Monthly Archives: July 2011

Market meals


Last weekend I promised to share our vegan BBQ menu and then I got so busy with Disneyland, work, and my trip home I completely forgot about it.  We didn’t actually determine what we were having for dinner until we got to the Farmer’s Market.  So the menu was based ...

Back in the Bay


I went to bed way too late last night, which made my 7 am alarm extra annoying.  At least I got most of my stuff packed up so the AM went by easy breezy.    The night before I had made an oat bake but using silken tofu as a (vegan) egg ...

24 episodes


How did I not know until just now that my idol, Jillian Michaels, has a free podcast on iTunes!?!  I’m 24 episodes behind, which means I have enough listening material for the drive to Nor Cal tomorrow (and back on Monday).  Score!  I was heartbroken (no, seriously, I was) when XM radio discontinued ...