Monthly Archives: January 2012

Unappetizing names


Pate.  When I lived in Spain, my senora made me sandwiches with pate spreads all the time.  At the time I wasn’t vegan, but I already shunned dairy and avoided most meat (chicken and fish were still in my diet though).  I told her over and over again I didn’t like pate – ...

Kyle’s fancy feasts


The title sounds like cat food, but it’s not where I’m going with this post.    Kyle’s parents sent him home from the holidays with a bunch of gourmet cheeses.  We froze them (because that’s a crazy amount of cheese to have in your fridge) and have been pulling them ...

Quickie dinner


I have a formula that I use to make dinners in as little time as possible, but it relies on food prep.  I always prep ahead of time.  Have I convinced you to do the same yet?  I feel like a broken record, but the posts that seem the most basic and obvious to me ...