Thinspired)

    Wow, you’re right, she does look skinnier. I always thought of her as sort of curvy, but she is really quite thin in those pics! I hope she doesn’t go the way of other extreme hollywood diets 🙁

  32. Maggie

    I would HIGHLY recommend the Upack box thing. They were awesome.

  33. Meghan

    Sadly Miss Gaga has come out publicly to say that she’s basically stopped eating, which is 1. a horrible message to send 2. not an idea I could ever get on board with. These statements were fueled by her passing out a few times during one of her concerts.


  34. make up beauty

    I really love lady gagas make up, i allready tried to do it myself, but it is really hard.

  35. elise

    that is very troubling. kinda sad 🙁

  36. elise

    oh boo 🙁 thats really too bad. why does everyone fall prey to the power of the media regarding body image. sad.

  37. elise

    it looks it! if you cant even do it, i have NO hope…haha

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